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2013 Products Split Batten range


SignLink Aluminium Split Batten (LB)



Split Batten mounted to sign

Sign Panel 70mm

Split Batten mounted to wall

5mm from wall

Overview SignLink aluminium Split Batten is the ideal hidden hanging mechanism because: - Shadow Line: 5mm distance between the wall and the mounted item - Strength: High grade aluminium capable of supporting heavy load - Functionality: Just cut to size and its ready to go. Only requires one man for installation - No movement: Interlocking internal shoulders, locking item in place Possible applications shown below:


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SignLink Aluminium Split Batten (HD2) SIDED VIEW


Split Batten mounted to sign

Silicon groove / Locking hole for 5mm dia rod


Split Batten mounted to wall Sign Panel 8.5mm from wall

Protect you valuables and prevent theft! - Hidden secure hanging system that can be installed so that the item is removable or permanently fixed preventing theft

- HD2 is designed with internal shoulders which interlock together preventing movement down the wall when under load

- Valuable items can be securely fixed permanently in several different ways: Silicon into locking groove, 5mm dia threaded rod through locking groove or 6mm grub screw inserted into either end of the split batten

- High grade aluminium together with robust design make it capable of supporting heavy loads (ie marble wall cladding etc), producing a minimal shadow line with only 8.5mm gap between the item and the wall

- The weather resistant characteristics of the aluminium makes SignLink Split Batten HD2 suitable for both internal and external use.

5mm dia threaded rod

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Secured using HD2

6mm grub screw

SignLink Split Batten Vs MDF Split Batten Overview

LB Model

SignLink Split Battens are the ideal fixing mechanism for mounting a wide


variety of panels, fixtures, signs and displays to walls. They are self mating sections which mount on the wall and across the back of the item being installed. The blades of each section interlock together forming a very secure "wedge" connection once the item is mounted in place. They enable

wall ensuring a secure fixing. They also enable large items to be installed by one man thus saving precious installation dollars .The SignLink Split


the installer to securely mount the item to the wall. If the wall is gyprock one can fix through the gyprock and into the internal frame section of the

Split Batten mounted to sign

Sign Panel 70mm

Split Batten mounted to wall

Batten range is comprised of three models (as illustrated above). They are a much better proposition than custom making split battens from MDF because:5mm from wall


Mounting distance off wall The SignLink Split Battens minimise the distance the items are Split Batten mounted to sign

mounted off the wall. The LB model mounts 5mm off the wall.


The HD 1 and HD 2 mount 8.5mm off the wall. Most MDF models are in the order of 16mm off the wall. If there is a significant Silicon groove / Locking hole for 5mm dia rod


gap between the wall and the back of the item, the appearance and security of the item can be compromised. The shadowline is markedly reduced with SigLlink Split Battens

Split Batten mounted to wall Sign Panel

MDF Type

8.5mm from wall


Strength MDF mounted to sign

capable of supporting heavy items for example; the HD 1 and HD 2 models are capable of securing decorative marble slabs used for wall cladding. MDF, as its title suggests, is only medium density fibre board


The SignLink Split Battens are all aluminium extrusions. They are


made from wood waste fibre glued together. Our aluminium blades are a far denser/stronger material. The SignLink split battens are suitable

MDF mounted to wall

for both internal and external use. MDF is not

Sign Panel

suitable for wet areas or external applications

16mm from wall

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The LB and HD 2 models have been designed with internal shoulders which results in both battens locking firmly into place, preventing any further movement down the wall once they are under load. MDF battens do not offer this protection. The split batten offers the major advantage of being able to readily remove heavy items without causing any wall damage. For example, cabinets with electrical appliances inside where the cabinet needs to be removed to allow access to electrical wiring in the wall behind. The cabinet can simply be unhooked and removed. If the cabinet was mounted with mechanical fixings and adhesives then the wall would be damaged. The HD1 and

Pin Boards/White Boards

HD2 models offer the option of being permanently fixed by means of a silicon groove or alternatively they can be lockable by inserting a 5mm Dia threaded rod which is removed with either a punch or magnet


No visible fixings

Wall Panels

Toxicological Information Cutting MDF requires numerous pieces of safety equipment due to possible exposure to dangerous elements including; Wood dust, formaldehyde & Paraffin wax. Such exposure is known to cause damage to skin, eyes and respiratory system. Our aluminium systems have no toxicological effects.

SignLink Sign Systems is a 100% Australian owned and operated sign systems manufacturer. We hold stock of all items and are able to supply on demand without delay. SignLink Split Battens are a registered propriety product exclusive to SignLink

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