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Welcome to  the  first  ever  edition  of  our  SIFE  Strathclyde  monthly   magazine.  The  idea  behind  this  publication  is  that  it  will  serve  as  a   way  for  prospective  members,  current  members,   sponsors/investors,  business  advisors  and,  of  course,  our  Alumni   to  keep  up-­‐to-­‐speed  with  everything  that’s  going  on  within  SIFE   Strathclyde.  


We  would  like  to  take  this  opportunity  to  thank  all  of  our  Sponsor   Companies,  Business  Advisors  and  our  Alumni  for  your   contribution  (and  extremely  valued  support)  to  our  SIFE  team.  


This edition  covers  news  from  two  of  our  projects,  and  the   remaining  will  be  explained  in  our  January  edition.  

To all  of  you,  have  a  fantastic  Christmas,  and  we  look  forward  to   working  with  you  in  2012!  


So what  is  SIFE?   SIFE,  Students  in  Free  Enterprise,  is   a  non-­‐profit  student-­‐led   organisation.  Over  57,000  students   in  36  countries  are  involved  in  SIFE-­‐   so  what  are  you  waiting  for?!     As  the  only  active  SIFE  organisation   in  Scotland,  we  at  SIFE  Strathclyde   are  attempting  to  change  people’s   perception  of  typical,  lazy  students.     Now  in  our  7th  year,  SIFE   Strathclyde  has  been  growing  year   on  year  and  we  currently  attain  over   60  active  members.     We  are  changing  lives  by  sparking  

To find  out  more  about  our  team,  or  to  express   your  interest  in  joining  one  of  the  most  unique   societies  on  campus,  please  contact:  

Schools Project  


Kiosk Project  

  This  year  we  are  working  with  Hamilton   Grammar  School.     Currently,  the  school  has  a  group     that  are  working   towards  gaining  an  SQA  leadership  qualification.  In  order     to  achieve  this,  they  need  to  succeed  in  practical  work.     The  school  also  have  an  enrichment   period  within   entrepreneurship,  where  pupils    work  in  groups  on  a   project.  


Taking these  groups  into  consideration,  our  main  project     that  is  currently  being  worked  on  is  identifying  needs  and     problems  within  the  Hamilton  Community   and  using  the   pupils  within  these  groups  to  work     together  and  address   the  problems  by  working  on  a  project  to  solve  it.  This  will     be  documented,  giving  a  more  fun  and  exciting  side  to  the   project  for  the  pupils.      

This  project  will  not  only  help  pupils   gain  their  SQA  award,   enrich  them  with  skills  in  leadership,  organisation,   problem  solving,  confidence  and  time  management;  it  will   also  solve  problems  within  the  community.  

This idea  was  originally  formed  to  create  job  opportunities   for  the  homeless  and  to  give  them  a  starting  point  for  a   career.     Since  then,  it  has  gained  contacts  and  evolved  to  target   giving  the  long-­‐term  unemployed  work  experience.  The   kiosk  would  be  run  as  a  social  enterprise  and  sell  food  in   Glasgow's  busy  city  centre.     However,  after  realising  that  setting  up  such  a  large-­‐scale   project  will  take  a  long  time,  the  project  is  taking  a  new   turn  and  we  are  currently  investigating  the  possibility  of  a   lunch  delivery  service  to  on-­‐campus  University  staff.     This  will  be  beneficial  as  it  provides  the  participants  that   we  are  working  with  the  opportunity  to  gain  experience   working     in  teams,  to  improve  their  own  organisation  and   management  skills  and  to  work  directly  with  the  public.   The  team  are  now  wanting  to  do  some  market  research  to   see  whether  this  idea  would  be  viable,  what  products   would  be  sold  and  what  community  group  would  benefit  

A final  word  from  our  sponsors…   Would  you  like  to  advertise   here?  

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