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November 6, 7, & 8 California GCSA Coference & Golf Championship Silverado Resort Sierra Nevada GCSA An Affiliate Chapter of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America

2 0 1 1/ 2 01 2 E L E C T I O N S L AT E O F C A N D I DAT E S BY IRENE CLINE

We have had a tremendous year in our association and this is due to the dedicated group individuals you have on the board. It is a pleasure to introduce you to the 2011/2012 Slate of Candidates. Jeff Couwenhoven, Superintendent at Woodcreek Golf Course, is seeking the President‟s position. Jeff joined the board in 2009. He worked his way up the ladder serving as a director, Secretary/Treasurer, and VP. Jeff has attended

leadership classes at National and has been instrumental in several projects for the association, most recently the website. He is also serving as the chapter representative to the State Board and is working as the website committee chairman for the upcoming year on that board. In the VP position we have Jeremy Payne, Superintendent at Winchester C.C. Jeremy also joined the board in 2009. He served as a board member for two

years and most recently as the Secretary/ Treasurer. While in this position Jeremy was instrumental in developing the Sponsorship Packages for the association, which after meeting with several affiliate members, were created and has been very well received. He has also developed a strong budget and while serving in this position the association has remained strong during some of the most difficult economic times. Jeremy also has participated in leadership (Continued on page 4)

ELECTION MEETING REMINDER BY JEFF COUWENHOVEN We wanted to take the time and remind you to sign up for the CGCSA annual conference and golf tournament coming up next month. The SNGCSA is going to be having its annual election at the annual conference on Monday November 8th. It will be in the conference

room so members can cast their ballots and review information on the past year‟s successes and challenges during the breaks. Some of the candidates will be there I am sure to answer questions and provide you with a friendly face to put the name to. You can also submit your

ballot by mailing back the absentee ballot that was sent to you . We recently have received concerns about our email service and how many of our members are not getting our communications at all or on a con(Continued on page 6)

F o r e Y o ur I nf o r m a ti o n

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Fore Your Information EDITOR Jim Alwine Stockton Golf & Country Club 209-462-6734

OFFICE SNGCSA 5322 N. Leonard Clovis, CA 93619 559-298-6262 Fax# 559-298-6957 PRESIDENT Jim Alwine Stockton Golf & Country Club 209-462-6734

VICE PRESIDENT Jeff Couwenhoven Woodcreek Golf Course 916-771-7370

SECRETARY/TREASURER Jeremy Payne Winchester C.C. 916-817-8106


209-728-5778 DIRECTORS Dave Bermudez Del Rio Golf & Country Club 209-341-2413 Frank Putnam Mace Meadows Golf & C.C. 209-295-7773 Jesse Seguin Lincoln Hills Golf Course 916-434-7200 Phil Brown Spring Creek C.C. 209-599-3747

Affiliate Representatives Dave Wilber Sierra Pacific Turf Supply 916-630-7600 Pete Bowman Target Specialty Products 916-396-9394

FORE YOUR INFORMATION Published by the Sierra Nevada Golf Course Superintendents Association

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Just the other day, which was October 17th, I was playing at Diablo Grande with Scott Dickson, Mike Jones, and Candelario Ortega. As I usually do, I struggled with much of my game and Jim Alwine found myself wondering why I was out there. I just hit a hybrid through the fairway, into the rough and was left with a downhill lie, in a thick stand of ryegrass, with a ravine to carry 100 yards from my position. I was pissed. There was a moment that I reverted to my old way of thinking that I‟d rather be at work than out here playing this awful game. Luckily, I had to wait for players to clear and for the rest of the group to play their shots before mine. I took the opportunity to sit down and collect my thoughts. I took in the unique landscape, watched the breeze in the tall grasses, and swatted away a few curious meat bees. Here I was, feeling sorry for myself while I should be enjoying the game and the people that make it worth playing. I mentally scolded myself for my attitude and really cheered up when Candy smashed a long iron over the ravine and down the narrow fairway. He‟d been hitting the ball pretty good, but that shot was NICE and we were as happy about it as he was, maybe more. I had one of those moments when the light bulb came on and the purpose of my day became clear. I didn‟t come to this Floratine AquaVive Bio-Amp JRM Farmload Distributors


