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In a changing climate for grocery retailers, Bixby Knolls’ Ralphs may shut its doors

Your Weekly Community Newspaper

CJ Dablo Staff Writer

The Bixby Knolls Ralphs grocery store on Long Beach Boulevard and San Antonio Drive is scheduled to shut down in June, according to 8th District Long Beach Councilmember Al Austin. According to a May 1 emailed statement by the councilmember, who said he has spoken with Ralphs corporate representatives, the site will not be converted into a Food 4 Less store and they are planning to sell the property. The announcement CJ Dablo/Signal Tribune surprised and disapEighth District Councilmember Al Austin recently announced that this Ralphs store at 4250 Long pointed a number of area residents who were fin- Beach Blvd. will shut its doors in June. The company’s corporate office did not return media ishing their shopping at inquiries by press time to confirm that the Bixby Knolls location will be permanently closing. Ralphs on Sunday afterthere was also a Trader Joe’s in the area. for a family of six. noon, April 28. Long Beach resident Robert Coca Bixby Knolls resident Steve Bamas They preferred Ralphs over Vons and was helping his elderly mother Francis praised the Ralphs store’s cleanliness had just one item in his bag as he was leaving the store– beef patties. The 26Bamas load a number of grocery bags and organization. Blanca Perez, 56, is another resident year-old said his girlfriend had bought into their car when they heard the news. “It’s going to make it really incon- from Bixby Knolls who was caught off already-cooked patties, but he had run into the store to get patties for the grill. venient,� Bamas said. “This is the guard by the news. “I like everything in here,� Perez Coca said that this store was always his largest, closest store, and my mother’s 91, and traveling is not a good option.� said. She also was packing her car full of first choice. The potential store closure will affect He did acknowledge that there was a bagged groceries that day. Perez says it’s Vons grocery store close by and that the only place she shops. She buys food see GROCERY STORES page 4

Local real-estate market shows signs of improving

Leonardo Paoreo Editorial Intern


It’s difficult to imagine that Jerry Bowley could have sold his home and bought another one so easily in 2009– but in 2013? No problem. Earlier this year, Bowley and his wife were able to sell their house in Long Beach, which they purchased in 1997, and purchase a condominium in Signal Hill without any of the problems associated with the past few years in the real-estate market. “It really wasn’t much of a challenge at all. We had one open house, and we didn’t even need to. I think there were multiple offers before we even had the open house,� Bowley said. “It took no time to sell.� With home prices rising and a low supply of homes, the real-estate market in Long Beach and Signal Hill is showing signs of improvement, according to experts.

The Standard and Poor’s CaseShiller Home Price Indices, which gauge the U.S. housing market, reported this week that home prices in February rose compared to both the same month last year and earlier in the year. Also, the California Association of Realtors recently reported that the median home price in the state rose “to its highest level in March since May 2008, while inventory shortages continued to stifle home sales.� While prices are up and supply is down, prices still aren’t as high as they were five years ago, said Heather Stephens, associate professor of economics and director of the Office of Economic Research at California State University, Long Beach. The same goes for sales. “We see that house sales are still at a lower level than they were in the past. There’s a slow recovery,�

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Conference touches on punk, skateboarding, architecture and food culture in Long Beach

Sean Belk/ Signal Tribune

From left: Chhom Nimol and Zac Holtzman, members of Dengue Fever, a newly formed band that blends Cambodian vocals with psychedelic rock, perform during the“Long Beach: Work in Progress� conference at Edison Theatre in downtown Long Beach on April 26. Sean Belk Staff Writer

In the days of the early punk-rock scene in Long Beach, youth who identified with the rebellious movement of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s were often “hatedâ€? by police, city officials and the mainstream public but respected by their peers. It was an era when it was cool to defy the government, authority figures and popular culture while being tolerant of different “subcultures,â€? explained Jack Grisham, frontman for the Orange County punk band True Sounds of Liberty (T.S.O.L.), who today is a self-proclaimed author, psychologist and family man. “Being hated means you can move around, basically, in any subculture with no problem,â€? said the Long Beach native who in 2011 released his book An American Demon: A Memoir. “There was a lot of cross-culture stuff back then ‌ everybody was really like, ‘Well, you’re all messed up, and we’re all messed up, so we’re all messed up together.’ It was actually really cool.â€? Grisham shared those thoughts during one of four panel discussions at a daylong conference titled “Long Beach: Work in Progressâ€? at Edison Theatre in downtown Long Beach last Friday, April 26. Topics for other panels included architecture, food and skateboarding. The event was organized by

May 3 through May 7, 2013 Tuesday

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Stephens said. “As long as inflation continues to stay low‌then interest rates are going to stay low, and that will help drive the housing recovery.â€? “But I think that a true housingmarket recovery depends on what happens with the economy as a whole,â€? Stephens added. Rental prices are also up in Long Beach as well as in Los Angeles County, Stephens said. However, the increase in prices isn’t necessarily a good thing. If prices rise sharply due to investor sales but the economy’s unchanged, then it might not improve the ability of Long Beach residents to buy homes, Stephens said. “You have a few people who are retiring and leaving the area who might be able to benefit if prices go up, but if you’re going to continue to live in the area, if prices go up and

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2637 St. Louis Ave. (562) 595-6370 !!!"#$%&'(&)*+,-."/01

Imprint Culture Lab, formed in 2004 to “investigate and curate global creative culture,� while bringing together business and creative entities. Long Beach city officials also took part in the event, with Amy Bodek, director of Long Beach Development Services Department, speaking on the architecture panel and 2nd District Long Beach City Councilmember Suja Lowenthal giving closing remarks. For the music panel, Grisham sat down with moderator Joe Escalante, bassist for the punk band The Vandals, who are both known for pioneering the post early-punk scene in Southern California and are now entering their 50s. Though early punk was brought into existence by such bands as The Ramones in New York and The Sex Pistols and The Clash in London, an emerging hardcore contingent held its own in the Los Angeles area with bands such as The Germs and Black Flag. T.S.O.L. and The Vandals, which were both featured in the ‘80s cultclassic Suburbia, a film about a gang of teenage punk rockers who squat in abandoned houses in a suburban community in the L.A. area, soon followed along with other bands such as Bad Religion and The Adolescents. Grisham described alcoholsee CULTURE page 14

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May 3, 2013

New businesses look to develop foothold in Bixby Knolls Sean Belk Staff Writer

Nearly three and a half years ago, Christy Pardini opened up her small, eco-friendly shop Bella Cosa on Atlantic Avenue in Bixby Knolls with the idea of selling locally made items, mostly recycled from salvaged materials. Since then, she has watched the business corridor morph from a once desolate strip of vacant storefronts into an active shopping destination, she said. Now, Pardini has expanded with a new shop into the space next door with business partner Mia Romero. They recently opened Clover, a women’s boutique that offers “California casual” women’s clothing, an exclusive line of handcrafted jewelry, accessories and other items. “Three and a half years ago, it was dead here,” said Pardini, who has lived in Bixby Knolls for four

years. “That was when I opened and, honestly, we looked everywhere… Now, obviously, I would do it in a heartbeat.” While some businesses have closed in recent weeks, others have nestled in along the business corridor of Long Beach Boulevard and Atlantic Avenue, attracted by an untapped charm that continues to evolve, with new commercial developments and special events, such as First Fridays, that draw big crowds. Blair Cohn, executive director for the Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association (BKBIA), said business activity on Atlantic Avenue has picked up this year, with a new jewelry store opening and a cupcake bakery known as Sweet & Saucy Shop relocating from Stearns Street in Los Altos next month. Some new tenants are now able to invest in buildings, whether to

buy property or pay for tenant improvements, which he said signifies many are in it for the long haul. Professional-service businesses, such as doctors, attorneys and real-estate agents, which make up about 85 percent of BKBIA’s membership, have also made the move to uptown, such as the Law Offices of Kuper & Wilson, which has purchased its building at 4344 Atlantic Ave., Cohn said. “We’re really happy that people are actually buying buildings and investing into the neighborhood,” he said. “We’re always trying to see how we can sell spaces, both office and retail, and just continue to make Bixby Knolls vibrant, clean, safe and active so it is attracting new business.” New commercial developments in Bixby Knolls are also on track, including a project by developer Howard CDM at the

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50 years of moving our community forward.


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Sean Belk/Signal Tribune

Danielle Haywood leads a class at Five Starr Pilates & Exercise, a new business in Bixby Knolls.

corner of Long Beach Boulevard and Bixby Road, the former site of Long Beach Cyclery that has relocated next door. Although the project is still in the early planning stages, a lobbying effort has already surfaced to entice Michael’s Pizzeria to open a third location at the spot once the building is completed. Cohn said the BKBIA has recently launched a campaign on Facebook for residents to email restaurant owner Michael Dene indicating their desire for a Bixby Knolls location. “Michael wants to know that there would be a market for it,” Cohn said. “Timing is everything, and so are resources, but we want him to know that we want him up here… Variety is the spice of life.” Dene currently operates two Michael’s Pizzeria locations in Long Beach (one on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore and another on 3rd Street in downtown) in addition to his Italian restaurant Michael’s on Naples. Dene could not be reached for comment before the Signal Tribune’s deadline. Next door, Howard CDM has completed extensive renovations to a building on the 3700 block of Long Beach Boulevard, which now houses the developer’s offices on the top floor and Long Beach Cyclery and a Pilates studio on the bottom floor. Starr Scott, owner of Five Starr Pilates & Fitness at 3750 Long Beach Blvd., said she was able to open the studio after meeting Martin Howard, president and CEO of Howard CDM, a cyclist who had begun taking Pilates once a week after a ski injury, she said. “It was just kind of meant to be,” said Scott, who added that she had been looking for a location for about a year before seal-

