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Danyavaad and The Shimmy Sisters

Gypsy World Rock and Eclectic Bellydancing Danyavaad and the Shimmy Sisters invite you to embark on a cultural journey through dance, music and the mystique of the East. “Everyone was mesmerized by the sight. On stage, the beautiful Shimmy Sisters bellydanced and balanced long, sleek swords on their heads while leaning back into a somewhat contorted position. The members of Danyavaad closed their eyes and sank into the Middle Eastern-fusion music they were making, and with the skilled DJ Sandbag on bass, Gabriel Penix on dumbek and Greg Vaughan on electric sitar.”

“I saw you all at Wanderlust and WOW, amazing performance. The ancient Bards and Muses were frolicking in the etherworlds above and below you in unison to your performance.” - John Marosi “My expectations were exceeded! The Shimmy Sisters combined with Danyavaad, make up what is by far the best Middle Eastern influenced ensemble I have ever experienced.” - San Diego Beach Life Magazine

“A Spiritually Rockin Journey! The full house included everyone from your all American dad - Kinsee Morlan of the San Diego CityBeat with his two 10 year old daughters, to Burners and internationally known dancers, to local “Between Leilainia’s traditional sultriness and musicians. With standing room only, people sat Adelaide’s daring edginess, you can see why on the floor, and stood between tables and chairs Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne and Piers and by the end, the entire crowd was dancing Williams, the judges on NBC’s “America’s Got along with them! A man in the audience said ‘it Talent,” passed them along to the next round.” feels like I am being taken back into an ancient - Doug Pullen, El Paso Times and MediaNews Group past ... into my nomadic past life.’ ”- The Papyrus

Unique Memorable Exciting Experience!

Perfect for that elusive bohemian atmosphere.

The Shimmy Sisters

are not your ordinary Belly Dancers! They are an Authentic Middle Eastern Duo with an eclectic twist (Yes, they really are sisters!) Extraordinary talented, reliable, dedicated, athletic and always classy dancers. Sword Performers, Hoop Dancers, Snake Charmers, Wing Dancers, Fire Performers, Glow (LED) Toys, and Instructors (yoga, hoop & belly dance). �Our dance style holds true to the essence of belly dance, but just as there are many sides to every person, there are many sides to our art.�

Traditional Arabian Nights with a modern twist.

If you like…. The Beatles, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, Yard Dog Road Show, Beats Antique, Gogol Bordello, Jeff Buckley, Desert Dwellers, Shamans Dream, Light Rain, Vagabond Opera, Serpent Le Rouge, Rupa & the April Fishes, Ravi Shankar, Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn, Hamsa Lila, Orhan Gencebay.

You will love the experience of...

Danyavaad and the Shimmy Sisters!


creates an atmosphere of Middle Eastern lounge mixed with Indian and Rock.The unique, multilingual, original songs of Danyavaad are performed by vocalist/ electric sitarist Greg Vaughan, tribal drummer Gabriel Penix and DJ/Bassist Sandy Bagri. Various ethnic instruments such as electric sitar, dumbeks, zils, chimes, and others add to the musical expanse. Danyavaad means “thank you” in Hindi.

Tango Del Rel - San Diego, CA Leilainia’s Bellydance DVD Release Party

Rockstar Résumé

Corporate events: Qualcomm (San Diego) Ernst & Young (Palm Desert) Chopra Center (Carlsbad) Pink Party (San Diego) Best Western International (Phoenix) Marrakesh House Grand Opening (LA) 2008 Olympic Gymnastic Team Playboy Mansion

Stage Shows: Leela’s Arabian Summer (Los Angeles) Univ of Texas at El Paso Arabian Nights Spirit of the Tribes (Florida) Cairo Caravan (Queen Mary) RAQs LA Del Mar Fair The Loft at UCSD Evolve New Years Eve (Del Mar) Los Angeles Burning Man Decompression Humboldt County Music & Arts Summit Festivals: Wanderlust Music & Yoga Festival (Lake Tahoe) Burning Man (Black Rock City, Nevada) SDSU Green Fest Arabian Nights Sea Cruise Alma Paradiso ( Mexico and Catalina) Fuente Eterno (Mexico) Elysium Midsummer Festival Gay Pride Festival (San Diego) Pirates of the Pacific Yacht Party Live H2O Festival (Long Beach) Earthdance (Balboa Park, SD) CoSA International Dance Festival (Coronado)

Our two red-tail boas often accompany us during performances.

