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“Scoop” on Pilates Orthopedics Health Tips for Safe Summer Sporting





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Methodist pulMonary and sleep Medicine specialists Helping you breathe easier and live healthier. Specializing in treating and managing a wide range of pulmonary and sleep disorders: PuLMONARy • Asthma

• Pulmonary Embolism

• Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary

• Pulmonary Fibrosis

Disorder (COPD)

• Pulmonary Hypertension

• Lung Abscesses

• Sarcoidosis

• Lung Cancer

• Smoking Cessation

• Pleural Effusion

• Solitary Pulmonary Nodule

• Pneumonia

• Tuberculosis SLEEP

Bhadresh Shah, M.D.

• Priya Oolut, M.D. • Suneesh Nair, M.D.

• Insomnia

• Restless Leg Syndrome

• Narcolepsy

• Sleep Apnea

Same day appointments available. Methodist sugar land hospital (Mslh) is pleased to welcome Bhadresh shah, M.d., priya oolut, M.d., and suneesh nair, M.d., to Methodist pulmonary and sleep Medicine specialists. together, these three board-certified physicians provide a wide range of advanced pulmonary services including in-office pulmonary function testing and a sleep lab. they use a compassionate, patient-centric approach and are supported by Methodist sugar land hospital’s state-of-the-art technology and caring, knowledgeable staff. From comprehensive testing and diagnosis to individualized treatment plans, Methodist pulmonary and sleep Medicine specialists can help you and your family members lead a healthier, more productive life.

Two Convenient Locations: Dr. Shah and Dr. Oolut 4780 Sweetwater Boulevard Suite 150 Sugar Land, Texas 77479 281-242-2444 Dr. Nair MSLH Campus Medical Office Building Two 16659 Southwest Freeway Suite 421 Sugar Land, Texas 77479 281-325-0005

The fitness issue



Health Tips 6 Orthopedics for Safe Summer Sporting the “Scoop” 8 Get on Pilates

and athletic 12 Sleep performance

MONTHLY DEPARTMENTS 5 COMMUNITY PROFILE Health Resources @ the Library 11 Pet Corner sponsored by the WellPet Center Veterinary Hospital 13 Dear Doctor sponsored by UT Physicia­­ns at Sienna Village 15 Business Directory Top: Library staff will provide an overview of the online databases – many of which can be accessed from a home computer -- that are available for students at “Back-to-School Resources at the Library,” on Tuesday, August 13, beginning at 10:00 am, in the Computer Lab at the Sienna Branch Library. Learn about the library’s online Homework Help service (Brainfuse), and receive a demonstration on how to use it. The class is free and open to the public. Seating is limited. Reservations are required. Register online at:, call (281) 238-2952 or visit the library. Bottom: Methodist Sugar Land Hospital has been recognized as a topperforming hospital in Xerox’s 2012 Midas+ Platinum Quality Award program, based on clinical results across a wide range of measures. More than 600 hospitals nationwide participated in the program. The Award recognizes hospitals that score in the top 5 percent among their eligible peers. Visit to learn more. For physician referral, call (281) 274-7500. Pictured: Janet Leatherwood, Chief Nursing Officer; Damon Smith, RN; Brooke Taylor, RN; Tosha Vaughn, RN; Tanuja Parmar, RN; Diane McGraw, RN and Becky Chalupa, Associate Chief Nursing Officer.

ON THE COVER Front Row: Owners Tracey and Phillip Griffin, Steve Ford Back Row: Judy Welch, Patti Ford, Stephanie Boutte-Phillips, Sarah Reckers, Ian Bruce

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Health Resources @ the Library


inding trustworthy medical information can be a daunting task but Fort Bend County Libraries has a variety of reliable, authoritative resources for people researching health issues. Learn more about these free resources when the Sienna Branch Library presents “Health Resources @ the Library” on Thursday, August 29, beginning at 10:00 am, in the Computer Lab of the library, located at 8411 Sienna Springs Blvd in Missouri City. The Adult Services staff will provide an overview of the library’s online databases that provide information on health-related issues. Learn how to research topics such as general health, evidence-based health data, medications and supplements, and alternative medicine, by using the library’s

resources and medical journals. These resources are a great benefit for people researching health issues, but they should not be used as a substitute for professional healthcare advice on personal issues. Always seek the advice of a licensed physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions regarding personal medical issues. The program is free and open to the public. Seating is limited, however, and reservations are required. To register online at the library’s website (www.fortbend.lib., click on “Calendar,” select “Sienna Branch,” and find the program. Participants may also register by calling the library at (281) 238-2952, or by visiting the library. ■