Client: Long Beach Transit | Agency: Nostrum, Inc. | Job: 12-LBT-403 NewRider Seniors | Description: 4-color, Quarter-page vertical | Size: 5.875”x7” | Pub: Signal Tribune

ing the deal in Bixby Knolls. The Wrigley neighborhood resident said she had been a stay-at-home mom operating a daycare for the past 20 years before embarking on her dream of opening a real studio. “Because of the economy, I think owners weren’t ready to fork up a bunch of money to improve their space for a brandnew startup business that they weren’t sure of,” she said. “I’m a startup, so obviously there’s a big risk for a landlord, but we had some common friends. He’s a cyclist, and we have indoor cycling.” Cohn added that new restaurants are also moving to uptown. He said construction is underway for a Spanish-and-Japanese sushifusion restaurant being built for local chef David Santiago, who previously ran the now closed Suba Sushi & Tapas Lounge at 3550 Long Beach Blvd. Some businesses, however, have closed their doors in recent weeks, including French restaurant Creperie La Rue that had only been open at 4280 Atlantic Ave. for about a year. Cohn called the restaurant’s closure a “mystery,” adding that it has “closed its doors as quietly as it has opened its doors.” He added, “We’re trying to find out from the business owner, who still has the lease, what his plans are for that.” In addition, the Ralphs grocery store at 4250 Long Beach Blvd. has recently announced that it plans to close in June. Still, Cohn said it’s the diversity of businesses in Bixby Knolls that will help them feed off of each other. Though the annual Bixby Knolls Car Show and Dragster Expo was cancelled this year, the office of 8th District Councilmember Al Austin and the BKBIA are planning several events that Cohn said will likely draw in customers. Cohn said four separate Concerts in the Park(ing lot) are scheduled, in addition to a block party and a photo contest called Summer Shutters 3.0 in June. “If we stay on the same course, we’re going to keep attracting business here,” he said. “There’s always going to be ups and downs, and retail will come and go. We just have to support everybody who’s here, keep attracting new ones and make it the best place we can.” For Pardini, clientele are mostly from Bixby Knolls and Signal Hill, but she hopes some will come from the “outskirts” to shop at her new boutique due to its proximity to nearby professional services. “We have a lady who comes every six months when she has her dental appointment,” she said. “She’ll come and shop at Bella Cosa, so I’m sure she’ll shop here as well.” The boutique Clover, which plays off of the eco-friendly see BUSINESS page 14

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May 3, 2013

Police chase, shootout ends in suspect’s death

Source: LBPD

LBPD seeking information regarding man shot and killed on Junipero avenue

On Sunday, April 28, at approximately 3am, Long Beach Police officers were dispatched to a report of gunshots heard in the area of Spaulding Street and Junipero Avenue. Officers arrived and discovered a male adult victim, lying in the roadway, in the 1400 block of Junipero Avenue. The victim had an apparent gunshot wound to his upper body and had died at the scene before the officers arrived. Those with information regarding the incident are asked to call Homicide Detectives Hugo Cortes or Todd Johnson at (562) 570-7244. Anonymous tips may be submitted by calling 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), texting TIPLA plus the tip to CRIMES (274637), or visiting .

Metro Briefs


RUN! What 5K and Health Fair Who HealthCorps, Cabrillo High School ACCESS and The Greener Good Farmers Market Where Admiral Kidd Park, 2125 Santa Fe Ave. When Saturday, May 4 from 9am to 1pm More Info Registration for runners under 18 is $10 and for runners over 18 is $20. T-shirts are an additional $5. Cabrillo students with I.D. run free. After the race, more than 40 booths will provide information about health and wellness as well as diabetes, blood pressure and respiratory screenings. Email .

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at El Pueblo de Los Ángeles Go Metro and celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Sunday, May 5 at El Pueblo de Los Ángeles Historical Monument (Olvera Street) in Downtown LA. You’ll enjoy free performances, family activities and authentic Mexican cuisine just across from Union Station. Take the Metro Red, Purple, Gold or Silver lines or any of several Metro bus lines and be steps away from El Pueblo.

Join In LA Bike Week May 13–19 Why spend money on gas and parking for trips under two miles? Bicycling is a great way to travel around a neighborhood, especially with new bikeways appearing all across LA County. During Bike Week, May 13–19, join Metro and partners to learn more about bicycling resources in your community. More information at

MARVEL AT COMICS What Free Comic Book Day Who Amazing Comics & Cards Where 5555 Stearns St. When Saturday, May 4 from 10am to 6pm More Info Amazing Comics & Cards is giving away three free comic books to all who attend to celebrate this art form. During the daylong event, a wide array of comic books will be offered to readers of all ages– children, teens and adults. Call (562) 493-4427 or visit or .

Feds Award $443,000 Grant For Bus Operator Training The Compton and Wilshire Metro WorkSource Centers received $443,000 in new grants from the Federal Transit Administration to provide job training to low-income individuals seeking employment as Metro bus operators. The goal of the new funding is to help hire at least 200 new operators.

Fourth Segment Launches On I-5 South Major work on San Antonio Drive, Imperial Highway and Pioneer Boulevard in Norwalk will kick o= later this month as part of the I-5 South Widening project between the 605 Freeway and Orange County. The project is adding lanes in each direction to ease the bottleneck caused when it meets the 10-lane portion at the county line.

STREET-SAVVY? What Adult bicycle-safety education classes Who Women on Bikes SoCal Where The Workshop, 4250 Atlantic Ave. When Sunday, May 5 from 1:30pm to 3:30pm More Info Women on Bikes SoCal will host a free introductory “Street Savvy” adult bicycle-safety class for 12 participants. This hands-on course will give participants the skills and confidence they need to ride safely and securely. Participants must bring a bike and a helmet. RSVP required. Email or call (562) 221-9672.

Go Metro To The Play-O=s STAPLES Center is poised to be play-o= central for LA’s pro basketball and hockey teams and Metro is the way to get there. Metro has several connections to get to STAPLES Center including the Metro Silver, Blue and Expo lines which all let you o= adjacent to the arena. For connections, visit

If you’d like to know more, visit

Source: LBPD

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!"#$%&&'%($)*+,&-$,./$)0%",&-$)#12 ",&-$)#12


NEED A GIFT? What Uptown Village Market Who More than 75 vendors and booths Where Expo Arts Center, 4321 Atlantic Ave. When Friday, May 3 from 5pm to 10pm and Saturday, May 4 from 11am to 5pm More Info This event features local independent designers, artists and crafters selling one-of-a-kind items and gifts for loved ones. Admission is free. There will be a chili booth, chocolate-covered strawberries and a DJ spinning tunes on Friday night.

13-1879ps_gat-ne-13-012 ©2013 lacmta

On Sunday, April 28, at approximately 12:20am, Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) officers were dispatched to the area of Artesia Boulevard and Butler Avenue after a report of a man with a gun in that vicinity. An officer in the area located a suspect matching the description, and the suspect ran from the officer. During the chase, the suspect produced a handgun and an officer-involved shooting occurred, according to the LBPD. The suspect was shot in the upper body. The suspect was transported to a local hospital where he died as a result of his injuries. A handgun was recovered at the scene. At this time, the identity of the male adult suspect is not known. The Los Angeles County Coroners Office will confirm the suspect’s identity. As with all officer-involved shootings, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office is conducting an independent investigation. The Long Beach Homicide Detail also investigates all officer-involved shootings. Those with information regarding the incident are asked to call Homicide Detectives Hugo Cortes or Todd Johnson at (562) 570-7244. Anonymous tips may be submitted by calling 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), texting TIPLA plus the tip to CRIMES (274637), or visiting .


INSIDE DISTRICT NINE What Community meeting Who North Long Beach Community Action Group Where North Division Police Substation, 4891 Atlantic Ave. When Sunday, May 5 from 2pm to 4pm More Info During this event, 9th District Councilmember Steven Neal will provide an update on his district and the workings of his office. To RSVP, call (562) 428-7710.

TAKE A BIKE TOUR What Tour of Long Beach 2013 Who Downtown Long Beach Associates Where Starting in downtown Long Beach at Marina Green Park When Saturday, May 11 from 6am to 4:30pm More Info The 31-mile bike tour route offers scenic views of Long Beach. The event also includes a bike festival from 9:30am to 4:30pm at The Pike at Rainbow Harbor, where cyclists are greeted with a Craft Beer Garden, Vintage Bike Exhibit & Fashion Show, a free bike valet, children’s activities, food, live entertainment and a vender village.

CALLING ALL WRITERS What Free writers event Who California Writers Club of Long Beach Where Long Beach Los Altos Branch Library, 5614 East Britton Dr. When Saturday, May 11 from 3pm to 5pm More Info The event offers tips on how to avoid the “pitfalls of do-it-yourself publishing.” The speaker will be Tom Underhill, a veteran printer, custom publisher and founder of Creative Continuum who will answer questions. Call (562) 400-1100 or email

!"#$%&'()*('+,%(*)-((.((---/'0)-&"123/#)4 567(8*(9#%(:%+&"*;<(5=>(?+,#)*@(:%+&"*;/(( A,,(B0",CD%*(=6(E(3*C%D(F(0+,G(HD"#% !"#$%&'()*('+,%(+&(&0%(C))D()*%(0)3D(HD")D(&)(%+#0('0)-

THESE OLD HOUSES What Great Homes of Long Beach Tour Who Long Beach Heritage Where Various addresses in Long Beach When Sunday, June 2 from noon to 5pm More Info The tour features a look at five distinguished homes that represent the architectural history of Long Beach. Proceeds of the event are dedicated to the restoration and support of the historic Bembridge House, a landmark owned by Long Beach Heritage, a nonprofit organization. The event is expected to sell out with over 600 visitors and volunteers participating. Visit or call (562) 493-7019.