Venues: Portugalia (San Diego, 4-year residence) Winston’s (San Diego) Beauty Bar (San Diego) Kava Lounge (San Diego) The Stage Saloon (San Diego) SPIN (San Diego) Show: The Supper Club (LA) Art Walk (Coronado) Tangier Lounge (Los Feliz, California) Polenge Lounge (San Francisco) Steynbery Gallery (San Luis Obispo) Village Jester (Ojai) Oak Creek Brew (Sedona, Arizona) Knott’s Scary Farm Important stuff to know: 100% safety record Full Performers Liability Insurance Fire insurance Outstanding talent No stress or drama Easy to work with Professional and Friendly Reliable and Punctual Malleable to all crowds Multifaceted Creative Expansive Natural and Authentic: pesticide free ;) Nomadic: we love to travel and tour Love to collaborate!

A Few Past Events

Your event could be next!

Merchandise March of the Gypsies Full album CD & Video DVD Eastern Road EP 3-song promo Tour Posters T-Shirts Stickers

Notable Achievements On June 1, 2010 we appeared on the season premier of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT on NBC. “I love this magical mystery tour. ” - Sharon Osbourne “ I can’t wait to see you again.” - Howie Mandel Nominated for two San Diego Music Awards 2009. Best World Band & Best World Album “March of the Gypsies” March 2010 Leilainia’s solo instructional Belly Dance DVD was released by Acacia. Titled “Step by Step Belly Dance” sold internationally on Amazon, Best Buy and Barnes & Nobles. The Shimmy Sisters are featured in the performance DVD “The Exotic Art Of Bellydance” Adelaide and Sam Salwei of Team YogaSlackers have teamed up to teach and perform AcroSlack and hoop fusion internationally. Danyavaad & The Shimmy Sisters were honored to be chosen for the cover of Vision Magazine’s July 2007 issue. The article, titled ‘Modern Day Gods and Goddesses’, is about the artistic community, their inspiration, connections with people, and purity of intention. 2006 Award Winning Ultimate Troupe Hips Of Fury 2007 People’s Choice Bellydancer of the Universe Troupe 2005 San Diego’s Guitarmageddon Champion Greg Vaughan

Running for over four years, since November 2006, this is a monthly show at Portugalia Restaurant in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California. Danyavaad performs along with The Shimmy Sisters, with frequent musical guests and dancers. Unique decorations, lighting, quality sound, projections, many different musical instruments, and an everchanging variety of entertainment make this show a pleasant surprise each time. The evening ends with DJ Sandbag playing high energy electronic music, with accompanying percussion and drums.

“The Shimmy Sisters and Danyavaad captivated the crowd with enticing movements set to hypnotic rhythms. The belly-dancing Shimmy Sisters produced a stunning visual delight with twirling skirts intermingling with multiple colored scarves to become living, moving art. The sisters’ concentration, flexibility and control were evident as they, with flaming swords balance on their heads, stretched and twisted eliciting applause from the audience.“ - Elizabeth Guiten of the Imperial Beach Eagle & Times

Entertainment Packages Danyavaad and The Shimmy Sisters perform with various musical guests and dancers. Unique decorations, lighting, quality sound, projections, an array of musical instruments, and a variety of entertainers make this show a pleasant surprise every time.

Sensuous Stage Show Danyavaad and The Shimmy Sisters can perform shows in an authentic Moroccan den for daytime gatherings and auspicious late night viewers. Great for corporate events, private parties, or festivals. The regular show includes 5 members; 3 musicans and 2 dancers. Often this is expanded to include 8 members; 4 musicians and 4 dancers. Violin, accordion, drums, and more talented dancers make the show a whirlwind of energy and entertainment!

