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the Llandoger Trow

Ghost hunt evenings started there in September 2009.

The Llandoger is alleged to have over 15 ghosts.

Here are some accounts and tales of ghosts that can be found within the Llandoger’s walls.

Upstairs where some staff members live, people say the electrics are always really funny, with lights going on and off for no reason.

The most popular ghost story is of a young boy who haunts the top floor who wore leg braces and can be heard going


e h t

t in

s r i a t s


d id em


f eo


igh n e



he ghost of the boy that is heard on the stairs is believed to be that of



a young boy who lived and died at the pub. Disembodied footsteps, a torch with a mind of its own, and physical contact from beyond. These are just a few of the things that have been caught on camera at the Llandoger Trow.


is ghost used to be seen in the yard near a wall in what is assumed to be his bedroom over the Old Bar and on the stairs, but he has not been seen there for years.

couple who used to A live in part of the building saw the ghost

of the lad slowly moving up the stairway on two occasions some years ago. Nowadays only the sound of a footstep and a ‘dragging limb’are heard late at night.

“When Most Haunted were here they paid particular attention to a ship’s figurehead we have in our breakfast room...

..They said she doesn’t want to be here and is cursed.”


I hate going down into the cellars, and I get the shivers when I go down the back staircase.


On the ghost hunt nights the guests will check into a Premier Inn room and are given a talk about

the supernatural

and ghost hunting from 10pm, then they are let loose within the upstairs and main area of the pub between midnight and 3am.

• •

They will be given motion sensors, temperature readers, and other specialist equipment

to detect any ghostly activity.

It is said that two men have been captured on the pub’s CCTV; one sat in the lounge area of the bar, the other in the Jacobean room.

Thinking that they were customers in the pub

after hours staff set off to ask them to leave, However on entering the room they discovered that whoever was there had disappeared.

Sadly the story of the two men is not true.


he two rooms the men are rumored to have been in are listed so heavily that the pub is not legally allowed to install CCTV cameras in them.


any noises have been heard by staff and customers alike in the old part of the bar area, as well as there being reports that a ghost of a woman is said to haunt the basement.

Ghosts at the Llandoger Trow Siena Clarke

Ghost Stories from the Llandoger Trow, Bristol  

A short section of a larger book detailing more about the history and quirks of the Llandoger Trow, a historic pub in Bristol which has been...