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Grocery stores continued from page 1

17-year-old store employee William Linly. On that windy afternoon, Linly finished driving a long chain of grocery carts back to the store front. The Long Beach resident said that he will be transferred to another store, but he acknowledged that the change will affect his commute. It’s further for him on his skateboard, he said. The Ralphs corporate office has not responded to media inquiries that would confirm the closure of the store. If the announcement is accurate, the store’s loss is the latest in the string of closures throughout the Long Beach and Signal Hill area over the last year. Albertsons announced in 2012 that it would close one store on Redondo Avenue in addition to other stores

throughout the country. Top Valu Market, a smaller regional grocery chain, opened a store at the former Albertsons site, but the store lasted for only a short time. They closed their doors last week. There are alternative competitors to the larger chains of grocery stores who are also fighting to stay viable in the grocery business. Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market has a few locations in Long Beach and Signal Hill. The chain announced on April 17 that their parent company Tesco is looking to exit the United States, but that didn’t mean the stores would be closing. Fresh & Easy is up for sale and had already attracted interested buyers. In an interview Tuesday, Fresh & Easy’s spokesman Brendan Wonnacott reiterated their press-release statement. “As they announced on the 17th,” the director of corporate affairs said, “bids have already been received on the Fresh


& Easy business, including a number of bids from groups looking to acquire Fresh & Easy as an operating business.” Wonnacott confirmed that no stores would be closing and no layoffs would take place at this time. There is one other regional grocery store that some residents feared had closed permanently. Buy Low Market located at 4700 Cherry Avenue did shut its doors over a month ago, but the store is only going through a transformation. Buy Low Market’s headquarters would not comment more specifically about what the transformation is, but Sheila Vazin, who is fielding questions for the corporate office at the Buy Low Market, said that the location will be reopened as a grocery store. That particular Buy Low Market is located in Councilmember James Johnson’s 7th district. He said that he wasn’t too concerned about access to grocery stores, explaining that there were alterna-


Thoughts from the Publisher

an Ode to the IaaO (International association of assessing Officers) By Neena Strichart

by Neena Strichart

Although many folks have a fear of public speaking, it isn’t one of my phobias. I’m not declaring that I am a great orator– far from it– but I do enjoy an attentive audience– or one that at least feigns it well. A month or so ago, my gal pal Vicki invited me to be the welcome speaker for a seminar hosted by the Los Angeles chapter of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO). The event was to take place at 7:30 in the morning at The Grand in Long Beach. The information I was given was that there would be approximately 100 real-estate appraisers and personal-property appraisers in attendance, most of them employees of the LA County Assessor’s Office. In a short email, Vicki gave me the following as my instructions: “This will be a short, 15-minute welcome talk to be given at 7:45 in the morning and will essentially be the introduction to our day of speakers and presenters. Yours is a talk that is usually given by the mayor of the city in which the day-long seminar is being held.” When I asked her why she wanted to give me the honor of welcoming her group, she said that she believed I could give a little background

as to not only the history of Long Beach, but of Signal Hill as well. I was happy to oblige. I opened my little talk with information on both cities, including some of the particulars on demographics, dates of incorporation, number of schools and parks, and some of the fine points regarding our local elected officials. I then threw in some trivia including the fact that Signal Hill’s first mayor was a woman, and the number of annual parades: Long Beach’s four vs. Signal Hill’s zero (unless you count the line-up and rush into Costco every year on Black Friday). I then continued by explaining that for decades, while the city of Long Beach elects a mayor every four years, the city of Signal Hill’s mayor rotates. I then explained that what I meant was that the office is filled annually by a different councilmember, not that I was implying that we have now, or have ever had, a Signal Hill mayor who stood in one spot spinning– not in public anyway. I ended my short speech with an original poem. I hoped it would help lighten the mood for what I assumed would be a long day of rather serious topics delivered by important speakers. I offer it below for your cheers or jeers.

But I must now confess I’m not under duress I’ve really had quite a nice time.

But numbers don’t lie


I am a resident of Los Cerritos, and I support the proposed roundabouts in the Los Cerritos neighborhood. The roundabouts will beautify and enhance the community, especially the “Gateway to Los Cerritos” at Pacific Avenue, 36th Street and Country Club Drive, and will improve safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists due to the reduced speed of traffic. Los Cerritos Neighborhood Association (LCNA) initially opposed the proposed traffic signal at Pacific Avenue and Wardlow [Road], saying it was not needed. However, when the City explained that the traffic signal is required because of the increasing accident rate at this intersection in recent years, LCNA dropped its opposition to the traffic signal. I understand there will be some reduction in available parking spaces near the roundabouts. However, I believe this concern is exaggerated. David Roseman, City traffic engineer, said he would minimize loss of parking as much as possible. Currently, I don’t feel safe riding my bicycle in the streets of my community. With the reduced traffic speed on Pacific Avenue as a result of the proposed roundabouts, I would feel safer and will be more likely to get out of my car and use my bicycle more often. I think LCNA should support what is best for the community as a whole rather than supporting a minority of vocal residents who decided to “just say no” to improving our community. Hayim Zadaca Long Beach



Stephen M. Strichart

Stephanie Raygoza


CJ Dablo


I now bow, and I’ll curtsy And I’ll ask for your mercy For putting up with my small rhyme.

Duty’s done with great pride Though assessors do hide How hard they work day into dark.

Jennifer E. Beaver Carol Berg Sloan, RD

Nick Diamantides

Shoshanah Siegel


Cory Bilicko


Sean Belk

We’ll complain nevermore When they come through the door But offer to lend them a hand.

If it weren’t for their skills We’d all head for the hills ‘cause none of us has a slight clue.

Mea culpa


We should give them their due Say “assessor, thank you” For all that you’ve done for our land.

But nevertheless The math they caress To figure out numbers so true.

In the April 26 story “Los Cerritos neighborhood group survey says residents against proposed roundabouts,” Bob Gill should have been identified as vice president of the Los Cerritos Neighborhood Association.

Jane Fallon

They take time to be right With no oversight But the ones getting taxed just see fees.

They work and they toil Some burn midnight oil Others do it with humor and laugh.

Vivian C. Nelson Long Beach

Neena R. Strichart

Though their jobs are worthwhile They do rarely bring smiles From those they do call assess-ees.

I’m here to give praise To a group this fine day Of assessors who sure know their math.

When I was a kid and one of my siblings, or another child, would call me a mean name and I would complain to our dad, Dad would say “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can never hurt you.” Wrong! Dad was well-meaning but so wrong because sticks and stones may break your bones but name calling can hurt until the day you die. Certainly, you may recall some of the lumps and bumps you got as a youngster, but they don’t sear your memory as name-calling did. People leave their name and family to escape the name-calling they endured as a child because the pain is too raw to live in the same environment with. Isn’t that a shame? It takes so little to be kind and so much pain you must have endured to take your hurt out on others. As I age, I realize how unloved the name-callers must have felt to inflict their pain on others. I wish I could tell them all that someone loved them even if they were never told so.

be used in the future. “I would love to be able to get them to be able to change their mind,” Austin said in an interview Tuesday, “because I think that, you know, Bixby Knolls has served Ralphs very well over the past decade or more that I’ve know that they’ve been there.” He described the Ralphs store as a “major anchor” on that end of the Long Beach Boulevard corridor. Austin acknowledged that Ralphs’ decision to close hits home. The councilmember says he has been shopping at Ralphs for the last 12 years. His wife shops at Vons. Austin says he would miss the familiar faces of the employees. What was on his grocery list on his last personal trip to his store? Charcoal, lettuce and some beer, he replied. He was planning to barbecue salmon for a Sunday-night dinner. ß

There are lows and are highs And in history will sure leave their mark.


a world of hurt


tives like Trader Joe’s and another Ralphs store to serve the area. “The future of Long Beach is very bright,” Johnson said in a telephone interview Wednesday, “and I’m confident that we’ll continue to attract businesses that serve the community well.” In addition to the traditional and alternative grocery chains, customers also have the option to shop at Target, Walmart, and 99¢ Only Stores for their groceries. The possible loss of a Ralphs grocery store in Bixby Knolls, however, bothered Councilmember Austin in the 8th district. Austin said that he wouldn’t want to see the building sit vacant and that he’s been receiving numerous emails and communications from residents who are concerned about the site. He said that he has been working on setting up a meeting with Ralphs representatives to determine how the site could

May 3, 2013

Leighanna Nierle



Tanya Paz

Daniel Adams Vicki Paris Goodman Gregory Spooner CONTRIBuTINg PHOTOgRaPHER

Matt Sun


Ariana Gastelum Brandy Soto Leonardo Poareo


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Kaelyn Bruno

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May 3, 2013

LB Junior Concert Band finds new home at Scottish Rite Cathedral Sean Belk Staff Writer

After hopping from one place to the next for the past few years, the Long Beach Junior Concert Band (LBJCB) has finally found a new home to perform rehearsals and store band equipment and office supplies, said Carrie Daquiado, LBJCB treasurer and former band member. The LBJCB, which was established in 1952, is expected to sign a lease agreement to move into the historic Scottish Rite Cathedral located at 855 Elm Ave. in downtown Long Beach. Daquiado said the Long Beach Scottish Rite, a Masonic organization, came to the

Real estate

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you sell your house, you still have to find a place to live,” Stephens said. “That’s the double-edged sword of rising housing prices.” But even with the potential perils of rising home prices, Signal Hill’s real-estate market is faring well these days. The market was languishing, but then investors started to buy homes when the market was at its bottom, elevating the market and absorbing stock, so then first-time home buyers entered the market, said Mike Murphy, a Signal Hill real-estate agent who represented Bowler and his wife Lee in selling their house and buying their condominium. The market in Signal Hill has been especially busy in recent months. “It’s been picking up quickly, more quickly…than anybody would have envisioned in the last year. It’s been recently, in the last two or three months, favoring sellers,” Murphy said. “Because of the lack of inventory, when a property comes on the market, it is sold very quickly, generally with multiple offers.” Specifically, the busiest housing markets in Signal Hill are for condominiums selling between $250,000 and $400,000, and houses selling for $500,000 to $850,000, Murphy added. It also helps that Signal Hill has features that make it attractive to homebuyers. Some of its attractive features include its convenient location, views, and the fact that there’s new construction and, compared to Long Beach, newer homes, Murphy said. More-


From the family that brought you Mexico City Restaurant in Long Beach– Azteca Mexican Restaurant has been offering authentic Mexican cooking for over 50 years!

Home of Aunt Connie’s famous garlic sauce and the original GARLIC TACO!



“Where the King lives”

Open Tuesday through Sunday 11am-10pm for food Crooner’s Lounge open until 2am!