LoCATeD UnDeR The CLoCk ToweR In SIennA VILLAge services offered

Vaccinations / Dental Care In-house Laboratory / Digital X-Ray Medicine / Surgery / Ultrasound Allergy Testing and Dermatology Arthritis and Pain Management 8790 Hwy 6 South, Ste. 100 Mem ori Herm al ann

UT Physici ans

(281) 201-1879 scan For More Info!

Sienna Parkway

8790 Hwy. 6 South, Ste. #100 Missouri City, TX 77459




Hours M-F - 7 aM - 6 pM sat 8 aM -12 noon

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Orthopedics Health Tips for Safe Summer Sporting


ith the kids out of school and family vacations in the works, summer activities are shifting into high gear. Of course, with this increase in activity comes an increased risk of sports-related injury - for kids and adults alike. Besides the obvious issue of dealing with the summer heat, this season’s activities present numerous other risks for injury. Student athletes, for example, may go straight from school sports into summer leagues without a break. Grownups are at risk too, especially vacationers who try new sports,

like kayaking, to which their bodies are unaccustomed. Fortunately, a little foresight is all you need to prevent most of these injuries from occurring. To help you and your family stay safe all summer long and into the school year, we asked four of Sugar Land Surgical Hospital’s top sports medicine specialists to share their advice. Dr. Michael Kent: “Summer injuries usually center around vacations which may include activities that people aren’t accustomed to doing. Change or lack of

SUGAR LAND SURGICAL HOSPITAL HOT HEALTH TOPICS: YOUR CHILD IN SPORTS Sports Medicine Injuries and Prevention Join the Sugar Land Surgical Hospital’s experts to learn about common injuries and how to prevent them from happening. Matthew Mays, M.D.

Wednesday, August 14

6-7 p.m.

Sugar Land Surgical Hospital - Conference Room Topics include: • Treatment and prevention of upper & lower extremity injuries • Concussions

• Baseline testing • Spinal injuries • Dehydration

Space is limited. Call 281-243-1005, to reserve your space.

Refreshments & Giveaways

Dr. Mays completed his medical degree at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston and specializes in treating shoulder, hip and knee injuries.

Thomas Rivers, M.D. Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Rivers received his medical degree with honors from Texas A&M University and went on to complete residencies in both diagnostic radiology and orthopedic surgery.

Vishal Shah, M.D.

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

16906 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, TX 77479

6 •

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

A graduate of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Dr. Shah has worked with athletes at the recreational, high school, collegiate and professional levels throughout his career.

Methodist Sugar Land Hospital welcomes Methodist Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Specialists

familiarity with an activity can increase the chance of injury, so exercise caution if you’ll be trying any new sports during your summer getaway.” Dr. Matthew Mays: “One of the best ways to prevent injuries is simply staying active on a regular basis. Going straight from the couch to an intense activity makes both kids and adults more prone to injury - but when you keep yourself strong and active with regular workouts, your body is better prepared for the stress.” Dr. Thomas Rivers: “During the summer, a lot of kids experience overuse injuries because they go straight from school sports into their summer leagues. The body needs a break, and summer is a good time to mix things up and try sports that are easier on the bones and joints, like swimming and cycling.” Dr. Vishal Shah: “We see a lot of baseball injuries over the summer, and parents need to enforce safeguards with respect to monitoring pitch counts, ensuring adequate rest between throwing days and ensuring a yearly month of rest from throwing activities.” For grownups as well as kids, summertime sports offer a great opportunity to enjoy exercise, fresh air and team camaraderie. And by keeping these specialists’ advice in mind, we can make sure that we all stay healthy and injury-free - all the way through the season.

