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The experiment set TESS Electrophysiology

Features Seven introductory experiments for heart, eye and muscle.

7 exciting health-related experiments

What happens when our heat beats, whether dur-

Set includes all components to perform the experiments and analyse the results

ing rest or during and immediately after physical exertion, when our eyes move, e.g. while reading a text, or when we strain and stretch our muscles? We can study these activities using non-invasive electrophysiological methods. TESS Electrophysiogy includes the complete equipment to perform seven exciting experiments.

Wireless data transmission for experiments in sports medicine Easy to use (plug & measure), perfect for first-time computer use in sciences Literature with student worksheets and teacher answer sheets Long-term measurements possible, e.g. for fitness tests


product information

The TESS set takes advantage of the easy to use measurement technology of Cobra4 with its plug & measure concept and wireless data transmission, thereby helping students to perform the experiments without hav-

The following experiments are documented in the manual with student worksheets and complementary teacher answer sheets:

ing to master complex equipment first. Just attach the

 We investigate our heart beat (electrocardiography, P1332760)

measurement electrodes to the skin surface, switch on

 We determine our heart frequency (P1522060)

the instrument and start measurement. No need for

 We investigate our physical fitness (the heart under stress, P1522160)

changing hardware or software settings. What is more, the versatile experiments documented in the manual introduce popular health and sports-related topics.

 We investigate our muscular power (electromyography, P1350360)  We measure our eye movements (electrooculography, P1350460)  We measure our reading speed (measuring reading skills, P1522260)  Electronystagmography (P0873560)

Products TESS Electrophysiology TESS set with the wireless measurement system Cobra4 for one student workgroup, can also be used for demonstration. Scope of delivery:  Wireless transmitter and receiver units to connect to the electrophysiology sensor and to a PC, can also be used for others sensors to measure parameters common in physics, chemistry, biology and medical education  electrophysiology sensor unit for ECG, EMG and EOG with connectors for three measurement leads  3 separate and shielded leads, color-coded (red, yellow, green) with 3.5 mm phone jacks to connect to the sensor unit and 2 mm jacks to connect to reusable and disposable electrodes  3 reusable stainless steel ECG electrodes, contact area 30 x 80 mm with connectors for leads  3 reusable EMG electrodes with cable and 2 mm connectors  disposable electrodes (100/pkg)  3 crocodile clips for disposable electrodes  electrode cream to improve contact between electrodes and skin  software for wireless and wired data acquisition, for data analysis, automatic sensor recognition, automatic setup of measurement parameters and integrated experiment instructions  68-page manual with experimental literature  storage box for instrument set and accessories TESS Electrophysiology 


Manual TESS Electrophysiology The manual is part of TESS Electrophysiology, with color pictures throughout 


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Set includes all components to perform the experiments and analyse the results Easy to use (plug & measure), perfect for first-time comp...