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Volume 2012, Issue 7

The Chamber Vista A monthly publication of the Sierra Vista Area Chamber

July 2012

16th Annual Home & Business Expo - Register now! Volume 2012, Issue #7

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“We Mean Business”

The Chamber’s 16th Annual Home & Business Expo is just two months away and we are excited to announce some major changes and improvements to this popular event. The Expo is on the move and will be held for the first time at the Mall at Sierra Vista on Saturday, September 8. Following the success of previous events we have held at this central location, and because of the great feedback we received from vendors at our Health Fair, we have decided to try something new. By relocating, we believe vendors will receive a higher level of exposure, thanks to the natural traffic that flows through the Mall on a Saturday. Businesses who participate will have the opportunity to not only market to those specifically visiting the Expo, but to shoppers in the Mall also. Last year, around 2,000 attended this

event. Another change is the addition of pipe and drape, which will take the look of the show to another level. We also wanted to ensure that every vendor had the best opportunity possible for promotion, and pipe and drape will allow all participants to hang banners and other promotional items. Thanks to the willingness and generosity of the Mall management team, we have been able to design a layout that currently allows for more than 90 booths, with room to increase if the demand calls for it. We expect booths to start selling quickly – our 12x12 spaces are already sold out – so we encourage our members to register as soon as possible to secure a place. Booth sizes are 8ft by 5ft (to include pipe and drape, a table, tablecloth and two chairs) and

City Council Candidate Forum On Tuesday, July 17, the Chamber will host a City Council candidate forum at Buena High School at 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. and we hope many of you will attend this important event. This will be your chance to hear what the candidates have to say about a number of community issues, including the City’s budget, water, and economic development.

we currently have a limit of two spaces per business as we want to ensure that as many members as possible have the chance to participate. There will be no early bird fee this year – the price remains the same until the August 31 deadline, but do not wait until the last minute to sign up and risk disappointment. Due to Mall policy, we will not be able to accept registrations for political parties or candidates. Registration can be completed on-line at, or by visiting our offices at 21 E. Wilcox Drive. For more info on this member only event call 458-6940. Thank to our sponsors: SSVEC, Sierra Vista Herald, Cherry Creek Radio, Southwest Gas, Rosemont Copper Mine, Cox, Clark Information Systems and KKYZ.

Candidate Meet and Greet On Thursday, July 26, we have invited all election candidates, from local to State and Federal races, to attend a Meet & Greet at Pueblo Del Sol Country Club from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. sponsored by E. F. Edwards Financial, Office Smart and Above Board. This event will feature no formal speeches from any candidates, but will offer time to mix and mingle and ask questions. For more information on both these events please visit

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The Chamber Vista

Chamber Update by Executive Director Amanda Baillie

“...we feel it is important for the candidates to demonstrate that they are willing to meet and work with this critical component of our community, as well as represent businesses if elected”

The Chamber’s Legislative Affairs Committee (LAC) continues to have a packed agenda and June proved to be a busy month. At the first of our two meetings we heard an excellent presentation from Rick Coffman, Vice President of Castle & Cooke, about the planned Tribute development and the company’s dispute with the Bureau of Land Management over water rights. The LAC is concerned about the impact that objections to this project will have on the future potential growth and sustainability of our economy and we have invited a BLM representative to join us at our August 7 meeting to voice those concerns. We have also invited the six City council candidates to meet with the LAC and share their

thoughts on some local issues and tell us about their campaigns. Of the six, four have chosen to accept our invitation to meet with business community representatives – Hank Huisking, Gwen Calhoun, Rachel Gray and Fred Stickler. The business community is a major component of Sierra Vista. As a Chamber member reading this, you know only too well that while Fort Huachuca is the economic engine, small businesses help to drive the economy and provide the jobs outside of the Main Gate. Therefore, we feel it is important for the candidates to demonstrate that they are willing to meet and work with this critical component of our community, as well as represent businesses if elected to serve. At our June 24 meeting we learned more about the Joint Technology

Education District ballot initiative from Sierra Vista Public Schools District Superintendent Brett Agenbrad and JTED principal Joel Todd. The schools district is asking voters to approve a 5 dollars property tax increase on every $100,000 assessed to allow Sierra Vista to enter the JTED program and leverage state funds of 3:1. The LAC will discuss this further at its July 10 meeting. Finally, members of the Board of Directors and LAC met with Congressman Jeff Flake, who is running for the U.S. Senate. Both the Congressman and those who attended appreciated the face to face time to talk about local issues. You will find details about our upcoming candidates’ forum and meet and greet elsewhere in this newsletter and at and we will continue to keep you informed on the issues.

