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ou Are Not Alone letters of support and solidarity to First Nations and communities on the front lines against Enbridge, following the JRP recommendations

The views and opinions expressed in this collection of letters are solely those of the original authors and do not reflect the policy or position of Sierra Club BC. Š 2014

The Northern Gateway pipeline is far from my home, but your concerns are close to my heart.

I live close to the Fraser River in the lower mainland, where the watershed, waterfront, river waters and fish - salmon and sturgeon included - are threatened by another pipeline, the Kinder Morgan pipeline. There has already been damage done by a terrible pavement politics project, the South Fraser Freeway, and they want to ship coal out from the nearby Surrey Fraser Docks that would cause more devastation. The Kinder Morgan pipeline would be the last straw. I support your struggles to protect our environment for future generations. The insanity of fossil fuel dependency has to stop and we have to start respecting the natural riches we have, in the Northern Gateway region as well as here in the lower mainland, from destructive resource extraction threats such as pipelines, fracking, run-of-river electric dams, which are all really only about greed – but we can’t eat money. I also thank you for all you have done, are doing and will do, and will help as much as I can – getting the word out on social media, sending supplies for actions, writing letters, signing petitions. I know these are just small things, but I will also fight for transit transportation solutions here as well, since if we cut off the demand for those fossil fuels there will be no need for the supply that would mean pipelines and worse in the north. Bernadette K. Surrey, BC


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I am very gra have show teful for the leade rship that n in oppo Fir sing furthe and the p r expansio st Nations ipelines to n of the o transport pristine B.C ilsands their prod . wilderne ucts throu ss and Pa hard to u g h the cific coast nderstand w how any person co thinking, re aters. It is uld advoc sponsible ate a dev threaten elopment the tradit ional lifest that will n survival o yle of nati ot on f planet e v e s, a rt but also th ly h. The fac and busin e essmen in ts are stari the face, ng politic their ideo ians but they a logy and re blinded their gree will suppo d. I hope by rt you if it that our ju becomes courts to d ic necessary iary stop this m to resort to adness. I will stand the Aileen T. behind yo u too. Edmonto n, AB

ut the flora o b a d e rn e nc ill I am very co troyed so I w s e d g in e b irst and fauna ty with the F ri a d li o s in p s against stand u le p o e p r e th all o Nations and e. It is time to n li e ip p rn e h r this Nort of ravage he d a te s in h rt honour Ea ed. based on gre Patricia M. Ottawa, ON

I am a Haida living in Vancouver and will do my part to try and curb the need for gas and oil this season and into the New Year. I pledge to walk the 70 minutes to the University of British Columbia often, or take public transportation. I also vow to stay involved with the rowing community in BC, which promotes the use of self propelling water vessels. I stand in solidarity with First Nations in BC that oppose the Northern Gateway Project. I vow also to educate myself on the various First Nations stances to further my understanding of these valued communities in our province. Howa’a.

Lia H. Vancouver, BC

I had the blessed good fortune of growing up on Haida Gwaii.

It is a magical and powerful place. These beautiful Islands are the home of my heart and I stand with all our coastal communities in complete solidarity against Enbridge’s Northern Gateway proposal. Thank you so much for continuing the fight to protect the people, the animals, the land and the waters that we cherish. Thank you!! You are not alone! Asii llnagaay gii hla glaayii isda. Nicola P. Williams Lake, BC

Renewable energy is the only way to move to save our world from vast destruction and time is running out for us to move off of fossil fuels.

Canada should not be part of this continuation along the path to poisoning our environment, and our natural world. We owe it to our grandchildren to leave them a sustainable natural environment; we have no right to use up and cause destruction to our climate, our water and nature. Their future will be far poorer than ours if we continue along the path of burning fossil fuels. Canadians need to stand up and strongly resist allowing our Government to sell out to big oil and the destruction it is leading the world towards. As a rich country, we are an embarrassment on the world stage, refusing to lead the way to renewable energy and away from climate destruction caused by fossil fuels. Please think about the future of the world’s children and what sort of planet we will be leaving for them. Choose to turn away from fossil fuels, lead the world to renewable energy. Mary Ann L. Tagish, Yukon