meeting to play golf. I never come to a meeting to play golf. I wanted to spend some time with people I respect, I enjoy, and I can relate to. The rest of the round felt different to me. My game did not show it and I did toss a few clubs, but just for dramatic effect and to make Scott Dickson laugh at my antics. As I always do, I had a great time. I had the opportunity to catch up with people that I only get to see once a month. I wished Jim Duhig a great vacation this year in Hawaii, I teased Terry Smith for not bringing the trophy he won last year, and I met a very unique guest of Phil Brown, Ralf Nyman from Helsinki, Finland. I got a chance to catch up with Rob Williams, SGCC‟s former Assistant Super, and our current Assistant Craig Heitman had a chance to meet some new people and feel a part of this fine Chapter. I was able to congratulate our new President‟s Cup Champion Jim Ferrin after a great round shooting 75. I talked to Tracy Shanahan about setting up a mini Pro-Super tournament and if you‟re interested, give me a call. I booed the skins winners, especially Pete Bowman, because he won two and was holding the money. I had a great time and during the day, I played a little golf. This past meeting I had 45 reasons to attend. I wish I had more and if you come to the next meeting I will. See you there.

Jim Phoenix AnaLync Gro-Power Aqua-Pucks (800) 322-8417

Your Exclusive Northern California Dealers

Don’t miss out on an issue, an announcement, or important information. Call the Association office today to verify your email address is correct.

Mike Farmen

Bob Francischine




or email us at

Thor Larson

Guy Auxer 303-601-2361


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MEETING SCHEDULE November 6,7, & 8, 2011

March 19, 2012

Annual California GCSA Conference Silverado Country Club Host for the California Conference and Golf Championship

William Land Park G.C. Annual GrassRoots Tournament Host Superintendent Bob Cline

December 6, 2011

April 2012

Winchester Country Club Host Superintendent Jeremy Payne

Date and Location to be Confirmed

January 2012

Date and Location to be Confirmed

May 2012

No Meeting Scheduled

June 2012

February 27 to March 3

Date and Location to be confirmed

GCSAA Annual Conference and Golf Industry Show Las Vegas, Nev.

July 23, 2012

California Room February 29, 2012 Las Vegas Country Club

Annual Scholarship and Research Tournament North Ridge Country Club Host Superintendent Larry Johnson, CGCS

If you are interested in hosting a meeting email Jeremy Payne at or Dave Wilber at

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2012 ELECTION CONTINUED training offered by GCSAA and looks forward to his participation on our board. Running for the Secretary/ Treasurer position is Jesse SeJesse Seguin guin, Superintendent Lincoln Hills G. C. Jesse is relatively new to the board serving since 2010 but has been involved in many of the projects for the association and serving on committees. He has been active in creating our website, and is looking forward to taking this project to a new level. Scott McCullough We have two new individuals seeking the open board positions. Scott McCullough, Superintendent at The Ridge G.C. has volunteered to serve. Scott was a scholarship recipient while at Cal Poly SLO and knows the importance of giving back to the industry that has helped him in his career. Scott joined the SNGCSA in 2006. He recently hosted the 2011 SNGCSA Scholarship and Research Tournament for the Association. Bob Franco, Van Buskirk Golf Course in Stockton, has also volunBob Franco



teered. Bob has also been a member of our association since 2006. Bob worked as the assistant at Oakdale C.C. before taking the position as superintendent at Van Buskirk. Our association would not be where we are today if it wasnâ€&#x;t for the dedication of our Affiliate Representatives. We have the honor of having three terrific individuals seeking the Associate Director position. We have Pete Fredeen, Mid Cal Tractor. Dave Wilber, Sierra Pacific Turf, who is currently serving as our affiliate representative, and Paul K. Smith, Helena Chemical Company. We are thrilled to have their participation and greatly appreciate their support of our industry. Absentee Ballots are out, and the election is set. We hope that everyone will cast their ballots for the candidate of their choice. We are looking forward to another great year and we canâ€&#x;t do it without your participation.

Jeff Couwenhoven

Jeremy Payne

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O P E N D AT E S T O H O S T A M E E T I N G … . . . … S HO U LD I VO LU N TEER ? B Y J E F F C OU W E N H OV E N As many of you know, we often times solicit many of you to host a meeting or two for the SNGCSA. We currently have many opportunities to host a meeting next year still open. The SNGCSA wanted to put some things together to help make up your mind to maybe sway you in the interest of possibly hosting a meeting. I hosted one two years ago and had a great experience. Hosting a meeting is a very rewarding experience. You will provide your club and crew with a “professional rush” having superintendents coming from all over our region to convene, learn and play your facility. It is such an honor to have you all out to enjoy our facilities. Secondly, it provides you an opportunity to offer some recognition to your staff from top to bottom of the hard work they do for you on a day in and day out basis. But the benefits don‟t end there. Meetings often provide an opportunity to the host club to earn some revenue on a day where it might be a little slow. You will be able to work with board members and the office staff to setup the meeting and get more involved. Often times, host superintendents

