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Curriculum Vitae 2014 Signe Lindberg Iversen

Signe Lindberg Iversen Passed with merit MSc Building and Urban Design in Development from University College London (Bartlett, DPU) in November 2013 Graduated from the Technical University of Denmark in February 2012 with a BSc in Architectural Engineering. This degree has been established to create a link between the two professions and hence consists of a mix between building-design, civil engineering and urban planning. My interests during and next to my studies are within; -

Architectural and interior design Sustainability and green design International development Participatory design Installation art

For more info about MSc please see: For more info about BSc please see:

Details London N4 UK Phone: 077 6281 9644 Email:

Experience Internship with social enterprise and consultancy Little Bee Community, London, UK, part time 15.1.2014 20.6.2014. Sales assistant with clothes shop Aravore, London, UK, 1.5.2012 - 1.11.2012. Internship with area renewal office in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1.9.2009 - 31.1.2010. Office assistant with bank/mortgage-credit institute Realkredit Danmark, Denmark, 1.7.2004 - 31.12.2005.

MSc Modules Urban Design. Participatory Practices. Urban Agriculture. Practice Module - including field work in informal settlements in Thailand with local organisation. MSc dissertation Research into the architect’s changed role in response to the demands for a future sustainable built environment. BSc thesis Design of house for the international solar-power building design competition Solar Decathlon 2013 in Datong, China. Individual project Research on possible alternative roof materials for emergency housing in Pakistan. Aditional 2 week international urban planning workshop at the Venice School of Architecture. Project management.

Software Adobe Creative Suite Office Suite Auto CAD Google Sketchup Revit Outlook 3D Studio Max Pro Engineer Matlab Maple

Languages English

Fluent, 9 years of learning plus experience from living, working and studying abroad on several occasions.


Native speaker


Intermediate proficiency - strong similarities to Danish


Intermediate proficiency - strong similarities to Danish


Elementary proficiency


Elementary proficiency

About me I am creative and enthusiastic. I pay attention to detail and care about projects whether big or small. I also love to do hands on work and aspire to work beyond as well as behind the desk, as the social aspects of space creation means increasingly more to me. Ideally I want to fulfil my creative desires by working with architecture/building design or installation arts, because these embrace the creation of innovative and engaging experiences and spaces for people, which is what I am passionate about. I am aware that a career in the creative industry does not come easy and am willing to work hard to get there. Having done a design focused bachelor’s degree I am used to long evenings and even nights. In fact I thrive on projects that make me want to keep going to make the result as inspiring, stimulating and complete as possible. From a street level internship as well as several assistant jobs I am used to engaging with incoming clients with all sorts of enquiries in a professional and welcoming manner along with answering phones and emails. I have several years of office experience and along with a great deal of enthusiasm for my field I feel that I have a solid outset.

When I set myself a goal I am determined to reach it - as an example I recently did my first ever 10k run as a part of Race for Life in London. When I have time to spare I like to travel, to draw and to take photographs. I consider myself to be a thoughtful and approachable person with a creative sense and a lot to give. Feel free to contact me for any queries or questions! Signe Lindberg Iversen.

Curriculum Vitae 2014  
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