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SIGNATURE BMX do Andalucía

No Habla Español After processing the last visit for a while and

hate us too much; some of them even guided us to

especially after enjoying the –20 C˚ winter, we

the spots we never could have found ourselves. I

thought it was time to strike back. This time with

know because we already tried last time.

a slightly bigger squad. Even though there were different persons included, some things didn’t

Street riding wasn't a big thing this time. Everyone

chance. Youngest guy got sick and elderly people

pretty much wanted to ride just parks. They can't

hurt themselves, earning honorable amount of sick

be blamed, the parks are awesome compared to

days. Again.

the rotten wood and weird transitions we are used to ride in Finland.

Transportation was arranged with two small cars instead of a one big. Which was cool, especially

Some already spoke about going back again but

since both cars had only 17 Km on the odometer

there's no reason to be afraid of that soon. We're

and they actually worked. That's something you

all out of money.

can't say about the car we had last time. Ruben and Ed, thank you very much for your For some reason everything went very well, no one


got into any fights and local people didn't seem to Signature Bmx

The Tunnel

One week of self-destructiveness.



Big Jump


In Alphabetical Order: Antti Huotari - Jonne H채m채l채inen - Tuomo Ilmonen - Mikael Savolainen - Mikhail Sunikov - Eki Vainikka Guest Starring: Ruben Alcantara

Do the rite thing, support the Finnish scene.

Malaga 2012  

Signature Strikes Back!

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