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explore discover learn enjoy Brainstorm is a leading supplier of fun and educational toys. We have a reputation for high-quality, unique products and are proud to be a trade-only supplier. Brainstorm has been in business for 22 years and is owned by three directors who work full time for the company. With our excellent UK-based sales and logistics team, we distribute our items all over the world, either from our UK warehouse or direct from the Far East.


trade C ATA L O G U E 2 0 1 7

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This trade catalogue is packed with exciting products but make sure you look out for the symbol that highlights our new items. This year we have added new products to our established and successful brands Brainstorm Toys, The Original Glowstars Company, Aqua Dragons and StikBot, plus we have added the exciting new lines Craft Time and BeeBeez. Our TV advertised lines are highlighted by this TV symbol. advertised

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Š2017 Brainstorm Limited. All rights reserved. All registered trademarks are the property of or licensed by Brainstorm Limited. Incorporating Dowling Magnets Europe Limited and The Original Glowstars Company Limited. Registered in England & Wales No.: 3066662. Registered address: Unit 1A, Mill Lane, Gisburn, Lancashire, BB7 4LN. Catalogue designed and produced by Conrad Davies Creative Solutions.

ROCKET PROJECTOR & ROOM GUARD Turn on your rocket – 3, 2, 1 launch! Projector features 24 amazing images of planets, astronauts and spacecraft on three changeable discs. Projected images are up to one metre wide. Flick the switch and your rocket blasts into room guard mode. A motion sensor triggers lights and launch sounds with each unwanted visitor. Fun flight sounds when rocket is in play mode. Cool launch pad stands on your desk or hangs on your wall. Secret code unlocks fascinating online space info. Includes bonus Launch Zone door sticker. E2041 6+



BARCODE: 5060122732482

TV advertised |


explore discover learn enjoy DEEP SPACE HOME PLANETARIUM & PROJECTOR Learn about the night sky and watch as your darkened room is transformed into an outer space light show! The planetarium projects rotating star patterns or constellations onto ceilings and walls. Use the high quality projector to view 24 colour NASA and Hubble Space Telescope photographs of spacecraft, astronauts, planets and nebulae. Projected image is up to one metre wide. The colour booklet contains information about NASA photographs and constellations. E2000 6+



BARCODE: 5060122731003

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AURORA NORTHERN LIGHTS PROJECTOR The Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, are a seemingly miraculous natural phenomena of coloured lights that many people would love to witness in their lifetime. But not everyone can make a journey to the Polar Regions to see this awe-inspiring spectacle.

Aurora borealis over Canada

Now you can bring this amazing natural light show into your own home with the Aurora Projector.The projector uses multi-coloured LEDs, with two patterns and eight different colour modes, to display moving aurora lights on the walls and ceiling of a darkened room. Auto-shut-off mechanism saves battery life. The colour booklet contains fascinating aurora images and information. Includes socket for optional power adapter.

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E2024 6+



tel: +44 (0)1200 445 113 | fax: +44 (0)1200 445 801

3AA BARCODE: 5060122731768

MY VERY OWN SOLAR SYSTEM Children can experience the wonder of the solar system and learn about the planets with this fascinating and educational toy. An impressive accessory for any room! The 85cm diameter motorised solar system model has eight colour planets that rotate on three independent orbits. The illuminated sun makes an attractive night light. Mounts to ceiling with enclosed fixings. Battery operated and remote-controlled. With educational colour booklet.


E2002 6+


BARCODE: 5060122731089

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TV advertised

SPACE EXPLORER ROOM PROJECTOR Explore the universe with this high quality projector. View 24 colour NASA and Hubble Space Telescope photographs of spacecraft, astronauts, planets and nebulae, from three changeable slide discs. Projected image is up to one metre wide. At night Space Explorer becomes a cool nebula night light. Includes information about each NASA photograph. E2005 6+



BARCODE: 5060122731119 |


explore discover learn enjoy MY VERY OWN MOON Bring the moon into your own room. The authentic moonscape shines moonlight just like the real moon and makes a stunning room accessory or reassuring night light. This enchanting remote controlled moon automatically scrolls through twelve illuminated lunar phases. Manual function allows you to set your own moon to look just like the moon outside. Easy to hang on your wall - just like a picture. Auto shut-off saves battery life. Read fascinating information about the moon in the colourful educational booklet. E2003 6+



