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Welcome to the Dorothy Delson Kuhn

Music Institute of the Jewish Community Center

The place for musicians of any age. We offer Bach, rock and beyond. The Joan and Alan Bernikow Jewish Community Center opened in January 2007. This magnificent building on Manor Road features a wonderful place specifically designed for making music. Music instruction is also available at our Avis/South Shore location, 1297 Arthur Kill Road and Aberlin/North Shore, 485 Victory Boulevard. For a JCC Program Guide, please call 718.475.5200, or visit Elzbieta Seeley Director of the Dorothy Delson Kuhn Music Institute 718.475.5263 Bertha R. Mandel Director Emerita Terry Baver, Daniel Kuhn Music Institute Committee Co-Chairs

Staten Island’s only member

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The Dorothy Delson Kuhn Music Institute has been a powerful stimulus to music on Staten Island since its inception. Current and former faculty members and students are active in the cultural life of the community. They teach in Staten Island schools and colleges and they are performers and conductors for ensembles and orchestras locally and throughout the New York City area.

History Music instruction at the Jewish Community Center of Staten Island began in the late 1950s in affiliation with the Bronx House School of Music. In 1970, the Music Institute of the JCC was founded by its co-directors, Dorothy Delson Kuhn and Bertha R. Mandel, as an autonomous music school. The school received its current name, The Dorothy Delson Kuhn Music Institute, in 1994.

Mission The mission of the Dorothy Delson Kuhn Music Institute is to provide, in a community music school setting at the Jewish Community Center of Staten Island, exceptionally fine instruction in the performance, understanding and appreciation of music, particularly but not exclusively, to schoolchildren.

General Information The Music Institute is a non-profit and non-sectarian music school. It is the only member school of the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts on Staten Island. As a Guild School, the Music Institute provides high quality instruction at affordable rates to all who seek it, regardless of age, income or ethnic origin. Programs of instruction are available for students of all ages, from early childhood to adult, and at every level, from beginner to advanced. The faculty is composed of highly qualified professional musicians with extensive teaching and performing experience. They attain fine results with students in a non-competitive environment. Music Institute students learn in an atmosphere conducive to personal and musical growth. While students gain intensive training on their chosen instrument in individual lessons, they can supplement this training with classes in musicianship and theory, and ensemble playing. Frequent student-faculty recitals provide an incentive for progress and an opportunity for students to share their accomplishments with their families, friends and other students. At these recitals, students are able to hear their peers and teachers play.


INSTRUMENTS FOR STUDENTS Students enrolled for individual lessons are expected to make their own arrangements for an instrument for daily practice at home. Pianos, guitars and all strings, wind, brass, and percussion instruments may be rented at reasonable cost through area music stores.

PRIVATE LESSONS CHILDREN, TEENS & ADULTS Private Lessons may be 30, 45 or 60 minutes for 30 weekly lessons from September through June. A special provision is made for late registrants. Lessons are offered at both the Joan and Alan Bernikow JCC and Avis/South Shore JCC.

Private lessons are available in: • Piano • Percussion • Saxophone • Trumpet

• Guitar • Voice • Bassoon • Trombone

• Violin • Flute • Recorder • Tuba

• Cello • Oboe • French Horn • Viola

Musicianship-Theory Classes provide enrichment through instruction in theory, ear training, musical forms, music history and general music appreciation. This class is included with private lesson tuition. Participation is highly recommended. For those not enrolled in Music Institute private lessons, a special arrangement may be made.

Student-Faculty Recitals Student-Faculty recitals are held monthly, free of charge. Piano accompaniments are provided by faculty members. In addition to student presentations, Music Institute faculty will be featured. Students improve performance skills, learn concert decorum and more. All students are urged to perform in at least one recital during the school year. Students receiving scholarships are required to participate in at least one recital. Recital dates and time TBA.


EARLY CHILDHOOD MUSIC PROGRAMS For our younger students, we offer fun and interactive classes that lay the foundation for future musical experiences.

