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January 2013

Sika Solutions for Leisure-Swimming Pools La Plaja Aqua Park, Bucharest, Romania Concrete repair: Sika® Monotop® Waterproofing: SikaSwell®, SikaTop®-107 Seal, SikaSeal® Sikagard®, Sika® Injection, Sikagard® Poolcoat Joint Sealing: Sikadur® Combiflex® SG Grouting: SikaGrout®

Sika Solutions for La Plaja Aqua Park, Bucharest, Romania Project Description

Sika Solutions

La Plaja Aqua Park is the 1st phase of the whole project “DIVERTILAND MULTI-ENTERTAINMENT PARK” with a surface area of 42’000 m2 and a full capacity of 7500 visitors. The project construction was completed in July 2012, lasting approx. 8 months. The entire project will cover in the end approx. 35 Hectares and has an estimated execution period during 2012-2015.

 Joints waterproofing with Sika® Injection-101/201  Sikadur® Combiflex® SG for all movement joints along the channels.  Concrete surface repaired with Sika Monotop®-910/612/620  All pools waterproofed with SikaTop®-107 Seal and Sikagard® Poolcoat (white)  All other joint waterproofed with SikaSwell®-S2 or -P  SikaGrout®-314 for grouting  Sikafloor® resins for pedestals

Project Requirements Started with very low qualified construction companies, the project went bad in the beginning and faced a lot of problems regarding structures stability, waterproofing and appearance. Therefore big quantities of repairing products were needed later to get the required quality standards. The responsible consultant required the construction material companies to provide complete service, materials with nice appearance and chemical resistant performance, in addition, the best price/ quality ratio, on-site technical assistance during the execution, punctual delivery to meet the deadline because the La Plaja Aqua Park should be finished with all surface finishing within 4 months.

Sika solution were selected thanks to our complete range of products, reliable communication with the main sub -Contractor, good relations with the professional consultant, high technical competence compared with all the other available solutions in the market. In addition, Sika was involved in the technical specification stage.

For the repair of damaged concrete – pouring defects:  Cementitious repair mortars range – Sika MonoTop®  Epoxy repair mortar – Sikadur®-31 CF Normal  Grouting – SikaGrout®-318  Anchoring – Sika Anchorfix®-2

For the waterproofing of concrete surfaces in contact with water:  Waterproofing mortar SikaTop®-107 Seal with SikaSeal® Tape S

For the sealing of cracks in concrete:  Fill the cracks with Sikadur®-31 CF Normal  Structural injections with Sikadur®-52 through Mechanical Packers MPR

For decorative finishing of concrete:  Paintings with Sikagard® PoolCoat – White colour

For the sealing of pipes penetrations - hidrophilic gaskets:  SikaSwell®-P 2507H or SikaSwell®-S2, sealed with Sikadur®-31 CF Normal

For the pedestals:  Sikafloor®-264 epoxy coating in yellow colour

For the joints sealing between slabs and walls:  Sika Injection system with Sikadur®-52 through Sika Mechanical Packers MPR, fixed in drilled holes at the bottom of walls  Soffits on junction between slabs and walls with Sikadur®-31 CF Normal

For the sealing of expansion joints:  The reducing of the joint’s opening from 4 cm to 2 cm  High performance joint and crack waterproofing system with Sikadur® Combiflex® SG

Project Participants

Sika organizations:

Magic World Development PM & PERTMASTER Dasa Arch EMM ZAMPEKOS MEZANA, LNS Construct, RC Multiconstruct, Mondoconstruct Sika Romania

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Aqua park Divertiland Bucuresti  

Proiecte realizate cu solutii Sika in Romania

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