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EVENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMS)™ SignUp4 has been a leader in online registration and event management since 1999. Using the Event Management System, creating powerful event and meeting registration websites is easier than ever. Built specifically with input from meeting planners and our years of experience, EMS is powerful enough for the most complex registration requirements, yet intuitively designed to allow non-technical users to create and manage event sites like a pro. Please review the detailed specifications of the Event Management System™ on the back of this document to learn more about how our software can meet your organization’s needs. Combined with our dedicated support staff and SignUp4 University™ training classes, we can help you leverage our technology so that you can concentrate on running your meetings and events.

Strategic Meetings Management

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The Event Management System (EMS)™ provides the software for the right solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Since 1999, our mission has been to understand our customers’ requirements and best practices and incorporate them into our software. EMS smoothly handles millions of registrations annually across a wide variety of events. From user groups to surveys, executive board meetings to exhibitions, SignUp4 is providing enterprise Strategic Meeting Management solutions to our customers...all for one, low monthly fee. Easy to budget, easy to use. Event Registration The flexibility and ease of use in EMS allows anyone to create a detailed registration form that collects important information in any way that it is needed. Registration pages can be integrated into other websites allowing validation of attendees and custom hotel/travel arrangements if required. The flexibility of our SmartForm™ technology makes the attendee experience simpler by only showing and requiring those questions necessary for their selections.

• No Per Registrant Charges • Unlimited Meetings and Events • Unlimited Registrations • Unlimited Support and Customer Service • Integrated Travel & Spend Management Tools • Online Image Gallery • Built-In Templates or “Build Your Own”

Communication Harness the power of SignUp4’s EMS to keep all of your event attendees “in the loop.” By creating detailed invitations, a fully customizable event website, attendee response-driven confirmations, and alert emails, you can make sure that all of your groups are informed before, during, and after your event. Reporting Use our on-demand custom reporting solution to keep all stakeholders up to date. You can create an unlimited number of reports and allow anyone outside the system to access them via the internet. Each time the report is viewed, it is automatically updated with the latest information. Partnership Our customer relationship is just getting started after the contract is signed. Our whole team understands that we need to provide real value to keep your business. We offer each user unlimited instructor-led classes at SignUp4 University ™ to make sure they understand exactly how to best benefit from the EMS solution. Unlimited support from our in house support team is also included to make sure our customers keep coming back.

Strategic Meetings Management

• Custom Ad-hoc Reporting • Event Invitation and Marketing Tools • Customized Detailed Confirmation Emails • SmartForm™ Technology • Integrated Payment Processing to Your Merchant Account • Hotel Room Block Management • Profile Management • Built-in WYSIWYG editor


Event Marketing Spreading the word about your event can make all the difference for your success. Our Invitation Center tools allow you to upload multiple spreadsheets of invitation data, create fully customized email campaigns, and track your results.

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global distribution system




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TRAVEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (TMS)™ SignUp4’s Travel Management System combines your travel and event data to save you time and money. We manage the matching of your attendee’s registration information with the Passenger Name Record (PNR) travel data from your GDS provider. This integration allows you to create manifest reports, determine who needs tickets, enforce travel policy, and track the cost of the travel portion of your event. Call us today for a demonstration of how TMS can help manage your travel reporting. Providing a bridge between multiple systems, SignUp4 streamlines the arduous task of matching travel information with registration data. With our integration directly into the Global Distribution Systems (GDS), we can gather your corporate travel information from multiple sources. Our automated matching tools and reporting provide unprecedented understanding of both your travel and event data in one place. Strategic Meetings Management

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The Travel Management System (TMS)™ was created to accommodate meeting and travel departments that use a GDS system to manage their travel. In the past, combining registration information and travel information for attendees has been difficult. By combining these two sources into a single reporting system, travel and meeting planners can better understand how to best handle compliance, logistics, budgets, communication, and reporting.

Compliance You can readily view the registration dates and status of your attendees, when they booked their tickets, and how much the tickets cost. This information allows the planner to view who has or has not yet booked their travel. You can also manage the attendees who may have booked tickets or dates outside of the accepted range for this event as well as the attendees who failed to book via your preferred corporate booking methods.

• No SignUp4 Ticket Look Up or Matching fees * • Unlimited PNRs • Email Confirmations of Itineraries • Arrival/Departure Manifest Reporting • Travel Ticket Cost Reporting by Attendee Type • Automatic Utility for Matching Tickets • Shell PNR Creation

Budgeting TMS reporting presents a clear post-event report of exactly what travel costs are associated with each event, attendee type, or destination. You can know exactly what is being spent to bring your attendees to the destination before they step on a plane.

• Booking Tool Integration

Communication Itineraries and PNR information is available via the SignUp4 Event Management System™ (EMS). This allows you to send your attendees personalized emails containing their entire travel itineraries along with their registration confirmation details. The manifest and budgeting reports can be distributed to all stakeholders so everyone has access to the latest information.

• Time/Airport Based Reporting to Manage Transportation

• Travel Policy Compliance Reporting

• Detailed Flight and Confirmation Numbers

• View Hotel Check-in and Travel Dates in Single Report * Your GDS contract may incur lookup fees.