Methodist Sugar Land Hospital welcomes Methodist Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Specialists who include: Bhadresh Shah, M.D., Suneesh Nair, M.D., and Priya Oolut, M.D. Methodist Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Specialists provides a wide range of advanced pulmonary, asthma, allergy and sleep medicine services, including comprehensive testing, individualized treatment plans and critical care. Dr. Shah is board certified in pulmonary medicine and critical care medicine. Dr. Nair is board certified in pulmonary diseases. Dr. Oolut is board certified in internal medicine, pulmonary medicine, critical care and sleep medicine. “These three outstanding physicians will enable us to continue to grow our patient care capabilities in the areas of pulmonary care and sleep medicine,” said Chris Siebenaler, CEO Bhadresh Shah, M.D., Priya Oolut, M.D. of Methodist Sugar and Suneesh Nair, M.D. Land Hospital. “Drs. Shah, Nair and Oolut provide compassionate, personalized care that makes them a perfect fit for the Methodist family.” To schedule an appointment at Methodist Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Specialists, call (281) 242-2444 for Dr. Shah and Dr. Oolut and (281) 325-0005 for Dr. Nair. For more information about Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, visit

To schedule an appointment, please visit mhmg. or contact Sugar Land Surgical Hospital at (281) 243-1000.

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Get the “Scoop” on Pilates

By Tracey Griffin, Physical Therapist and Phillip Griffin, Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor


t one time Pilates was thought to be a workout only for Hollywood elite and people with lots of money. Pilates is no longer a fitness mystery. It’s something enjoyed by people of all walks of life. The benefits of Pilates include weight loss, improved strength and flexibility, pain relief and improved athletic performance. Weight Loss: Losing weight doing Pilates is very different from a typical aerobics workout. Pilates is a style where you gain longer, leaner muscles that improve your posture, giving you more confidence and helping you look 10 pounds lighter. Since Pilates includes resistance training, you will gain muscle and lose fat. Improved strength and flexibility: Pilates workouts are done in a slow controlled manner with a logical sequence that can be very intense. Pilates students strive to maintain control and

“I haven’t been this flexible since I wrestled in college”- John Schlitt (Pilates client) balance while transitioning from one position to the next. Moving in this manner helps to strengthen basic muscle groups while targeting smaller muscles that are typically ignored in traditional weight training. Pilates also increases flexibility. Pain Relief: Many people endure daily pain, especially in the lower back. This pain is often caused from muscle imbalances. All Pilates exercises require engagement of your deep abdominal muscles commonly referred to as the core. Engaging the core will alleviate some of the stress on the lower back muscles and joints thereby alleviating lower back pain. Improved athletic performance: With the improved flexibility and core strength offered from Pilates workouts, athletic performance is often improved.

Pilates exercises focus on centering the mind which can improve an athlete’s concentration during a stressful game.

“Pilates has improved my golf swing” - Beth Schlitt (Pilates client) Breathing is improved by increasing the amount of oxygen to the lungs which increases endurance. Pilates is beneficial for all ages and fitness levels. Some of our clients include teenage athletes wanting to improve their game; pregnant women looking to maintain or improve their health and decrease the stress of labor and delivery; middle aged men and women wanting to get into better shape; and geriatric grandmothers with arthritis and knee replacements who want to improve their overall mobility and quality of life. You can experience the benefits of Pilates close to home. Scoop Pilates and Personal Training is located on Highway 6 directly across from Sienna Plantation. Prefer a traditional personal training workout?

Scoop Pilates and Personal Training offers traditional personal training as well as workouts that combine traditional training with Pilates. To schedule a FREE demonstration or consultation call (281) 778-6801 or email:

Scoop Pilates and Personal Training

8817 Highway 6, Suite 470 Missouri City, Texas 77459 (281) 778-6801

“At 55 years old I would have never believed that by working out with a personal trainer I could achieve some pretty major fitness and overall health goals. Training at Scoop has been something I look forward to rather than shy away from” - Suzie Kovak (Personal training client, 30lbs lighter) Whether your goals are to lose weight, build strength, improve mobility or just improve quality of life, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your best. Scoop Pilates and Personal Training was created by Phillip and Tracey Griffin to provide specialized training programs to assist clients in achieving their fitness goals. 8817 HWY. 6, STE. 470 MISSOURI CITY, TX 77459



Tracey & Phillip Griffin Owners/ Trainers

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We treat dogs and cats and offer the folloWing services

Immunizations and Wellness care Heartworm and Flea Preventatives In-house Laboratory Services On-site Pharmacy Veterinary Diets X-ray Diagnostics Animal Dentistry Internal Medicine Surgery Services Microchipping Boarding

9212 Sienna Ranch Road Missouri City, TX 77459

(281) 778-5244

Let us help you Þnd the business you need.