are offered the opportunity to set the course up in a unique way for their peers to ensure someone like Wes Leith does not shoot under par or even near par. We often try to work education in with the host club to tie in with the facility so that when we are out on the course we think about what is going on out there. Visiting members can learn from your techniques and processes to take back to their respective clubs. It can also open up avenues for a host club to gain resources or support in a time of need from fellow superintendents. Let‟s face it, things happen and it is nice to have a friendly face there to help you out when you‟re in a pinch. I know that many times clubs are reluctant to host a meeting in the summer months and I congratulate superintendents who do have us that time of year. But really, we all face the same problems at certain times of year and if the guy down the way is saying he is not, then he is probably lying. In the end we are looking for new and old venues to come and enjoy. We are not shy about asking, but we would really like to see people stand up and offer as well. It shows the board that you

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are supportive of what we are trying to accomplish. No club is excluded, from the mom and pop courses to the fancy country clubs. We love the diversity of our association, and want to embrace it. I want to lend thanks to Jim Ferrin and Curtis Wolford for helping me with ideas for the article. Their support and ideas help provide me with many ideas to enter into this article. So Thank you Jim and Curtis. If you are interested, feel free to call myself, Irene, Pete Bowman, or Dave Wilber, and we would love to try and work out a time where we can get together and plan a great meeting. If you are interested in hosting a meeting you can contact JEFF COUWENHOVEN 916-771-7370 PETE BOWMAN 916-396-9394 DAVE WILBER 916-276-1848 IreneCline 559-298-6262

F o r e Y o ur I nf o r m a ti o n

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REMINDER CONTINUED sistent basis. For a refresher, we recently decided to go electronic with our newsletter and correspondence. Unfortunately we seem to not be getting all of our correspondence to all of you. We felt as though we needed to print this newsletter and mail out ballots and dues reminders to ensure our correspondence with you the member was in fact occurring. The last thing we want to do is not reach out to you. Along with your dues reminder, you will be able to update your email address and any other personal information. This will help our database and hopefully with some tweaking of the system resume our electronic correspondence with you. It seems as though there is a glitch with the email server we are currently us-

Irrigation Resource Management, LLC



ing. We are working on a alternative or a repair to resolve the problems we are facing. Our elections are an important part of our association. They are your voice, and a chance for you to get involved more if you would like. I feel our candidate base is strong, and we have some new faces running for office which is great. I look forward to seeing you at the election meeting, and hopefully if elected, being your president for the upcoming year.

Mark Stutsman Kiley Ranch Class A

Gary Otto John Deere Golf Class Affiliate

Sean Kwasnicki Tracy Golf & C.C. Class A

Pump Efficiency Testing Pressure & Flow Analysis Irrigation Audits


Irrigation Management Solutions

LARRY JOHNSON, CGCS , CGIA P (916) 761-1696 F (916) 852-2778

Welcome New Members

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G OV E R N M E N TA L R E L AT I O N S C O M M I T T E E U P DAT E By Jim Ferrin, CGCS October 12, 2011

NPDES Aquatic Pesticide Permit Updates On many California golf courses where there are ponds, creeks and streams and their hydrology patterns might suggest that they may be tributaries to “Waters of the United States,” the State Water Resources Control Board since 2002 has required a stringent permit favored by environmental groups for intentional applications of herbicides to treat aquatic weeds and vegetation. This permit is the California NPDES permit for the Discharge of Aquatic Pesticides for Aquatic Weed Control in Waters of the United States. In June 2009 the permit came under scrutiny in a variety of lawsuits and the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals determined that a permit to apply pesticides to U.S. Waters is in fact needed. Recent passage of HR 872, which would eliminate the need for an NPDES aquatic permit, was recently passed in the U.S. House of Representatives and is being considered in the Senate. According to Mike Blankinship, an expert in environmental permitting and compliance in California who will be speaking at the California Golf Course Superintendent Association (CGCSA) annual state meeting in November, meeting the NPDES permitting requirements gains your protection. Mr. Blankinship points out that the citizen lawsuit provision of the Clean Water Act provides an opportunity for environmental groups to sue anyone if it is determined that a golf course has negatively impacted water quality. Mike feels that there will

