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Wedding Menu

Starters Prawn tempura (The classic ultra-light batter is perfect with prawns for a light snack with drinks or as part of a Japanese feast.)

Cashew Nut Chicken ( Delicious pieces of fried Chicken cooked in sweet and pure honey and crushed cashew nut in canapĂŠ cups)

Chicken skewers/ Vegetarian ( Chicken or Vegetables mixed with sweet peppers, and a hint of honey, and black pepper)

Spiced beef minced balls

( Minced meat, mixed with garlic, a hint of ginger, parsley and green and red peppers, shallow fried, and then oven baked)

Beautifully Decorated Mini burgers* Favourite.

These are no ordinary burgers, they are a repeated request made from the finest quality ingredients, the mince consists of 70% beef and 30% fat, allowing for a perfect balance, the fillings are optional ranging from chillies, fresh mint, ginger shreds, garlic, cheese, all against a bed of salad topped with Signature S.O's Sweet Safari Sauce

Plantain (Seasoned/ unseasoned)

Vegetarian CanapĂŠ Shots Coconut Dhal

Green Gazpacho( A light and refreshing avocado, blended with cilantro, bell peppers, white onions, garlic, cucumber, shot with a fresh squeeze of lemon. Topped with red tomatoes)

(A classic Indian recipe, made with creamed coconut a spicy kick of green chilies, accompanying Egyptian lentils)

Vegetarian Thai Red Curry (A classy, and spicy Thai red curry, shot)

Salads Signature S.O’s Classic : Shredded Chicken and Sweet Potato Leaf Salad ( A beautiful green leaf salad with some beautiful sautÊed sweet potatoes, shredded chicken and a beautiful sweet honey finish.)

Sweet Corn Mexican Salad ( Consisting of sweet corn, parsley, garlic and a beautiful subtle kick of ginger and completed with a light sprinkle of Chesses.

Green & Red Salad ( Not only a beautiful site but a lovely light introducing to a heavier meal, this salad consists of both red and green bell peppers, lettuce and Cucumber).

Coleslaw (Cabbage, either green or purple or both, Carrot and Green onion)

Chicken or Chicken Wings Sweet Safari Chicken Wings ( A sweet BBQ, and brown sugar/coconut ginger African marinade)

Mexican Chicken Wings ( A Beautiful and authentic Mexican recipe, coated in fresh sweet corns) Spanish Chicken Wings ( A homemade and popular Mediterranean marinade, consisting of garlic and parsley) Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings ( A golden and crisped, part fried and part baked sweet and spicy blend, available in three heats; extreme heat, medium heat, minimal heat)

Texas Chicken Wings

( Marinated in a combination of orange and lemons, and coated in an excellent combination of Cayenne pepper black pepper and onion)

Southern Fried Chicken Wings

( A unique and homemade combination of brown sugar, cinnamon, black pepper, and chicken seasoning)

Thai Creamed coconut Chicken Wings

(A coconut creamed authentic and fresh Thai land creamed coconut marinade with a hint of garlic and ginger)

Singapore Chicken Wings

( A beautiful and rare combination of brown sugar and mustard)

Hawaiian Chicken Wings

( A fruity tropical marinade, consisting of pineapple and mango)

Rice’s Jamaican Rice and Peas (cooked in coconut milk, and soft silk touched red kidney beans, with a hint of garlic and black pepper)

Fried Rice ( a delicious combination of prawns, pork, steak pieces, sweet corn, mixed vegetables)

Ginger Rice ( A very popular Africa cuisine, rice, shallow fried and cooked in, fresh ginger, until a soft golden brown, steam cooked, with the beautiful aroma of bay leaves)

Thai Fragrant Rice ( An authentic classic Thai scented rice)

Spicy Rice ( A blazing hot rice, fried in diced scotch bonnet and chilli peppers)

Pasta & Potatoes Macaroni & Cheese ( A Southern American soul food favorite, pasta combined in a flavored creamy filling, with a golden crispy cheese top layer)

Sweet Potatoes ( The classic Japanese Sweet Potatoes, sautĂŠed to a soft orange centre, and firm outer coating from the final stage of cooking; oven baking, leaving a soft sweet and subtly nutty flavour)

Roasted Potatoes ( Initially boiled leaving a tender center, and then oven roasted to a golden brown, and lightly coasted in butter, and salt)

Extra/ Alternative Option Spicy Curry Mutton A warm, and comforting cross cultural classic Indian/ West Indian curry mutton, made with lamb meat, heat levels are optional

Stir Fried lamb ( A well seasoned lamb, diced into small pieces and shallow fried into a delicious mix of button mushrooms, chilli, ginger, sesame, and sweet corn)

Salmon Platter A beautiful crisp soft pink touched whole salmon, decorated on a large platter, surrounded with green lettuce. ( See size and price guide below) Size


16 inch


24 inch


Vegetarian Option Coconut Dhal (A classic Indian recipe, made with creamed coconut a spicy kick of green chillies, accompanying Egyptian lentils)

Vegetarian Thai Red Curry (A classy, Thai red curry, filled with sweet baby tomatoes, soft boiled mushrooms ) Served with rice fragrant Jasmine rice

Tilapia (A delicious oven baked, previously shallow fried in a crisp golden coating)

Soups Sweet Pepper Soup ( A classic African cuisine, a spicy yet sweet warm pepper soup)

Creamy Tomato Soup ( A classic warm homemade tomato soup, with a hint of coriander)

Chicken & Dumpling (A classic and authentic Jamaican recipe, a chicken stew accompanying some soft lightly salted dumplings, mixed in with peas and carrots)

Desserts Cinnamon Apple Crumble and Mint (Served with Ice Cream and/ or Custard)

Strawberry Cheese Cake , with a hint of ginger

Lemon Cheese Cake Mexican Chocolate Cake (Served With Vanilla Ice Cream) Chocolate cake ( Served with Spanish hazelnut custard or ice cream)

Ice Cream

(Options: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Hazelnut, Mint, Orange

Packages Bronze •2 Starters •2 Types of Rice •3 Types of Chicken Wings •2 Vegetarian Options •1 Salad •1Dessert £15.00ph

Silver •3 Starters •3 Types of Rice •4 Types of chicken Wings •2 Vegetarian options •2 Salads •1 Soup Option •2Desserts •1 Pasta/ Potatoes


Gold 4 Starters 4 Types of rice 5 Types of Chicken Wings 2 Vegetarian Options 3 Salads 2 soup Options 3 Deserts Free Macaroni & Cheese Free Hot Drinks Tray ÂŁ35.00ph

Diamond 5 Starters 5 Types of Rice 6 Types of Chicken wings 3 Vegetarian Options 3 Salads 2 Soup Options 2 Desserts 2 Pasta & Potato Option Hot Drinks Tray Free Bar Man, Serving a range of requested cocktails, Beers and wines. Free Sweet Safari Chicken Wing option ÂŁ40.00ph

We treasure your special day as history in the making, dreams unfolding and beauty encapsulated. We work very hard to ensure that our food is prepared to the most exceptional standard. Treating each plate with intricate detail. Because we believe food made with love, will provide the best environment and warmest smiles for your special day.

Signature S.O Wedding Menu  

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