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FROM VISION TO BUSINESS Design is created with the hands, head and heart Product Design is always about people. Design makes a positive contribution to people and markets. Product Design ensures the overall solution and combination of aesthetical, emotional, functional and technical values. Product Design solves problems, makes the products simpler, better and more beautiful and in some cases also cheaper to produce. Product Design optimizes and utilizes the potential and contributes to development, it increases the demand for your product and maximizes the continuous growth and value of your business. Onø Design offer - Identification of New Markets and Business Possibilities. - Transformation of Ideas into Exciting and Compelling Products.


DESIGN PROCESS Achieve unique results With a simple and structured design process, Onø Design combines visionary ideas and pragmatic evaluations. The design process gives both the structure and freedom to be creative, and secure excellent results in the unique set up of your company. The purpose of a structured design process is to utilize the full potential of your business and secure that your investment will pay off - this is the transformation of ideas into valuable and profitable solutions. Onø Design has divided the design process from idea to market into three basic steps: ANALYSIS BECOMES INSIGHT Through Design Analysis and User Insight, market needs are uncovered and expansion of your product portfolio made plausible. You get inspiration for future products. INSIGHT BECOMES IDEAS Through a creative and focused design process, intangible ideas are filtered and modified. You get tangible design results. IDEAS BECOMES BUSINESS All details are specified and documentation is delivered as sketches, models and 3D CAD data. You get a design solution ready for business.


Vision Planning Analysis

Ideas Innovation Concepts Design Solution


Engineering Marketing

Sellable & Distributable

Possible & Feasible Product Success

Useful & Desirable


If you can dream it, you can do it. Walt Disney


SERVICES Onø Design unites creativity with technology and delivers unique product solutions, which gives your business competitive advantages. Achieve unique results, select and combine any service you like: Design Brief You will reach your needs and desires. Order a informal quote. Design Analysis The market is uncovered and you get the platform for the expansion of your company’s product portfolio. User Insight You will experience people’s wants and desires allowing the product to meet the needs and requirements. Ideation You will have new potential opportunities for expanding your business. Concept Development You get a catalog of clarified ideas and thoroughly prepared concepts. Product Identity You get eye-catching, unique and matching design solutions. Visualizing You will see, feel and test the vision and ideas.


DESIGN BRIEF Reach your desires, needs and goals A thorough and articulate Design Brief is a critical part of the Targeted Design process. The Design Brief is a springboard for Onø Design to learn about your Business, Market, Brand, Users and Technology. A Design Brief helps develop trust and understanding, it serves as an essential point of reference for both you and Onø Design. Above all, the Design Brief ensures that important design issues are considered and questioned before you invest time and money in the Design Process. We will talk about your Visions and settle Goals, Milestones, Budget, Design Process and PreConditions like Production, Materials, Distribution and Markets. The objective of a Design Brief is to identify and describe possibilities and critical factors of success. You are in control To ensure your investment in design and product development, all projects are divided into steps. At all times you have a financial overview and decide the next step in the project. You get an list of new, interesting, different ideas and visions which contains commercial possibilities and extensive business potential.


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep. Scott Adams


DESIGN ANALYSIS The market is uncovered and you get the platform for the expansion of your company’s product portfolio All businesses are constantly challenged to develop in a dynamic market. To create a new market or category of products requires an excellent idea, a design strategy and insight in the market. Onø Design analyze the products of your company and competitors, which gives insight and inspiration and will be the starting-point for future success with Design Strategy, Product Design and Product Development. Onø Design offer -


Product Structure Product Identity Technologies Visualization Competitors Opportunity Scoring Product Portfolio Analysis Design Strategy Storyboard

Market Development

Market Penetration


Product Development

You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club. Jack London



USER INSIGHT You will experience people’s wants and desires allowing the product to meet the needs and requirements Design is always about people. Design makes a positive contribution to the users and markets. To create a new market or category of products depends on an idea, strategy and insight. Insight and inspiration arise not only statistics and tables, but from real people. Onø Design offer -

Focus Group Needs Assessment Persona Creation Scenario Creation Trend Analysis Lifestyle Analysis Storyboard

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. Plato


IDEATION You will have new potential opportunities for expanding your business Onø Design works in a structured process going from vision to innovation. Single and random ideas are not strategic and great ideas depend on deep insight. Habitual thinking is broken with a few simple principles. See all the ideas, move the expert’s enthusiasm and collective knowledge into a team and put innovation on the agenda. The best results are achieved by being curious and receptive and at the same time analytical, critical and targeted. Here are the possibilities for your company to create new products, markets and growth for your business. Onø Design offer -

Workshops Brainstorming Visual mapping of intuitions Combinations of technology and human factors

A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds. Mark Twain



Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can’t, you’re absolutely right. Henry Ford


CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT You get a catalog of clarified ideas and thoroughly prepared concepts On the basis of the Vision, Design Brief, User Insight, Design Analysis and Specifications Onø Design develop several concepts. Your company chooses the concept and those ideas that will be the basis for further development of the product. Onø Design offer -

Conceptual Idea Modeling Tangible concepts Logic and simple solutions Problem solving Materials Construction Production Distribution Ergonomics



PRODUCT IDENTITY You get eye-catching, unique and matching design solutions Our experience and evaluation of a product is speeding fast. It takes only a few seconds to decide if a product is attractive. That is why design, charisma, aesthetics, form and functionality are vital factors for the acceptance and success of the product. The fight of winning the attention and sympathy of the costumers and users are hard. The winners are those who offer products that appeals to emotions, signals content and is aesthetically exciting. The purpose of a product identity is to strengthen the value and image of your company. Onø Design offer -

Brand Support Unique Identity Exciting and Appealing Design Matching Portfolio Design Color Studies Texture Studies Aesthetical Proportions

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. Henry David Thoreau


VISUALIZATION You will see, feel and test the visions and ideas Visualization is the primary tool to communicate ideas and thoughts. A drawing is worth a 1000 words, and a model is worth a 1000 drawings. All means are used by Onø Design to communicate the good ideas, make the concept plausible and tangible and at the same time create understanding and enthusiasm for the project. Visualization of ideas and concept makes it a lot easier for various stake holders to share thoughts and give targeted feed-back which optimizes the solution. Onø Design offer -

Free Hand Sketches 3D Computer Models Scale Models Functional Models Rapid Prototyping

Computer Aided Design CAD reduces time of development and risk of the investment. CAD is used for Animation, Engineering and Simulation, Production, User Interface, Assembly and Multimedia. 19


WHAT DO YOU NEED? Let us take on the challenges When Creativity, Technology and Design meet, new Opportunities arise. Onø Design offer unique design and targeted product solutions. Customized solutions You get a reliable and focused process of product development. Focus on users and new markets You get new business opportunities. New exciting ideas, concepts and compelling design solutions You get a high return on investment in design. What can I do for you?


It takes only a few seconds to decide if a product is attractive. That is why appearance and design are decisive for the success of your future products. To achieve success with a product idea, my focus is to identify and combine all crucial factors and transform these into unique products that enrich people’s lives.

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