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Our mission is to facilitate the treatment of personal injury patients by providing funding for their medical procedures. Sierra Med Services provides the funding needed on an attorney lien basis to help individuals who were injured in motor vehicle accidents or who have suffered other personal injuries. Now clients can receive the surgery and/or pain management needed when they do not have health insurance. Our Las Vegas based network includes a variety of primarycare physicians, physical therapists, surgeons and other specialists, as well as hospitals and surgical centers. We ensure that patients are able to receive the surgery and/or pain management that they need, well before their claim has settled. We can assist with funding of the medical bills for patients who may otherwise not be covered by health insurance policies. With the patient's needs and recovery in mind, our pre-authorization process is very efficient. Sierra Med Services was founded on the premise that persons innocently injured in an accident are often denied access to quality health care due to long legal battles with insurance companies. Such access to much needed pain management and/or surgery is often delayed, until after a claim is settled. With Sierra Med Services, there is no need to wait. We will pre-authorize and fund the cost of surgeries and medical care until the claim has settled. We work with a wide array of physicians, hospitals and surgical centers to meet medical needs and provide as many options to the patient as possible.

Our company specializes in the acceptance and handling of medical-based liens for a wide variety of services. We assist with the funding of all the medical bills for patients who may otherwise not be covered. Sierra Med Services is dedicated to "going the extra mile" for your lien based receivables. Our experience and professionalism help the attorney and client to settle their case in a more favorable manner for all interested parties, including you.

p. 702 382.3272 f. 702 382.4260 801 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Suite 150 Las Vegas, NV 89101

Sierra Med Services Funding provides funding to medical providers and attorneys for personal injury patients with an attorney lien. This program allows medical providers, attorneys and their clients the opportunity for treatment with no out of pocket expense or monthly payments!!!

702 382.3272 801 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Suite 150 Las Vegas, NV 89101

SERVICES SIERRA MED SERVICES is a lien based medical funding company. We provide services to enhance cash flow and reduce the risk of bad debt for health care providers through a very simple lien purchasing program. We provide funding on a lien-basis to make quality medical care accessible to those who have suffered personal injuries, most commonly motor vehicle accidents. Historically, many uninsured patient/clients have delayed or gone without needed medical treatment due to the unavailability of health care providers who are willing to forego payment until the case is settled. Additionally many providers refuse to accept medical-lien cases as they lack experience in evaluating the viability of the patient's personal injury case. Our management team possesses the skills necessary to assess these issues. Through the cooperation of attorneys and medical providers, we arrange to pay the medical providers directly for the treatment that is needed before cases We wait for settlement and require settle. We no current collections from the purchase a patient or the physician. non-recourse lien between medical providers and attorneys on lawsuit settlement proceeds. Once the case settles, attorneys repay the lien directly to Sierra Med.

Members Our provided services produce the following benefits ATTORNEYS: • Sierra Med can help you fund proper medical care for your client. • Sierra Med can help ensure that you are not rushed to resolve your client’s case prematurely. • Sierra Med can help you obtain access to high quality health care providers who are willing to treat your client on a lien basis. • Sierra Med can assure that your cases will not be held up during the settlement process. DOCTORS: • Sierra Med can help you liquidate your lien-based accounts receivable. • Sierra Med can help increase your client base and bottom line. • Sierra Med can help normalize your cash-flow to help keep your office current in overhead and equipment expenses. • Sierra Med can take the risk out of your lien-based receivable base by providing funding to liquidate your receivables. PATIENTS/CLIENTS: • Sierra Med will work with your lawyer to maximize your personal injury settlement. • Sierra Med will work with your doctors to get you premium heath care and treatment. • Sierra Med will help you get premium health care which will only be repaid upon the successful completetion of your personal injury case.

Benefits • MRI on a lien. • Surgery on a lien. • Doctors can provide medical services without financial risks. • We wait for settlement and require no current collections from the patient, easing the patients’s financial burden. • Patient can choose amongst an extensive network of specialist providers,or alternatively we will work with a patients' existing provider. • Patient and his doctor can choose from amongst a wide array of hospitals and surgical centers so they can receive high quality services in a caring and comfortable environment. • Attorneys can assist their client in getting the health care they need to maximize case value and ensure a case need not be settled permanently. • Fund your single non recourse payment in less than 5 days upon receipt of the lien. Sierra Med Services is leading the way toward funding quality health care for personal injury patients. By providing the funding necessary to the medical community, Sierra Med Services allows for patients to receive quality health care that otherwise might not be available. All our lien programs allow doctors, hospitals and medical centers to substantially increase revenues by funding medical service which would otherwise not be available. Get paid immediately for the services provided. And most importantly, improve the bottom line and concentrate on the practice of medicine, rather than waste time on administrative and accounting functions.