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Generation´s playgrounds

SIK-Holz We build creative and sustainable children’s playgrounds

| SIK-Holz ®

Those that retain the ability to recognise the good in things will never become old. » franz kafka

SIK - Holz® is a privately owned, medium-sized company based in Fläming, south of Berlin, Germany. Here we have been producing children’s playground equipment from native Robinia wood since 1986. We employ more than 220 employees, primarily wood carvers, woodworkers and carpenters. All of the company’s services can be found under one roof, from construction to production to installation on site.

Quality & design

Our material

The qualities of the wood, together with our individual and artistic play concepts, give the equipment a high degree of safety as well as a high fun factor. Quality and good design without equipment safety is unthinkable for us. For this reason, we observe the requirements of play equipment standard DIN EN 1176 - 2008 right from the planning stage. We have firmly integrated the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system into the procedure of our organisational structures.

Shaping dreams out of Robinia wood



We exclusively use Robinia wood for the construction of our play equipment. It is the hardest European timber. The physical qualities of Robinia are considerably better than those of other timbers as regards strength, density and hardness. Robinia has always been a very sturdy type of wood for use in construction. The wood is sourced from forests in the German state of Brandenburg. These are managed under natural mixed cultivation. We achieve one hundred per cent material use by reusing what is left of the wood.

Our claims: environmental compatibility, innovation, safety and aesthetics

Playgrounds for generations The city of the future doesn’t need to be invented from scratch. City life means re-experiencing the city! «The prevailing tendency in large cities of many people living together in the tightest space has had the effect of spatial concentration rather than human closeness. Communication density and lack of contact are no longer opposites. A new type of solitude is growing – despite telephones and telecommunications.»

home and children are not at a care facility round the clock or at weekends. In addition, the generations of one family are seldom found all in one place. In everyday life, the generations rarely meet. The demographic change within our society is also contributing to our understanding between the generations decreasing. Increasingly often, the young population’s attention is being drawn to horror scenarios of a mass of old people that need to be looked after. However, according to Opaschowski, this situation can be seen as an opportunity: «Never in the history of man have young people had the chance to get to know so many older people; to befriend them, to learn from them and to share common interests …» The benefit for the older people is as follows: «Younger people often go off on their own, new ways, leaving trodden paths and having the courage to look at old things in a new way.» Alongside public squares, parks and green spaces, playgrounds represent a suitable place to bring the generations closer together again. Movement, play and communication belong, just like eating and drinking, to the lives of people of any age.

H. Opaschowski; Live better, enjoy more beautiful surroundings? Live in the city of the future, 2005

This isolation is not just a consequence of constantly expanding cities but also the mobility and flexibility of today’s society. People are increasingly less bound to a location and the surrounding social structure. Relationships are primarily maintained over large distances and communication networks. We hardly know our neighbours nowadays. This increasing isolation first and foremost affects people that can’t be mobile, so children and the elderly. Sociologists speak of «childhood being brought indoors» and «loneliness of the aged». So why not bring these two groups more closely together? For example, good experiences are had with day care centres and retirement homes side by side. However, not all elderly people are necessary housed in a retirement

« A real human is one who grows up but never stops being a child. »

| SIK-Holz ®

erich kästner


Play and sport equipment for all ages

| SIK-Holz ÂŽ

The equipment shown below is characterised by the opportunities to be used across age boundaries. Children, adults and even elderly people will find a varied scope here. In addition, this provides an incentive to go out in the fresh air, watch others, get chatting and play alone or together. Here, play can take on many different forms. The spectrum ranges from movement, dexterity and coordination games to strategic games. Depending on the social structure of the users, playgrounds can be complemented with play equipment for the senses, sculptures and classic toys.


Whether it be sitting, crouching, lying, leaning, close together or separate – everyone will find the perfect position on this bench. Wave bench

Flying high up into the air gives you a feeling of weightlessness and freedom. Generation swing; 2.0 m

Swinging puts children, and adults, into a state of happiness. Swinging to-

7.4 x 2.5 m

1.65 m

gether heightens this feeling in people of any age.

The spherical maze teaches dexterity and patience, which is particularly important for children and the elderly. This game simply won’t work without

1.58.1 Ball maze Ă˜ 4.25 m

0.3 m

Adults and older children love to play chess among and with one another. This also depends on patience and concentration, and teaches strategic thinking.

7.150.36 Game of chess

| SIK-Holz ÂŽ

concentration and joint coordination.


2.43.1 Balance beams 11.7 x 5.7 m

0.5 m Seesaw beam

| SIK-Holz 速

7.0 x 3.7 m


0.8 m

2.22.11 Weight bench 5.0 x 4.6 m

1.0 m Springboard 6.0 x 3.4 m

0.5 m Bouncing plates combination 7.9 x 5.4 m

0.35 m Double bars (1.6 m / 2.0 m) 6.2 x 4.4 m

2.0 m Swing set combinations 11.7 x 8.9 m

1.6 m Course for generations 1 0.6 m Course for generations 2 17.0 x 11.85 m

1.15 m

| SIK-Holz 速

19.15 x 5.6 m




minimum space

height of drop

sitting and communicating

sitting and swinging

heavy coordination and balancing trainings

exercise in skills

sitting and playing

light coordination and balancing exercises strength training and muscle buildup




name of product

Wave bench

Generation swing; 2.0 m


Ball maze


SIK-Holzgestaltungs GmbH

Chess pieces


Balance beams


Seesaw beam

Bouncing plates combination


Weight bench

Double bars; 1.6 m / 2.0 m

Swing set combinations

Course for generations 1

Course for generations 2

Value-added tax, transport and installation costs are not included in the price. Publisher: SIK-Holzgestaltungs GmbH / status: 03/ 2014 / Š SIK-HolzŽ

net price

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SIK-Holz Generations Playgrounds  

Playgrounds for young and elderly - tall and small

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