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Building Expertise Transformer Academy | Report 2013/02

Training for the Ministry


Training Equipment

Editorial Thomas Hitzner, Head of Transformer Academy

Dear Reader, Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn. (Benjamin Franklin; 1706-1790) More than 200 years old – but true! In order to improve the quality and efficiency of the training courses the Transformer Academy has extended the training equipment. In this report we would like to give you an overview about it. Since the publishing of our first status report of the Transformer Academy we have been very busy and some successful training courses took place in different locations and for different target groups. One example you will find in this report as well.


In a Nutshell


Training for the Ministry of Energy and Water of Kuwait Between March 10 and March 17 maintenance personnel of the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) of Kuwait were trained by Siemens. The course was split in two parts: The Transformer Academy was responsible for the first part – the training on transformers. During the second part the supervisors and engineers of MEW gained know-how about Siemens Gas Insulated Switchgears. As requested by the customer the training took place on site in Kuwait. Jayaprakash Nair, working for Siemens Kuwait, was responsible for the coordination with Siemens Nuremberg. The training on transformers was held by Thomas Hitzner. As the philosophy of the Transformer Academy is to provide profound knowledge the training had a theoretical and practical part. Thus, the program was a good mixture of exercises and experiments as well as lessons in basic and fundamental knowledge concerning transformers.

If you need individual training courses, the Transformer Academy is looking forward to offering you trainings on your request. Your feedback is appreciated. Kind regards,

After the training Mr. Nair received only excellent feedback from the representatives of MEW. They were satisfied with the training and the organization.

Transformer Academy | Report 2013/02


Training Equipment To fill the gap between practice and theory the right equipment is essential.

Depending on what type of learner a person is, that person's ability to receive information tends to be visual, auditory, kinesthetic or others. Training courses are often too heavily oriented towards auditory learners. When students sit and listen passively in a lecture-style environment, they retain only 20 percent of the information. When they are given the chance to practice what they have just learned, that percentage increases to 75 percent. Also it is not enough to acquire theoretical knowledge; we must also teach participants how to manage it to use in the real word. What does this mean for the Transformer Academy? PowerPoint Presentations are ok, but not the only one method to transfer knowledge. To come from a monologue by the trainer to a dialogue with the participants, we integrated a lot of exercises and group works into our courses. Also lab sessions have been introduced as a part of the transformer training.

In a Nutshell June 10 - 11 June 17 June 20 June 23 - 24 July 24 - 26

July 30 – August 1 August 6 - 7 September 2 - 3

Transformer – Customer Training; Dresden for Iraq Transformer – Customer Training; Borwin Offshore, Rostock Transformer Basics - Internal; PN Nuremberg Transformer - Customer Training; Tecnimont, Kuwait Power Transformers: Basic and advanced knowledge; Customer Training, Nuremberg Transformer Basics - Internal; STCL Jinan Transformer - Customer Training; Borwin – offshore, Germany Transformer - Customer Training about Shunt Reactor; Hadeed, KSA

Forum During our lessons we use small but real 3 phase transformers from the teaching material producer Lucas Nuelle. The participants have to work in groups to measure the same parameters like later on a real distribution or power transformer. All experiments are well prepared. Some of the most interesting trials are the measuring of short circuit voltage and their influence on the transformer or how to check a vector group. Often the groups are also motivated to learn more about the core balance measuring. For beginners we start with measurements about voltage ratio, winding resistance or how to determine the iron losses. If you need more information about this equipment and our experiments please let us know. See you at the next training!

Would you like to meet your colleagues and exchange experiences and know-how? If you have any suggestions, please let us know. We are looking forward to be able to offer you a forum for your concerns.

Imprint – Heading Published by: Siemens AG, Business Unit Transformers, Global Technology Center TLM Head of GTC: Dr. Rüdiger Kutzner Head of Transformer Academy: Thomas Hitzner Coordination: André Lehmann © Siemens AG 2013 Transformer Academy | Report 2013/02


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