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FitPanic Movement Development Program

Dirty Art Department @ NASA

Stef Meul


The FitPanic Movement Development Program is a post-chair, TOTAL WORKOUT, new style of movement. It seriously affects the body-mind-spirit connections, increases cardiovascular vitality and is a FRESH twentyfirst century guiding method to a successful life with no lack of style. FitPanic MDP provides TOURS and DEMONSTRATIONS that are all about getting FIT and UNLEASHING fears. For hermits, the shy and the sad it also offers a unique private SOLUTION in SHAPE of the FREE FitPanic Online Routines, ensuring that nobody is left behind. This new method is MUCH MORE than your regular fitness hype. Making use of its unique COMBINATION of sensory inputs and sequences of singular sensations FitPanic MDP EASILY leaves outdated predecessors like Zumba, Harlem Shake and Kundalini to sway in its RADIATING dust tracks. Post-presentation is the nerve centre of the FitPanic MDP formula, in itself and for itself, generating HEAT, WARMTH, SWEAT and unknown kinds of an unlimited kinetic force. FitPanic deepest secret has travelled for many lightyears across the multidimensional hyperspace to instantly arrive on the surface of the human mind, revealing new insights on circulatory movement economics, unlocking evergreen solutions to global anxiety and leading the BEST way to live forever in HEALTH. Many of FitPanics LONG LASTING EFFECTS proof to be suitably to all kinds of people of all size and ages, thanks to its modular, molecular and fractal methods that can be applied to even the weirdest among all. The FitPanic Movement Development Program even moves you, the spectator, without having to move yourself. Just mirror the neurons of our Certified Instructors and it will make your heart rate rise, increasing your vitality right away from the start. One warning: FitPanic might change your time indefinitely.

image source : History of Fitness Series


TOUR The tour will take place once per day or evening throughout the NASA building. A short stop will be made at every artwork or architectural peculiarity for site specific interval trainings. Anecdotes about FitPanic will be told by the tour guides in relation to its surrounding fauna & flora. Jokes and small talk conversations will be scripted with the fellow artists and staff present in the building during the tour. Simple games like ‘follow the leader’ or ‘last one does twice’ will be applied to encourage the participants to imitate or outsmart the tour guide. At the central hall (the smoking area) inside the building of NASA there will be ground charcoal and carbon ashes on the floor, in the shape of an oversized start and finish line. In between these two lines the floor will be covered with found sheets of paper. The participants of the tour will walk on the ashes and leave a carbon footprint on the paper when going from start to finish. After the finish line the floor is covered with a mat to clean the shoes and in order to prevent the dust to exceed the smoking area.

Jean Luc Godard “Bande à part - Run Through The Louvre”

Floorplan NASA

Work 850 Martin Creed at Tate Britain video

DEMONSTRATION The FitPanic Demonstration is a maximum heart rate (160-180 average age) high level series of repetitive movements, making use of a broad range of motion in a setting with various dynamic kinetic forces. The 40 minute duration unfolds in time along nine parts of coÜrdinated combo’s and is mainly accompanied by the sound of a repetitive musical leitmotiv. The movement is executed along with live vocal slogans and key commands. The spectator is suggested to imitate the instructor movements at own risk. The six instructors are mainly surrounded by a circle of the spectators, or can occupy the spectators place in order to displace him/her. Occasionally, there is a video projection on the wall, briefly interrupting the instructors Demonstration.

Defend Yourself - Cynthia Rothrock

ONLINE ROUTINE The video material for the FitPanic Free Online Routines will be shot on the days of the audition and during the rehearsals Additional footage will be compiled from the video sources received from the applicants portfolio’s. All applicants will be informed and invited to the exhibition Tour at NASA. Currently, there are more than twentyfour applicants for the FitPanic Audition on the 18th and 19th of May at sign6 in Brussels who are currently awaiting confirmation. During the Exhibition at NASA, there will be a monitor in the space next to the entrance to the restrooms. This monitor displays a random playlist of all the routines and video’s from the portfolio’s. On the website the routines will be embedded in a playlist from ‘super easy’ to ‘way to hard’, and the portfolio’s will be linked on the ‘participants’ page.

Billy Blanks “Tae Bo Gold”

A Kundalini Yoga Kriya and Meditation for the Aquarian Age with Anne Novak: 11-11-11 and Beyond

Buddhist Trance Dance

Ab Workout: How to Grab Your Cash | Dance Workout Video image from Fuck Research for Creative Conception at sign6, Brussels 26.03.2013.

Costume and Accesoires # Nike Air Max 1 Men Women # American Apparel Fitness Unisex Shorts Sports Bra # Polar heart beat monitor

Sound # Intro & Coda ‘Muti Murder’ by Skip and Die # Leitmotiv ‘Keyboard Cat’ by Charlie Schmidt # Intermezzo ‘Fucking Die’ by Electroschultz


Manifesto ‘Live is art’

⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃

Life is art Art is life Live is not dead Dead is not life Art is not dead Being alive is art Being dead is not art Making paintings is art A painting is dead Taking pictures is art A picture is not art Reading is art A text is not art Dancing is art Dance is dead Making objects is art An object is not art Something dying is art Something dead is not art Singing is art A song is not art Doing anything is art Anything done is not art Writing a manifesto is art A manifesto is not art Playing is art

⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃

A play is dead Thinking is art Thoughts are not art Remembering is art Memory is dead Designing the world is art A designed world is dead Using a condom is art A used condom is not art Being a sperm is art A dead sperm is not art Drinking blood is art Drunk blood is dead ⁃ Killing artists is art Killed artists are dead ⁃ Talking about art is art ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃

Having talked about art is dead Staring at a picture screen is art A picture screen is not art Moving a cursor is art A moved cursor is dead Using politics is art Politics are dead A viral infection is art Resisting viral infection is art Resistance is dead

During the rehearsals with the instructors we convert the lyrics of Disney’s “Sing Along Songs Disneyland Fun It’s A Small World” show into various slogans.