Music Together of Staten Island @ the JCC (ages infant – 5) 45 minutes weekly. 9 sessions Music Together is an internationally recognized early childhood music program for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and the adults who love them. The classes are based on the recognition that all children are musical. They can learn to sing in tune, keep a beat, and participate with confidence in the music of our culture, when their early environment supports such learning. Book and CD included in the price of the class. Free demonstration class will be held September 25, 10am Classes start October 2 & 6 at the Bernikow JCC Thursdays, 10:30am 12MU116F Sundays, 10:30am 12MU117F Fee: $190 member $205 non-member Three more sessions to follow: Winter. Spring and Summer. Look for flyers.

Introduction to Music Do Re Me (ages 4-5) 45 minutes weekly. 10 weeks This method of teaching music incorporates all the things that children love to do: sing, chant, rhyme, clap, dance and keep a beat. These instincts are directed into learning music by making music first, then reading and writing it later. The class happens in a non–competitive atmosphere where one of the rewards is the pleasure of making good music with others. Special instruments will be used such as wooden xylophones, metal glockenspiels and small percussion instruments. No prior musical knowledge required. Class size is limited. Bernikow JCC: Thursdays, 12 noon 12MU119F Avis/South Shore: Tuesdays, 12 noon 12MU120F Fee: $100 member $150 non-member


THE HARMONY ROAD MUSIC PROGRAM A unique parent/child musical experience that focuses on the development of the whole child while stressing keyboard readiness. Each group course is designed specifically for an age group, reinforcing and building on skills as children progress through the curriculum. Bernikow JCC. Parent or caregiver must actively accompany child in class. Book and CD included for all classes. Free demonstration classes will be held in September. Specific dates/times TBA.

Music in Me and More Music in Me (ages 3-4) 45 minutes weekly. 15 weeks A dynamic readiness program for young children with emphasis on the ear training, solfege singing, movement, pitch and rhythm awareness, keyboard geography and finger readiness. Creativity is stressed. Parent involvement in class and at home. Music in Me Tuesdays, 4:00pm More Music in Me Thursdays, 4:00pm Fee: $240 member/$280 non-member

12MU111F 12MU112F

Harmony Road and Harmony Road II (ages 4.5-6) 55 minutes weekly. 15 weeks Carefully constructed for children to learn the basic building blocks of music. Emphasis on ear training, solfege singing, keyboard playing, ensemble and rhythm activities, movement and music creativity. Reading concepts are presented gradually and basic composing activities encourage the development of the child’s musical vocabulary. This exceptional course gives the student “inner hearing”, which makes transposing, improvisation and composing easily accessible in their musical studies. Parent involvement in class and at home. Harmony Road I Tuesdays, 5:00pm 12MU113F Harmony Road II Thursdays, 5:00pm 12MU114F Fee: $280 member/$325 non-member

The Young Musician (ages 6-7) 55 minutes weekly. 15 weeks The Young Musician course introduces beginning students to keyboard performance and note reading in a holistic program, including the organized development of pitch, rhythm, solfege singing, keyboard and movement activities. Parent involvement in class and at home. Young Musician I Tuesdays, 6:00pm 12MU115F Fee: $280 member/$325 non-member


Suzuki Violin (ages 4-5. 5) and their parents. 10 weeks In this method children learn by listening and imitating, believing that all children are innately musical. Process of learning includes parents as active participants. Date TBA.

Drum Circle Program for mixed age group, facilitated by a professionally trained percussionist. Through collective drumming, the participants will learn about instrumental techniques rhythm patterns and develop listening and cooperation skills. 10 week sessions. Fee: $100 member/ $150 non-member Avis/South Shore, Mondays, 5pm 12MU123F Bernikow, Tuesdays, 5pm 12MU124F

Musical Encounters A dynamic readiness program for young children with emphasis on ear training, solfege singing, movement, pitch, rhythm awareness and keyboard geography. 10 week session. Bernikow JCC. Fee: $130 member/$180 non-member Tuesdays, 12 noon

Singing is FUN-damental (ages 7-9) 15 week session Geared towards the younger child who loves to sing and wants to learn how to use their voice but may not be ready for private lessons. Relaxed, fun, interactive setting. Focus will be on ear training, technique and repertoire. Fee: $225 member/$280 non-member Mondays, 4pm 12MU136F

PRE-TEEN & TEEN PROGRAMS In response to the ever dwindling opportunities on Staten Island for young musicians to play together in groups, the Dorothy Delson Kuhn Music Institute initiated an ensemble program open to the entire community. You do not have to be a JCC member or a Music Institute student to participate but you do need some experience on your instrument. Auditions are required and are held at the Bernikow JCC by appointment.

