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Sigma Pi Fraternity, International

Alumni Quarterly, Spring 2011


This past year has been a great one for the Brothers of the Eta-Eta Chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity! By November of 2010, a new Executive Board was nominated, elected, and installed. The current E-Board is as follows: • Sage – Br. Brian Patrick Sanborn Jr. • 2nd Counselor – Br. Matthew David Brady • 3rd Counselor – Br. “Dino” Dourountoudakis • 4th Counselor – Br. Richard Herbert Carroll • 1st Counselor – Br. Joshua Lucas Whitney • Herald – Br. Douglas Armand Giglio • Eta-Eta Representative – Br. Stephen Joseph Curtin Only days after being installed, the new E-Board initiated 6 new men into the Brotherhood, including Br. Jonny Ballou, Br. Jarrod Clark, Br. Thomas Coughlin, Br. Nick Healey, Br. Yussuf Lazzouni, and Br. Brian Lee. Also, in our last chapter of the semester, otherwise known as “goodbyes,” we said farewell and good luck to Br. Jarred Brother, Br. Max Quinn, and Br. Derek Scalf. Since the beginning of the current Spring semester, the chapter has been working to bring back different events and form closer relationships with other Greek organizations on campus. Our fundraising committee is planning a 2011 Miss Sigma Pi, an event that hasn’t been done in at least 2 years, and our social committee has been planning some type of event with every Greek organization! In addition, our philanthropy committee has been working hard to find new opportunities for the chapter to give back and help out in the community, while our brotherhood committee has a number of events planned for the active brothers, including a ski trip, a bowling night, and

Issue #1 – March 2011 •

Chapter News: A Semester in Review


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Spring Rush Week Alpha Psi Pledge Class Sigma Pi Rocks! Concert Review


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Philanthropy Projects Update ORCHID BALL UPDATE and INVITATION


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Do You Remember When?… Random Pictures


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An Introduction… Facebook & Eta-Eta Alumni Association Group


Progress, man’s distinctive mark alone, Not God’s, and not the beasts’ God is, they are. Man partly is and wholly hopes to be.

a trip to the Paw Sox in May. Overall, the chapter has done well to maintain its image in the community and has recently been making a considerable effort to raise our standards, both as academically and as a brotherhood! Please stay tuned in for more information, but in the next newsletter, and online on our “Eta Eta Alumni Association – Sigma Pi Bridgewater” Facebook group!!!

Sigma Pi Fraternity, International

Alumni Quarterly, Spring 2011

Spring Rush Week & After completion of the Fall 2010 Rush Week, the PR/Rush Committee has been in full force planning for Spring and Fall 2011. This spring, the committee decided to add a bit of spice to Rush Week, adding a number of different activities instead of the routine events. This semester, our Informational Nights took place the week prior to Rush Week in both Shea/Durgin and Woodward Hall. Planned by PR/Rush Chair Br. Anthony Uva, with the help of his committee and Alumni Br. Max Quinn, we offered events such as Monster Mini Golf, Wing & Game Night, and the annual trip to Wrights Chicken Farm. From these events, 10 potential pledges emerged. Since Rush Week, we have worked to retain 9 young men who make up the Alpha Psi Pledge Class. With help from the Pledge Captains (Br. Greg Gomes, Br. Cam Lamothe, and Br. Andrew Blye), the pledges all seem to have great drive and determination in surviving the upcoming weeks and gaining admission into our brotherhood! In addition to Rush Week, this spring we decided to

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Sigma Pi Rocks!

organize a concert to kick off Rush Week. Taking place the Tuesday before Rush, the concert consisted of 3 bands (Storm the City, The Regiment, and Sun in Flight). All 3 bands include an active or alumni brother of the chapter. As a pre-Rush event, the concert had a turn out of over 125 BSU students. Again, the chapter would like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to Br. Adam Long, Br. Thomas Dietzel, and Br. Jon Legan for playing! It was an all-around great time and definitely something we plan to do again in the future. Please, stay tuned for further information throughout the semester on the “Eta-Eta Alumni Association” Facebook Group, as I will be posting more information about their progress soon! Also, if any brothers would like to help out and take part in the “Alumni Event,” please e-mail Sage Brian Patrick Sanborn Jr. ( The time, date and location are still being planned, but look for updates on the Facebook Group!!

Sigma Pi Fraternity, International

Alumni Quarterly, Spring 2011

Philanthropy Projects Sigma Pi Sponsored Blood Drive Since being appointed the new Philanthropy Chair this semester, Br. Robert Tornatore has been working to create new Philanthropy projects for the brotherhood to take part in. Since his takeover from former Philanthropy Chair Dan Ryan, Tornatore has continued working on the annual Sigma Pi Sponsored Blood Drive with the American Red Cross. With the amount of success that we had last year, the Red Cross has asked us to not only do a single day of donations, but two. This semester, we have planned for the Blood Drive to be on both April 6th and 7th.

ill. We will be having a bake off in each residence hall where each team pays $10 to participate, as well as a culminating concert! With this, we have planned the Mark Miller Benefit Fund Concert for Saturday, March 26th at Bogart’s Pub and Pizza. The event will start at 7pm with live music and a silent auction. In addition to music provided by Eta-Eta Alumni Cosimo D’Elia and his band King Friday, we are looking to auction off donations/prizes such as Gift Cards, Sports Tickets, Signed Sports Memorabilia, Audio/Video/ Electronic Items, etc. If anyone is willing to contribute, please contact Br. Robert John Tornatore ( All donations are welcomed!!