12911 Main Street Historical Downtown Garden Grove

(714) 638-3790

LBJCB’s rescue after reading about their dilemma in the Signal Tribune’s April 12 issue. She said the drum section will continue rehearsing at EDCO in Signal Hill at a facility that was also discovered with the help of the Signal Tribune, and the LBJCB will continue to store their equipment trucks and containers at Price Transfer in Rancho Dominguez. The LBJCB board of directors has toured the Scottish Rite facility twice and are “excited about the wonderful space that they are going to allow the band to practice in,” Daquiado said in a statement. “LBJCB will be starting their 61st year [in] June and what a wonderful way to begin a new over, the city’s services and the fact that there are no utility taxes also make the city appealing, Signal Hill Councilmember Larry Forester said in an email. But it wasn’t just the natural appeal of Signal Hill that led Jerry Bowler to purchase a condominium

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year,” she said. “The band does wish to thank everyone who has helped with moving [and] practice space in the past few years.” Daquiado added that the Scottish Rite will ask the City for help with the rent for the rehearsal and office space, as they continue to represent the City in many parades, performances and appearances. The Scottish Rite Cathedral was designated as a historic landmark by the City of Long Beach and was built in 1926, according to the Scottish Rite’s website. “We have the room for them available, and they’re really excited about moving in there,” said Tim Cable, personal representative for the Scottish Rite Valley of Long Beach. there– he wanted to buy before prices rose further. “I’m glad we did it now because I have a feeling that the prices are going to go up even higher. It looks as though it’s starting to climb even more,” Bowler said. “I think we got a pretty good price.” ß


Happy Mother’s Day from Café Bixby!

Mother’s Day Dinner Served Noon to 8pm on May 12th –Your Choice–

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From the creator of



It’s just reverse A Matter of Life

Kenneth McKenzie

CruiSe DiAry The Perfect ‘Bon Voyage’ Gift




urbAn CottAge 4121 long beACh blvD.


I was driving around a couple of weekends ago, doing my normal thing: yard sales and estate sales. I watch like a hawk for signs written on florescent-green paper or handwritten cardboard signs steering people toward unfound treasures. While driving, I saw a sign way up in the distance. The sign looked so large, and it was placed directly onto this person’s front lawn. I thought, “Yeah, the mega load.” As I got closer I was able to read the sign: “Welcome, Baby Boy Austin! 9 lbs 7oz Saturday April 20th 2013.” I was a bit disappointed, yet at the same time smiled at this family’s wonderful news which they were so proud to share with everyone. Last night I had a death call at a residence. A man had died at his home– the same home that he and

his wife of 62 years had bought new when he was discharged from the military. The man had made his own decision to come home from the hospital to be able to die in the home he loved. The person who was reporting the death to me asked me if we show up at homes in a hearse. I explained that we use a clean, white, unmarked van. I was then instructed to drive around to the alley and to remove the deceased man through the garage area. I politely asked what concern the family may have so I may help. The answer was that the family did not want anyone to know that he had died. I told them I understood and made the removal discreetly, as the family had requested. Why is it when a baby is born or about to be born we throw parties, we give gifts, we put signs in our front lawns? Yet, when that same baby lives his life long and proud and finally succumbs to his natural death, we are quick to hide the passing. Death is just birth in reverse.

Twelve Long Beach restaurants and three local bands will gather on Saturday, May 4 with a host of artisans to offer “Taste at the Point,” a fundraiser for the organization Breast Cancer Angels. The event will be at Grace First Presbyterian Church, 3955 Studebaker Rd. from 11am to 3pm. For a donation of $15, visitors will get samples of food from all of the restaurants, plus a drink and dessert. The restaurants include Blackbird Café, Tiagos, Cirivello’s, The Dog House, M’Dear’s, Long Beach Vegan Eatery, Sweet & Saucy Shop, Roadhouse Grill, Buono’s, Glory Days Grill, Gladstone’s and Grounds. There will be an artisans/craft fair on the grounds of the church, with more than 25 vendors selling their wares. Barbara Manning, Sawtooth, and The Dovelle’s will provide live music through the day. Faye Dietiker founded Breast Cancer Angels (BCA) in 2000 with the goal of raising money for women

in treatment to pay for essentials, such as food, medicine and housing. Dietiker, a survivor herself, was alarmed at how many women going through treatment were forced, due to low income or means, to make untenable choices, such as deciding between paying for food for their children or medicine for themselves. Her goal was to create an organization that was operated entirely by volunteers that would give away 100 percent of the money raised to in-need women in treatment and their families. A corporate sponsor pays their overhead, which enables BCA to assist more than 400 clients and their families in Southern California, and every year the need grows. For more information about BCA, visit or call (714) 898-8900. For more information about “Taste at the Point,” email Lynda DeWitt at or call (562) 453-8650. For more information about the event, visit .

The National Hockey League (NHL) club has added Lakewood Ice, 3975 Pixie Ave., to The Rinks development program presented by Honda. Formerly known as Glacial Garden-Lakewood, Lakewood Ice becomes The Rinks’ largest of four ice facilities with three ice sheets. Lakewood Ice joins locations in Anaheim, Westminster, Yorba Linda, Huntington Beach, Irvine, and Corona. The Ducks now operate seven local skating facilities, consisting of four ice rinks and three inline facilities. The Anaheim Ducks originally launched The Rinks development program on Feb. 13, 2009. “This is a great day for The

Rinks development program,” said Art Trottier, vice president of The Rinks. “Adding Lakewood Ice as the seventh member of The Rinks family gives the program its largest ice facility and a destination for residents in northwest Orange County.” The Rinks-Lakewood Ice will offer youth and adult hockey programs, figure skating, a learn-toskate program, public skating and broomball. In addition, the facility will also host group events, fundraisers and birthday parties. For registration and additional program information for all Rinks facilities, visit


By Jeraldine Saunders

A beautiful hard-bound book filled with cruising tips, trivia, space for diary entries, port lecture notes, names & addresses of your new shipboard friends, and photos!

May 3, 2013


Probate is a very costly and long process that can last from 9 to 18 months in most cases. Fortunately, there are several alternatives available that remove the asset from one’s probatable estate while that person is still alive. Naming a beneficiary on life insurance policies, IRA’s, 401(k)’s, and annuities before your death assures the asset is transferred straight to the chosen beneficiary. Joint Tenancy is where the owner of the asset names a co-owner of an account or real property. Caution: Joint tenancies have risks as the co-owner has the same rights to the asset as the original owner and a loss of Stepped-up valuation. Pay-on-death accounts are similar to naming a beneficiary in that the bank account owner completes banking paperwork which names the person(s) who will receive the bank account upon the bank owner’s death. Lifetime gifts given during your life avoids probate because probate only applies to those assets owned at time of death. a Living Trust is very beneficial when dealing with titled real property and other assets. A complete estate plan included in the Living Trust includes many ancillary documents that protect you financially, physically and allows for peace of mind.


attorney at Law • (562)

Restaurant tasting event to benefit organization that helps women undergoing breast-cancer treatment

Former glacial garden-Lakewood rink becomes largest ice facility in Rinks family

4.51'0.2*%6.2%7%% 4.51'0.2*%6.2%7%% 89: 89::.#;<=9::,#% :.# :.#;<=9::,#% =< =<>?%!@$''2%AB$/1$%% >?%!@$''2%AB$/1$%% C/%D'"/5%"D%!E52%F.--% C/%D'"/5%"D%!E52%F.--%

Signal Hill’s Annual !"#$% !"#$%&'"()$*%$+,-"'$*%./0%&123 &'"()$*%$+,"'$*%./0%&123 Community Yard Sale !

"#$!% #$&!'()#$%*+'#(,!-.&*/&!0*..!1! "#$!%#$&!'()#$%*+'#(,!-.&*/&!0*..!1! 23 456!7879:;;<! 23456!7879:;;<!

Saturday, May 4 from 8am-12pm +'H>&/!Hall 2175 Cherry Ave. in front ofE(+'H>&/! City &0+'I.&/! =#..&0+'I.&/! Come browse, explore, and buy! #+D'( F! =.#+D'(F!

Source: Anaheim Ducks

Antiques • Collectibles L&M&.$?!! Clothing • Books • Toys ">$('+>$&! '+>$& ! N#?/!! Jewelry • Furniture O>0D!%#$&P! >0D!%#$&P! and much more! J##K/! J##K/!

=#%%>('+?!@&$A'0&/!B&-*$+%&(+! =#%%>('+?!@&$A'0&/!B&-*$+%&(+! 5C:3!=D&$$?!EA&(>&!! 5C:3!=D&$$?!EA&(>&!! @'F(*.!G'..,!=E!7<:33! @'F(*.!G'..,!=E!7<:33! 23456!7879:;;<! 23456!7879:;;<!

Community Services Department For more info, call (562) 989-7330 2175 Cherry Ave., Signal Hill, CA 90755


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May 3, 2013


Seven-months pregnant, Signal Hill runner participates in OC Half Marathon Brandy Soto Editorial Intern

The Orange County Marathon in Newport Beach this year will be hosted Sunday, May 5, with 20,000 participants. One runner is Signal Hill resident Jessica Buffington, 30, who will be participating in the half marathon while seven-months pregnant with her second child. She began recreational running in college to boost her confidence and to acquire a better lifestyle. She said, at first, her biggest motivator was her own health and well-being. “When I got into college and had no one to answer to, I took health and fitness into my own hands and started running from there,” she explained. “Cancer runs in my family, so that was really important to me, and it still is.” She ran her first half marathon about four years ago at the request of her close friend who sought motivation

from her. Since then, she continues to participate in marathons with her friend, whether Buffington is pregnant or not. In 2011, Buffington signed up for the OC Half Marathon before she found out she was pregnant with her first son, Jackson. Although three months pregnant, she completed the run in 2 hours and 22 minutes. More recently, she participated in the Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach with a time of 2 hours and 42 minutes. She was 17-weeks pregnant during that race and, although her time wasn’t what she had hoped for, she is proud of the achievement. Buffington said she consulted her doctor, who gave the go-ahead for her to run in the race while pregnant, given her past running experience and health, and as long as she listens to her body and makes sure not to overexert herself. “He isn’t worried at all,” Buffington said. “He knows that I listen to my and body remain active the entire time.” Her doctor also said there aren’t a lot of risks in her case since she was a runner before she got pregnant, she said. Buffington added, however, that she always has

Before a run, Buffington stretches with her son, Jackson

Baker Park opening celebration planned

Mayor Bob Foster, the Office of 7th District Councilmember James Johnson, the Departments of Parks, Recreation and Marine, and Public Works will host an opening event for Baker Park on Saturday, May 4 at 11am. The new 1.25-acre park is located at 625 Baker Street at Golden Avenue. “Not only are we adding some much-needed green space, but a new park in Long Beach gives our residents more opportunities to be active and enjoy a healthier lifestyle,” said Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster. Park amenities include picnic areas, a universally accessible playground and a walking path. “Baker Park is the second park to open in a community that until recently had no park space at all,” Johnson said. “Thanks go to the community partners that made this park a reality.” The park project was funded with $500,000 from the Los Angeles County Park District, $100,000 from Long Beach Container Terminal Inc. and park impact fees. For more information, call (562) 570-3150. Source: City of LB