Musicianship/Theory Classes These classes provide enrichment through instruction in theory, ear training, musical forms, music history and general music appreciation. Students will be assigned to an appropriate class. Participation is highly recommended. This class is included with private lesson tuition. For those not enrolled in Music Institute private lessons, a special arrangement may be made and a fee will apply. sembles offer players the perfect balance between solo and orchestral performing. The ensemble is open to all enthusiastic players, ages 9-19 however, you must be able to read music.

Jazz Ensemble Participants will have the opportunity to be a member of a small group, learn new music, and meet fellow musicians from across the island. The class is open to all enthusiastic Staten Island musicians ages 9-18 with some prior experience on their instruments. 10 sessions. 6

Youth Mixed Ensemble Take the next step by expanding your repertoire while playing in an intimate group. Advance your skills in phrasing, intonation, counting and playing with others. Ensembles offer players the perfect balance between solo and orchestral performing. The ensemble is open to all enthusiastic players ages 9-19. However you must be able to read music.


Adult Chamber Group Expand your repertoire while playing in an intimate group. Advance your skills to include balance, phrasing and intonation. Chamber music offers players the perfect balance between solo and orchestral performing. Open to all levels, however, you must be able to read music. 90 minutes weekly. 15 weeks. Wednesdays, 7:30pm Fee: $330 member/$360 non-member 12MU128F

Adult Vocal Ensemble Participants will have the opportunity to sing Broadway hit tunes, Hebrew folk and Hassidic music, music of the Yiddish theatre and more. Members will meet weekly. Starts in October

Recorder Ensemble Musicians of all levels get together and enjoy playing multi-part music on an instrument that is easy to learn. Those who play compatible instruments or sing are also welcomed. For more information please call Steve Soffer, the Recorder Ensemble Coordinator, at 718.720.1593. Free for members/$50 non-member Avis/South Shore Mondays, 4:00pm 12MU124F Bernikow Fridays, 1:00pm 12MU123F

A Cappella Group Are you devoted to advanced singing? Do you enjoy reading challenging music for the sheer pleasure of it? Join us for a once a month choral music session. Fee: $10 member/ $15 non-member 12MU126F Dates: November 22, December 13, January 17, 7pm

Adult Group Piano Classes Have you always wanted to learn to play piano but don’t have time? Now is your chance. Come for a free demonstration class and see what you have been missing! Instructor Gregory Envid. 15 weeks Mondays, 6pm Fee: $225 member/$280 non-member 12MU129F

Workshops and Master Classes Selected students, faculty and outside presenters will perform, discuss and illustrate styles and techniques of instrumental and vocal music. Enrolled JCC music students - complimentary. Others $5 member/$8 nonmember


REGISTRATION A registration form can be found in the centerfold of this brochure. New students should consult with Ela Seeley, Director of the Music Institute, before registering. Call 718.475.5263 or for a consultation. Former students may register by mail. There will also be walk-in registration:

WALK-IN REGISTRATION - FALL 2011 Bernikow JCC Avis/South Shore JCC 1466 Manor Road 1297 Arthur Kill Road Wednesday, September 14 Thursday, September 15 3 - 7pm 3 - 7pm Priority registration for members: September 5 -September 9 General registration: September 12 - September 16 New students are welcome to register throughout the year. Our school year starts September 19

OPEN HOUSE SEPTEMBER 25 • 10am - 2pm PAYMENT Group Classes/Ensembles - full payment must be submitted with registration form prior to first class. Private Lessons - there are two payment options for private lessons: 1. Full payment at time of registration. 2. Installment payments made with a deposit and five monthly credit card debits • In case of late registration, tuition will be pro-rated for the remainder of the year and a $25 registration fee will be applied. • Visa/Master Card/American Express are accepted. • Please refer to the fee schedule chart on the application for details.

