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FILM240XCourseFormat FILM240X MEDIA+POPCULTURE Fall 2011

Description FILM240X is  offered  at  Queen's  University  each  Fall  term.  Over  one  term  students   earn  3.0  units  toward  degree  completion.  There  are  no  prerequisites  for  FILM240X   beyond  second  year  standing  for  full-­‐time  Queen’s students.      Part-­‐time,  transfer,  and   continuing  education  students  can  quickly  apply  to  take  the  course  online  via  the   form  located  at   The   format   is  an  interactive  weekly   lecture  delivered  live  in-­‐person   at   Duncan   McArthur   auditorium   on   West   campus.   We  film  the  live  lectures  and  publish   highlights  on  the  web.   For  online  students the    lecture  is  delivered  live via   webinars   on     Friday  afternoons.  For   those   who   work   full  time   or   have   other   commitments,   the  same  content   is   redelivered  live  on  Saturday  mornings.  Access  to  the  webinars  is  exclusively  open  to   eStudents  in  Sections  002/003.     Attendance  and  active  participation  in  lectures or     webinars is   assessed  as   part     of  your   final  grade.

Assessment The mode  of  assessment  is  based  on  a  100  point  schema.  It  involves:    a  final  face-­‐to-­‐ face  exam*  held  during  December  exam  period  (65  points)  composed  of  multiple   choice  questions,  an   online  Moodle   midterm  exam  (15  points),  weekly   lecture   engagement   (5   points)   via  polling  using  clickers  (in-­‐class  students)  or   online  in-­‐ webinar  polls  (for  eStudents),  social  eParticipation  on  Moodle  discussion  forums  (5   points),  and  an  online,  end-­‐of-­‐term  self-­‐assessment  (10  points).   See   Course   Outline  for   details,   rubrics,   deadlines  &   policies.   *Only   section003   Distance  eStudents  can  opt  to  take  the  final  exam  closer  to  home  at  one  of  over  100   exam  centres.  See­‐time-­‐students  for  the  one  nearest  you.

among the topics we’ll discuss this fall: the branded  life:  from  status  goods   to  masstige taste  cultures:  Tim’s  to  Starbucks,   H&M  to  D&G,   consumption  &  identity P2P  marketing  &  social  media:  viral   media  &  the  power  of  WOM  buzz gear  envy  &  the  bandwagon  effect:   from  the  iPod  halo   to  the  cult  of  iPhone  &  iPad image: visualpanic

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