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2012 MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION SIGMA CHI DALLAS ALUMNI CHAPTER Our Alumni Chapter is devoted to continuing the Sigma Chi experience, promoting Brotherhood, helping our Undergraduate Chapters, and providing the opportunity to socialize and network with other Alumni Brothers. If you need additional information, please contact: 2012 President: 2012 Treasurer:


Dave Cravens, Texas Tech University, 1974 Telephone 214-906-2431 E-mail: Brad Stevens, Texas Tech University, 1975 Telephone 214-213-6649 E-mail:

Annual Calendar Dues are $35 or $25 if age 28 or under on January 1, 2012. Dallas Chapter Lifetime Membership is $500. You can pay your dues by going to and clicking on “Pay Your 2012 Dues Online”, or by mailing a check to the address below, or by calling or emailing with your credit card information to Brad Stevens.

To join the Sigma Chi Dallas Alumni Chapter, please fill out the information below and email or mail it to: BRAD STEVENS LEVEL-C SOLUTIONS Credit Card (Visa/ MC only) #__________________________________ P.O. BOX 1670 COPPELL, TX 75019 Expiration Date _____________________________ Amount _____________________________

MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION SIGMA CHI DALLAS ALUMNI CHAPTER Last Name: _________________ First Name & Middle Initial: ___________________ Spouse’s First Name: ______________________________ Home Mailing Address: __________________________________________________ City: ___________________________State: ___________ Zip Code: ____________ Home Tel. No.: ______________________________ Work Tel. No. : ______________________________ Ext. ______ Cell / Mobile Tel. No. ____________________________________ E-Mail Address: ________________________________________________________ University: ___________________Chapter: _________________ Yr. Grad: _______ Retired? Yes: ____________ No: _________ Business Name: ________________________________________________________ Occupation: ____________________________________________________________ Business Card Included? Yes: ________ No: _______ National Life Loyal Sig? Yes: ________ No: _______ If you would like to assist in any of the following areas, please mark below: Annual Sweetheart Dance ______ Annual Golf Tournament ______ Biannual Directory ______ Quarterly Socials ______ Chapter Officer ______ Sergeant at Arms ______ Membership ______ Speakers ______ Undergraduate Relations ______ Other ___________________________ Your signature: ____________________________________ Date: ______________ THANK YOU FOR JOINING!


Dallas Sig Alumni Application 2012  

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