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Crows Sierra, Brenna, Malichi

Habitat A crows habitat has a wide variety of places. They are found just about anywhere in the world. The crows habitat is woods, meadows, marshes, fields, farms, pastures, woodlots, towns and cities. They do not survive in extreme cold and extreme warm environments.

Suited to Their Environment They have the ability to adapt to many habitats and food sources. Crows live in environments where it is very common to have a change of weather. Crows are used to four seasons a year and just one season a year. Crows have evolved to be able to live in hot

Characteristics Crows have human characteristics. Crows are curious, observant, sociable, cooperative, resourceful, intelligent, etc. These characteristics help them fit into their niche because they know how to find food, water, stay away from prey, build a nest, etc.

Evolution Crows evolved in Asia from the corvid stock. Crows are members of the corvid family. There are five to six species which are almost identical to the crow in Australia.

What is the Crow's future? Is it Extinct Due to Climate Change? No, climate change will not have a large impact on the crow. Although the cold weather may be hard for the crows at first, they can adjust easily. They have the ability to adapt to many habitats and food sources.

During the fall and winter they may gather in very large roosts near a source of food. The only way that crows have had a rapid decrease in their population was when they would be persecuted by humans; which is no longer legal in the U.S.

What Future Adaptations Will Save It? Crows are not close to extinction. Owls and hawks eat crows. A future adaptation that will help crows will be to blend in easier to hide from prey.

Diet Crow are omnivores, so they mostly eat animals, insects, and plant life. Crows have a big variety of insects. These insects include locust, grasshoppers, beetles, spiders, and crickets. They even sometimes go after bigger creatures such as amphibians, reptiles, and small mammals. The easiest prey for a crow are caterpillars, scallops, earthworms, mussels, and clams. Another common food for a crow is road kill and waste.

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