BARCODE: 5060122731096

n r ow You oks just n lo on moo the mo e lik ide outs

MY VERY OWN RAINBOW Bring nature’s most beautiful light show into your bedroom and fill your room with rainbows. Perfect for parties and sleepovers and a charming night light to inspire sweet dreams. Enchanting light projector uses multi-coloured LEDs to display rainbow colours on walls and ceilings in a darkened room. Auto shut off saves battery life. Includes a sunlight rainbow crystal. Position in a sunny window and watch rainbows dance around your room. Secret code unlocks fascinating online rainbow facts and activities. E2004 3+



BARCODE: 5060122731102

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tel: +44 (0)1200 445 113 | fax: +44 (0)1200 445 801



Bring realistic dinosaurs into your own room! This high-quality T rex shaped projector has 24 dinosaur images that will project onto your bedroom wall, up to one metre wide. Features 18 different types of dinosaur.


ROOAAAAR! Your T rex becomes a guard for your room, roaring into action with each unwanted visitor. A trembler alert makes your T rex roar when picked up and a motion sensor detects movement up to one metre away. Surprise your friends with five mighty roar sounds! At over 40cm long, the T rex makes a fantastic room decoration. Secret code unlocks fascinating online dinosaur facts. Includes bonus T rex door sticker. E2028 3+



BARCODE: 5060122731928

DINOSAUR PROJECTOR & NIGHTLIGHT Pocket-sized projector has 24 amazing dinosaur images that display up to one metre wide. Transforms into cool nightlight with 15-minute auto-shutdown. Detach from the stand to use as a torch. E2046 3+


BARCODE: 5060122732895



explore discover learn enjoy 14CM WORLD GLOBE Explore your world with this compact and detailed globe showing political boundaries, natural features such as lakes, rivers and deserts, capitals and major cities. Scale 1:90,000,000.

E2045 6+ NEW BARCODE: 5060122732888



30cm diameter inflatable political globe with original and colourful design. Includes fun game ideas. B1700 4+ BARCODE: 5060122730150




A mega-sized 50cm diameter inflatable political globe. Includes fun game ideas.

30cm diameter inflatable globe with 172 beautiful illustrations of animals from around the world. Includes game ideas and details of animal names and locations.

B1704 4+ BARCODE: 5060122730617

B1710 4+ BARCODE: 5060122732505

tel: +44 (0)1200 445 113 | fax: +44 (0)1200 445 801

2 IN 1 GLOBE EARTH & CONSTELLATIONS Earth by day – space by night – 2 globes in 1! The ideal gift for wouldbe astronomers and budding geographers. The 22.8cm daylight earth globe clearly shows political boundaries, natural features such as lakes and rivers, capitals and major cities. Scale 1:55,900,000. The illuminated night globe shows key stars and constellations with their Latin and common names. An advanced light sensor automatically turns on the LED illumination whenever the room darkens, magically transforming the earth globe into a fascinating map of the stars. E2001 8+



TV advertised

BARCODE: 5060122731072 Includes socket for optional power adapter.

2 IN 1 GLOBE EARTH BY DAY EARTH BY NIGHT In a darkened room this clever globe transforms into an illuminated map of city lights – the Earth at night as seen from space! Illuminated with colour changing LEDs. The 22.8cm daylight earth globe shows political boundaries, natural features such as lakes and rivers, capitals and major cities. Scale 1:55,900,000. E2020 8+



BARCODE: 5060122731430 Includes socket for optional power adapter. |


explore discover learn enjoy


E2043 3+

NEW BARCODE: 5060122732710


E2042 3+


BARCODE: 5060122732499

E2022 3+

BARCODE: 5060122731720


Draw the projected image

Colour in

MY VERY OWN FAIRY TALE DRAWING PROJECTOR This pocket-sized projector unfolds into a fairy tale drawing projector. Use the easy to change image caps to draw six different magical fairy tale pictures. Shines images onto walls and ceilings. On 300x200mm backer card. E2021 3+


7 2AAA

BARCODE: 5060122731713

tel: +44 (0)1200 445 113 | fax: +44 (0)1200 445 801

TORCH AND PROJECTOR Torches are also photo projectors, each projecting 24 colour images up to one metre wide Turn lens head to focus. Batteries included. 225 x 162mm backer card.