Trusted Reviews, Local Businesses, No Fee To Use Our Site Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, Lawn Care, Remodeling and More

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For Info. Contact Chris Berger at

Back to School Scramble

Fort Bend Education Foundation’s Back to School Scramble golf tournament set for Monday August 26, 2013 at Sweetwater Country Club. Your entry fee includes lunch, golf and cart, beverages, reception after the tournament and special gifts. For information call or email Carol Evans at (281) 634-1111, carol.evans@fortbendisd. com. The entry deadline for sign production and player entries is August 16, 2013.

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DEAR DOCTOR sponsored by

Dear Doctor: I have heard a lot about

shingles recently. Do I need the shingles vaccine? Dear Reader: Shingles is a very painful skin condition that can last for weeks or months. It can affect various parts of the body including the face, and damage the eyes. If you had the chicken pox as a child, your body harbors the virus that may one day turn into shingles. I recommend all my patients over the age of 50 be vaccinated for shingles. Some patients may need to get vaccinated even sooner. As someone who experienced shingles in the past, had one been available I would have gladly accepted the vaccination to avoid the misery of shingles. The vaccine is 95-97 percent effective. People who have had the chicken pox vaccination will not need the shingles vaccine since the virus is not present in their bodies. Shingles is not contagious if you have had the chicken pox virus or vaccine. The shingles vaccine may not be covered by your insurance. Talk to your physician about when to take the shingles shot. Do yourself a favor. Don’t hesitate, vaccinate. Dr. Thomas Murphy is Assistant Dean, Medical School, UT Health and Chief Medical Officer UT Physician community based clinics. For information or to schedule an appointment with a doctor at UT Physicians Sienna Village call (713) 486-1200 or visit

Pet Corner sponsored by

Feline Leukemia Virus

8790 Hwy. 6 Ste #100 Missouri City, TX 77459


eline leukemia virus affects the feline species and does not pose a risk to other species or people. It is a potentially fatal virus. Although feline leukemia virus is seen worldwide, the prevalence and proportion of cats infected depends upon the geographic location and the population of cats tested. In general, outdoor male cats between the ages of 1 to 6 years seem to be over represented, and in North America about 2% of cats are infected with the virus. Needing a host to replicate within, environmental transmissions such as feces, urine, fomite and aerosol type transmissions are unlikely. The main forms of transmission are via prolonged contact with infected cat saliva and nasal secretions as well as grooming or sharing common water or food sources. Once infected, the virus replicates in the oropharynx and disseminates throughout the body to the bone marrow. After dissemination, two types of infections can occur: persistent or progressive infections or latent infections. Whether or not infection occurs after exposure to the virus is determined by the virus strain, the virus dose, the age of the cat and the cat’s immune response to the virus. Some cats can mount an immune response against the virus and eliminate infection, however most cats will unfortunately develop some type of infection. Persistent infections eventually progress into clinical disease and clinical signs such as anorexia, weight loss and depression become apparent. Latent infections will become dormant and become clinically visible in times of stress or administration of glucocorticoids or other immunosuppressive drugs. Although the development of cancers like lymphoma or leukemia can be the outcome of infection, not all cats infected with the virus will develop cancer. However, most infections will result in a moderate to severe suppression of the immune system leaving the pet less able to defend itself against a wide range of infections that would not normally cause a problem in healthy cats. These cats can progressively deteriorate in health over time making their quality of life very poor. Since there is no treatment against this virus itself, only symptomatic treatment can be given to cats that develop secondary infections to keep them comfortable. Fortunately, there is a vaccine for feline leukemia virus and although it is not 100% protective it is very helpful in preventing infection and as a result controlling feline leukemia virus-related disease. Please visit your family veterinarian to discuss feline leukemia virus in more detail and see if this vaccine is right for your pet. .

Excellence in Christian Care and Education Now ng i ! ept Acc llment o r En

Serving children 6 weeks to 12 years Morning & After School Programs Private Kindergarten



Hours: 6:00AM - 6:30PM 7555 Highway 6 South Missouri City, Tx 77459 281-499-2454

Jessica Rivera, DVM ▪ The WellPet Center ▪ 8790 Highway 6, Suite 100 ▪ Sienna Plantation, Texas 77459 ▪ (281) 2011879 ▪

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Sleep and athletic performance By Denise R. Williams

Studies have found that good sleep can improve speed, accuracy, and reaction time in athletes. According to the National Sleep

Foundation, most people need about seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Athletes in training may

We focus on you, so you can focus on the more important things... Dr. Sonhui Chung & the staff of Eye Connection would like to invite you and your family to our office to meet Dr. Chung and the staff; you will also receive special savings on eyewear & eyecare products!

