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Norlys manufactures high quality exterior lighting for the professional and discerning lighting business with our products typically sold through Electrical Wholesalers and quality retailers in more than 20 countries.

Norlys is a Scandinavian company with a 50 years history in the professional lighting business and it continues to ensure that all products are designed and produced in typical robust Scandinavian fashion; quality, detail, function and design are at the heart of every Norlys fitting, well able to withstand tough climatic conditions. Our own 12000m square production facilities, based in Europe, allow us total control of the whole manufacturing process from conception to the finished article. Our constant aim is to produce lighting fixtures of outstanding quality and design. This is confirmed by the ISO 9001 accreditation and certification of our factory. Our large range of galvanised steel fittings offers a totally new approach to decorative exterior lighting. The use of zinc alloy, prior to galvanisation, gives the product a finish that is more durable than steel, thus protecting the product from all kinds of damage, scratches and knocks. This, in turn, gives the product a very high level of protection against corrosion.

Our production process varies from the handmade CHELSEA range (page. 88) to highly automated production through use of CNC machines.


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Norlys 2014  

Norlys 2014