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Subject: Grade one -Science

Lesson: Applying our senses to smell

Lesson Objectives: Students will: Apply particular senses to identify and describe objects or materials provided and to describe living things and environments. Students meeting this expectation will be able to describe characteristics, such as colour, shape, size, texture, smell and sound.

Time: 9:00am-9:50am

Date: November 24, 2013

Teacher: Miss Ponto

Course Resources: 2 Hand out sheets from text



Explanations: Show video to students about using their nose to smell. Then explain how you use your sense to smell with a sheet that shows the steps. Start at 1:09 till 1:27

18 seconds for video

The inside of your nose is covered with cells. When an odour or smell reaches these cells, the cells send a message to your brain. Your brain detects the substance and then sends you a message telling you that you are smelling. Our sense of smell is one of the five senses connected to our memories. For example, I am sure you can easily recognize the smell of your mother's perfume or the smell of gas.

9 minutes to handout sheet and explain 9:09:18

Now we will do an experiment to see if you can use your nose to determine smells without being able to see the substance. Lesson outline:


Hand out Sheet for experiment Once students are given the sheet about the information on smell they will do an experiment to see if they can determine different smells without being able to see the object.

5 min to explain 9:14:18

Steps: 1. Spilt class of 20 into five groups of five 2. Have five desks set up with the object in the film container with holes in the lid. Container 1. Banana, Container 2. Orange, Container 3. Tuna, Container 4. Popcorn, Container 5. black pepper

5min per 5stations = 25min

3. Put each group at a different desk and give them 5 minutes to take turns smelling. 4. Have each student put on a blind fold so that there is no peaking in the container and have them try to identify the substance by smelling it. Person one will go then the other four to follow. 5. Each student will draw or write what they smelt and check if they thought it smelt good or bad.


6.After they’re finished have a group discussion on the smells the group liked and disliked.

5 min for classroom discussion 9:44:18

Review: 3 min to explain then kids can get ready for recess. 9:47:18 Have students take home a homework sheet that they have to come up with four more things that have a scent. Two have to be good smells and two have to be bad smells. This will help the teacher know if they understand the sense of smell.

Reminders Hand out information sheet at beginning of class Hand out experiment sheet Homework sheet Materials: When You Use Your Senses- What do you use for each of your 5 senses? (show video from 1:09 to 1:27) Banana, Orange, Tuna, Popcorn, black pepper 5 film containers (or other opaque containers) with holes in the lids 5 Blindfolds

Total Minutes: 57 minutes and about 18 seconds give or take.