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About Dollaremma The Dollaremma Financial Education Program was established two years ago at the Sauder School of Business. Our aim is to encourage and increase financial literacy in high school students by creating and presenting workshops at local high schools. Past Accomplishments The Dollaremma team presented a student-designed workshop to Planning 10 classes in 6 high schools across Vancouver. These sessions received excellent feedback, and reached over 750 students.

Goals included:


Supplemental, not replacement of existing education programs


Collaboration with Planning 10 teachers to advance the same learning outcomes

About Bizkit BizKit is a project that targets the lack of business and financial literacy education at the elementary school level in Greater Vancouver. BizKit’s solution is to produce the first sustainable business learning opportunity for youth in this unique demographic. Short for “Business Kit”, it aims to be a series of customized, ready-to-implement toolkits for the SIFE UBC team, and ultimately, for teachers and schools. Associates Qualities we are looking for: • Raise awareness in more than one school • Approachable •

Quick wit

• Engaging • Comfortable with young students • Enthusiastic •

Flexible time schedule 1.

Commit to 4-6 hours (could be more in the beginning)


Time commitment towards the beginning of the term could be more, but will reduce as time progresses.

• Committed/responsible •

Training will be provided

• Associates should dress business-semi formal If you are interested send us your resume to

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associates requirement information

recruitment information  

associates requirement information