PROCEDURES AND POLICIES Scheduled Lessons and Classes - Students must make every effort to be on time for all classes and lessons. In deference to subsequent students and classes, all lessons/classes will end at the scheduled time. Absence - All lessons must be paid for whether taken or missed. There is no refund of tuition for the student's absence nor are the teachers obligated to make up a lesson missed by student. Lessons cancelled due to faculty absence or building closure due to poor weather conditions will be rescheduled. Withdrawals and Refund - Written notice of withdrawal must be submitted to the Director of the Music Institute before any student will be considered for a refund. The date on which the written withdrawal notice is postmarked, not the last day of attendance, is considered as the official date of withdrawal. Tuition refunds will be considered based on number of lessons given up to the date of official withdrawal including student absences. No refunds are given after the fifth lesson; however, a JCC credit will be considered. Scholarship students will forfeit scholarship money if they discontinue lessons for any reason during the year. A $25 administration fee will be charged for any withdrawal, refund or credit. 8

PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY Parents must accept responsibility for their children when they are not in class to insure their child’s safety. Children should not be left unattended before or after the assigned lesson time. Parents are asked to assist in assuring that siblings do not disturb the lessons and classes while waiting.

RECITALS These are held monthly throughout the program year. Student participation is determined by the teacher. Students and guests are expected to stay for the entire recital and maintain appropriate behavior for the duration. Excessive or loud talking, walking around, or leaving the room while another student is performing is disrespectful and strictly prohibited. An intermission will be scheduled for any recital expected to last longer than 75 minutes.

DISCONTINUANCE The Music Institute reserves the right to discontinue any student who falls behind in payments, is frequently absent or tardy, or for other reasons at the discretion of the Director.

STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS Music instruction may be arranged, through consultation with the Director, for the child or adult with special needs.

PHOTOGRAPHS Photographs of music students are often taken during lessons or recitals to be used for publicity purposes (flyers, bulletins, ads).

SPECIAL EVENTS Concert Series for Families September 25, 11:30am October 23, 11:30am November 20, 11:30am Events Fun with a Drum October 18, 5pm Classical Music of Russian Composers October 27, 6pm Puppet Musical December 4, 2pm Harp Music Performance: date TBA 9

FACULTY BIOGRAPHIES Alan Aurelia - Tuba, Trombone, Trumpet, French Horn B.M., M.F.A. Candidate at University of Connecticut. Studied at Hartt School of Music. Conducted University of Connecticut Orchestra, New York Symphonic Arts Ensemble, Centre Symphony, Kingsborough Band, Brooklyn Winds Ensemble. Founder and member of Riverside Brass Quintet, founder and conductor of Riverside Opera and Staten Island Ballet Orchestra, director of Music on the Move. Performed with Stuttgart Ballet and at Spoleto Festival, Italy. Played for Queen Mother and Pope John Paul II. Faculty member at Wagner College and Brooklyn College. Instructor at City Music School. Music Director of Richmond County Orchestra. Thomas Baker - Drums B.A. in Music from Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts. Private studies with Bary Burton, Gary Chaffee, Dean Anderson, David Samuels and Ed Saidon. Instructor of master classes and clinics at universities and colleges throughout the United States, including SUNY, Binghamton, New York, McPael Center for the Arts, University of Minnesota, San Juan College, Farmington, New Mexico, Cameron University, Lawton, Oklahoma. Performs frequently in clubs and festivals in New York City as well as in Europe and Japan. Teaches music at Purnell School, Pottersville, New Jersey and privately since 1978. Nelly Cherepinskaya - Piano B.M. from Kharkov College of Music, Masters of Music and Teaching from Kharkov University, Ukraine. Director of a Children's Music School in Ukraine. Taught piano at the Music School in Kharkov, and privately for over 25 years. Teacher to many award winning and professional Russian pianists. Providing private piano lessons in New York for past 10 years. Tatyana Cherepinskaya - Piano B.A., Music Conservatory Ukraine, Kharkov. Taught at the Music School of Kharkov. Accompanist for Alvin Ailey Dance School in NYC. Currently, accompanist for Princeton Ballet and ballet at the Dance Academy of Red Bank. Faculty member of Red Bank Music School. Coach to college entrants majoring in music and for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music exams. Carolyn Clark - French Horn M.A., Manhattan School of Music. Toured extensively with symphony orchestras, opera companies, and Broadway shows. Performed with the Staten Island Symphony, the Roanoke Symphony, and the Viva Voce Chamber Ensemble, as well as freelancing throughout the New York area. Taught at the College of Staten Island, Brooklyn College, and Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. Director of Staten Island Philharmonic. Fred Crisson – Guitar Studied at Manhattan School of Music. Formally trained to play clarinet, saxophone, piano and guitar. Studied oboe and classical music with various principal oboists of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and the Metropolitan Opera Company in Milan, Italy. Recipient of scholarships from the Friends of Music and from the Board of Education of New York. Teaching guitar and bass over 30 years. Previous member of ‘Jazz Awareness’, a musicians’ group dedicated to educating students about the history and development of jazz music, via grants. Currently performing jazz at various clubs and restaurants in the metropolitan area. Current host of the award-winning guitar instructional shows “Music and Scenes on Staten Island”, “Fred’s Guitars” and “Guitar Central”, shown on Staten Island Cable TV/Verizon FIOS. Previous co-director and musical arranger for a young musicians’ review at the Sea View Playwrights Childrens’ Theatre. In December 2009 will be the musical director for a popular musical review at SVPCT. 10

