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Alexander Siedband Industrial Design Portfolio

ALEXANDER SIEDBAND Contact Information 847.409.9149 4250 N. Marine Dr. #1016 Chicago, IL 60613

Work Experience LG Home and Appliances [Buffalo Grove, IL] Summer 2012 Internship Developed and presented a personal project. Help run focus group studies, brain storm sessions, sketching, generate mind-maps, and helped to create planograms. Software Adobe Creative Suite SolidWorks KeyShot Microsoft Office

Education University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign BFA in Industrial Design College of Fine and Applied Arts Expected Graduation May 2014 Honors Dean’s List University of Illinois Chicago Fall 2010 - Spring 2011 Academic All-American University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Fall 2011- Fall 2012

Organizations IDSA (UIUC Student Chapter) Member Fall 2011 - Present

Discarded to Precious Challenge First Prize for Oasis Express Spring 2012

University of Illinois Club Bowling Team Member Fall 2011 - Fall 2012

Smithsonian Candidate Disability + Relevant Design Spring 2012 UIUC Link Gallery I Dream Design Exhibition Fall 2011 Iterate Create Design Exhibition Spring 2013

Team Project


The outdoor forentertaining entertaining the outdoortorch torch for

EMBLAZE the outdoor torch for entertaining


Outdoor entertainment torches are unstable and can lead to backyard fires

EMBLAZE the outdoor torch for entertaining

Analysis of outdoor torch market


Can keep bugs away Portable Elegant lighting Simple Straightforward


Unstable in ground Heats up Fire hazard Hard to clean Rusts outside


Create Safety Features More stable base Better fuel efficacity Available in big retail stores EMBLAZE the outdoor torch for entertaining

360 Interview

The following people were interviewed to get a better understanding of the target users lifestyle. In addition they gave their input on current torches.


“...they are utilitarian and can easily keep the mosquitoes away...”

Neighbor Friend

“...always have the best decorations. Their parties seem to be a lot of fun..”

“...she has a beautiful home and decorations but I don’t see how they are really necessary?”

EMBLAZE the outdoor torch for entertaining

Ideation Group Ideation

Key Features: Fire Safety Clamp Strong Base Elegant Portable Symmetrical Organic


EMBLAZE the outdoor torch for entertaining

Final Design

Detachable Top

Elegant Twist Located inside the main frame is a CO2 Mechanism that can extinguish a fire

EMBLAZE the outdoor torch for entertaining

Mechanism 1

Torch is lit


Mechanism activates when torch falls


Ignites CO2


Mechanism to be stored w base of the torch. Small vi due to regular use of the t and transformation will no carbon dioxide because t too dull.

Pin to puncture catridge on impact

Carbon dioxide cartridge (can be purchased at any hardware store)



CO2 extinguishes the fire

Emblaze provides users with an attractive design they can show off, while feeling comfortable and safe.

Spring loaded mechanism releases when micro-notches are moved out of place.

Upon impact, spring is re pushes carbon dioxide ca be pierced. EMBLAZE the outdoor torch for entertaining

Proof of Concept Proof of Concept


Carbon Dioxide Carbon Dioxide cartridge Cartridgeinside inside dispenser dispenser.


15 SECONDS EMBLAZE the outdoor torch for entertaining


EMBLAZE the outdoor torch for entertaining


Low vision cooking made easy

Being able to cook is a key factor in determining an individuals independence

Meet Rob Age: 34 Gender: Male Location: Europe Although I have lived on my own for a number of years now, one of the biggest problems I face is eating healthy... Since I tend to burn my wrists when I try to use the stove, I mainly use the microwave or go out to eat.

The Facts The cooking area or kitchen is the primary area of origin for residential building fires involving individuals with physical disabilities (38 percent). Cooking (22 percent) is the leading cause of residential building fires where a physical disability is reported as a human factor contributing to ignition.�

Findings Hand and wrist burns were the leading problem found when cooking on a stove top. (20 people surveyed)

Opportunity Give people with visual impairments their independence back in the kitchen

Existing Products/ Concepts After researching existing products in stores as well as online, silicone has become a popular material when working with heat.

Initially braille was considered in the design. However, location of the actual stove was found not to be a problem.

Popular concepts included stove attachments as well as specialized plug in stoves.

Empathic Modeling

Bumping into things

Unaware of surroundings

Interacting in a public space


Final Concept


Flex onto rim of pot



Mini golfing can be a fun family activity. Unfortunately, there is always someone who is in charge of holding the scorecard. With no surface to write on, this task becomes inconvenient. Let’s stop wasting paper and allow everyone have a good time!



3D Samples

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Alex Siedband University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (847)-409-9149

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