The most trusted shops in SoCal

Long Beach Shop 3033 Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90807 562-426-6322

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to be careful of uneven ground, as balance becomes an issue while carrying weight differently. “I also have to be careful of overheating,” she said. “This marathon is perfect for that because it starts at 6:15am. I’m not supposed to let my heart rate get above 140 beats per minute, however, I focus more on not becoming breathless. I’m able to hold a conversation. Other than that, because I have been active before and during, I am good to go.” Not only is running while pregnant a huge goal for her, but it also helps with her pregnancy. She ran until she was eight-months pregnant with Jackson and taught a spin class until the day she gave birth to him. “I think it helped with my labor,” she said. “I was only in labor for five hours, and, even though it was painful, it was really quick, and I recovered a lot quicker afterward. I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans within two weeks of having him, and I actually weighed 10 pounds less, nine months after having him. It also helped me to stay active and gave me a burst of energy.” Her ideal goal in running marathons is to set a good example for her son, and she hopes that he will be inspired to live a life of health and motivation. “Obesity is such an epidemic in this country, and children really look up their parents,” she said. “If I could portray a healthy image to him, then hopefully he’ll want to portray that image himself. I want him know that if you set goals, you can accomplish them and that you’re capable of a lot more than

Photos by Brandy Soto/Signal Tribune

Jessica Buffington will be participating in the OC Half Marathon while sevenmonths pregnant with her second child. In 2011, while she was three-months pregnant with her first child, Jackson (pictured), she completed the half marathon in 2 hours and 22 minutes.

people think of you and you think of yourself.” Aside from being an excellent “picture of health” for her children, Buffington said she has goals centered on timing and medals. She works to improve the timing in which she completes the marathon by training. She is working out six days a week for at least an hour, running and covering uphill terrain. She is especially excited to receive a “ginormous medal” that is awarded when the Orange County, Long Beach and Huntington Beach marathons are completed consecutively. Buffington is also looking forward to showing support for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. “Me and my friend want to wear Boston hats,” she said. “[The incident] didn’t deter us or make us scared. It


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actually made us want to run it even more so because you can’t let something like that rule your life, and we want to show the support for those people who have lost their lives and the whole community of Boston. Obviously, there’s not a whole lot we can do from here, but running shows them that we all care and are thinking of them.”


Pet of the Week:


Cooper, about 6 years old, is obviously no mini, but he is one big bundle of love. He’s very sweet and loves to lounge comfortably on your lap, which he’ll cover completely. Meet Cooper on the shelter side of Companion Animal Village at 7700 East Spring St., (562) 570PETS. Ask for ID#A490514. Sponsored by:


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& Detail Center

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May 3, 2013

Follow the yellow-brick road In Living Color

Shoshanah Siegel Colunnist

Yellow can take us to the feeling of sunshine, smiles, happi-

ness, hope and joy, as it did for the characters when it led them on the path to the Wizard of Oz. Before going into detail about the color yellow and how you can incorporate it into your decorating, I want to let you know that it is much easier to decorate when you have a definite idea of the mood you want to create and then develop the design and colors of the room around that mood. With that in mind, if you want a cheery environment, feel free to incorporate the color yellow in your décor.

This bright and cheerful entrance greets family and friends.

The many sides of yellow Sonu Mathew, Benjamin Moore’s senior interior designer, states that “yellow has always represented a sense of optimism, and the world

seems to be gradually turning the corner on recessionary times.” This is one of the reasons why Benjamin Moore is calling out Lemon Sorbet (2019-60) as the 2013 Color of the Year.

Yellow is luminous and warm. When we think of yellow we feel cheered and comforted like the rays of the sun. The English word for yellow is derived primarily from the IndoEuropean “ghelwo,” or “to gleam.” Inspiration for yellow names comes from sources such as animals, vegetables, fruits, and minerals: lemonade, nuggets of gold, canary and yellow squash. Further names come from the flowers of spring such as: buttercups, daffodils, daisies, tulips and sunflowers, just to name a few.

The golden glow Dr. Max Luscher, one of the early scientists who studied the psychology of color, states that: “After white, yellow is the color that most strongly reflects the light…” For this reason, yellow is an excellent color to draw the eye to an area where attention is needed or to highlight a focal point. This color is great for an accent wall but can work well as a color for accent pieces such as a piece of furniture, pillows, vases or lamps. Depending on the shade or saturation of the color, yellow can be used for an entire room. Kitchens This is the room where yellow is sublime. The golden, buttery or custard tones is suggestive of deliciousness. Both Benjamin Moore’s light goldy yellow of “Fresh Butter”

Photos by Shoshanah Siegel/Signal Tribune

Even when it is overcast, this house on the ocean remains a sunny golden yellow.

(290) and Sherwin Williams’s “Butter Up” (6681), which is a soft, mid-toned yellow, would make excellent colors for the kitchen. For added richness, pair the yellow with rich blues, greens, purples and reds.

Living rooms and bedrooms Golden yellows can create a luxurious and elegant feel without being stiff and formal. Create a monochromatic palette of various shades of yellow. Start with a deep, rich gold tone of Benjamin Moore’s “Pan for Gold” (181) paired with an almost creamy white of “Goldtone” (176) for the ceiling. To add depth, bring in small accents of apricot, coral and blue. Include gilded metallic mirrors, picture frames and lamp bases to bring in bling. Casual living rooms and family rooms Yellow is now being used in living

spaces for the whole family. It is a perfect color to combine with others. Try a light yellow such as Pratt & Lambert’s “Italian Straw” (11-2) combined with a sage green of “Woodgate” (11-32), and red such as “Vibrant Red” (4-12).

Children’s rooms Yellow is a fun color for kids’ rooms. It evokes pleasure and gives warmth to a room. Go with the colors of yellow, green, blue and red. For yellow, I suggest Benjamin Moore’s “Good Morning Sunshine” (326). To accompany that yellow, try a middle-toned green of “Leprechaun Green” (557), a bright blue of “Nova Scotia Blue” (796), and a red of “Ryan Red” (1314).

Exteriors and front doors Yellow is the perfect inviting color for the exterior of your home. Whether you use just a spot of color for the front door, such as Sherwin Williams’s golden yellow of “Torchlight” (6374) or for the entire outside of your home, such as Benjamin Moore’s warm tone of “Fennel Seed” (1101), your home will have instant “curb appeal.” However, be careful not to select a dark shade of yellow for the exterior walls of your home; it will fade from the sun.

If your favorite color is yellow, you are very original, imaginative, creative, artistic, often spiritual, and highly intuitive. You are a reliable friend and usually have a sunny disposition.

Shoshanah Siegel provides color consulting as well as space planning, remodeling, upgrading and staging through her firm Your Color Diva. She can be contacted at (562) 427-0440 or at More of Siegel’s writing may be found at .


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May 3, 2013

Signal Hill nonprofit Food Finders celebrates 100 million pounds of food rescued in 24 years

Since 1989, when Food Finders officially started rescuing food to donate to needy agencies and shelters who feed the hungry, the nonprofit has collected and redistributed 100 million pounds of food. This milestone was reached last month, coinciding with its 24-year anniversary, according to Food Finders. The organization, which is headquartered in Signal Hill, focuses on Courtesy Food Finders reducing food waste in local com- The Signal Hill-based Food Finders has collected and redistributed 100 million pounds of food to munities, rescuing local social-service agencies, shelters, centers and churches. donated food from restaurants, grocers, caterers, bak- tions of food.” Food Finders recently celebrated eries and more. Its team of volunteers and staff drivers deliver the food this milestone at its 2nd Annual daily to more than 200 nonprofit Swing Dance, an anniversary event social-service agencies, shelters, cen- that featured a 17-piece band. A speMEXICAN GRILL #2 ters and churches located throughout cial banner was displayed to announce the significant accomplishLos Angeles and Orange counties. SErviNgHomESTYLE mExiCANFoodSiNCE‘75 Diana Lara, vice president of ment. BrEAkFAST • LuNCH • diNNEr • CATEriNg Each year the nonprofit sets a goal operations for Food Finders, coordinates all of the logistics of the dona- to collect even more food than prior tions and deliveries. “I am very proud years, which means it also seeks of our 100 million pounds rescued,” additional donors to add to its existshe said. “Yet, despite our efforts, ing list. For 2013, the goal is to colfood insecurity continues to rise– 49 lect and redistribute 7.3 million percent from 2001 to 2009– with the pounds of food. This will provide largest increase among households enough for 41,000 meals per day. Any food vendors or hospitality with children. According the National Resources Defense Council, 40 per- businesses wishing to support Food cent of edible food goes to waste in Finders may call Diana Lara at (562) the U.S. We as an organization and 293-1400, ext. 101. community need to continue to build awareness and seek additional dona- Source: Food Finders

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Sixth Biennial Mid-City Studio Tour to offer sneak peek into artists’ workspaces

Ten years ago, professional women artists, many of whom were members of the Arts Council of the Long Beach Museum of Art, were motivated to share their art by opening their studios to art lovers, collectors, and members of their community. They organized a Mid-City Studio Tour, the sixth of which will be presented next month. The 6th Biennial Mid-City Studio Tour will take place Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2 from 11am to 4pm. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet the artists, see their creative environments, begin or expand their art collections, and watch selected demonstrations– all done in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, since most studios are in artists’ homes. Visitors are able

to purchase art directly from artists at lower studio prices and acquire a deeper understanding of the art maker’s vision and intent. Confirmed Mid-City Studio Tour participants for 2013 are: Slater Barron, Moira Hahn, Daniel du Plessis, Sue Ann Robinson, Joan Sanders, Robert Potier and Carol Roemer. Institutions include Greenly Art Space, The Alpert Jewish Community Center and Hellada Gallery, which will also have maps available. Hellada Gallery, 117 Linden Ave., will host a preview of the tour on Friday, May 24 from 2pm to 7pm.