Masha Dubravin - Piano B.A. from University of California, Master of Music from the Manhattan School of Music. Studied with Vladimir Viardo, Sergio Rodriguez, and Awadagin Pratt. Previously member of the piano faculty at Music School of Westchester, Mamaroneck, NY; music counselor at Manhattan Beach Jewish Center, Brooklyn, NY; teaching piano privately since 1991 in Los Angeles and New York. Accompanied choir at the Fiedston School, Bronx, voice lessons at Manhattan School of Music, dancers at Lucy Moses School of Music and Dance, New York and “IL Signor Bruschino” opera rehearsal. Performed solo at the International Music Camp “Matan”, Jerusalem, Israel and Kharkov, philharmonic Society, Ukraine. 1st Prize Winner of the Benno Rubinji Memorial Piano Award and the Atwater Piano Competition. Gregory Envid - Piano B.A. of music from College of Staten Island, New York. Masters of Education from Cambridge College, Massachusetts. Music Teacher and Dean of Students at Lincoln High School, Brooklyn. Music Teacher at Curtis High School, Staten Island. Musical director of “Bye, Bye Birdie” and students performances for “Fleet Week.” Studied piano and gave several performances under Dr. Sylvia Kahan. Lisa Forst - Piano, Voice B.A. in Music Education from Midrasha L’Morei Musica, Tel-Aviv, Isreal. B.A. in Piano and Voice from Staten College for Music Teachers, Beltzi, former USSR. Cantorial Ordination from the Academy for Jewish Religion, Riverdale, NY. Conducted Choir at Temple Emanu-el and Congregation B’Nai Jeshurun, Staten Island. Music Educator at public school system in Israel. Taught piano at Music Conservatoire, Bat Yam, Israel. Cantorial Solisit and children choir director at Arden Heights Jewish Center, Staten Island. Cantorial Soloist at Temple Beth El, Lancester, PA. Taught music at Hebrew School for Temple Sinai, Cinnaminson, NJ. Rosi Hertlein – Violin, Voice BA from Hochschule fur Wirtschaft und Politik HWP, Hamburg, Germany. A composer, violinist, and vocalist, classical and jazz. A native of Germany. Studied extensively in Germany, and New York. Most recently with violinist John Blake and vocalist Hugh Murphy in Manhattan. Currently performs as a violinist in ensembles led by multi- instrumentalist Joe McPhee and as a singer in Reggie Workman’s African-American Legacy Project, both giving New York concerts. She is touring world wide with various groups and on her own; most recently, she played in Brazil with Ivo Perelman and Dominic Duval. Lois Hinderlie - Voice BA in Music; theatre, and composition at Sarah Lawrence College with Meyer Kupferman, Paul Ukena, John Braswell and Wilford Leach, Bessie Schonberg. Studied at Juilliard; privately with Chester Watson and Elizabeth Rustigian. Performed solo with Wall Street Choral Society, Trinity Choir, Wall Street. Toured with American Vocal Quartet, Opera performances with St. Paul Opera, Tri-Cities Opera Company, Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra. European performances in Switzerland, Germany, and England. Recorded with the New York Choral Arts Society of avant garde repertoire. Winner of Bach Collegium First Prize for three years. Currently teaching Voice and Repertoire studies privately. Yelena Khaymovich - Piano B.A. in theory and music literature from Junior College of Music, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia. Master Degree in piano performance from Kazan State Conservatory, Kazan, Russia. Performed with Chamber music groups and Volga Theater orchestra. Accompanied Dance and Chorus Society and the Volga Operetta Theater. Director of piano and music history department; piano and theory teacher at the Music School, Russia. Faculty member of the International School of Music and Art, Brooklyn. Piano accompanist for various concerts, competitions and NYSSMA. Coach to many award winning students for NYSSMA and Wagner College’s Young Musician Competition, Specialized Schools of Music and Art in Manhattan. Taught piano and theory privately for 25 years. Conducted music lectures and presentations in Russia. Taught theory and music literature classes. 11