Reporting TMS provides a wealth of reporting options to view and use your travel data. For example, there are reports to ensure attendees who have indicated they need travel arrangements have booked a ticket to the event. TMS includes standard manifest, itinerary, and arrival/departure reports. The travel data is integrated with our “Build Your Own” reporting system. This allows you to create your own blend of information collected on the registration form with travel data.

Strategic Meetings Management


Logistics The Travel Management System allows the meeting planner to automatically generate arrival and departure manifests for attendees of a particular event. You have the option of sorting by time and airport. Manifest reports are created based on the tickets that have been booked for the travelers who are registered and can be updated with the most recent information at the touch of a button.

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strategic meeting management

SPEND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (SMS)™ SignUp4’s Spend Management System provides the tools to implement an enterprise Strategic Meetings Management solution. We will help you get an accurate view of where you are, where you have been, and where you are going. By tightly integrating with other SignUp4 products, you can see trends and put the processes into place to take advantage of your information. Track every meeting throughout your meeting life cycle and make sure that your procedures and notifications are in place every step of the way. Using the budgeting and business intelligence tools, you can easily analyze your meetings individually, across business units, or at the enterprise level.

Strategic Meetings Management

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The Spend Management System™ (SMS) allows your enterprise to efficiently manage all aspects of your meetings, events, and conferences. With meeting request management, budgeting, vendor contract management, and workflow, SMS gives you all the tools necessary to implement and manage an effective Strategic Meetings Management program for your entire organization. For many companies, meetings and events are just another part of the travel department – a very large part. Almost 50% of the department’s budget is dedicated to travel for meetings and events. However, if you ask these companies for details on how that money is spent, many times they do not know. The reality is, most of the detailed costs associated with a corporation’s total meeting spend are simply not tracked. Using these tools, you can answer your budget questions and provide structure for your department to succeed.

Negotiation By aggregrating the budgeting data across all of your events, SMS becomes a powerful negotiation tool. Workflow One of the pillars of SMS is to define the stages of the meeting lifecycle in your organization. Using this customizable categorization and tracking tool, your meetings will not get lost in the shuffle. Rules Every organization has business rules for how a meeting takes place. You can use our rules generator to ensure that customized approvals and notifications take place for every meeting following your internal process. Rules can be based on many aspects of a meeting including budget, stage, manager, meeting planner, business unit, and more. Communication & Management SMS provides a dashboard with all current meetings, their statuses, and the ability to quickly drill down into needed detailed information. Numerous email alerts can be created using the Rules and Workflow components to notify the appropriate personnel of the progress of the event or the need for an approval.

• Business Intelligence Tools • Workflow Based on Your Business Rules • Fully Customizable Budgeting Utility • Ability to Track Approvals and History • Opportunity to Create Your Own Life Cycle Stages • Integrated Meeting Request Form • Dashboard of All Meetings • ROI Reporting • Vendor and Contract Management • Manage Unlimited Meetings and Events • Track Meeting Spend


Budgeting The Spend Management System allows you to track the anticipated and actual costs for every aspect of your event. You can also show the savings versus wholesale rates to demonstrate the success of your negotiations. All budget categories and items are fully customizable to meet your accounting requirements and can be exported for further analysis or importing into your GL package.

Analytics and Business Intelligence Using the information from the budgeting tool, combined with attendee data from the Event Management System and the Travel Management System, the Spend Management System business intelligence tools give you invaluable information to make the best decisions for your organization. Strategic Meetings Management

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ABOUT SignUp4 provides software solutions to help organizations effectively manage their meetings and events. SignUp4’s Event Management System™ (EMS) was launched in 2000 as an attendee registration tool for meeting planners to leverage technology to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. That original system has been expanded over time and is now part of our Strategic Meetings Management Suite of products which includes tools for Travel Management, Spend Management, Event Marketing, Communication, Reporting, Payment Collection, Project Management, and Business Intelligence. SignUp4 focuses on providing enterprise level solutions to large

• Founded in 1999

organizations but our customer base ranges from single independent

customer base spanning corporate, educational, governmental, and meeting/travel planning agency clients generating millions of worldwide transactions each year.

• Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia • 3 Core Products in the Strategic Meetings Management Suite – Event Management System

SignUp4’s philosophy is rooted in three concepts: solutions to customer needs, intuitive usability, and marketplace trends. By focusing on what is best for our customers, SignUp4 has built success on client retention

– Travel Management System – Spend Management System • Millions of Transactions Annually

and education. Providing domestic support personnel and leveraging the SignUp4 University program are cornerstones of our business

• Thousands of Users

model. In 2007 and 2008, the retention rate for SignUp4 customers

• Over 14 Fortune 100 customers

was over 95%.

• Used in over 160 countries From its corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia SignUp4 continues to acquire new clients, make effective partnerships, and develop industry best practices in the pursuit of Strategic Meetings Management perfection. Call us today at 866-744-6874 to learn more about our products and solutions.

Strategic Meetings Management

• Developed and Maintained by Domestic Internal Staff • 2007/2008 Retention Rates were over 95%

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meeting planners to Fortune 100 corporations. SignUp4 has a diverse

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