Playhouse fundraiser to feature local personalities discussing all things LB Politicians, community leaders and actors will again gather at the offices of Keesal, Young and Logan to talk about Long Beach politics, culture and newsmakers, this time on Wednesday, June 5 at 5:30pm. Tongues firmly in cheek, these local political players promise to reveal the real truth about all that is happening in town. This year’s production, A Return to the Long Beach Home Companion, will be presented in the style of an old-timey radio show. The show is written by Gazette Executive Editor Harry Saltsgaver and performed by the Long Beach Political Players, which include George Deukmejian, Evan Anderson Braude, Justin Rudd, Blair Cohn, Randy Gordon, Doris Topsy-Elvord, Gigi Fusco Meese, Gerrie Schipske, Mike DuRee, Laura Doud and Mitchell Nunn. Straight Talk host Art Levine will provide sound effects. In addition to the radio show, there will be a buffet and cocktails. There will also be raffles for gift cards and services from local businesses. The event is a fundraiser for the Playhouse. Tickets, which are $85 each, are limited. Call the Playhouse box office at (562) 494-1014 ext. 1. All proceeds support the productions and programs of the Long Beach Playhouse, including plays of all types, collaborative productions, comedy nights, guest lecturers, regionally recognized youth- and adult-education programs and the New Works Festival.


“Firefall,” pastel by Joan Skogs Sanders

May 3, 2013

Source: LB Playhouse

Watercolor by Moira Hahn



Maybe you grew up here, like Alex. Maybe you covet the Pastrami Omelets at The Golden Eagle Restaurant. And still go up to Sunset View Park to see the sun set the horizon on fire. You love it here for lots of reasons, and now there’s a new one: Aragon in Signal Hill. You’re gonna love your new life on The Hill. Gated Solar To Townhomes From the Mid $300,000s 1,189 – 1,879 Square Feet 2-3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, 2-3 Car Attached Garage O N



Sales Center: 1870 Orizaba Ave., #102, Signal Hill, CA 90755 | Open Daily 10AM - 6PM; Wednesday 2PM - 6PM | |


MBK Homes reserves the right to modify price, plan, features and specifications without prior notice or obligation. Subsequent sales may have resulted in unavailability of any or all price levels. Square footage is approximate. Models do not reflect raci racial al preference. License #: 01304983; Contractor License #: 844533, 732455, 882348

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May 3, 2013

With relatable characters and accomplished performances, LB Playhouseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s A Flea in Her Ear is not your typical farce Vicki Paris Goodman Culture Writer

One of the things Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve always bemoaned about farce is its people. They never seem real. And when the characters are mere shells of human beings, their situations are unrelatable and their antics unfunny. At least, to me. So when I saw the new Long Beach Playhouse production of A Flea in Her Ear, I was both delighted and enlightened. Suddenly it was possible for farce to be hilarious beyond my wildest imaginings. And it is because the playâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s people seem like us, or people we know. French playwright Georges Feydeau authored A Flea in Her Ear just after the turn of the 20th century and set the stage for more than a stage play. Indeed, judging from the timeless gags he employed in his farce, he created a genre from which comedians of every stripe would borrow material for decades to come. In fact, they still do. Barnett Shaw translated the work into the English version that had the near sold-out Mainstage audience in stitches for most of the performanceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s two-hour-plus duration. A Flea in Her Ear finds the fetching and happily married Yvonne (Kate Woodruff) suddenly suspecting her ever faithful husband Victor Emmanuel (Bill Wolski) of infidelity. She fails to realize that his sudden lack of romantic interest in her is due to a nervous condition. Yvonne seeks the advice of her best friend Lucienne (Holly BakerKreiswirth), who suggests penning a love letter to Victor Emmanuel, in Lucienneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s handwriting, from a mysterious admirer requesting a rendezvous at the Pretty Pussy Innâ&#x20AC;&#x201C; yes, that is the name Shaw gave to the establishment of disrepute within his adaptation. Victor Emmanuel receives the letter, but assumes it was intended for his friend, the dashing Tournel (Joshua Aguilar), who is intrigued by the offer. Yvonne and Lucienne go to the inn expecting to catch Victor Emmanuel awaiting his lover. Instead they find Tournel. In the meantime, an amused Victor Emmanuel shows the letter to Lucienneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s husband Don Carlos (Pablo Alexander Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Adamo), who recognizes his wifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s handwriting and becomes murderous with rage in the style stereotypical of an impassioned



Spaniard. Don Carlos heads for the Pretty Pussy, with Victor Emmanuel in hot pursuit in order to try to prevent the murder. You get the idea. Feydeau sets up the usual cases of mistaken identity at a frantic pace that only farce can manage. But the playwright sets his work apart with character development of atypical most farce. Courtesy LBPH Directed by James From left: Judy Gish, Victoria Yvonne Martinez, and Noah Wagner in the Long Beach Playhouseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Rice, this pro- production of A Flea in Her Ear duction succeeds in spades due to its outstanding always present and effervescent Dr. Performances are Fridays and Satverbal and physical humor executed Finache fares well in the hands of urdays at 8pm, with Sunday matiCoNTACT uS For A nees at 2pm. The Long Beach with perfect comedic timing by an Stephen Alan Carver. quiCk quoTE TodAY! Lesser roles are handled just as Playhouse is located at 5021 E. exceptionally strong cast. Woodruff strikes the right balance ably by cast members Victoria Anaheim St. Call (562) 494-1014 between coy and flirtatious, while Yvonne Martinez, Noah Wagner, for reservations and information. Baker-Kreiswirth lends Lucienne a Judy Gish, Douglas Seagraves, and Tickets are also available online at License No. 483280 . smart, down-to-earth, nonchalant Peter J. Rounds. As always, Donna Fritsche has self-confidence. Lucienne is the perfect foil for the hotheaded Don performed wizardry with the cosCarlos, her pragmatic and tume designs. With only two more weekends grounded nature rendering his murderous rantings all the more to see this outstanding and thoroughly entertaining production, ridiculous. Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Adamo articulates a won- run, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t walk, to the Long Beach drous stream of fury in both Eng- Playhouse to catch a performance lish and Spanish, his exaggerated of A Flea in Her Ear. You will Latin accent just right. Wolski thank me for the recommedation. Treat Mom to something sweet, like some A Flea in Her Ear continues on amazes by alternately portraying Linzer cookies or chocolate-covered strawberries! the upstanding and well-spoken the Long Beach Playhouse MainVictor Emmanuel and his striking stage through May 11. General 4334-36 Atlantic Avenue, LB â&#x20AC;˘ Ph (562) 427-5992 Fx (562) 422-1105 Tue-Fri: 7am-6pm, Sat: 7am-5:30pm look-alike, the mush-mouthed admission tickets are $24; $21 for hotel go-fer Poche. His may well seniors; $14 for students/children. be the most difficult and accomplished performance of all. Lee Samuel Tanng is hysterical as Victor Emmanuelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s consonantchallenged nephew Camille, whose vowel-intensive diatribes provide more than their fair share of the eveningâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s entertainment. Eva Dailey and Greg Wickes portray married servants in the home of Yvonne and Victor Emmanuel. Daileyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Antoinette is bawdy and naughty, in contrast to Wickesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s domineering Etienne. The role of the

(562) 633-4400

Happy Motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day!

Alsace Lorraine Fine Pastries

First Fridays art Walk to undergo some ch-ch-ch-changes on May 3

The First Fridays Art Walk in Bixby Knolls on May 3 will be a â&#x20AC;&#x153;Moonage Daydreamâ&#x20AC;? celebration of all things David Bowie and Space Age glam rock. The evening will include: live art and interactive-art activities, break dancers, a chalk zone, Martian dancers, blues, jazz, indie rock, politicos, a Tres de Mayo fiesta with tamales, student recitals, slam poetry, spacy arts and craft, friendly goats, the Knolls Ranger mascot, Space Age candy, dramatic scenes, free books, gift items, antiques, and the Big Red Bus. Toaster Music, an improvisational performance duo featuring Sumako and Sander Roscoe Wolff, will perform a sound installation. Beat Theatre will rescore and remix the Nicolas Roeg film The Man Who Fell to Earth. Beat Theatre is a monthly multimedia event that is usually conducted at Cultural Alliance of Long Beachâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s screening room in the Bungalow Building on Pine Avenue in downtown Long Beach. Each month, a different film is paired with different live-beat artists and rare vinyl, bringing new perspectives to classic and modern films. The artists draw inspiration for their beats from a variety of sources, including the film itself, and their sets are planned to synchronize with the filmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s progression. Seventh District Councilmember James Johnsonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;First Books at First Fridaysâ&#x20AC;? at the Dana Branch Library, 3680 Atlantic Ave., will feature Councilmember Al Austin at 5:30pm. Austinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Council on Your Cornerâ&#x20AC;? will be set up at Atlantic Avenue and Burlinghall Drive to meet and greet attendees, with special guest, Long Beach City Prosecutor Doug Haubert. Attendees may dine on â&#x20AC;&#x153;Art-Lanticâ&#x20AC;? Avenue at one of the local restaurants then grab the Big Red Bus to travel from venue to venue via designated stops at the participating businesses. Bella Cosa, 3803 Atlantic Ave., will have all the information about First Fridays, maps, business info, and restaurant recommendations from 6:30pm to 8pm. MORE INFORMATION