Kris Kaiser - Guitar Member of Mike Morreale Big Band and previously co-leader of Don Han & Kris Kaiser Jazz Group. Performs regularly in Manhattan at Merchants, Detours, Birdland and Swing 46 as well as on Staten Island at Cargo Cafe, Adobe Blues and more. Feature player with Bob Kaiser and friends at various Staten Island festivals and venues. Studied with Howard Alden, Peter Prisco and James Knepper. Member of the Jazz Summit with Vinny Ruggeli and James Knepper. Finalist in Texaco, NY Jazz Festival competition in 1998. Teaching students on Staten Island privately since 1998. Daniel Kelley - Clarinet, Saxophone Clarinet studies with Leon Russianoff and Kalmen Opperman. As a member of Mozart on Fifth, has given concerts and master classes in 43 states, Bermuda, Canada and Mexico. Broadcast appearances include Today Show, A Prairie Home Companion, Voice of America, WQXR, WNYC, WETA. Assisting artist to Richard Stoltzman on three BMG recordings. Raisa Shikhman - Piano, Voice B.A. Music from Ippolitov-Ivanov Music College in Moscow. Coach/accompanist for the Voice, Opera, and Instrumental Music Departments at Ippolitov-Ivanov. Member piano faculty at Lucy Moses School for Music and Dance, Manhattan. Taught at Wagner College Academy of the Arts, Music Institute of Long Island in Manhasset (Suzuki Method), the Visitation Academy in Brooklyn. Former staff member at The School for Strings, Diller-Quaile School of Music in Manhattan, Usdan Center for Creative and Performing Arts. Accompanied distinguished ensembles and soloists, including Bronx Chamber Orchestra, clarinetist David Glazer, and the New York Association for New Americans. Judge for Wagner College's Young Musicians Competition. Eileen Siegel - Piano, Violin B.A. Brooklyn College. Private study with Margaret Graves, Cecil Lytle and George Saslow. Performed with Golden Attic Chamber Music Players, Staten Island Symphony and the Kingsborough Orchestra. Founder of the New String Ensemble. Worked for Shear Arts Services Jamie Silberberg - Drums, Voice B.A. in Performance from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Extensive private study with Kim Plainfield, faculty at the Collective, New York City Music Institution. Focuses on Afro Cuban and Brazilian rhythms in private study for 4 years. Private, group, and ensemble studies with Dean Anderson, Mike Mangini, Skip Hadden, Yaron Israel and Steve Wilkes. Teaching all levels and styles privately for 8 years. Berklee College of Music Student Tutor in, Ear Training, Harmony, Advanced Harmony, Traditional Harmony, Writing Skills and Conducting. Performing regularly with various groups since 2003 in New England and the Cosmopolitan area. Appeared live on Fox News in the Morning with the band "Logan" as featured artists. Experience with children of all ages and learning disabilities. Janet Sirotta - Flute B.A., M.A., College of Staten Island. Studied with John Krell and Kenton Terry of the Philadelphia Orchestra and Carole Morgan at Temple University. Premiered works by local composers at the Tibetan Museum, Snug Harbor and the JCC. Played with the Verrazano Winds, the S.I. Ballet Orchestra, S.I. Symphony and S.I. Chamber Players. Performed internationally with the Solaris Dance Theater and the Israel Bach Society. Principal and solo flutist with the Kingsborough Orchestra. Former director of the Dorothy Delson Kuhn Music Institute. Peggy Wiltrout - Oboe, Ensemble Classes B.M. Indiana University. Studied with Jerry Sirucek, Grover Schlitz, DeVere Moore. Oboist with Staten Island Symphony, Birmingham Symphony, Shreveport Symphony, Brooklyn Philharmonic, Viva Voice Chamber Ensemble, Bronx Opera, Village Light Opera, Broadway show tours throughout U.S., Europe, and the Far East. Solo performances with Birmingham Symphony, Musica of Vienna and Cologne, Germany Chamber Orchestra. 12