EYE CONNECTION for you and your family

Glasses • Contact Lenses • LASIK Co-Management • Pediatrics

Sienna Office 8880 Hwy 6, Suite 200 Missouri City, TX 77459 Phone: 281.778.2020

Why Private School Education? Plant seeds for the future NOW! th

Preschool-6 Grade (281) 261-8872

12 •

require more. Jim Thornton, president of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, recommends that an athlete in training get about an extra hour of sleep. Sleep is the time that the body repairs itself. Early and late night practices, traveling to and from games, as well as the mental and physical stress of competing can make it difficult for athletes to get the sleep their bodies require which can lead to impaired performance. Athletes who don’t get enough sleep are often less accurate and make poorer split-second decisions. Energy levels can be lower and healing times higher when compared to athletes who receive adequate sleep. Going to bed and getting up at the same time every day can help one sleep. Avoiding or reducing alcohol and caffeine consumption also helps. Resist the temptation to take over-the-counter sleep aids. They can disturb the quality of your sleep and reduce the next day’s athletic performance. Try natural relaxation techniques like deep breathing or counting backwards from 100 to zero instead. If you are concerned about your ability to get enough sleep, schedule an appointment with your family physician or sleep specialist. ■

Circle forming for Sienna Plantation’s Female Entrepreneurs We often achieve more in groups than we do as individuals. Lean In Circles, based on the book, Lean In, written by Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, put this idea into practice. Lean In focused on encouraging women to pursue their ambitions, and changing the conversation from what we can’t do to what we can. The Sienna Plantation Lean In Circle will focus on the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs in Fort Bend County. The belief is that if we talk openly and work together, we can

change the trajectory of our lives, build better businesses, and improve the community for everyone. If you own a business (or want to), and are willing to commit to confidentiality, open and honest communication, and active participation, please become a member of our Circle. To receive an invitation to the KickOff meeting, held August 22, from 6:45 to 8:45 pm in the Large Conference Room at the Sienna Branch Library, email Denise Williams at Place "Lean In invitation" in the subject line. Visit for more information.

Residential Audio/Video


FREE home consultation 7 days a week Experienced technical support/13 years of experience Labor warranty/bonded and insured

Business Card, 1/4 page vertical, 1/2 page vertical or horizontal Month-to-month, 3-month, 6-month and annual rates No waiting list. Full Color. (713) 894-5724 se habla espanol Angel Herrera

Call (281) 778-9782 or email for details

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LOCATED IN SUGAR LAND TOWN SQUARE AT U.S. 59 & HWY 6 281.566.2500 | | 13TSO104_Sienna Plant News Ad.indd 1

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34 years in business



Quality Dance Education in the Neighborhood!


ing Danc ld Be Shou Fun!

Classes Available at 6 Area Locations! Contact: Artistic Director Lauri Wilson


Visit: WWW.WILSONSDANCE.COM To learn more about our program and to

Hand Scraped Wood 5.00 sq ft

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ACT NOW! Limited Time Offer

My Beauty Floors is a professional and highly respected provider of top quality products at competitive prices. We have served the Fort Bend area for over 17 years. My Beauty Floors is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Explore flooring options from the convenience of your home in our mobile showroom or visit our Sienna Plantation showroom, Monday through Sunday, located across from the Exxon station, next to Subway.

15% off any single service over $25

(Can not be combined with any other offer. Must bring ad to redeem service).