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TRUST COMPANY, N.A., as duly appointed trustee pursuant to the Deed of Trust executed by REGINA UGALDE, A SINGLE WOMAN, dated 05/19/2006 and recorded 6/7/2006, as Instrument No. 06-1249550, in Book N/A, Page N/A, of Official Records in the office of the County Recorder of Los Angeles County, State of California, will sell on 06/06/2013 at 9:00AM, Doubletree Hotel Los Angeles-Norwalk, 13111 Sycamore Drive, Norwalk, CA 90650, Vineyard Ballroom at public auction, to the highest bidder for cash or check as described below, payable in full at time of sale,


all right, title, and interest conveyed to and now held by it under said Deed of Trust, in the property situated in said County and State and as more fully described in the above referenced Deed of Trust. The street address and other common designation, if any, of the real property described above is purported to be: 2270 SARAH COURT, SIGNAL HILL, CA, 907554048. The undersigned Trustee disclaims any liability for any incorrectness of the street address and other common designation, if any, shown herein. The total amount of the unpaid balance with interest thereon of the obligation secured by the property to be sold plus reasonable estimated costs, expenses and advances at the time of the initial publication of the Notice of Sale is $858,202.48. It is possible that at the time of sale the opening bid may be less than the total indebtedness due. In addition to cash, the Trustee will accept cashier's checks drawn on a state or national bank, a check drawn by a state or federal credit union, or a check drawn by a state or federal savings and loan association, savings association, or savings bank specified in Section 5102 of the Financial Code and authorized to do business in this state. Said sale will be made, in an ''AS IS'' condition, but without covenant or warranty, express or implied, regarding title, possession or encumbrances, to satisfy the indebtedness secured by said Deed of Trust, advances thereunder, with interest as provided, and the unpaid principal of the Note secured by said Deed of Trust with interest thereon as provided in said Note, plus fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee and of the trusts created by said Deed of Trust. NOTICE TO POTENTIAL BIDDERS If you are considering bidding on this property lien, you should understand that there are risks involved in bidding at a trustee auction. You will be bidding on a lien, not on a property itself. Placing the highest bid at a trustee auction does not automatically entitle you to free and clear ownership of the property. You should also be aware that the lien being auctioned off may be a junior lien. If you are the highest bidder at the auction, you are or may be responsible for paying off all liens senior to the lien being auctioned off, before you can receive clear title to the property. You are encouraged to investigate the existence, priority, and size of outstanding liens that may exist on this property by contacting the county recorder's office or a title insur-

ance company, either of which may charge you a fee for this information. If you consult either of these resources, you should be aware that the lender may hold more than one mortgage or deed of trust on the property. NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNER The sale date shown on this notice of sale may be postponed one or more times by the mortgagee, beneficiary, trustee, or a court, pursuant to Section 2924g of the California Civil Code. The law requires that information about trustee sale postponements be made available to you and to the public, as a courtesy to those not present at the sale. If you wish to learn whether your sale date has been postponed, and, if applicable, the rescheduled time and date for the sale of this property, you may call 1-800-281-8219 or this Internet Web site visit, using the file number assigned to this case TS No. 12-0030652. Information about postponements that are very short in duration or that occur close in time to the scheduled sale may not immediately be reflected in the telephone information or on the Internet Web site. The best way to verify postponement information is to attend the scheduled sale. DATED: 07/18/2012 RECONTRUST COMPANY, N.A. 1800 Tapo Canyon Rd., CA6914-01-94 SIMI VALLEY, CA 93063 Phone: (800) 281 8219, Sale Information (626) 9274399 By: - Trustee's Sale Officer RECONTRUST COMPANY, N.A. is a debt collector attempting to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. A4381722 05/03/2013, 05/10/2013, 05/17/2013

TST4339 / 2013 065780 FICTITIoUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following person is doing business as: OCEAN LIMOUSINE SERVICES, 400 E. Arbor St. #219, Long Beach, CA 90805. Registrant: GABRIEL MOJICA, 400 E. Arbor St. #219, Long Beach, CA 90805. This business is conducted by: an Individual. I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. Signed: Gabriel Mojica. The registrant has begun to transact business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. The registrant began using this fictitious business name on April 2, 2013. This statement was filed with the county clerk of Los Angeles County on April 2, 2013. NOTICE: This fictitious business name statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the office of the county clerk. A new

CITy OF SIgNaL HILL Call us today (866) 413-4911


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Tuesday, May 14, 2013, the Planning Commission of the City of Signal Hill will conduct a public hearing at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chamber located at City Hall, 2175 Cherry Avenue, Signal Hill, California, to consider recommendations on the following: ZONING ORDINANCE AMENDMENT 13-01

â&#x20AC;˘ ADDING CHAPTER 20.23 â&#x20AC;&#x153;ESTABLISHED AND NONCONFORMING TRUCKING YARDSâ&#x20AC;? TO THE SIGNAL HILL MUNICIPAL CODE, ESTABLISHING MINIMUM PERFORMANCE STANDARDS FOR MAINTENANCE AND OPERATIONS IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS: â&#x20AC;˘ A current business license â&#x20AC;˘ Compliance with National Pollution Discharge Elimination System for storm water runoff â&#x20AC;˘ Yard improvements for dust and dirt track-out reduction â&#x20AC;˘ Screened perimeter fencing â&#x20AC;˘ Perimeter landscaping â&#x20AC;˘ A reduced time frame for discontinuance of the use â&#x20AC;˘ A prohibition for increasing the intensity of the use â&#x20AC;˘ Annual inspection report to the City Council â&#x20AC;˘ AMENDING SECTION 20.20.020 â&#x20AC;&#x153;USE CLASSIFICATIONSâ&#x20AC;? FOOTNOTE (LL) ADDING A REFERENCE TO THE NEW PERFORMANCE STANDARDS FOR MAINTENANCE AND OPERATIONS FOR ALL ESTABLISHED TRUCKING YARDS â&#x20AC;˘ REPLACING THE 2006 LIST OF EXISTING TRUCKING YARDS WITH A REVISED LIST ALL INTERESTED PERSONS are hereby invited to attend this public hearing to present written information, express their opinions or otherwise present evidence on the above matter. If you wish to legally challenge any action taken by the City on the above matter, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearings described in this notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the City prior to or at the public hearings.

A NEGATIVE DECLARATION has been prepared in conjunction with the subject project based on an initial study finding of no significant environmental impacts associated with the project. Written comments may be submitted to the Community Development Department regarding Negative Declaration 05/03/13(1) during the public review period from May 3, 2013 to May 23, 2013. THE FILE and associated documents for the proposed project may be reviewed by the public between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Fridays, in the Community Development Department at City Hall.

FURTHER INFORMATION on this item may be obtained at the City of Signal Hill Community Development Department located at 2175 Cherry Avenue, Signal Hill, California, or by emailing Colleen Doan, Associate Planner, at or calling at (562) 989-7344. Published in the Signal Tribune newspaper per Govâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Code §65091(a)(4): May 3, 2013 Posted in accordance with S.H.M.C. Section 1.08.010 on or before: May 3, 2013 Mailed to affected property owners and tenants: May 3, 2013


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Tuesday, May 14, 2013, the Planning Commission of the City of Signal Hill will conduct a public hearing at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chamber located at City Hall, 2175 Cherry Avenue, Signal Hill, California, to consider the recommendation of the following: ZONING ORDINANCE AMENDMENT 13-02


ALL INTERESTED PERSONS are hereby invited to attend this public hearing to present written information, express their opinions or otherwise present evidence on the above matter.

If you wish to legally challenge any action taken by the City on the above matter, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearings described in this notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the City prior to or at the public hearings.

A NEGATIVE DECLARATION has been prepared in conjunction with the subject project based on an initial study finding of no significant environmental impacts associated with the project. Written comments may be submitted to the Community Development Department regarding Negative Declaration 05/03/13(2) during the public review period from May 3, 2013 to May 23, 2013. THE FILE and associated documents for the proposed project may be reviewed by the public between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Fridays, in the Community Development Department at City Hall. FURTHER INFORMATION on this item may be obtained at the City of Signal Hill Community Development Department located at 2175 Cherry Avenue, Signal Hill, California, or by emailing Selena Alanis, Assistant Planner, at or calling at (562) 989-7341. Published in the Signal Tribune newspaper per Govâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Code §65091(a)(4): May 3, 2013 Posted in accordance with S.H.M.C. Section 1.08.010: May 3, 2013

May 3, 2013

fictitious business name statement must be filed prior to that date. The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business name in violation of the rights of another under federal, state, or common law (see section 14411 et seq., Business and Professions Code). Pub. The Signal Tribune: April 12, 19, 26, & May 3, 2013.

TST4341 / 2013 068591 FICTITIoUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following person is doing business as: 1. GIFT A LEI, 2. GIFTALEI.COM, 514 N. Gulf Ave. Apt. B, Wilmington, CA 90744. Registrant: LISI LETALIA MASALOSALO, 514 N. Gulf Ave. Apt. B, Wilmington, CA 90744. This business is conducted by: an Individual. I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. Signed: Lisi Letalia Masalosalo. The registrant has begun to transact business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. The registrant began using this fictitious business name on March 1, 2013. This statement was filed with the county clerk of Los Angeles County on April 5, 2013. NOTICE: This fictitious business name statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the office of the county clerk. A new fictitious business name statement must be filed prior to that date. The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business name in violation of the rights of another under federal, state, or common law (see section 14411 et seq., Business and Professions Code). Pub. The Signal Tribune: April 19, 26, & May 3, 10, 2013.

TST4342 / 2013 062774 FICTITIoUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following person is doing business as: THE CANDY APPLE LADY, 4922 Grisham Ave. #101, Long Beach, CA 90805. Registrant: VANISHA ANDERSON, 4922 Grisham Ave. #101, Long Beach, CA 90805. This business is conducted by: an Individual. I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. Signed: Vanisha Anderson. The registrant has not begun to transact business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. This statement was filed with the county clerk of Los Angeles County on March 28, 2013. NOTICE: This fictitious business name statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the office of the county clerk. A new fictitious business name statement must be filed prior to that date. The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business name in violation of the rights of another under federal, state, or common law (see section 14411 et seq., Business and Professions Code). Pub. The Signal Tribune: April 26, & May 3, 10, 17, 2013.

TST4343 / 2013 080306 FICTITIoUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following persons are doing business as: 1. FELIX AUTO DETAILING, 2. FELIX MOBILE DETAILING, 2125 Ohio Ave Unit G, Signal Hill, CA 90755. Registrant: 1. LUIS DONINGO FELIX JR., 2. PAULA RAE FELIX, 2125 Ohio Ave. Unit G, Signal Hill, CA 90755. This business is conducted by: a Married Couple. I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. Signed: Luis Domingo Felix Jr.. The registrant has not begun to transact business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. This statement was filed with the county clerk of Los Angeles County on April 19, 2013. NOTICE: This fictitious business name statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the office of the county clerk. A new fictitious business name statement must be filed prior to that date. The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business name in violation of the rights of another under federal, state, or common law (see section 14411 et seq., Business and Professions Code). Pub. The Signal Tribune: April 26, & May 3, 10, 17, 2013.