PLANNING week 20 13.05. - 19.05. Monday Project presentation at DAD (AMS) Saturday and Sunday FitPanic audition at sign6 (BRU) week 21 20.05. - 26.05. Printing publicity and binding at Rietveld (AMS) week 22 27.05 - 02.06 other works at DAD (AMS) designing FitPanic website finding hosts for accomodation (AMS) week 23 03.06. - 09.06. From wednesday FitPanic Rehearsals at sign6 (BRU) Buy costumes and accessories week 24 10.06. - 16.06.

FitPanic Rehearsals at sign6 (BRU) Friday studio tryout Demonstration week 25 17.06. - 23.06. uploading routines send reminder for Tour collect used paper and carbon ashes (AMS) week 26 24.06. - 30.06. Sunday instructor arrivals and rehearsal (AMS) week 27 01.07. - 07.07. Monday general rehearsal at NASA (AMS) Tuesday Demonstration at NASA Wednesday and Thursday tour at NASA Friday Demonstration at NASA Sunday instructors departures week 28 08.07. - 14.07. unbuild at NASA

BUDGET details Fees Instructors Total Fees Production Cost Sneakers Shorts Sport Bra’s Heart Monitor Watches Total Production cost Travel/Stay Bus tickets BRU-AMS instructors round trip Total Travel/ Stay Unexpected (+/- 10%) Total unexpected costs TOTAL PRODUCTION



amount days

€ excl Tax € incl Tax


200 € (netto salary)


1200 €


2400 € 2400 €

Nike American Apparel American Apparel Polar

76 € 14 €

6 6

456 € 84 €

28 €


112 €

50 €


300 € 952 €


150 €

150 € 150 €

350 € 3852 €

The FitPanic MDP project in 3 sentences 1) A 40 minute performance DEMONSTRATION performed on the opening, and on the closing day of the exhibition at NASA.

2) An ongoing video DISPLAY of the FitPanic Free Online Routine video’s.

3) A daily TOUR with the visitors of the exhibition throughout the building at NASA.

WHERE you want to present that in NASA 1) The presentation of the performance piece would best take place in the auditorium. Audience would join, walk, stand or sit in a circle around the instructors during the 40 minutes Demonstration. 2) The instructional Online Routine videos would be on a AV monitor display in the space between the toilets and the staircase (floor -1, in the hallway connecting the chapel & cinema) 3) The daily Tour would happen through the building, much like a parcour, alike a runthrough guided tour of the exposition. The indoor smoking area floor will be covered with paper and ashes for the Tour participants carbon footprints.

A description of yourself which NASA can put in their communication

About my work : Stef Meul works on a bridge between performing art and radial discourse. His practice is found upon a constant base of movement, action and improvisation. Main intents within these alternating processes direct incrementally towards ever more clear and distilled temporal forms. Within each piece there is a struggle taking place, between production and realization; meaning the real time attempt to balance thought, action, movement, situation, documentation and publication. Besides individual work - script, piece, concert, video, publication - he engages in horizontal molecular constellations of art run space, research, venue and event self-organization. About me : Stef Meul (°8/10/1983, Brussels) has a background in contemporary dance and design. After completing the Vrije Rudolf Steinerschool (Ghent) he moves to the Netherlands for studies at The Utrecht School for the Arts (Digital Video Design) and The Amsterdam School of the Arts (Modern Theater Dance). In 2008 he starts an experiment in artist autonomy. This results in building a workplace (Le Chien Perdu) and initiating a series of various improvisations and performance pieces at small venues in Brussels (Artpotheek,Volksroom, Il est une fois, magic mirrors), Amsterdam (Nimk, OT301), Athens (Loukoumi bar), Estella-Lizarra (Inkietas). In 2013 he co-founded sign6, a ‘cooperactive artist organization’ for the performing and visual forms in art. Currently, he is a graduate of the Dirty Art Department at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, where he mainly works with an instant approach towards performance art, choreography, contemporary dance, movement based practices and visual language.

ideas for opening night During the opening night I’d like to premiere the Demonstration & conduct a Tour of the exposition. & get a little drunk later on.

Expectations of NASA, the DAD, me and yourself for this project coil - cso 15

NASA : - a wireless microphone, general lights and video projection for the performance Demonstration - AV monitor with dvd player or with a connection to a computer to display the instructional video playlist. DAD : a budget (travel + shoes, costumes & heart monitors) for the performers (maximum six other persons besides me) involved in the project. Yourself : - paying the performers fee for the Demonstrations. - finding free accomodation for the performers. - installing the display. - conducting the training sessions/runthrough tours.

FitPanic NASA Proposal  
FitPanic NASA Proposal  

FitPanic proposal for graduation show of the Dirty Art Department at New Art Space Amsterdam