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ALEXANDER SIEDBAND Contact Information 847.409.9149 4250 N. Marine Dr. #1016 Chicago, IL 60613

Work Experience LG Home and Appliances Buffalo Grove, IL Summer 2012 Internship Primary Responsibilities: Use primary and secondary research methods to find opportunity areas in a dishwasher. Then develop three concepts and form presentation. Secondary Responsibilities: Help run focus group studies, ideation sessions, sketching, generate mind-maps, and help create planograms. Software Adobe Creative Suite SolidWorks KeyShot Microsoft Office Google Sketch-up (Basic Understanding) Organizations IDSA (UIUC Student Chapter) Member Fall 2011 – Present University of Illinois Club Bowling Team Member Fall 2011 – Fall 2012

Education University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign BFA in Industrial Design College of Fine and Applied Arts Expected Graduation May 2014 Honors Dean’s List University of Illinois Chicago Fall 2010- Spring 2011 Academic All-American University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Fall 2011- Present Discarded to Precious Challenge First Prize for Oasis Express Spring 2012 Smithsonian Candidate Disability + Relevant Design Spring 2012 UIUC Link Gallery I Dream Design Exhibition Fall 2011

Team Project


Goal: Redesign the tiki torch and it’s fuel so that it can be attractive, efficient, safe and easy to maintain.

S. W.O. T. analysis of current tiki torch market

STRENGTHS Portable Simple Straightforward Can keep bugs away Gives a nice glow Can easily anchor them

Most oils work with all torches Any lighter/match can light Available in big retail stores Easy to find in store OPPORTUNITIES

WEAKNESSES Unstable in ground Heats up Oil gets hot Fire hazard Hard to clean Rusts outside

Have to buy more than one Have to purchase more fuel Sometimes unmatched torches Weather/Outdoor Elements Storage Space THREATS

Target User Female Age 35-50 Own a home Considers herself “well-off� Enjoys entertaining Socialite Wants to show off status Considered classy and sophisticated


Design Cues

360 Lifestyle


“...they are utilitarian and can easily keep the mosquitos away...”


“ uses torches beacuse of the ambient feel and they just look nice...” “ puts in citronella to keep the bugs away...”



Target User  



“...always have the best decorations. Their parties seem to be a lot of fun..”

“...she has a beautiful home and decorations but I don’t see how they are really necessary?”

“...there’s some kind of class to their outdoor gatherings. Everything looks so planned and tactfully placed...”

360 Interview



Exploded View The top, middle, and base all unscrew for easier cleaning

As drawer pulls out it extinguishes the flame

Can adjust to thicknesses within 2.5 inches

Gel Cube

The cube is made up of two colored parts. As time nears completion of the fuel, the inner color will mix in with the outer color. This will give the flame a beautiful color combination. It’s main function is to notify the user to replace the fuel.

Ingredients: Paraffin Oil Citronella Oil Camphor Guar Gum Elements for Color: copper chloride - blue borax - light green copper sulfate - green strontium chloride - red potassium chloride - purple lithium chloride - pink sodium chloride - orange magnesium sulfate - white

Flip Guard

Low vision cooking made easy

Problem Statement People with low vision fear cooking on the stove. Many injuries occur such as burns or even fatalities. This leads to many eating outside the house, which causes obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle.

The Facts The cooking area or kitchen is the primary area of origin for residential building fires involving individuals with physical disabilities (38 percent). Cooking (22 percent) is the leading cause of residential building fires where a physical disability is reported as a human factor contributing to ignition.�

Opportunity Design a safety mechanism that can help prevent burns and fires from everyday stove top use.

Existing Products/ Concepts

Empathic Modeling

Bumping into things

No awareness of surroundings

Fear of hitting other cars



Product Functions

Locate pot by using steam

Pinch extender and handle to strain

Guide to pot handle

Protects against hand hitting side of pot


The Flip Guard offers people with low vision the opportunity to cook safely, creating a healthier lifestyle, and thus allowing the user to regain their independence.

Thank You

Alex Siedband University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (847)-409-9149


3rd Year Portfolio

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