be in all probability counter action on the part of environmental groups if HR 872 is passed by the Senate and signed by the President. NPDES Storm Water Permit Update Pay attention to how your city or county is being impacted by the new NPDES Phase II Permit and how it pertains to the implementation and maintenance of 10 categories of storm water Best Management Practices (BMP). Two of these BMP‟s call for minimizing exposure and management of runoff at industrial and commercial facilities, which could impact golf course and clubhouse operations. In regards to minimizing exposure, the Permit calls for locating all manufacturing, processing and material storage areas (including loading and unloading, storage, disposal, cleaning, maintenance and fueling operations) indoors or under protective covering and includes the use of grading, berming or curbing to prevent runoff of contaminated flows and divert run-on away from specified areas. In managing run-off the Permit calls for facilities to divert, infiltrate, reuse, contain, or otherwise reduce storm water runoff, to minimize pollutants in discharges. It is currently unclear how a business would practically implement these requirements without significant and expensive site modifications. Besides the costs associated with the BMP‟s a business could be subject to entitlement, permitting and processing

fees by local planning and public works departments. ADA Update A recent article in October 2011 Comstock „s magazine discussed the legal gauntlet of ADA disability access violations. As many people are aware of in the golf industry ADA Recreational accessibility laws go into effect in March 2012. Sam Samuelson, CGCS, an expert on golf course ADA accessibility, who also will be speaking at the CGCS Conference on golf course ADA issues, said that what this new law means is that all golf facilities that are accessed by the public must remove all physical barriers at their facilities to meet compliance laws or face being sued for access issues. Mr. Samuelson added that if a golf course is found to be out of compliance with any of a myriad of ADA codes, suits can be filed seeking not only correction of the violation, but damages and attorney fees. Historically small businesses have settled out of court to avoid trial and potential large judgments. San Diego based David Warren Peters; general counsel for Lawyers Against Lawsuit Abuse says that 42% of ADA lawsuits nationwide are filed in California. He added that over the past few years 14,000 ADA accessibility lawsuits have been filed in California federal courts. Plaintiffs who sue successfully win awards of $4,000 on average per code violation plus attorney fees. This is an issue you should become very familiar with. To receive all the up to date government relations news go to

F o r e Y o ur I nf o r m a ti o n

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It is a very busy time of year no matter what kind of grass you are growing and what climate you are growing it in. Mike Corenette is the new superintendent at Lahontan Golf Club in Truckee. Mike was the Dir. of Agronomy for The Tahoe Mountain Club (Old Greenwood and Gray's Crossing in Truckee) replaces Kevin Breen who did himself and his family proud with 15 years of service to Lahontan. In Kevin's words, "things change". True that. Jason DeHererra is the new Dir of Agronomy for Tahoe Mountain Club. Jason was Mr. Cornette's

super at Gray's Crossing and is a graduate of Colorado State University (Go Rams!). Assistant super from Old Greenwood, Phil Hoban takes over as the new super at Gray's Crossing. And while The Tahoe Mountain Club was dealing with all of this they also let their GM and Financial Officer go. I don't like to be negative, but the signs of the times are ominous. Curt Lally has left his position at The Resort at Squaw Creek to take the position of assistant super at Lahontan. Word from Squaw is that they believe they will save money by waiting until March to name a replacement. Whoever gave them this idea also likes to go to Jack In The Box just to talk to the nice clown.

In other news, Gerry Levesque has moved on from his position at Wildhawk GC in South Sacramento. Stephen McVey has also moved on from his position at Morgan Creek CC. No word on replacements from either venue. A spectacular opportunity for us all exists this year with the California State Meeting being held at Silverado CC in Napa. Great area, great venue and a wonderful meeting planned. If you are on the fence, swing your leg over and sign up. This year, our annual elections are being held in conjunction with the state meeting, so if you are one of the poor schlubs that won't be attending, make sure to cast your absentee ballot for the SNGCSA Board.

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2011 PRESIDENT’S CUP DIABLO GRANDE GOLF COURSE BY The Sierra Nevada Golf Course Superintendent Association could not have asked for better conditions for the 2011 President‟s Cup. Not only was the weather perfect with highs in the low 80‟s and a gentle breeze, the course conditions were also excellent. We owe this to host superintendent, Carl King and his staff whose efforts are easily noticeable throughout the property. From tee to green, there is little excuse for playing poorly and the scoreboard was proof with many well played rounds. Let‟s get right to it: This year‟s President‟s Cup Champion is Jim Ferrin, CGCS at Timber Creek CC. Jim played a solid round throughout the day and finished with a score of 75. I played in the group just in front of Jim Ferrin and Manny Pina and as our group walked off each green, we looked back to find Jim Ferrin in position A, time and time again. Congratulations on a terrific round. There were many players right on the heels of Mr. Ferrin making me wonder how Central took the Tri Chapter Cup so easily.


