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I am trained as a industrial designer and raised as a curious human being. I want to make new things that makes lives and our world better. I find newness by expirimenting with material and by drawing. Drawing is my most dear and important skill. I use it to rapidly generate, visualise, test and explore ideas. I belive that desire is the greatest means to change.














The task was to work with elderly and problems regarding the extreme user. And make something universal. After some rounds of research and attemts to narrow my task, I found it interesting to se if I could make their lifes a little less lonely.

I decided to make a consept for everyone, something universal that would help people and prevent them from losing their senses and human abilities as they are getting older. In that way I would help the elderly, and hopefully they would live happier lives in the last period of their lifes.



Time and sound is an interesting combination. Sound can tell something about the way the time was spent. So one idea was to use the data collected over a time period from a noise monitor, and visulize it on a clock. I started with these three consepts: 1. Training motivation 2. Digital noise monitor and clock 3. Analog clock drawing the noise.



I used this diagram as a base for the consept. It shows how long you can be exposed to different levels of noise before it has a negative effect on your hearing.

noice level 106 dB 103 dB 100 dB 97 dB 94 dB 91 dB 88 dB 85 dB

Time before danger. 3,75min 7,5 min 15 min 30 min 1t 2t 4t 8t



Hysj is a noisemonitoring device. It visualizes the noise conditions over time in the room. Hysj warn you when it has been dangerous amounts of noise for too long.

The product have two modes: The first mode visualises and warn you when the noise in a room can damage your hearing. The second mode warn against the unharmfull, but uncomfortable noise that stresses you. The soundlevel (dB) of noise is calculated into a speed, in which a motor sends out the colored rope. The more intense color, the more dangerus.

noice level 106 dB 103 dB 100 dB 97 dB 94 dB 91 dB 88 dB 85 dB

Time before danger.

Speed of the rotor.

3,75min 7,5 min 15 min 30 min 1t 2t 4t 8t

13,3 cm pr. min 6,66 cm pr. min 3,33 cm pr. min 1,66 cm pr. min 0,8 cm pr. min 0,4 cm pr. min 0,2 cm pr. min 0.1 cm pr. min


Hysj could be placed in many different settings. It would be natural to place it in school and work enviroments, but it could also have been put in an urban outdor setting to make noice polution more visible and map problem areas in a city.



Everything was better before? This was the title for the task about creating brands. I thougt it would be interesting to try to find things that actualy were better before and make something new with it.

I also wanted to investigate old music traditions, like playing on a saw with a chello bow. Mayby I could make a new sound or instrument combinig old forgotten tecniques with some new findings.


After a period of combining research, consepts and ideas, I presented these four consepts: 1. Music instrument Find old tecniques and combine with new. 2. Old light Try to make new traditions and behavior patterns with the old light source, the burning flame. 3. Crazy stools The new and experimental products should say that the nature was better before. 4. The new clock I find it interesting that the way we look at time does not change. I wanted to see if there is a better way to show and understand time.







I chose consept nb. 3, The crazy stools and started with the idea of using ​​ the smooth rockforms by the sea as the basis for products. In Norway, we call them “svaberg”, and these smoth shapes are perfect to sit and lay down on. The thought was that I would host a dinner for two and that everything used except from food, would be made from some shape or crack found on “svaberget”.


These shapes are over 11 700 years old. The gradient blue color is added to show that these were made by the sea. A new ice age may come due to the human made enviromental changes, and these shapes will be gone for ever.

I went to my hometown Lillesand in the southern part of Norway to make molds from “svaberget�, and made a small video that you can see here:


While I was making molds, I found a lot of plastic waste washed ashore. I then found out that it made more sence to make my project based on the enviromental issue plastic waste in the ocean.


This course was about making a brand, and it was important to comunicate a personality in the touchpoints. The consept for products from Sjøsyk is that plastic waste in the ocean dont disappear, and therefore we have to use it for something new. Sjøsyk adds value to the otherwise unwanted material that is found by the sea. The brand Sjøsyk generates attention to designers and the environmental problem of plastic waste in oceans. The designers will create objects with symbolic and emotional values. They can decide what they want to make themselve, but objects should at least propose a function.

The sea is sick, and I wanted to comunicate that through the logo. I decided Sjøsyk was the perfect name. It means seasick in Norwegian, and it was fitting for a playfull, optimistic and young brand.


I made this video to explain the brand:






I made a video to show the methods and process behind some of the objects.