E2044 3+

BARCODE: 5060122731171


E2012 3+


BARCODE: 5060122731379

NEW BARCODE 5060122732727


E2031 3+

BARCODE 5060122732093


E2038 3+

BARCODE 5060122732352 |


explore discover learn enjoy OUTDOOR ADVENTURE CREEPY CRAWLY CATCHER Explore, catch, study, release. Creepy Crawly Catcher features the famous, patented Spider Catcher, which gently picks up all kinds of bugs without harming them. Explore your local area – garden, park, woods or beach. Put your favourite bug in the catch jar and study with the magnifier. Use the booklet to record observations. Release your creepy crawly back to nature. Secret code unlocks online bug facts. E2033 6+ BARCODE: 5060122732123




NATURE TORCH These fun projector torches have two domes, which project 10 images onto walls and ceilings. On 300 x 200mm backer card. E2007 3+



BARCODE: 5060122731164

E2006 3+



BARCODE: 5060122731157


tel: +44 (0)1200 445 113 | fax: +44 (0)1200 445 801



Pocket-sized, lightweight binoculars are ideal for exploring wildlife. Features 4x magnification and 30mm glass lenses. Soft, adjustable eye pieces and rubberised trim for non-slip grip. Break-away lanyard and built-in compass. On 300 x 200mm backer card.

See the world in close-up with this hand held microscope. Easy to use zoom has 20x to 40x magnification. With builtin illumination and break-away lanyard. Uncover a secret code to enter an online prize draw! Batteries included. On 300 x 200mm backer card.

E2015 6+

E2014 6+

BARCODE: 5060122731393

BARCODE: 5060122731386



The substantial torch has a bright red LED light, which preserves your natural night vision. Perfect for night hikes and map reading. Great for camping and spooky stories. With glow in the dark on-off button, belt hook and an anti-roll feature. On 300 x 200mm backer card.

Pocket-sized, collapsible scope is ideal for outdoor discovery. Features 12x magnification and 30mm optical lens. With soft rubberised eye piece and adjustable focus. On 300 x 200mm backer card.

E2032 6+


E2040 6+ BARCODE: 5060122732475


BARCODE: 5060122732109 |


explore discover learn enjoy MASSIVE MAGNET This horseshoe shaped magnet is especially designed for small hands and curious minds. With separate North and South poles and loads of lifting power. Perfect for magnet exploration in the home or classroom. E2023 3+ BARCODE: 5060122731737

llent r e c x E fo rces u o s re e or hom om sro clas

MAGNETIC BOARD 29.5cm x 25cm magnetic dry-wipe board. B1500 3+ BARCODE: 5060122730006

THE ORIGINAL FLYING BIRD This amazing flying bird has been delighting kids of all ages for over forty years. The patented, mechanical toy flies by flapping its tear-proof wings. Powered by a high quality rubber band and mechanism. Simply turn the handle, adjust the tail, release the switch and launch! r Ove on li l i 20 m ld so de ldwi wor

Tim Wingspan 400mm. Flies up to 50m.

Timmy Wingspan 260mm. Flies up to 25m.

E2009 4+

E2010 4+

BARCODE: 5060122731188

BARCODE: 5060122731195


tel: +44 (0)1200 445 113 | fax: +44 (0)1200 445 801

TORCH AND PROJECTOR Torches are also photo projectors, each projecting 24 colour images up to one metre wide. Turn lens head to focus. Batteries included. 225 x 162mm backer card.

DINOSAUR N5130 3+ BARCODE: 5060122731225


CREEPY CRAWLY N5131 3+ BARCODE 5060122732314


N5132 3+


BARCODE 5060122732871



Your friends will be amazed when you simply balance this pocket-money Pteranodon on the tip of your finger. Easy to balance almost anywhere - on your finger, nose, pen, bookshelf or laptop.

Pocket-sized, pocket-money viewer with 24 images. 225 x 162mm try me backer card. N5102 3+ BARCODE: 5060122731140

N5150 3+ BARCODE: 5060122731775 |


explore discover learn enjoy LARGE


250 x 250mm solid board picture with 400+ sparkly self-adhesive tiles.

