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How To Comply With New Mandatory Sign Regulations During the Bush administration, mandates were set that relate to traffic signs. The beginning of these changes is to be complete by January 2012. The overall goal of these changes is to provide road safety to all traveling on them. These changes will affect rural and urban areas. In fact, cities around the country will be making necessary changes to comply with new rules. Compliance to changes in traffic signs and parking signs is essential. This is one of the reasons why cities will be shopping for good prices for their signs. Some will buy traffic signs online, while others will opt for traditional methods. There has been controversy related to the cost of these changes. Some areas feel that they are unable to afford the expense. Affordable sign making companies will become extremely popular over the next several years. Finding a company that offers a diverse product line is very important. It is also important to comply with the changes required by the federal government. One of the factors that influence the cost of your signs is the amount of signs that you currently have. Large cities like New York City will end up paying significantly more than smaller cities. The approximate cost for changes to traffic signs in New York City is $27.6 million. Many locals will be budgeting for these expenses. When we look at the safety benefits that these changes provide, it is easier to see why they are being made mandatory. Increased letters on speed limit signs One of the changes that will be made involves speed limit signs for speeds above 25 miles per hour. New speed limit signs will have larger letters. Currently these letters are 4 inches high. However, under the new law, they will be changed to 6 inch letters. Speed limit signs are certainly some of the most important traffic signs around. They are used to not only monitor the speed of traffic, but they also work to prevent accidents on particularly dangerous portions of the roadways. Larger letters are hoped to ensure compliance to the speed limit. Reflective letters will help at night Finding a sign company that can help with mandatory rules is important. By 2018, signs will include reflective letters. These will be especially effective during evening and night hours. They will ensure safety on roadways and help drivers get to their destinations. Using a sign company that understands the new regulations and is able to help you navigate through them is essential.

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How To Comply With New Mandatory Sign Regulations