Seasick and their objects are charged with emotional and symbolic values. The designers that have joined Sjøsyk can freely express their imagination and use their creative skills to create with otherwise unwanted materials washed ashore. The material used has their own stories and have often had a long journey in the sea. These stories are hard to find or read, and remain as undiscovered secrets that the objects carries with them. The designers have access to a variety of forms and new materiality that would otherwise not be able to get hold off. There is an interesting element of surprise and unpredictability in looking for interesting shapes and materials whashed ashore, that can be processed and formed into something new and valuable.

Lillesand Seawaste soup stool no.2

These stools are created with leftover material from the different places that Sjøsyk has been. This one is from Lillesand, were there is a lot of professional fishing, and fishing nets is a problem.


Oslo Seawaste soup stool no.1 Material from the Oslofjord.

Shoppingbad stool This stool is a reaction to the fact that we use 500 billion platic bags anually. Plastic bags and plastic bottles are the the biggest problem in the seas.

Iso candleholder

This is a candleholder made in cheramics, molded from bits of isopor, which is the norwegian name for polystyren with 9899 % air. The materals used was found by the sea in Oslo.

The Real Fishkiller

The fish eats plastic, and eventually the plastic that we have trown away ends up on our dinner plates. With this in mind, I made a fishhook to comunicate this message.

This is a simple lamp that can be hanged were you want light, because of its hook. The materals were found in the Oslofjord.


Hang lamp

BIRD CHESS Collaborative school project with working prototype from rapid prototyping. We wanted to make chess a fun game for children and get rid of the seriousness.

We wanted to create a universe and tell a story. After a long consept developing prosess, we landed on the idea of creating a universe with birds. Here are some of the sketches I made during the project. We were three design students collaborating on this project. Me, Peik Greaker and Line Moen Syversen


The king is a piece that you must protect. So we found it fitting that the king was an egg. And the original queen is now a proud mother for the egg.


BIRD CHESS The birds need a new king. Both families want their egg to be the new king. They try to take the other egg. The chess rules are the same, but the story is different. The king = an egg.




In this project, I worked with additive manufacturing and how a phone cover could be personal and a one of product.


We got customers that we had to make a customized cover for. My customer worked in Telenor, so he wanted the logo somewere on his cover. The consept became a software that generated and growed a logo or what you want on to the cover. All you needed was a PNG file of what you wanted to grow out of the cover.

I experimented with different shapes and textures that looked like they growed out from the cover. I tought it would be great if you could stick stuff like your pen and earbuds to the cover.



This is one of the first projects I did at AHO. The task was simple, make a new set of transporable personal sound device.


Hør (Listen) is a headphone that offers two forms of listening. You can switch between open and closed headset by pushing the orange button. Open mode is meant for cycling or jogging and does not isolate the user. Closed mode is for when you only want to hear the music.



This is from a project about form. I made a form that tells a storry about acoustic music meeting electronic music. The form made a fitting lamp shade.




The light polution in urban areas are ruining the view to the stars. The stars makes humans wonder about who we really are and the context that we live in. We must continue to ask ourselves these questions, and need something to remind us to do so. Spacelamp is always changing its appearence. The aim is to create something that makes us wonder and that inspires people.


The lamp is everchanging due to one slowly rotating plate behind one that stands still.

The plates are coated black, and the holes are created by a lasercuter. The motor is the same as a motor for a clock so that the lamp changes but slowly so you cant see it happening.


It should be placed in a room or enviroment that needs a special and inspiring object.





Here are just some different types of ideas.

What would be the outcome if I mixed tie and a bowtie?


An idea for a machine that drips drops of heated material of some sort, into cold water. The water level would rice as the structure gets build.

Playing with ideas for frames and different ways to display artwork.

I can get an idea and then work with that idea, and try to find out the best way to comunicate the message, idea or maybe even the question.


An idea for a clock that would show how time was spendt. It does this by having a pen moving up and down the pendel acording to the sound level in the rom, drawing lines. After many days you can start to see patterns and read abstract information about your life from it.

I allso like to start with something that interests me or a massage that my consept schuld conway, and then try to come up with consept ideas and combine things. Facts, materials, people, objects, ideas.. Everything can be combined and I se my self more as a designer that combines not invents.







It only tok 8 hours and some back problems to make the backgrund.

Sigve Knutson Design portfolio 2014  

Sigve Knutson Designer from Norway. Oslo

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