Moroccan Chill Lounge For extended weekend events Danyavaad & The Shimmy Sisters can perform late night shows (two 1.5 hour shows) and a day show (“Now Viewing Gypsy’s In Their Natural Habitat!”) A beautiful Bedouin Wedding Tent (pictured) filled with oriental rugs and pillows. Sit back, relax and allow Danyavaad and the Shimmy Sisters take you on a cultural journey through dance, music and the mystic of the East. When not performing live, eclectic Middle Eastern & Indian Vibe DJ sounds mystify the tent creating a chill lounge or a dance party depending on what the mood calls for.

Members of Danyavaad & The Shimmy Sisters are multi-faceted and can create fun skits and sideshows throughout an event. This includes a roaming gypsy band, spontaneous exercise classes, stilt walking, fun characters acting and interacting with people, snake charming, acrobatics, hooping, and body/face paining. We always leave time for those spontaneous bursts of inspiration! Danyavaad has a generator-powered mobile music setup - perfect for remote locations. Ideal for street fairs, grassy parks, the beach... they’ve even performed at a waterfall in Mexico!

Guest Musicians & Dancers Danyavaad and The Shimmy Sisters have a range of talented musicans and dancers that we work with on a regular basis. World-famous dumbek players, bellydancers, violin players, accordion players, DJs and acro-yoga performers. Their motto of “Be Inclusive” applies to both their guest performers and the audience.

Workshops Bellydance, Hoop, Yoga, Partner Acrobatics, Drum and Guitar workshops available. Contact us for details.

Photo by Ryan Salm Photography

Nomadic Circus

Available Equipment Danyavaad and The Shimmy Sisters experience with setting up shows allows quick setup of the sound, lighting, and decor. Creative use of lights, tapestries, and projections completely transforms the area.

Musical Instruments

Lighting and Decor

Speakers and Mixers

DJ Gear

Baby Electric Sitars Acoustic Guitar Cumbus Dumbek drum Cajon Drum Cymbals & percussion 4-String Fretless Basses (3) Electric Violin Electric Accordion Zils, Shakers, Tambourines

Mackie CFX12 Mixer Mackie 1202 Mixer Crate Guitar Amp Orange Guitar Amp Behringer mixer Greg’s amp head and PA speakers Community speakers Line 6 Bass Pod Effects Unit Ampeg SUT 350 watt Bass Head Ampeg 2x12” Bass Cab Ampeg 1x15” Bass Cab Microphones and stands

Two 4-light Lighting Trees DMX Lighting Controller Twelve (12) wash lights w/colored gels Custom Visual DVD “Animated Rugs” 3’x5’ Vinyl Danyavaad Logo Banner Twelve (12) 4’x8’ decorative batik tapestries Eight (8) Middle Eastern style rugs Various comfy pillows Ambient green laser unit

Apple Laptop Trackor DJ Studio Sony Headphones Berhinger BCR2000 MIDI Controller Pacemaker handheld DJ unit

Dancer Props

Two friendly red-tail boa snakes! Many custom costumes and outfits Swords and Fire Swords Fire Fingers, Fire Fans, Fire Hoop, Fire Staff LED Hula Hoops and Staffs Candelabras, Wings, Veils, and more!



dj table




guest mic

drum mic 2

AUDIENCE (downstage)

dance area

bkup vocals

drum mic 1

drums and percussion

(tapestries and Danyavaad banner at back of stage)


main vocals


r amp





Example Stage Plot

www.Danyavaad.com www.TheShimmySisters.com Visit websites to see videos and listen to music. Bookings: call 619-347-9021 or email: info@nomadartz.com

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Danyavaad and The Shimmy Sisters Press Kit  

Danyavaad plays live original Middle Eastern flavored music featuring the electric sitar and tribal drum beats. Danyavaad creates an atmosph...

Danyavaad and The Shimmy Sisters Press Kit  

Danyavaad plays live original Middle Eastern flavored music featuring the electric sitar and tribal drum beats. Danyavaad creates an atmosph...