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A Real Solid Wrap Install


ne of the most popular styles of vehicle wraps these days are solid-color changes, and if installed correctly, nobody will be able to notice your work here. But that’s a good thing— especially for customers looking for an alternative to pricier custom paint jobs! There are several reasons why solid-color vehicle wrap transformations are appealing to customers. “The main attraction would be the cost,” says Sean Dale, owner of FastTrac Designs (, a one-stop vehicle wrap, screen-printing, and graphics company in Phoenix, Arizona, “as they’re more likely to fit their budget than painting. “And a solid-color wrap is a great way for the owner to get a new car look without having to purchase a new car.” Car owners can also get their vehicles back much faster. “A solid-color change wrap can be completed in two days, as opposed to spending three to five days in a paint booth,” says Dale. Recently Fast-Trac completed a solidcolor transformation on a Mercedes. The

customer wanted a clean look for his black car, and Fast-Trac ended up applying a bright white to it. The result is quite literally night-and-day. Fast-Trac went with 3M Matte White 1080-M10. The interior wooden-like accents were covered in 3M 1080-CF10 white carbon fiber vinyl. This wasn’t the first solid-color vinyl vehicle transformation Fast-Trac has worked on. They’ve dabbled before with color switches on hoods and roofs and even applied them to boats. If you’re interested in taking on this kind of work, be aware that there are a lot of different vinyl materials out there for these types of wraps. According to Dale, prior to beginning a color transformation wrap, it’s important to decide what type of material is going to be used.You also have to explain to the customer what type of maintenance will be required afterwards. “Once that’s done, inspect the vehicle to see if there’s any severe paint or body damage. If so, you may reconsider wrapping it,” he says.


Solid colors are transforming the wrap industry.

Fast-Trac Designs transformed a Mercedes from black to bright white through a solid-color change using 3M vinyl.

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