They definitely have some competition with this strong group of golfers. Jeff Couwenhoven, Superintendent at Woodcreek GC and VP of the SNGCSA, had a great round, finishing in second with a 77. In the same group, Rob Williams, Assistant Superintendent at Del Rio CC, fired a 78 and won the low-net with a 67. Last year‟s champion, Terry Smith, played well besides one rough hole and came up short of the repeat, also shooting a 78. On the affiliate side of the card, Reggie Pomicpic of Brown Sand turned in a strong performance with a 79 and Pete Bowman of Target Specialty Products was the low net with an 84, net 70. Congratulations, once again, to our Champion, Jim Ferrin and thank you to everyone who took time out of your busy schedule to make this year‟s event a memorable and competitive occasion.

Paul K. Smith Sales Representative Pest Control Advisor Western Specialty Division

E-mail: V.M.: (800) 543-0630 Box#2417 Mob: (530) 864-6443

HELENA CHEMICAL COMPANY 3155 Southgate Lane Chico, Ca 95928 Bus: (530) 342-4786 (800) 554-5703 Fax: (530) 343-9047

Jim Ferrin, CGCS 2011 President’s Cup Champion

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CALIFORNIA GCSA CONFERENCE & GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP S I LV E R A D O CO U N T RY C LU B & R E S O RT N OV E M B E R 6, 7,& 8, 20 11 Sunday November 6, 2011 1:00pm—2:00pm ―California Regulatory Update 2011/2012‖ Laws & Regulations Presented by Sylvia Gutierrez Target Specialty Products CEU/DPR Approved (Laws & Regs) 4:00 pm Registration in Main Lobby 5:00pm—8:00pm Hosted Welcome Reception Mixology Class Learn how to make your favorite cocktails Monday November 7, 2010 7:00 am—8:00 am Registration & Continental Breakfast 8:00 am—8:15 am Opening Session/Annual California GCSA Meeting

8:30 —5:00 pm Educational Program & Presentations Auction Finalizes 6:00 pm — 9:00 pm Hosted Reception/Casino Night Tuesday, November 8, 2011 Silverado Resort North Course 7:00 am to 8:45 am Golf Registration & Continental Breakfast 9:00 am Shot Gun Tournament Lunch served on the Course Awards Directly following Golf

Visit the California GCSA Online Auction to benefit research online-auction/ If you haven’t registered for the event you can do it on line

F o r e Y o u r I n f o r m a ti o n


2012 California Room Las Vegas Country Club Wednesday February 29, 2012 6:00 to 9:00 For More Information go to:

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HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE DIABLO GRANDE It was a beautiful day at a terrific golf course. Pictured at left is host superintendent Carl King with President Jim Alwine. We presented Carl with a few gifts from the association for hosting this event. At right Dave Bermudez always has a smile when he gets to spend a day playing golf with his friends.

Our events are about comradery, and this event was no exception. Pictured at right are Jim Duhig, Reggie Pomicpic, Tracy Shanahan, and Pete Bowman, preparing to hit the course.

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REGGIE POMICPIC – Director of Sales and Market Cell# 209 993-5211 E-mail: 800 MOSSDALE RD, LATHROP, CA. 209 234-1500

P age 1 3

F o r e Y o u r I n f o r m a ti o n


Above are from left Pat Smyth, Jim Alwine, and Chuck Talley.

Above are from left Matt Moore and Jesse Seguin

Above are Phil Brown with his special guest Ralf Nyman from Helsinki, Finland, people will travel a great distance for the opportunity to play in one of our event! At right Jim Ferrin, CGCS was preparing for play. Little did he know at the time he would be the winner of the 2011 President’s Cup Trophy.

Christensen Turf Products Tel: (775) 4502761

Bruce Christensen

2754 Kayne Ave. Minden NV 89423

Fax (775-267-9382 Email:

Verti Drain Service

Chr istens en T ur f Pr oducts

F o r e Y o ur I nf o r m a ti o n

P age 1 4

T H A N K Y O U TO O U R 2 0 1 1 S P ON S O R S

Boardtronics Russ Mitchell & Associates

Mid Cal Tractor

Turf Tire Express

Taylor’s Golf Course Materials

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P age 1 5

MEETING HIGHLIGHTS GRAEAGLE Pictured at left is host superintendent Scott Kotrc. As you can see by the scenic back drop this is absolutely a beautiful setting for a golf course and we were fortunate to have the opportunity to play the course and spend the day with Scott. Eduction was provided by Dave Wilber and Jeremy Payne Above Pete Fredeen poses for the and very informative. camera and below Kevin Breen, CGCS and Dave Wilber have the opportunity to catch up

At right are Pete Bowman and Doug Poole preparing for a fun day on the course.

Sierra Nevada GCSA September/October Newsletter  

Sierra Nevada GCSA September/October Newsletter

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