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Safety & Efficiency Information Solutions

Assisted Evacuation Systems Static & Portable Safety Display Systems Wire or wireless LED Displays (50 cm to 350 cm)

BlueBox safety information display and message systems facilitate a safe and orderly evacuation and are particularly suited for industries engaged in noisy or hazardous operations. BlueBox is equally beneficial at minimising unnecessary evacuations caused by false alarms. This is particularly beneficial to hospitals where an evacuation could put seriously ill patients at further risk. BlueBox bridges the gap between fire, gas, and building alarm detection systems and a network of wireless or wired LED public information display units. Optional pager and cell-phone messaging provides direct alerting to those most at risk, including deaf and people with restricted hearing. Each systems is individually prepared to suit each facility's specific operational and risk conditions. Ultra-

GSM SMS Text Alerts

critical locations would benefit from BlueBox's power fail protection, capable of displaying alarms during a total power outage.

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Pager Text Alerts

BlueBox - Assisted Evacuation

Static Safety Alerts

Emergency Team Deployment

Adding static information displays to existing fire & gas alarm detection makes sense. Providing critical information and assisting with a safe and efficient evacuation, BlueBox works with a growing range of addressable fire & building alarm detection systems.

The quicker the response, the less likelihood of injury. Rapid deployment of trained experts can mean the difference between life and death. BlueBox notifies and mobilises emergency response teams to the scene of an incident without delay. While providing the necessary information on hazards and treatment.

Deaf Alarm & Assisted Evacuation Worst Case Events BlueBox Fire Alarm Messaging Processors

BlueBox wall mounted LED Display Controller

Optional paging and sms alert benefit people with restricted hearing or people working in noisy locations and using ear protection. Whatever the circumstances, BlueBox can provide an effective and intelligent alternative to sirens and flashing beacons.

BlueBox includes the resilience to deal with almost any event: fire, threat or weather related incident. BlueBox continues to operate during a power failure and is not reliant on IT, phone or external paging systems

False Evacuation Prevention

Simple Message Application

Evacuations due to false alarms are costly and can lead to an erosion of trust in existing fire detection systems, Bluebox provides valuable minutes to allow safe investigation before an evacuation is triggered and offers pinpoint alarm specific information within seconds of a sensor activation

BlueBox's intuitive message software application provides a simple but highly flexible method of managing routine information on individual or group LED displays, pagers and cell-phones. In addition simple remote control of electric gates, barriers and flood-lighting benefits facilities with reduced staffing levels.

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Sentinel GSM LED Display Controller

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Founded in 1999 Sigtec is a leading producer of bespoke communication technology solutions that enhance client's production efficiency and safety. Sigtec's platforms are typically sought to automate incident response, improve production efficiency and reduce risk to person, property and process.

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