180 x 140mm solid board picture with 200+ sparkly selfadhesive tiles.

UNICORN C7001 3+

FAIRY C7501 3+


BARCODE: 5060122732819



C7002 3+


BARCODE: 5060122732758

BARCODE: 5060122732765




BARCODE: 5060122732826

CDU C7302

C7003 3+


BARCODE: 5060122732772

MERMAID C7503 3+

C7004 3+


BARCODE: 5060122732789


BARCODE: 5060122732833



BARCODE: 5060122732796

C7006 3+

W E N CDU C7301



BARCODE: 5060122732802

tel: +44 (0)1200 445 113 | fax: +44 (0)1200 445 801

CRAFT TIME MOSAICS Make sparkly pictures with these beautiful kits. Children will love to spend time on these easy yet absorbing projects. With a wide range of styles and all-year-round price points. Peel, stick, create.

3 IN 1 MEGA PACK Includes three 250 x 250mm solid board pictures with 1200+ sparkly self-adhesive tiles and jewels.

C7200 3+


BARCODE: 5060122732840

MY PRETTY JEWELLERY BOX 210 x 158 x 112mm jewellery box. With opening lid and two keepsake drawers. 1400+ sparkly selfadhesive tiles.

C7251 3+


BARCODE: 5060122732857


MY PRETTY JOURNAL 180 x 128 x 12mm journal with blank pages for special messages and notes. 500+ sparkly selfadhesive tiles and jewels.

C7252 3+


BARCODE: 5060122732864 |


explore discover learn enjoy STIKBOT


Unique and easy-to-pose StikBot has suction-cup hands and feet. Great for pocket-money play.


Download the free StikBot Studio mobile app and start making movies! The app helps kids create a professional movie, with built-in music and sound effects. Share your creations using #StikBot with others from around the world.


Individual box is 120 x 110 x 25mm. 48 StikBot packs in a counter top display unit. Assortment includes clear and new solid colours plus a rare glow in the dark StikBot.

Phone not included

Includes two exclusive colour StikBots plus a phone tripod.

S1002 4+ BARCODE 5060122732383

S1003 4+ BARCODE 5060122732390

STIKBOT ZANIMATION STUDIO Includes a phone tripod, green/blue screen and prop boxes for 3D effects. Green screen allows kids to upload their own images or use included backgrounds. Share your creations using #StikBot. New for Summer 2017 – rolling change – will include one original and one junior StikBot plus one pet – all in exclusive colours. S1009 4+

Phone not included


BARCODE 5060122732598

tel: +44 (0)1200 445 113 | fax: +44 (0)1200 445 801

STIKBOT ACTION PACK CDU Accessorise your StikBots for more movie fun! Each set includes an exclusive StikBot, with a new metallic colour. 16-piece CDU has 4 Hair Styling and 12 Weapon Packs. S1012 4+ NEW BARCODE 5060122732703

FDU Floor standing display unit is 151 x 58 x 40.5cm. S1010



Now your StikBots have their very own Pet! Pets make a great addition to movies and fun for collectable play.

CDU Individual box is 120 x 110 x 35mm. 24 assorted StikBot Pets in a counter top display unit. Includes a mix of dogs, cats and monkeys in clear colours. S1202 4+ NEW

TV advertised

BARCODE 5060122732932 |


explore discover learn enjoy BEEBEEZ A fun version of the well-loved toy. Just turn inside-out, spin and drop. Laugh out loud as BeeBeez pop six feet in the air! On a 125 x 69mm backer card. Four assorted colours, 48 in a counter top display unit. T1001 4+ NEW BARCODE: 5060122732901




HAIR-EE SPRING MAGNO-Z Magno-Z are hair-ee, springy, stretchy magnetic fun. With six colours and nine different characters, there are over 50 to collect. Addictive, poseable, pocket-money play. Attach Magno-Z to any metal surface.

DISPLAY TIN 75 tagged units with in-store display. M1009 3+

TV advertised

CDU On a 160 x 84mm backer card. 48 assorted Magno-Z in a counter top display unit.


TAG 25 assorted, with barcode tag.