5201 Hwy 6, Suite # 850, Missouri City, Texas (281) 261-9500




JOHNNY GOFF Missouri City, TX




--- Sienna Plantation ---

Missouri City, TX

CALL NOW 832.387.6060 phone: 832.387.6060 email: phone: 832.387.6060 email: email: Visit us at: Enjoy the only system that keeps your equipment off the floor and organized using a Enjoy thegarage onlystorage garage storage system that keeps your equipment the system patentedEnjoy shelf rack system. Onceonly you’ve gotgarage everything storedstorage up and off the floor, invest in a that dynamic garage floor coating to add the perfect finishing touch. Visit us at:

Visit us at: 14 •

keeps y

Business Directory BusinessDirectory Business Reviews Cardiology Simbo Chiadika, MD UT Physicians at Sienna Village (713) 486-1200 Methodist Cardiology Associates 16651 Southwest Freeway, Suite 450 (281) 275-0330 Child Care Colony Kids 7555 Highway 6 South, Missouri City (281) 499-2454 Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Kevin Simmons, MD 4501 Cartwright Road, Suite 505 (281) 849-8079 Churches Houston’s First Baptist Church 4309 Sienna Parkway, Missouri City Dance Instruction Sienna Dance

Geriatrics Faith Atai, MD UT Physicians at Sienna Village (713) 486-1200 Home Theater/Audio/Video Installation Residential Audio Visual Angel Herrera – (713) 894-5724 Healthcare Providers Methodist Sugar Land Hospital 16651 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land (713) 772-1200 Sugar Land Surgical Hospital 16906 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land UT Physicians at Sienna Village 8810 Highway 6, Suite 100 (713) 486-1200 Insurance State Farm Insurance - Shaffer Agency 6705 Highway 6, Missouri City (281) 980-5555 Montessori Schools Grace Montessori (Missouri City) (281) 499-5656 – 3639 Glenn Lakes Lane Neurology

Orthopedics Orthopaedic Specialists of Texas Four convenient locations (281) 494- MOST (6678) Pradeep Kodali, MD UT Physicians at Sienna Village (713) 486-1200 Real Estate Century 21 – Robert Cobb (713) 205-7778 Jenny Ferguson – Keller Williams Realty SW (832) 512-0358 Pet Care/Lodging Meadow Lake Pet Resort 13500 Furman Road, Houston (713) 413-1633 Sienna Plantation Animal Hospital See listing under Veterinary Care Pilates Scoop Pilates & Personal Training 8817 Highway 6, Suite 470, Missouri City (281) 778-6801 Salons and Spas Wilson’s Dance & Tumbling @ Brushy Lake Artistic Stylz Salon ▪ 5201 Highway 6, Suite 850, Missouri City Education (281) 261-9500 Methodist Sugar Land Neurology Associates Southminster School Speech Therapy 4200 Cartwright Blvd, Missouri City 16659 Southwest Freeway, Suite 131 Speech and Learning Center LLP (281) 261-8872 (281) 494-6387 Eye Care Office Suites (281) 403-2600 Eye Connection Town Square Office Suites Uniforms/Scrubs 8880 Highway 6, Suite 200, Missouri City 2527 Texas Drive, Suite 300, Sugar Land Texas Scrubs and Embroidery (281) 778-2020 (281) 566-2500 5201 Highway 6 – (281) 969-7960 Family Medicine Oncology Pouran Yousefi, MD Methodist Oncology Partners Veterinary Care UT Physicians at Sienna Village 16659 Southwest Freeway, Suite 151 Sienna Plantation Animal Hospital (713) 486-1200 (281) 276-5200 9212 Sienna Ranch Road Flooring Organization Systems/ Garage Storage (281) 778-5244 My Beauty Floors Monkey Bars Well Pet Center Veterinary Hospital 4225 Sienna Parkway – (832) 860-5463 (832) 367-6060 – 8790 Highway 6, Suite 100 (281) 201-1879 To get your business listed please contact: Denise R. Williams, Publisher ▪ (281) 778-9782 ▪ One low rate for an entire year ▪ 2 lines - 250 (20.83 per month) ▪ 3 lines – 300 (25.00 per month) ▪ 4 lines – 350 (29.15 per month)

Simmons Psychiatry Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Texas Scrubs & Embroidery 5201 Highway 6 South Missouri City, Texas 77459

4501 Cartwright Road, Suite 505 Missouri City, Texas 77459

(Between Dulles and Murphy Road) Most insurances accepted

(281) 849-8079

(281) 969-7960

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From your brain (cerebrum)

to your baby toe (distal phalanx)

With a full range of specialists, we are called to care

for all.

UT Physicians offers advanced technologies with a personalized

touch, at our

flagship location in the Texas Medical Center and at a growing number of clinics throughout the greater Houston area.

The faculty of The University of Texas Medical School at Houston 713-486-1200

Sienna Plantation News  

The fitness issue

Sienna Plantation News  

The fitness issue