Mark Miller Benefit Fund Concert In addition to our work with the American Red Cross, Br. Tornatore and Chapter Director Mike Courville have been touching base to work on a project to benefit an alumni brother who has fallen

Orchid Ball Update!!! Calling ALL Alumni!!! The Social Committee has finalized plans for Orchid Ball! • Where? Holiday Inn in Taunton, MA • When? Sunday, April 17th, 2011 o “Cocktail Hour” @ 6:30pm o Dinner @ 7:30pm

Come to Orchid Ball… …and be ALIVE!

If you plan to come, please notify Social Chair Br. Andrew Robert. Millett.

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Sigma Pi Fraternity, International

Alumni Quarterly, Spring 2011

Do You Remember When… Disclaimer! This is a new column that I would love help with. Stemming from an idea last semester, former 1st Counselor Jeff Paul wanted to start a portion of the newsletter where Alumni could supply stories from their undergraduate years. Well…here it is! Last semester Jeff received an e-mail response from Alumni Brother Brian Beerman saying “You want stories and you want them mild? You're asking for a lot.” Thusly, here’s our first story from Br. Beerman. “Back in the spring semester of 2000, Kevin Long, Lanny Watkins, Chris Sauve, Tim Lincoln and myself lived at 207 (DiNardo 207, to the uneducated). After a long afternoon and evening enjoying the finer things in life around Bridgewater, we all happened to be back at 207 enjoying a few last beers. Lanny, who was likely the most intoxicated individual of the night (if not the semester), found it increasingly difficult to remove his contact lenses. As the process grew more frustrating for Lanny, he went into his room for some privacy. Unfortunately for him, the rest of us heard his inebriated whaling and realized he was so upset that he had begun to weep.

undertook was to spout a few choice words amongst taunting laughter while pounding on the locked bedroom door. For some reason, 207 had a small supply of fresh eggs and oranges and those were then thrown at the door, full force. Finally, earlier in the week, we had secured a large amount of black plastic dining plates (I think they were donated by the kitchen staff at Tillinghast Hall). These plates had an amazing aerodynamic quality that allowed them to pass through the air much like a Frisbee, yet they were light and nimble and shattered with just the slightest applied force. Within minutes, scores of these plates were thrown at Lanny's door (sorry Kevin) and the result was a field of black plastic debris mixed with freshly created orange juice and raw egg. Needless to say this littered our own common area terribly (specifically the area around Lanny's door and our own front door), but that trivial fact was of little importance to us during the wee hours of the morning while one of our brethren was crying like a ten-year old girl. Ten years later, Lanny shared the punch line with our group at a 207 reunion: he had removed his contacts earlier that night, but did not remember. His tears were all for naught. “

The societal structure of 207 dictated the four of us had to act immediately. The first act we

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- Brian Beerman

Sigma Pi Fraternity, International

Alumni Quarterly, Spring 2011

An Introduction… Hello Alumni Brothers, Firstly, I wanted to introduce myself as I look forward to working with all alumni brothers for the rest of the year. My name is Joshua L. Whitney and I am the current 1st Counselor of the Eta-Eta Chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity. Now for a quick description of myself…I grew up in Milford and Southborough, MA. After graduating high school, I came straight to Bridgewater State College as an athlete. Since coming to Bridgewater State, I have been involved in Athletics (Men’s Soccer), the Office of Residence Life & Housing (2 Years as an RA), the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership (Orientation Leader and Student Orientation Coordinator), and of course…Greek Life! I am part of the Alpha Phi pledge class that was initiated during Spring 2010. After being in the fraternity for a little more than a semester, I was elected to and installed as the 1st Counselor in November of 2010. Since then, I have been working closely with the my peers on the Executive Board, a variety of Alumni Brothers, Chapter Director Mike Courville, and Faculty Advisor Christina McCauley on a number of topics for the benefit of the fraternity. This is obviously my first edition of the Alumni Quarterly that was started years ago. I hope to continue the tradition with at least 2 more issues. Look forward to additional issues at the end of May and October! If you would like to submit an article for other alumni brothers to read, please feel free e-mail me at If you are looking to give feedback or input, please do the same, as I would like to cater this newsletter to the needs of all!

ATTENION ALL!! Keeping up with the Bridgewater State University community, our Chapter is working hard to come together through Social Media sites, the most obvious being FACEBOOK. It has endless opportunities, as many of you know because you have one! With this, I urge ALL ALUMNI BROTHERS, to join the “Eta-Eta Alumni Association” group on Facebook, as I plan on leaving weekly updates and important information for viewing.

I Believe in Sigma Pi, A Fellowship of kindred minds, united In Brotherhood to Advance Truth and Justice, to promote Scholarship, to encourage Chivalry, to diffuse Culture, and to develop Character, in the Service of God and Man; and I will make real the Fraternity’s Ideals in my own daily life.

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Alumni Newsletter for Spring 2011

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