TST4344 / 2013 082850 FICTITIoUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following person is doing business as: CRAIG & SON WOODWORKING, 1976 Freeman Ave., Signal Hill, CA 90755. Registrant: JAMES H. CRAIG II, 3031 Rowena Dr., Los Alamitos, CA 90720. This business is conducted by: an Individual. I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. Signed: James H. Craig II. The registrant has begun to transact business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. The registrant began using this fictitious business name on April 28, 2008. This statement was filed with the county clerk of Los Angeles County on April 23, 2013. NOTICE: This fictitious business name statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the office of the county clerk. A new fictitious business name statement must be filed prior to that date. The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business name in violation of the rights of another under federal, state, or common law (see section 14411 et seq., Business and Professions Code). Pub. The Signal Tribune: April 26, & May 3, 10, 17, 2013.

TST4345 / 2013 082851 FICTITIoUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following person is doing business as: THE HAMUD RESIDENTIAL HOMES, 2517 E. 219th Pl., Carson, CA 90810. Registrant: NORMA HAMUD, 2517 E. 219th Pl., Carson, CA 90810. This business is conducted by: an Individual. I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. Signed: Norma Hamud. The registrant has not begun to transact business under the of a fictitious business name in violation of the rights of another under federal, state, or common law (see section 14411 et seq., Business and Professions Code). Pub. The Signal Tribune: April 26, & May 3, 10, 17, 2013.

TST4346 / 2013 082852 FICTITIoUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following person is doing business as: HARBOR GENESIS CHRISTIAN COLLEGE, 627 S. Pacific Ave., San Pedro, CA 90731. Registrant: THE POWER OF THE POTTER'S CHRISTIAN CENTER INC., 627 S. Pacific Ave., San Pedro, CA 90731. This business is conducted by: a Corporation. I declare that all information in this statement is true and cor- rect. Signed: Norma Hamud, CEO. The registrant has not begun to transact business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. This statement was filed with the county clerk of Los Angeles County on April 23, 2013. NOTICE: This fictitious business name statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the office of the county clerk. A new fictitious business name state- ment must be filed prior to that date. The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business name in violation of the rights of another under federal, state, or common law (see section 14411 et seq., Business and Professions Code). Pub. The Signal Tribune April 26, May 3, 10, 17, 2013.

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May 3, 2013

Bookkeeping & Tax Services

B O O K K E E P I N G / TA X E S

Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors/Training Business & Personal Bookkeeping Cambodian & Spanish Speaking CTEC Registered Tax Preparers

1640 E. Burnett Street Phone: 562-264-5114


Genus Computer Services LLC COMPUTER SERVICES

Tile Zone Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles Custom Design & Installation

3677 Atlantic Avenue

562-988-8429 W W W. T H E T I L E Z O N E . C O M


• Computer Sales • Repair & Installation • Website Design & Hosting • Network Setup, Support, Cabling & Wireless • Internet Installation & Configuration • Remote Back-up & Data Recovery • Camera Surveillance Security Systems MEMBER

Better Business Bureau


4047 Long Beach Blvd




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on HP reman

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toner cartridges

Landscape & Garden

With this ad. New clients. Discount based on HP OEM pricing.

• Design • Installation • Maintenance




A Full-Service Computer Company - Home or Office

I N K & TO N E R



562.997.4111 PLUMBING



(562) 427-0688 Call Dennis Bartlett:


CALL THE SIGNAL TRIBUNE AT 562-595-7900 Crimes reported by SHPD Citywide

Thursday, april 25 Stolen vehicle 8:13am– 2600 block Cherry Ave. Stolen vehicle 8:57am– 2400 block Palm Dr.

Residential burglary 5:43pm– 3200 block Lewis Ave. Friday, april 26 Non-injury hit-and-run 6:02pm– Skyline Dr./E. Hill St.

Battery 6:53pm– E. Hill St./Gundry Ave.

Saturday, april 27 Music disturbance 9:44pm– 2300 block Lemon Ave. Subject cited.

Sunday, april 28 Non-injury hit-and-run 5pm– 1900 block St. Louis Ave.

Monday, april 29 Recovered stolen vehicle 3:30am– 2000 block Alamitos Ave.

EYE ON CRIME (cont.) Vehicle alarm disturbance 8:31am– 1400 block E. 23rd St. Cited.

Petty theft 9am– 2400 block Cherry Ave.

Identity theft 2:38pm– 2700 block Walnut Ave.

Tuesday, april 30 Grand theft 7:17am– 1800 block E. Spring St.

Exhibiting firearm 2:10pm– 700 block E. 28th St.

Crimes reported by LBPD Council Districts 6, 7 & 8

Thursday, april 25 Residential burglary 6:45am– 4300 block Gaviota Ave.

Friday, april 26 Commercial robbery 10:20am– 100 block E. Willow St.

Auto burglary 1:48pm– 2100 block Pine Ave.

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theme of Bella Cosa, is decorated with rusty street signs from Long Beach, and most clothing is made in California or elsewhere in the United States, which she said cuts down on the merchandise’s “carbon footprint.” Among the U.S.-made brands currently carried by Clover are Natural Life, featuring clothes made of modal, a textile made from fibers of the beech tree, as well as premium jeans by Articles of Society. One of the big draws for customers, Pardini hopes, is this month’s First Fridays, which is when the boutique will offer tamales and have musical entertainment. Pardini said she opened the boutique because Bixby Knolls lacks clothing stores, adding that


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induced antics, violent episodes and ending up in the Long Beach jail, all of which he said were the norm in those formative years. “Long Beach has a weird thing, because it’s not Orange County and it’s not L.A. really, so it’s kind of like a weird mix,” he said. At the time, The Pike in downtown Long Beach that once included carnival rides and a massive roller coaster was considered the place to get an “illegal tattoo” or simply seek refuge from authority, remembered Grisham, whose father was a career military man, who served in the Navy. Escalante, a Signal Hill resident who is now a lawyer, radio talk-show host and owner of Kung Fu Records, added, “That was one of the places where you could hang out… if you’re punk and you’re edgy and you’re underground– go to The Pike,” he said. More than 30 years after the punk scene peaked, the founding members of the underground bands have settled down with families yet are still recognized for forming a subculture that Grisham said is more accepted today. “It seems strange to be sitting up here because I’ve been detained in this fair country… and this town,” he said. Grisham also talked about what

May 3, 2013

Sean Belk/Signal Tribune

The northwest corner of Bixby Road and Long Beach Boulevard is slated for a new commercial project by developer Howard CDM

she hopes the corridor continues to become even more diverse as more businesses open in the future. “Bixby Knolls doesn’t have, as far as clothing stores, that much to offer,” she said. “There’s a couple like AndyLiz, Marshalls, Ross and it’s like now being a father to his 13year-old daughter, ultimately becoming the authority figure against which he once rebelled. “I’m a dad now,” he said. “I volunteer at school… and I’m looking at my little daughter… and if she’s out of sight for like five minutes I’m checking it out.” The music panel discussion also included Chhom Nimol (singer) and Zac Holtzman (guitarist), members of Dengue Fever, a newly formed band that blends Cambodian vocals with psychedelic rock. Before the interview, the two band members gave a live performance. Holtzman, formerly of the band Dieselhead, discovered Nimol at a club called Dragon House in Cambodia Town in Long Beach where she sang Karaoke. “I think Long Beach is a cool city,” Nimol said. “People of Cambodia, they love to eat, they love to drink, they love to sing, and they love music and love to dance.” Long Beach has also embraced a skateboarding culture that continues to grow. Skateboarders have come to revere Long Beach, which has been promoted in magazines as being skate-friendly and known for having “the most skate parks per capita” than any other city in the United States, said Long Beach native and pro skater

Target but no real specialty boutique. So that’s really what made us do it… If I had enough money, there are so many things that we are in need of up here, I would open up a store for every one of them.” ß

Neena Strichart/Signal Tribune

Clover is a new women’s boutique in Bixby Knolls that offers “California casual” women’s clothing, an exclusive line of handcrafted jewelry, accessories and other items.

Photos by Sean Belk/Signal Tribune

From left: professional skater Chad Tim Tim, cinematographer Ricky Bedenbaugh, and skate-shoe designer Paul Kwon speak as part of a panel about the local skateboarding culture during the“Long Beach: Work in Progress” conference on April 26.

Chad Tim Tim during the panel on skateboarding. “The diversity of Long Beach and the embrace of skateboarding has really attracted a lot of people,” he said. “It’s like Skate City.” Other panelists said skateboarding has created an avenue for youth of different races and socio-economic backgrounds to get involved in something positive rather than drugs, gangs or

other criminal activities. Still, panelists agreed there appears to be a perception gap between decision-makers, who are unfamiliar with skateboarding and see it as just another sport with liabilities, and skateboarders, who see it as an artful form of self-expression. Paul Kwon, a skate-shoe designer who moved to Long Beach six years ago from Detroit, said the skateboarding community needs to do a better job of communicating that building a skate park isn’t the same as building a “football field.” “It’s kind of being perceived as this activity, almost like it’s a sport like football or basketball, where they give us these training facilities that

really don’t reflect skateboarding as a creative expression and a creative discipline,” he said. “You need a place to be creative that’s visually and aesthetically pleasing that promotes creativity and innovation.” Other panelists during the conference included: Cara Mullio and Jennifer Volland, co-authors of Long Beach Architecture: The Unexpected Metropolis; Jonathon Gold, a Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic who writes for the LA Times and formerly wrote for the LA Weekly and Gourmet magazine; and Julia Huang, CEO of advertising firm interTREND. MORE INFORMATION

From left: Joe Escalante, bassist for the punk band The Vandals, moderates a panel about Long Beach’s music culture with Jack Grisham, frontman for the Orange County punk band T.S.O.L., at last week’s “Long Beach: Work in Progress” conference, which was presented by Imprint Culture Lab, an organization formed in 2004 to “investigate and curate global creative culture” while bringing together business and creative entities. Dine In Take Out

Mexican Patricia’s Restaurant Celebrate Cinco de Mayo! At Patricia’s Mexican Restaurant

3626 Atlantic Ave. • Bixby Knolls

Authentic Mexican Food

562-426-7547 • Fax: 562-426-0684

HoURS: Mon-Sat 8:30am-10:30pm Sunday 8:30am-9pm

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May 3, 2013



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May 3, 2013


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