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2019 Turf Tech Workshop The Ridge Golf Course January 8, 2019

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Scott McCullough

As I begin the upcoming year as President of the SNGCSA I consider it an honor to serve the association and its members. The new board members seem just as eager as I do to continue the success of the association and bring lots of new ideas. We are listening to everyone and we are working to create golf events for the upcoming year with new types of education. The Turf Tech Seminar will be kicking off the year on January 8th. This year we will have 13 speakers with Brad Snavely from STS Turf being the Key Note speaker. The holidays are here again,



and I like to look back on 2018. We have a lot of active members volunteering their time beyond our local association. Jim Ferrin is on the CAG board and is the President of the California GCSA. Kurtis Wolford is the Vice President of the California GCSA. Both Jim and Kurtis are on the BMP committee. Beyond that both are tied to one of the representatives in congress and lastly both are part of the CGCSA government relations committee. For 2019 we are trying to move the Grass Roots event from March to May since for the last 5 years the event has been rained out. We are still needing some event locations so if your interested please let any of us know. We will also be applying for a grant which we want to use to upgrade the website to keep it from getting hacked. There are some great ideas to add some new sections for our members like to post things for sale. Now that were into the time of year that gives us much needed

relief from the heat of the summer and we should have fresh new budgets for the coming year. In February the GIS will be in San Diego and the California Room will be at the Omni Hotel. It should be a great event and I look forward to seeing you there. As we kick of 2019, I hope everyone has a great year.

If you are interested in hosting a meeting please contact Irene or Kim at the Association Office 559-298-6262 Or Email

2018 SNGCSA BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT Scott McCullough The Ridge Golf Course VICE PRESIDENT Sam Samuelson, CGCS Wildhawk Golf Course

SECRETARY/TREASURER John Farley Teal Bend Golf Course

Dave Bermudez Jason Wolf Del Rio Golf & Country Club Lincoln Hills G.C. Mark Callahan Plumas Pines G.C.

PAST PRESIDENT William Hamilton CGCS Lake Wildwood Association

DIRECTORS Tracy Shanahan Peach Tree C.C.

Keith Hill, CGCS Hidden Valley C.C. Bryant Wait

Affiliate Representatives Rodney Muller Akoni Ganir Sierra Pacific Turf Simplot Partners

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January 8, 2019

July 2019

Turf Tech Workshop

Scholarship & Research Tournament

The Ridge Golf Course Hosted by Scott McCullough

Location to be confirmed

February 2-7, 2019 GCSAA Golf Industry Show San Diego Convention Center

2019 California Room February 6, 2019 Landry’s at the Omni Hotel

August 5, 2019 Tri Chapter Event Brookside Country Club Hosted by Central California

September 2019 President’s Cup Tournament

April 2019

Location to be Confirmed

Whitney Oaks Golf Course Hosted by Brad Bonino

November 2019

Date to be Confirmed

May 2019 Grass Roots Tournament Location to be confirmed

2019 California Room Omni Hotel San Diego February 6, 2019 6:00—9:00 PM Don’t miss this years California Room during the 2019 Golf Industry Show in San Diego. The California Room will be held at the Omni Hotel located across the street from the convention center and a short walk after the golf show. We will once again be raising funds for the Cali-

fornia BMP project. Please help by attending this event. You will be treated to a fun evening of famous Landry’s cuisine, fun beverages, and lots of friendly faces. You will not want to miss this event. Members $35, Members Spouse/Significant other $35 (Maximum of 1 guest) Your registration will include hosted hors ‘d ouerves and beverages On Line Registration: Sponsorships are available please call 559-298-6262

Annual Election Meeting Location to be Confirmed

December 5, 2019 Annual Holiday Event Teal Bend Golf Course

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2019 SNGCSA The Annual Meeting for the SNGCSA was held at Cherry Island G.C on November 15, 2018. The SNGCSA Board of Directors for the 2019 fiscal year welcomes some new members to the board as well as some returning members to our board. Scott McCullough takes the helm for the Sierra Nevada Chapter. Scott is the Superintendent at The Ridge Golf Course and has been on our board for the past three years. We are proud to have him lead our association. Unfortunately he couldn’t make it back in time for this event as he was attending the Delegates meeting in Lawrence , KS. He will be voting for us at the GIS so if you have any questions on this don’t hesitate in calling him. Our VP position will be a very familiar face. Sam Samuelson, CGCS has returned Sam brings a wealth of experience to the board and we are very happy to welcome him back. John Farley, Teal Bend G.C. will take over the financial lead as the Secretary/Treasurer. John has been a board members for the past two years and he is up for the job and has already been working on the 2019 budget. We welcome three new board members Tracy Shanahan, Peach Tree C.C., Jason Wolf, Lincoln Hills G.C. and Bryant Wait. Continuing on with their positions on the board are Dave Bermudez, Del Rio C.C., Mark Callahan, Plumas Pines, G.C. and Keith Hill, CGCS, Hidden Valley C.C. We welcome Rodney Mul-


ler, Sierra Pacific Turf Supply, to the board as the new affiliate representative and Akoni Ganir, Simplot Partners, will continue on for another year of his two year term. We can’t thank these volunteers enough for the time and energy they contribute on behalf of the association and all the members. At the December meeting held at Teal Bend the board met early and the new board members were welcomed with a in depth training session with our GCSAA Field Representative Jeff Jensen leading the session. It wasn’t only an opportunity to have the board learn how to work as a board and understand what their positions mean, but it also was an opportunity for all of them to get to know one another.