When I get d own about th e current environmen tal situation – I remembe that there a r re people lik e you who keep fighting day in and d ay out for all of our futures. You are heroes. Don’t forget it. All my goo d thoughts are being se nt to you gu ys :) Karly L. Thorold, ON

ur ngth of yo re t s e h t r fo ill not be w e n li Thank you e ip that this p e of action c n conviction ra e v e your pers built, and k you for n a h T . o s his is in the long h t to ensure t a p a g choosin munities, resolutely m o c r u o y st of ommit to c I term intere . s u f o ll , and a long as s a t h g our planet fi is y you in th standing b , it takes. In solidarity Lisa M. C Victoria, B

I just want t o let you kn ow that I sh concern in are your opposition of the Enbri Although I d dge pipelin o it from afa e. r here in Co my heart is lorado, with you in your fight. P for the long ersistence haul is chall enging esp against pow ecially erful corpora te interests. history has However, shown us th at moveme populace h nts of the ave endure d and won tim time again . I know tha e and t this will be for you/us. the case Ron B. Parker, Colo rado

We as a human race are now facing our biggest challenge and biggest opportunity.

The actions we take now will impact all beings, human and non human in the future. I am so inspired and encouraged by the strength and leadership of the First Nations people standing up against the onslaught of our Petro state government. You are my beacon of hope and I stand with you to stop this pipeline and to envision a better future for all of us. There is strength in diversity and with a wall of opposition based on respect for human rights, respect for indigenous rights, and the rights of mother nature I truly believe can stop this project. In solidarity, Karen B. Banff, AB

You are on the front line of communities affected if this goes through.

I want to thank you all so much for standing up for all of us! You are not alone and I will be doing as much as I can to make my voice heard to stop the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline for the good of all of B.C. The politicians need to start listening to us all and take steps necessary NOW to help reverse the global warming effects we are now dealing with. In solidarity, Jan B. Victoria, BC

Although I live in the U.S., the proposed pipeline affects all our lives and the earth we all live on.

I wanted to know that I stand with you in opposition to this, and any other proposal which threatens your land, your health and the environment. I hope 2014 will stand for landmark victories for all of us, against those who would pollute our air, water, homes, safety and wild lands, beginning with a resounding defeat of this proposal! Betty J. V. Watervliet, New York

I’m here in Victoria, the southernmost part of the province, and country, but I share the same coast, the same water.

I love this coastline deeply, and I don’t want it ruined just so a few rich people can get richer by selling Alberta’s carbon to China. It’s outrageous. Some things are more important than money. If politicians and businessmen are too heartless to admit this, then we have to educate them by standing together so they can see us and hear us. There are a lot of people down here who feel this way, and will be honoured to help lend a voice. Bill G. Victoria, BC

Hello, I stand with you in solidarity and thank you for fighting against the Enbridge pipeline.

You are trying to save the rainforest, your livelihood, the coast, all from the proposed pipeline and spills that would be sure to occur. For a few years of prosperity with the oil money, I would never want to throw away my children’s future or their children’s future either. I am writing from Alberta, being a resident of that beautiful province with the wrong vision. So, thank you very much for standing up for your children and my children, your courage and steadfastness I admire. Have a happy holiday season and may the new year bring an end to that proposed pipeline, that would be so destructive through the mountain passes and along the way to Kitimat and the Pacific coastline. Josefine S. Edmonton, AB

and community ns tio a N t rs Fi e th ve lie I be . are extremely brave C B. rn e rth no in s up ro g and up for the and courageous to st of B.C. Many nd la g in iv -g e lif nd a l beautifu you. Continue ith w e re g a ., C B. in t no of us, ern Gateway rth o N ’s e g rid b En g in fight , we are with you, ng ro st nd a St l. sa o p ro p you are not alone. Thank you, Geraldine Y. I am with you Edmonton, AB . I care abou t your land, y people, your our health and y our lives. I wa you to be he nt althy, happy and thriving in your commu nity up North . I pledge to d what I can to o keep your lan d fr pipelines. I am ee from standing with you in your fight. May yo ur holidays be filled with lov joy and hope e, . With care, Ahava S. Salt Spring Isla nd, BC

posing p o in t r o p ur sup You have o Gateway n r e h t r o N e the Enbridg from the n io t u ll o p ore proposal. M risk of r e h ig h a d ble. a t p oilsands an e c c a t spills is no coastal oil h more c u m k o lo o We need t tives. a n r e lt a t a seriously Kevin M. Anmore, BC

My name is Gabriella and I am from Tl’azt’en Nation and I’m Cree.