M1002 3+

M1010 3+

BARCODE: 5060122731980

BARCODE 5060122732246

tel: +44 (0)1200 445 113 | fax: +44 (0)1200 445 801

ADDICT A BALL Have you got the skills? Fiendishly addictive 3D puzzle maze contains numbered stages with spirals, drops, swinging arms, flips, slides and more. Challenge yourself and your friends to guide the ball through each stage. Hours of entertainment, exhilaration, frustration and elation until finally, you complete the maze!

TV advertised

MAZE 1 19cm in diameter with 138 numbered stages. A3001 6-100 BARCODE: 5060164140108

MAZE 2 13cm in diameter with 100 numbered stages. A3002 6-100 BARCODE: 5060164140115 |


explore discover learn enjoy AQUA DRAGONS Hatch and care for your own prehistoric pets. Aqua Dragons kits contain eggs that hatch into real live aquatic creatures. Just add water and they miraculously hatch in just 2-3 days. They can grow to up to 2cm long. Aqua Dragons have been on Earth for millions of years and were even around at the same time as the dinosaurs!

UNDERWATER WORLD Contains everything you need to get started including a tank, eggs, food, pipette and feeding spoon. With ownership certificate and full instructions. W4001 6+ BARCODE: 8437006044851

TV advertised

Jar not included

AQUA DRAGONS AQUA DRAGONS DELUXE Illuminated kit has the added bonus of beautiful blue LED lights in the base of the tank and a magnifier to observe your hatchlings. W4003 6+



BARCODE: 8437006044875


This backer carded kit allows children to use their own container - a clean jar or plastic tub for example - to grow Aqua Dragons at a pocket-money price. This product can also be used as a Refill Kit. On a 250 x 200mm backer card. W4004 6+ BARCODE: 8437006044882

tel: +44 (0)1200 445 113 | fax: +44 (0)1200 445 801

AQUA DRAGONS IN SPACE Now your Aqua Dragons have actually been into Space! The eggs inside these kits were taken beyond the stratosphere on a specially commissioned space flight. Includes a signed Authenticity Certificate and access to the 360° space flight video. Asteroid shaped tank glows in the dark and has magnifying lid. Out of this world!


TV advertised


W6001 6+ NEW BARCODE: 8437015413051

LIVE ASTRO PETS DELUXE Deluxe kit also includes cosmic LED lights, a bubble pump and thermometer.


W6002 6+ NEW 2AAA BARCODE: 8437015413068 |


explore discover learn enjoy TV advertised

JURASSIC TIME TRAVEL EGGSPEDITION This Jurassic themed habitat includes a cracked-egg tank with a baby dinosaur sleeping in the base. With the push of a button the dinosaur blows air through the tank via a bubble pump. The LED base illuminates the tank at night. Also includes Aqua Dragon stickers, a colour poster, ownership certificate and instruction booklet. Batteries included. W4007 6+ BARCODE: 8437006044943

JURASSIC TIME TRAVEL EGGSPRESS At a competitive price point, this fun 140 x 100mm egg-shaped tank comes with everything you need to hatch and grow your own Jurassic pets. On a 275 x 200mm backer card. W4005 6+ BARCODE: 8437006044929

JURASSIC TIME TRAVEL This backer carded kit allows children to use their own container - a clean jar or plastic tub for example - to grow Jurassic Aqua Dragons at a pocket money price. This product can also be used as a Refill Kit. On a 275 x 195mm backer card. W4009 6+ BARCODE: 8437006044905


tel: +44 (0)1200 445 113 | fax: +44 (0)1200 445 801

TV advertised

SEA FRIENDS DELUXE The full colour Sea Friends tank is supersized and has twice as many eggs for double the hatching fun. With built in bubble pump to oxygenate the water, eggs, food and spoon. Includes invite to download the free Aqua Dragons Investigator App with augmented reality, a game and educational content. W4015 6+ BARCODE: 8437015413037

SEA FRIENDS Backer carded kit with a fully decorated tank, eggs, food and spoon. Also includes invite to download the free Aqua Dragons Investigator App. W4016 6+ BARCODE: 8437015413105 |


explore discover learn enjoy GLOW SUPERSTARS Recreate the universe in your own room or use glow shapes and stickers to accessorise school books, bags and furniture. Over 500 glow planets, stars, meteorites and more, including Glitter Stars. Fun space facts leaflet. B8800 6+

GLOW SOLAR SYSTEM Bring space into your bedroom with this glowing model solar system. 290x225mm clamshell packaging.