Get Seen by Thousands of Potential New Customers The Chamber has launched a new opportunity to advertise on our website available to members only. Why Advertise on Association and Chamber of Commerce Websites? Association and chamber of commerce websites are frequently sought out when potential customers are looking for products and services in a local area. In fact, a study (by the Schapiro group) showed that when potential customers know that a small business is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 44% more likely to

think favorably of it and 63% are more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future. Chamber credibility is important and it positively enhances click through rates.

tent. Online users are seeking this content every day. We offer 5 target zones, available for one quarter up to four quarters, for website advertisements that will provide advertisers the most exposure.

We currently receive between 5,000 7,000 page views a month from individuals searching for local businesses, activities, city information, and chamAssociation websites are best positioned ber members to name a few. to deliver the most cost effective targeted and qualified traffic because of its For more information visit our website brand name advantage and the or call David at tive power of its member con520-458-6940

Volume 2012, Issue 7

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Member Spotlight on Enterprise : After spending just a few minutes in the lobby of the Enterprise building, it is easy to see why this is the rental car company’s third largest branch in Southern Arizona. A constant stream of customers and phone calls means the team of office workers, drivers and maintenance staff are always on the go. Leading the way is branch manager Nicole Nicholson, who came on board in August last year after previously working in Tucson. She has been with Enterprise for six years. “We are extremely busy but I have a wonderful team and we work well together,” said Nicole. Serving a military town means the office is dealing with a continuous flow of travelers visiting Fort Huachuca, where Enterprise also has a satellite office. On an average day the business is helping around 50 people, which can double during holidays. “Of course, we are dealing with a lot of soldiers but we also help

by Executive Director Amanda Baillie

many corporate customers, as well as provide insurance replacement vehicles,” explained Nicole (pictured below).

A member of the Chamber since 1995, Enterprise has always valued being a member of Sierra Vista’s leading business organization. “Now that I’ve established myself in this branch I want to start getting out and meeting other businesses and making new connections,” said Nicole, who won the chance to have Enterprise spotlighted in The Vista after attending her first Business At Twilight last month. “The Chamber is certainly a great way of doing that.” To find out more about Enterprise and its services, which also includes leasing and selling vehicles, as well as renting commercial Enterprise is also known for its pick trucks, call 458-2425. Enterprise is -up service, which is free of charge located at 743 E. Fry Blvd., on the to customers living in Sierra Vista, corner of 7th Street. Fort Huachuca, Hereford and Whet- Would you like your business to be stone, while those who live or stay featured in the Member Spotfurther afield pay a small charge. light? Join us at our next Business The company will also take its cliat Twilight for your chance to win ents home when they return their this free benefit. vehicles.

Upper San Pedro Partnership Water Conservation Grant Program Get a grant to save money on water costs! Your business can improve its cash flow while supporting the economy, Ft. Huachuca, and the San Pedro River.

cialist at 458-8278 x 2150 and make an appointment for a complimentary on-site visit. 2) Decide what you want to replace or install. With your input, the WaWho's eligible? Any business in the ter Wise Specialist will offer recommendations and together you will Sierra Vista Sub-watershed figure out how you can save water (including Sierra Vista, Bisbee, and money. Tombstone, Naco, Huachuca City 3) Fill out an easy, one-page appliand the unincorporated areas). cation. How do you get started? It is as Grants help you: easy as 1-2-3! 1) Call a friendly Water Wise Spe- Replace older toilets with newer

ones. Install waterless urinals. Replace outdated commercial washing machines with water efficient ones. Install cartridge filters for swimming pools instead of sand filters. Remove costly turf or install an easy Xeriscape or RainScape. There are many more options to choose from. Call a Water Wise Specialist today!

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The Chamber Vista

July 2012

Schedule of Events

















Independence Day 8




10 LAC/



















M&G 29




Leadership Sierra Vista

2 July - Registration for 2012 Home & Business Expo Opens 4 July - Independence Day 10 July - Legislative Affairs Committee Meeting, 7:30 am, Sierra Vista Chamber 10 July - Ambassadors Meeting, 11:30 a.m., Landmark Café 11 July - MAC Luncheon, 11:30 a.m., Thunder Mountain Activity Center (TMAC) 12 July - Mountain Vista Apartment’s Business at Twilight, 5 pm, 4400 E. Busby Drive 17 July - City Council Candidate Forum, 6 pm, Buena High School 26 July - Candidate Meet & Greet, 6 pm, Pueblo del Sol Country Club 30 July - Flyer Inserts for August Vista are due

Business at Twilight Hosted by:

“Shaping the Sierra Vista Area One Leader at a Time” Leadership Sierra Vista is a community leadership development program of the Sierra Vista Area Chamber. The Leadership Program is limited to 20 participants and anyone can apply. The Leadership Program benefits the individual participant, their employer and the community as a whole.

