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A business doesn’t invest in a sign so it can only be seen during the day. A business wants a sign that can be bright enough so that customers can easily find their location when it’s dark outside. In fact, effective illumination is one of the key elements of sign visibility, along with size, sign angle, location, and contrast.


Sign Builder Illustrated // September 2013

Unfortunately there are efforts afoot by interest groups and government officials to limit the ability of businesses to advertise at night. For example, the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) exists to restrict the use of nighttime outdoor lighting. IDA wants outdoor lighting fixtures to

photo: creative sign designs / tampa, fl

A look into both sides of the debate on sign lighting.

Sign Builder Illustrated September 2013  

This issue features stories on ADA, POP signage, sign lighting, internships, panel saws, vinyl wraps, LED lighting, and more!

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