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RVS group is not a new name in the Middle East. Long established for over 2 decades now, the group, under leadership of CEO & Creative Director Rajesh Sajnani is reputed for its philosophy of exploring limitless potential of the fabric world; and extracting the best beauty of it; bearing a proud taste for elegance. RVS has contributed to the fashion industry by leaps & bounds. Their family wholesale trading business is of the biggest range in couture fabrics - Pure Silk Fabrics, Couture Embroideries, and Fine Cottons etc. The management has travelled the globe to source; fabricate the finest prints, weaves, textures, rare colours, motifs and diversity in ‘silk’ as a material. The group is by far, the biggest importer of pure silk fabrics in the Middle East and has the largest textile showroom in the Emirates…

Associated companies

Si Fashion Galerie with its unique ideas has become one of a kind Fashion Retail Concept in UAE. With Bags & Baguette, unconventional jewellery, Evening Wears, Couture Wedding Gowns, Ready-to-Wear Dresses, Shoes, Patent Belts and many such creative accessories, Si Fashion Galerie boasts of creativity, craft & an eye for detail – exploring aesthetics beyond regular fashion norms. Besides ready to wear, we offer our huge textile treasure & our in house designer team defines unique styles customising individual looks. The never ending quest for new talent keeps Si Galerie always a place to discover & re-discover beauty in seamlessly new approaches every time you visit it – The final destination for all your fashion needs…


Exclusive brands

Like the phoenix, rising above from its ashes; series after series SA SOIE brings you an amalgamation of neoteric trends, style and a semblance of perfection. Culminating prints, fabric, colour, silhouettes- All combined together to give out an empyreal look in each ensemble. The soft printed chiffon has the characteristic of unleashing silhouette that reveals a woman’s inner glow. The versatility of printed silk gives the impact of bold & dramatic aura.

Sa Soie Pret Du Luxe - With flowing & draped silhouettes, evening wear, cocktail dresses having innovative new-fangled contemporary dresses, Sa Soie Pret brings fashion for all seasons.

Pure Silk Fabrics & Scarves

SILK, the fabric that makes its own statement. For centuries, silk has had a reputation of luxury and sensuality. In Sa Soie Romance; just as the lovely name suggests, we create garments that gel romantically with this amazing fabric of silk; in magnificent colours and extreme tenderness…giving a superb feel of wealth and success to the girl wearing it. From the huge variety of the finest silk fabrics having exclusive exotic prints created by French designers; we create exclusive cocktail dresses and party wear for the girl of today…Come discover the magic world of Silk with SA SOIE ROMANCE…

RVVIVA Seta Pura (Silk) - RVVIVA has always been known to create extravagant work of Art. Decades of experience and expertise have enabled its designers to develop international renowned masterpieces - employing a wide range of fabrics such as creamy silk charmeuse, sheer silk chiffon, textured silk jacquard, georgettes, opals, crepe de chin, yarndyed & lustrous silk.


RVVIVA Pret Du Luxe : Our garments – Kaftans, Tunics & Jelebiyas are made from the exquisite silken fabrics and the resulting collections will blow you away! As they say – with time and patience, the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown!

Crafted from the vivid dream of Si Fashion Galerie, Si-Noir Creations of Abayas and Sheila are a powerful expression of a woman’s individuality. Each Si-Noir Abaya designed for ‘her’, is in tune with neoteric fashion trends, all the same honouring & maintaining the morality and sensibilities of the culture. The contemporary designs display a graceful femininity and comfort that’s every woman’s desire. Si-Noir Abayas are uniquely designed to give you that exclusivity with the use of faddish range of fabrics and to serve sophisticated elegance for women across the globe.



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Si... the difference

textile wholesale

Rajesh Trading has contributed to the fashion industry,since last 20years,with their family wholesale trading business of Pure Silk fabrics, Couture Embroideries, fine cottons etc. Its philosophy has been, to bridge the gap between the craft of fabrics to a discerning client who appreciates beauty and a taste for elegance. The management has travelled the globe to source, fabricate the finest prints, weaves, textures, rare colours, motifs and diversity in Silk as a material. The group is undoubtedly the biggest importer of Pure silk fabrics in the region.It represents some major brands of finest fabrics in the world and owns brands like Sa Soie, Rvviva etc. It was not very unobvious for the Group, to gravitate towards the finest form of Fashion that is “Couture�. The compelling beauty, elegance and commitment to perfection, paved the way for RVS group to go a step ahead and bring the niche ends of fashion consumer and retailers together, with the impeccable Couture Fabrics supplies.


Exclusive brands

Exclusive Cotton Fabrics


Dubai International Fashion Week


New Show room Opening at Dubai Outlet Mall.

Sharjah Perfect Wedding Show

P.O.Box 25372, Bur Dubai, UAE. Tel: +971 4 353 22 14, Fax: +971 4353 22 81 Email:

Villa 399B, Beach Road, Jumeirah 2. Tel: 04 - 3490 775 First Floor, Dubai Outlet Mall. Tel: 04- 4548767 Behind Rolla Bank Street, Old Souq, Sharjah. Tel: 06-5680076 Khalifa Street, Al Ain.

Located in Dubai the fashion capital of Middle East, SRV Dessigns is professionally managed design house, sourcing agent, supplier of wide range of garments couture jewelry and accessories for women. Our product showcase style, fashion, glamour and latest trends in fashion. Tel: 04- 3490775. Email:

Its a Textile wholesale Business & specializes in cottonand polyster fabrics Tel: 04 - 353 2282. Located in Bur Dubai.

A textile wholesale division located in Dubai Textile City

Specializes in Black Fabrics like Sheila, Abaya & Chaduri. Tel: 04 353 9932

Corporate Office: P.O.Box:25372, Dubai, UAE. Tel: +971 4 353 2214, Fax: 353 2281 Email:

RVS Group - Portfolio  

Couture Fabrics

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