Mountain Vista Apartments 4400 E. Busby Drive July 12 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Catered by Lucky Wishbone Come out for great networking opportunities, prizes, 50/50 raffles and tours of the facility.

Volume 2012, Issue 7

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Events at A Glance

Clockwise from Top Left: 3D Game Box’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Amanda speaks with attendees at Chamber101, Ambassadors meeting, LAC listening to a presentation from Hank Huisking, Tom Borer speaking to the audience at the Military Affairs Committee Luncheon, BBB’s Business at Twilight held at Lawley Kia, Frye’s Ultimate Celebrating their grand opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Bag It Up DJ celebrating their Showroom Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

For upcoming events please visit us at Did you know that you can place your business card size ad in the Vista for only $50 per issue or your logo for $25!!! Sign up for 12 issues and save $100 on a business card ad and $50 on a logo placement.

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The Chamber Vista

What are Mission, Mantra, Vision, and Why Do You Care? Courtesy of By Tim Berry There once was a time that every business plan had a mission or a vision statement, and we did them basically because we were told we were supposed to. That's ancient history now, I hope. Whether it's mission, mantra, or vision, you do it because it's good for your business. Which means you're going to use it, or you don't bother.

Do you have a mission statement? Do you know what's in it? Does it talk about what the company does for all three groups?

Vision Statements I confused vision with mission for many years, and that was while making a living helping companies with business planning. It turns out, I discovered eventually, that a vision is a view of the future. Think of the relationship between visions and dreams. Imagine what your company should Mission statements be (its size, its business offerings, its I've been mistrusting mission statecustomers, and so forth) three years ments since the early 1980s when I first started writing and reading busi- from now. That's your vision. It's ness plans. They're so often nothing useful for some organizations, less so but hype. I credit Guy Kawasaki for for others. exposing meaningless mission statements to the world in 2006, by askMantra ing: The mantra is just three or four 1. do the employees know what the words, a reminder of the most essenmission is; and tial boiled-down core of what you're 2. could anybody tell, from reading doing. Guy Kawasaki suggests Fedthe mission, your company from eral Express should be 'peace of any other? mind,' for example, and Nike should I say a mission statement should be 'authentic athletic performance.' explain what the company does Does your company have a mantra? for each of the three main stake- Could you create one? holders: customers, employees, and owners. I'm amazed at how And Why Do You Care? few of them talk about more than Remember for all three of these high ideals they supposedly hold. sometimes-business-plan-

components, they're all about business fundamentals: it's about business, not the document. If you don't get business benefits from any of these, then don't bother. What you're most likely to get are two benefits related to strategy. 1. First, strategy is focus. Strategy is very much about what you're doing, as in what are the key elements of the business that make the most difference, and also what you're not doing. Mission, vision, or mantra can help make those key elements clearer. 2. Second, strategy means nothing without implementation, and implementation depends on habit or habit-like behavior. It's about reminders. We're all busy out in the real world, so we need to be reminded, on a regular basis, about what's really important, and what isn't. So mission, vision, or mantra, well used, can be tools to help you develop, maintain, and implement a business strategy. And if they aren't that, and if you can't find any other essential business purpose, then maybe you don't waste your time with them.

The Chamber is excited to announce our newest program: The Good Luck Buck! Once a month the Chamber of Commerce will review the City of Sierra Vista’s new business license list. The Chamber and sponsor of the program will visit the new store front businesses and present them with a framed “good luck buck” bearing the Chamber’s and sponsors logo, to welcome them to the business community. There will be NO sales pitch from the Chamber or for the sponsor’s product unless specifically asked for by the business. Chamber and sponsor can/will follow up with the business a month later regarding membership and their product. NATIONAL BANK OF ARIZONA, Fry Blvd. Branch and Hwy 92 Branch, signed on to be our first sponsor for July 1 through December 31. Beginning the first week of each month, representatives from National Bank of AZ and the Chamber will be visiting the new businesses in town.

