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Help me to get to know you better, so that I can bring your idea(s) to life! The more questions you can answer, the better I will be able to tailor an item to fit your desires. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at ☮For hemp jewelry please see the ‘Hemp Jewelry Custom Order Sheet’ ☮

What type of item are you interested in? –Department and item description- (example: Home décor, hanging lantern; Seasonal, trick or treat bag; Jewelry, paper bead bracelet...etc.)

Include any specific details for customization (i.e. initials or names, words etc.) *please note there may be additional charges for more than three letters/numbers/symbols*

Jewelry- What type of beading do you prefer? (i.e. wood, seeds, glass, paper, metal, stone)

Is this a vegan order? Yes [ ] No [ ] What are your color preferences (if applicable)? *Note: outdoor lanterns only come in black*

What design or style do you prefer? (example: lantern-hanging with diamond design; beer can wallet- bud light, etc.. )

Sizing? For bracelets/anklets, please note wrist/ankle measurements; for collars/chokers, please give your neck measurement, for all other necklaces - see chart or give preferred length, and other measurements respectively. [ ]

Select size for lanterns: [ ] XS ~ 4.25oz (tea light) [ ] S ~ 10.5 oz (candle or votive) [ ] M ~ 28 oz (medium-large candle) [ ] L ~ 50 oz (large candle)

Is this a rush order? (Normal turnaround is 2 weeks from payment)

Method of payment? (Paypal is the preferred payment method, but if you need another method please list it here.)

Is there anything else I should take into consideration for this order?

Thank you! I can’t wait to get started on your order! ď Š

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General Item Order Form/Custom Order Form

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