Bill Hamilton, CGCS receives his President’s plaque for our appreciation of his service as a board member and president of the association. (Pictured Above). Bill served on the board of directors for five years. He will continue on as a member of the board as the past president. We greatly appreciate his services to our association and his continuing efforts as our newsletter editor.

Pictured below are some of the 2019 Board of Directors. From the left is Tracy Shanahan, Dave Bermudez, Akoni Ganir, Bill Hamilton, CGCS, Sam Samuelson, CGCS, John Farley, and Rodney Muller.

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As we approach the Christmas Holiday and the end of another year, I would like to thank all our members for your support of GCSAA and my position during the past year. Jeff Jensen 2018 had its share of challenges for the golf industry nationwide, but I’m glad to say that because of all your support, GCSAA will be 18,000 members strong heading into the 2019 calendar year. Much of that growth has been fueled by the expansion and addition of programs and resources for our members. The Turf Equipment Technician Certificate Program (TETCP) added Level 2 (launching in December) and our team is in the process of working on a certification program for equipment managers. Passing Level 1 and Level 2 exams will be a prerequisite for going through the certification program. Additionally, we launched our Assistant Superintendent Certificate Program. Principles of Agronomy and Principles

of Golf Course Business exams are now available with Leadership/ Communication and Environmental Management being developed. To date, 80 members have passed Principles of Agronomy with another 49 having passed Principles of Golf Course Business. In June, we took over operation of The First Green Program. First Green is a STEM education and environmental outreach program that uses golf courses as learning labs. I encourage you to consider hosting a field trip at your facility as it’s a great opportunity to promote your facility and the game. GCSAA is expanding the program and will also use it to educate high school age students on careers in turf. In August, GCSAA partnered with Hays Cos., a leading national insurance and financial services organization, to provide a variety of product and service offerings exclusively to GCSAA members. The programs include health, dental and vision coverage, accident and life insurance as well as financial services. As we head into 2019 we have many other programs and projects in

store for our membership with a focus on chapter and member outreach. We realize as the golf maintenance industry evolves, we need to stay a step ahead and provide our members with tools, education and resources to get the job done. Happy Holidays to you and your families and best of luck in the New Year. 2019 will be sure to present us with many opportunities and challenges alike. I look forward to seeing you at some of the upcoming meetings and If you have any questions, please contact me at and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @GCSAA_SW for daily industry updates.

The SNGCSA is now on Facebook and Twitter. Check it out!

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2019 Turf Tech Workshop It’s that time of year again. The Turf Tech Workshop will be held at The Ridge Golf Course on January 8, 2018. This one day is packed with education and the line up gets better every year. We will have two classes that will run simultaneous in most cases. You will have the opportunity to choose which class you would like to attend. We will begin at 7:00-7:55 am with registration, Breakfast, & Tradeshow. We will then gather in Main Ball Room with opening remarks by Scott McCullough, President of the SNGCSA. Our first speakers will begin at 8:00– and run to 9:00 am In the main Ballroom will be Randy Opher- Air Resources Board and in

the Board Room Jeff Bine -Hunter Irrigation will give his talk. Our second set of speakers will start at 9:10– and go to 10:10. and will feature Turf Star- Eli Espino, talking on “Trouble Shooting Electrical Issues in the Main Ballroom . In the boardroom Stan Adam - Wilbur Ellis Co., and Ken Mauser– Aquatrols will talk about "Istrc". At 10:15 and running to 11:15 our third set of speaker will feature Belkorp Ag "Bernhard grinders, diagnostics, and setup" in the Main Ballroom and Joel Brinkman-Sepro will talk on "Aquatics Growth Regulators" in the board room. We will break for lunch at 11:15 -12:15 in Main Ballroom and

will feature Brad Snavely - STS Turf as our Key Note Speaker. The entire day our Tradeshow will be available with several vendors that have demonstrations, information and lots of great new items to share with you. The education continues after lunch with Kelly Kerr "Rainbird Irrigation Software" talking in the Main Ballroom. Then in the Boardroom Corbett Schnatmeyer - BASF will speak on Pre-emergent weed control which if approved will have 1 hr of other CEU's. The fifth set of Speakers will include Kevin Eppich - Toro Irrigation– discussing "Site Pro Lynx, general info on sprinklers/towers" in the main ballroom and in the boardroom Ryan Nichols- Nufarm will talk about