Volume 2012, Issue 7

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A Special Welcome to Our New Members! 1-2-3 Credit Card Processing (800) 668-1293 All Tune & Lube - (520) 458-5444 American Systems - (703) 968-5221 Charliez Intimate Boutique (520) 459-1182 Corium 21 – The Aloe Miracle - (520) 241

-1736 Ernie’s Auto Service - (520) 459-3091 Indochine Restaurant - (520) 459-2805 Joshua Meyers – Apex Merchant Group (520) 678-2518 Silhouette Studio - (520) 227-4403

Southeast Arizona Rural Chamber Alliance Thirty – One Consultant, Kimberly Tierney - (573) 259-2152 Tierra Antigua Realty – Brandy Flores - (520) 439-8888 TnA Boxing - (520) 456-5443

Thank You to These Members for Renewing Their Commitment to The Business Community: A Better You Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership Arby’s Roast Beef Restaurant Arizona Water Company Bella Vista Motel Beverage Warehouse Big O Tires Bonanza Cleaners & Laundry

Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Vista

Fort Huachuca Cavalry Association

Candlewood Suites

Fran Richey Insurance Agency

Canyon State Wireless

Holiday Inn Express Castle & Cooke Arizona Hotel and Suites Castro Electric KANMAR Cochise Children’s Kindred Nursing and Dental Center Rehabilitation Discount Tire Monty’s Motors, Inc. Fairfield Inn & Suites New Horizons Comby Marriott puter Learning Center First Christian Church Pioneer Title Agency

PPEP TEC High School Sierra Vista Realty Pueblo del Sol Country Club

Southeastern Arizona Contractors Association

RV City

Southern Arizona Distributing

Schlotzsky’s/Cinnabon Sherwin Williams Sierra Pest/ Termite Control Sierra Toyota – Sierra Scion Sierra vista Ace Hardware

Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Coop. The Place at Savanna Springs United Pathology Laboratory, Ltd. University Physicians Healthcare Group

Executive Club Members A+ Texture American Family Insurance American Systems Arizona Water Company Best Buy BrightStar CACI, Inc. Campstone Transfer, Inc. Castle & Cooke Arizona, Inc. Castle & Cooke Mortgage, LLC CGI Cherry Creek Radio City of Sierra Vista Coca-Cola Refreshments USA, Inc. Cox Communications Data Systems & Technology, Inc. Dental Village Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriot Farmers Insurance - Ginny Francis Garden Terrace Assisted Living Home General Dynamics Information Technology Horizon Moving Systems of Sierra Vista, Inc.

Huachuca Mountain Insurance Agency KKYZ Radio Landmark Café Lawley Automotive Center Lawley’s Team Ford Life Care Center Long Realty Co. Longhorn Restaurant Mall at Sierra Vista ManTech Telecommunications & Info Systems Mr. Fix It of Sierra Vista, LLC National Bank of Arizona Netmedix IT Solutions New Frontier Animal Medical Center Northrop Grumman Corporation Patio Pools & Spas Pioneer Title Agency Pueblo del Sol Country Club Restless Wings Photography Rosemont Copper Company Salient Federal Solutions Sentrillion Sierra Vista Ace Hardware

Sierra Vista Herald Bisbee Daily Review Sierra Vista Regional Health Center Southeastern Arizona Contractors Association Southern Arizona Media Productions Southwest Gas Corporation Southwestern Eye Center Stachel & Associates, P.C. STG Inc. Stilwell’s Learning Center, LLC Suburban Extended Stay Hotels Sulpher Springs Valley Electric Coop. Sun Canyon Inn The Boeing Company TMS - Ty Media Services TownePlace Suites by Marriott University of Phoenix -Sierra Vista Campus Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Wayland Baptist University Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Windemere Hotel & Conference Center

The Chamber Vista is a publication of the Sierra Vista Area Chamber

21 E. Wilcox Drive, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 (520) 458-6940, Fax: (520) 452-0878

Mission Statement

The Sierra Vista Area Chamber promotes business and provides leadership for the improvement of the community.

2012-13 Board of Directors Executive Officers

Chamber Staff

Chairwoman - Dee Dee Hoeft, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Past Chairman - Frank Gonzalez, Lawley Automotive Chair Elect - Jean Giuffrida, Long Realty Treasurer - Michael Benson, TDY Housing Secretary - Rick Shelley - Horizon Moving Systems of Sierra Vista

Board Members

Elsie MacMillan - Sierra Toyota Ken Cecil - Mall at Sierra Vista Phil Vega - Sierra Vista Herald / Bisbee Daily Review Randy Sueskind– Cherry Creek Radio Pamela Anderson - Landmark Café Jack Blair - Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative Anita Farrow - National Bank of Arizona Joe Stroud - Edwards Financial, Inc. Nancy Nash - Stuff ‘N Baskets Nathan Williams - Nathan Williams, Law Office

Executive Director Amanda Baillie, Membership & Marketing DirectorJohn Hargraves III, Communications Director David Elkins, Office Manager Leah Hastings, Events Coordinator Diane Erwin, Administrative Assistant Leah Barnes,

Sierra Vista Area Chamber


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