Sign Builder Illustrated November 2015

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Project: BrickCrafts Installer: Mike Lawson Printer: HP Designjet L26500 61-inch Vinyl: 3M™ Controltac™ IJ180Cv3 Clearcoat/Overlaminate: 3M 8518 Gloss Laminator: Seal 54-inch Chris’s Take: “BrickCrafts creates all of their products out of LEGOs®, so we thought it would be appropriate and eye-catching to sort of ‘reconstruct’ their logo out of 3D-rendered LEGO graphics. “Of course, the colors also had to be accurate, given that the owner takes this vehicle to conventions where the likes of the attendees would surely notice if it was anything less than authentic. “After many hours of meticulous design, marking all of the LEGOs lockup, and getting the colors to work together in a dynamic layout, it still didn’t seem over-the-top enough. So we started pulling a bunch of the LEGOs apart and juxtaposing a few of them here and there, giving it the feeling that they are in motion. “This seemed to complement the ‘tearing away’ effect towards the front wheel wells and bumper of the vehicle and gave the design the off-the-wall look we were trying to achieve.”

Designer: Brandon Antol.

Project: Bill’s Epic Eats

all Photos: city neon, inc.

Installer: Mike Lawson Printer: HP Designjet L26500 Vinyl: 3M Controltac 40C Clearcoat/Overlaminate: 3M 8508 Gloss Laminator: Seal 54-inch Chris’s Take: “This customer bought a vintage-style food truck one would find at the shore. He wanted a wrap that would help personify his business. One thing he stressed—and that we designed throughout—was that he wanted to incorporate a surfboard for the menu on it. “He now takes his food truck to different sporting events at high schools and middle schools.”

Designer: Brandon Antol.

November 2015 // Sign Builder Illustrated