Friends of the Dorothy Delson Kuhn Music Institute The Music Institute has a long tradition of offering fine faculty performances to the public. An annual contribution of $36 helps ensure that these performances will continue. To become a Friend, contact the Music Institute or send your contribution to the JCC, Attention: Ela. 12MU301

The Foundation for the Dorothy Delson Kuhn Music Institute The mission of the Foundation for the Dorothy Delson Kuhn Music Institute is to provide funds for essential music school expenses that tuition income does not cover, enabling the school to maintain high standards of community service. The primary function of the Foundation is to finance scholarships for talented and needy schoolchildren. Funds may also be allocated for special programs for music students, music faculty and music administrators and for the repairs or purchase of instruments, equipment and other instructional materials.

The Scholarship Program A substantial scholarship program enables many students to receive financial help towards their musical studies at the Dorothy Delson Kuhn Music Institute. The Foundation for the Music Institute was established in 1978 to insure the continuity of this program. Auditions for scholarships are held in late spring and during the summer. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of musical experience, ability and financial need. Students who are entering grades 6 through 12, and who have had some previous training on their instrument, are eligible to audition for a scholarship. Younger students of exceptional ability, with some previous training and a teacher recommendation, are also eligible. If you would like to make a contribution to the Music Institute Foundation please make your check to: The Foundation for the Music Institute of the JCC. Mail it to: Joan and Alan Bernikow JCC, 1466 Manor Rd., Staten Island, NY 10314, Attn: Ela Seeley You may also contribute to or fund a specific scholarship in memory of someone (see below) or establish a scholarship in someone’s honor. Please call Ela Seeley, 718.475.5263. Dorothy Delson Kuhn Piano Scholarship Bertha Mandel Scholarship • Roslyn Attinson Scholarship Daisy Aberlin Scholarship • Henrietta Rosen Memorial Scholarship Walter Kuhn Memorial Scholarship Harvey I. Mandel, M.D. Memorial Scholarship Bernard Attinson Memorial Scholarship • Yvette and Abraham Attinson Grant Sarah & Joseph Rivkin Memorial Scholarship Margaret Graves Violin Scholarship • Caesar DiMauro Memorial Scholarship Oscar Levine Memorial Scholarship • Gary Caplan Memorial Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. John C. Fontaine Gift • Morton Mintz Scholarship for Chorus Herman & Ruth Goodman Foundation • Dorothy Smith Memorial Scholarship The Stanley-Timolat Foundation Thank you to the many contributors who support the scholarship program. 13

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Elzbieta Seeley Director of the Dorothy Delson Kuhn Music Institute 718.475.5263 Bertha R. Mandel Director Emerita Terry B...

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