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The Hebrew Free Burial Association Invites you to its

Staten Island Community Breakfast In honor of Parshat Vayechi V’aseta chesed v’emet Do kindness and truth

,ntu sxj ,hagu

Bereishit 47:29


Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier Director of

Sunday, January 8, 2012 • 9:30 - 11 AM YOUNG ISRAEL OF STATEN ISLAND 835 Forest Hill Road, Staten Island, NY 10314

Manny Saks, Abe Newman, Co-Chairs

RSVP: (212) 239-1662 or go to HFBA Cemeteries on Staten Island: • SILVER LAKE CEMETERY 926 Victory Boulevard

224 West 35th Street, Room 300 New York, NY 10001


Hebrew Free Burial Association has cared for the poorest among us since 1888 sparing over 60,000 Jews the indignity of being buried in a mass grave in city cemetery or being sent to a local medical school for dissection and research, by providing them dignified traditional Jewish burials on Staten Island, in Silver Lake and Mount Richmond Cemeteries. HFBA’s holy work, chesed shel emet, continues on Staten Island, as we inter nearly 350 of our brethren annually in consecrated Jewish earth. When a loved one dies, families turn to us in their saddest hours; when a Jew dies alone without family or friends, HFBA steps in, ensuring that any Jewish deceased, regardless of affiliation or financial means, is treated with compassion and respect. Everything is completed according to halacha, from the initial tahara through k’vurah. The Staten Island Jewish community can join in this most important mitzvah of chesed shel emet, by: • Participating in our Staten Island community breakfast on January 8, 2012 to learn more about our mission and work • Attending an HFBA funeral at Mount Richmond Cemetery, ensuring that every burial has a minyan to give proper respect for a Jew with few family or friends • Volunteering for our Cemetery Clean-up Project at HFBA’s historic Silver Lake Cemetery • Donating $150 to HFBA’s Leave Your Mark campaign which provides a marker for an unmarked grave • Contributing generously to HFBA so that our work can continue

For more information please call (212) 239-1662 or visit _____ I/we will attend _____ # attending the Hebrew Free Burial Association’s Breakfast on Sunday, January 8, 2012. _____ I/we will not be able to attend this breakfast. ■ Enclosed is my contribution of $ __________ for the burials of indigent Jews. Please consider a minimum gift of $36.

■ Enclosed is $150 to provide a marker for an unmarked grave. PLEASE SEND TO: The Hebrew Free Burial Association, 224 West 35th Street, Room 300, New York, NY 10001 CALL: (212) 239-1662 or E-MAIL:


HFBA Community Program