I oppose the Enbridge project because I want to have clean water and clean air for all of our great grandchildren. I feel that this decade we have enough technology and knowledge for Canada and the First Nations to work together, nation to nation, and provide the people with other means of clean energy. I know we as people of Mother Earth are not alone on this fight against big oil companies. Happy No Enbridge Holidays. I stand in solidarity with you. Much love and respect, Gabriella S. Prince George, BC

Thank-you for standing up against Enbridge and against the pipeline.

Sending you strength and courage from Ontario. I have been in your beautiful province and seen so much of its splendor and natural wonders. These need to be protected for all time for you, your children and all of Canada. The government and the world needs to know and understand that BC’s precious coastline, rivers and lands need the utmost protection and it’s not negotiable. I stand with you in solidarity! Nancy M. Markham, ON

As a resident in Burnaby BC, on the route of the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline I feel very close to you, and thankful for the work you are doing for all the people in BC (and not only BC) leading the fight against pipelines, and to protect the resources we depend on, water, air and land.

Thank you for your commitment to protect our children and the next generations from the disastrous event of an oil spill and from the consequences of climate change. Thank you for your commitment to protect the ocean, our pristine coast and our rivers. I stand in solidarity with you. Best wishes for joyful holidays and for a new year full of good results! Pina V. Burnaby, BC

It is with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart that I write to you about the decision of the Joint Review Panel to approve the Northern Gateway Project.

This is yet another sacred trust broken and an insult to First Nations people as well as to the overwhelming majority of us all as British Columbians, who do not wish to see the gifts of this province trampled by greed and political expediency. Your dedication to keeping the lands of your heritage protected and safe from the pollution and desecration of oil spills and fracking is a bright light shining is a dark time. Know that you are supported, respected, and honoured in this struggle that concerns all people of the earth. Carla S. Nanaimo, BC

Your stand gives me hope for our land, hope for the creatures which call it home and hope for a sustainable future.

I will continue to do what I can to help turn the tide against Enbridge with renewed energy knowing that we stand together. Amanda V. Black Creek, BC

It saddens me to think that Canada has come to this.

We know that the oil conglomerates are determined to suck every drop of oil, tar, gas out of Mother Earth just for profit and this is wrong. Mother Earth will provide for us if we look after her and the only way to keep our land, air, and water safe for consumption is to stop extraction. I will use everything that I can to spread awareness and to support those that will stand tall and against this and all pipelines. I came to the Healing Walk this July and I saw for myself what is going on and what we must fight for. Have courage and please draw strength from many of us who stand with you from afar. Dianne R. Saskatoon, SK

I value so much your courage and effort standing up for the headwaters and coastal zone, resisting the pressure from profit-driven corporations.

As well, everyone and all our grandchildren and grandchildren’s grandchildren are at risk from deteriorating climate from the mad race to extract and burn as much fossil carbon as possible as fast as possible. For all of us and all our grandchildren’s grandchildren, thank you. Greg H. Saanich, BC

Dear peo ple of the northern B coast, .C. I stand wit h you in a ll your effo protect y rts to our wond rous envir for future onment generatio ns. I may away in T be far oronto, b ut my hea you. rt is with Kate C. Toronto, O N

Hello, I want to thank you for all that you have already done to let the Federal Government and the oil companies know that they do not have your permission to build the NG pipeline. I have been using every possible opportunity here in Vancouver to stand up against the NG pipeline, and I shall continue to do so, and to increase awareness among other citizens here. Leigh B. Vancouver, BC I proudly and most urgently follow your leadersh ip in protectin g this life-giving lan d from those that would destro y her. Light and Lov e, Barbara R. Penticton, BC ou for your

Thank y w brave work; kno we’re with you . Sheila M. BC Gabriola Island,

You Are Not Alone  

Letters of support and solidarity to First Nations and communities on the front lines against Enbridge, following the JRP recommendations.

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