B8500 6+ BARCODE: 5060122730990

BARCODE: 5060122730914

r Ove of a e rs 25 y ng up ti ts ligh nigh r u yo

GLOW-IN-THE-DARK PENS Glow pens can be used to add glow-in-the-dark highlights to art and craft projects. On 225 x 90mm backer card. B8502 6+


BARCODE: 5060122731027

tel: +44 (0)1200 445 113 | fax: +44 (0)1200 445 801

ASTRO PROJECTOR TORCH This fun torch has two domes, each projecting a different space pattern onto bedroom walls. Choose from stars and planets or spacecraft and astronauts. Switch off the torch and it glows in the dark! On 300x200mm backer card. B8501 3+



BARCODE: 5060122731010

ASTRO DINO TORCH This cool dino torch has two domes, each projecting a different dinosaur pattern onto bedroom walls. Domes include drawings of T rex, Giganotosaurus, Triceratops and more! Switch off the torch and it glows in the dark. On 300 x 200mm backer card. B8503 3+

7 2AA

BARCODE: 5060122731874

DRAW & GLOW PROJECTOR Draw and colour six different pictures with this pocket-size projector. Use the glow pen to add glow-in-the-dark highlights and watch your pictures glow. Projects onto walls and ceiling. On 300 x 200mm backer card. B8504 3+



BARCODE: 5060122732116

Draw the projected image

Colour in

Add glow-in-the- Watch it glow! dark highlights |


explore discover learn enjoy COSMIC GLOW High-quality plastic shapes on a 225 x 162mm backer card.

Moon & Stars 20 star and moon shapes. B8600 3+

BARCODE: 5060122730693

Galaxy 12 different outer space shapes. B8601 3+

Dinosaurs Six large dinosaurs and six stars.

BARCODE: 5060122730709

B8602 3+

BARCODE: 5060122730716

GLOW CRESCENT MOON A large glowing Crescent Moon with 15 stars on a 335 x 235mm backer card.

B8622 3+ BARCODE: 5060122731959

GLITTER STARS 40 sparkling star and moon shapes on a 225x162mm backer card. B8620 3+


BARCODE: 5060122730983

tel: +44 (0)1200 445 113 | fax: +44 (0)1200 445 801



On a 180 x 140mm backer card.

On a 245 x 182mm backer card.

B8623 3+


BARCODE: 5060122732741


B8605 3+

BARCODE: 5060122732529

GLOW 3D On a 340 x 240mm backer card.

NEW The Earth B8105 3+

Planets BARCODE: 5060122731966

B8101 3+

The Moon BARCODE: 5060122730303

B8106 3+

NEW BARCODE: 5060122732734 |


explore discover learn enjoy THE ORIGINAL GLOWSTARS


235 x 155mm envelopes contain two or more glow sticker sheets. Original stars and new shapes.

Assemble your own glow-in the-dark skeleton on a bedroom wall. Over half a metre tall. In 240 x 165mm envelope.

GLOW HUMAN SKELETON B8007 3+ BARCODE: 5060122731782

GLOW 350

GLOW 1000

B8000 3+

B8002 3+

BARCODE: 5060122730273

BARCODE: 5060122730297

GLOW T REX SKELETON B8008 3+ BARCODE: 5060122731799

GLOW SPACECRAFT B8003 3+ BARCODE: 5060122731447


GLOW SPOOKY B8004 3+ BARCODE: 5060122731454

GLOW FAIRY TALE B8005 3+ BARCODE: 5060122731461

tel: +44 (0)1200 445 113 | fax: +44 (0)1200 445 801

SPIDER CATCHER The world’s friendliest, most innovative way to catch spiders! Eco-friendly, musthave household gadget for arachnophobes, nature-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Patented design easily removes spiders, butterflies, moths and crane flies without harming them. No mess, no fuss. 65cm long arm keeps you at a safe and comfortable distance and reaches up to ceilings and corners. No batteries required and no need for insecticides.

ORIGINAL The original version in lime green. B2001 BARCODE: 5391501130330

oves Rem cts inse ut o with harm

PINK The pink version. B2005 BARCODE: 5060122731751 |


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