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LessonHighlights Magazines From trade  magazines  to   tabloids,   this  lecture  concerns  the  power   of   periodicals  in  shaping  public  opinion  and  the  cultural  imaginary.  Considers   history  of  men’s  and  women’s  titles,  mainstream  and  niche  magazines,  and   the  rise  of   paparazzi   photojournalism.   Tracks  the   migration   of  lifestyle   magazines  online  and  into  television  programming.  Includes  case  studies  of   digital  magazines  and  print  publications  that   are  using  social  and  mobile   technologies  to  link  offline  and  online  engagements.

Books Reviews the  historical  and  contemporary   role  of  book   clubs  in  shaping   literacy.  Looks  at  blockbuster  YA  series  including  Harry  Potter,  Gossip  Girl,   and  Twilight.  Investigates  the  popularity   of  book  trailers.   Considers  the   impact   of   of   online   retailers   like   and,   the   proliferation  of  digital  reading  trends  and  gadgets  like  Kindles  and  Kobos,   ePublishing,   self-­‐publishing,   eBooks   and   iBooks   on   book-­‐selling,   publication,  reading,  and  sharing.  Includes  focus  on   the  convergence  of   books  and  social  gaming,  and  books  as  mobile  apps.  

Television Introduction to   television   studies,   reviews   syndication,   franchises,   audience  ratings.  Historical  perspective  on  game  shows,  the  migration  of   episodic  series  programs  (think  soap  opera)  from  daytime  to  primetime,   and  reality  TV  trends.  Traces  shift  from  network  era  to  fragmentation  of   audience  across  niche  cable  channels.  Looks  at  technologies  for  TV  time-­‐ shifting  and  placeshifting  and  the  resulting  impact  on  event  programming.   Covers  how  the  web  is  changing  TV  production,  promotion,  distribution,   and  consumption,  including  on-­‐demand  programming,  torrents,  YouTube,   Netflix  and  livestreaming. These  lecture  descriptions  were  written  in  advance  of  the  2011  lectures-­‐-­‐which  are  refreshed  each  year.  The  actual  lessons  will  build  on  and  deviate  slightly  from  the  abstracts.

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