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Goose Apocalypse: how do you deal with a geese infestation? By Kelsi Penrose written for the Carson City News Robbie Sikes is the superinten- as the water more than likely isn’t fit dent of the Empire Ranch Golf Course, for drinking. and he is sick and tired of geese. According to Zach Campbell from the Nevada Department of Wild“On any given day when I get in, there life, there is an influx of geese during are at least a thousand geese out on the this time of year as the population ingreens,” said Sikes. “I’ve tried everycreases with migratory flocks, who join thing. The repellent doesn’t seem to do forces with the flocks that live in the anything. People said get a dog to area year round. chase them, but I’ve got a lab who

like. Consistently making loud noises, such as fireworks or banging, and having them be chased by dogs is the best way to handle the situation. Basically, any way that could disrupt their sense of peace and calm.

While some may say fireworks and dogs sprinting across the greens at a tranquil golf course might not be the chases them every morning and they Canadian Geese are a protected best environment for golfers, neither only fly up in the air and land in the federal species, so vigilantes who are hordes of geese so it's a give and ponds.” would want to shoot them would find take. Sikes is reporting $200-$300 a themselves behind bars shortly after. In addition, stringing fishing Hunting of almost any type of migraday is going just to the manual labor line and caution tape in the air to pretory bird without a hunting license is necessary to clean up poop from the vent them from landing in a specific illegal, according to Fish and Wildlife, area (such as fields), is another good course so golfers don’t have to muck and using firearms for hunting within through it. The geese are eating the practice according to Boyer. city limits is not allowed. However, grass as well, leaving portions of the "Unfortunately the geese are a according to Campbell, Fish and Wild“greens” bare. pain this time of year, and a challenge life are in charge of the feathered tresHe’s worried about the geese to deal with!" said Boyer. "The best passers, and in June, a round up is condrinking water from the ponds as well, ducted to keep populations at bay. thing you can do is regularly annoy For more in- them until they leave." We’re also asking the public formation on Fish and for their input on this avian problem. Wildlife, you can visit What’s your advice to discourage a their website here. hoard or geese from taking up resiAccording to dence? Carson City Parks and Recreation's Lyndsey Thank you to Kelsi Penrose for submitBoyer, the Senior ting this article and Thank you to RobNatural Resource Spe- bie Sikes, Superintendent at Empire cialist, the main way Ranch Golf Course for sharing it with to deal with geese is us. "hazing," which is 800 MOSSDALE RD, LATHROP, CA. exactly what it sounds 209 234-1500

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REGGIE POMICPIC – Director of Sales and Market Cell# 209 993-5211 E-mail:

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TURF TECH WORKSHOP C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 7 “Minimizing Pesticide Applications for Improved Pest Control on Golf Courses and Fungicides (FRAC codes)” again this will be an opportunity to earn CEU's which have been applied for. We will then have Joe Ballmer - Syngenta talk on “Insect Pests of the West” which again will earn CEU's. It is hard to believe that we can offer all of this to you for just $25.00. Breakfast and lunch included. You should have received your invitation but if not you can call, fax, or email your reservation to our association office. Our business. Phone: 559-298-6262 Fax: 559-2986957 and E-mail: To Register on Line click here

WORKSHOP REGISTRATION Like we said we have applied for PDI & CEU's as applicable. This workshop is open to all Sierra Nevada GCSA members as well as Central California, Northern California Members. We would also like to share this with the Sports Turf Industry so if you know of anyone that would like to attend just let them know.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS Ricky Fugate Class B Sierra Sage Golf Course Brad Caresia Redox


Gary Hoover - Affiliate Solitude Lake Mgmt Robbie Sykes – Class B Empire Ranch G.C. Chuck Duren – Class A Eagle Valley G.C. Gary Skolnik – Class A Rancho Murieta C.C

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It was another beautiful day at Teal Bend Golf Course. We aren’t quite sure how John does it in planning the weather. He must have some secretl Above on the left we have pictured Mike Kavaney and his team which included Bruce Doolittle, Juan Gonzales, and Jason Brewler. At right is the team from Yocha de He Golf Club, Kyle Jones, Leo Espino, Roy Hayes, and Will Foust.

At right we have Taylor Hubbard, Corbett Schnatmeyer, and Stan Adams tearing up the links. Below is the team of Tim McCoy, John Farley, Mitch Frazier, and Dana Waldor, who flew in to join us for the event. It was great seeing some of our past members and we enjoy catching up with everyone.

Of course pictured at right is the heart and sole of Teal Bend G.C.

FORE YOUR INFORMATION Published by the Sierra Nevada Golf Course Superintendents Association EDITOR Bill Hamilton, CGCS OFFICE SNGCSA 3273 Richert Ave., Clovis, CA 93619 559-298-6262 Fax# 559-298-6957

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November/December 2018 Fore Your Information  

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