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January 2012

Bring It (BEAST 2012)


by Ryan Sy

Absolute advantage – one’s capability to do more than others with a fixed amount of resources In the weeks leading up to the intercollegiate competition last January 28, 2012, the four colleges (College of Architecture, School of Statistics, School of Economics and College of Business Administration) that would participate engaged in a simple voter’s competition – whichever of the four achieved the highest turnout would get a bonus percentage added to their score. The results of the Voter’s Army Competition were as follows – BA with 333 votes, Arki with 425 votes, Stat with 937 votes, and our own Econ with 1021 votes. Coming from a victory streak of overall champion for the past few competitions, many Econ students were eager to see the record remain

Our very own team wears a game face as the members warm up for the much-awaited competition. (Photo by GJ Agregado)

unbeaten, and a mood of confidence seemed to suffuse online Facebook groups even as some fought off the apprehension that they just might lose. The words “we have the absolute advantage” that were proclaimed on posters displayed around the School of Econom-

ics seemed to galvanize many into looking forward to BEAST with much excitement. (Continued on page 2)

Career Fair 2012

panies and institutions from sectors such as banking, IT, research, accounting, real estate,

by Meg Romarate Giant green letters and tarpaulins in front of the College of Business Administration (CBA) announced the week-long Career Fair organized by the UP Career Assistance Program.

telecommunications, and many more. Despite being made especially for the students of the College of Business Administration and the School of Economics, the career fair was also open to UP students from other colleges.

Students heading to the College of Business Administration to join the Career Fair (Photo by Dana Tan)

Students looking for internships and employment flocked the event armed with their résumés as they checked out the booths that packed the venue. The Career Fair launched on Tuesday at the SE walkway with a ribboncutting before the pathway lined with tarpauth From the 17 of January to the lins. There was also a buffet lunch and spon20th, students flocked to the sors, organization heads, and top students of ground floor of the CBA which CBA and SE were in attendance. had been transformed to acDiane Vitriolo, the Assistant Director for the commodate more than 85 com- Externals of UP CAP shares that, “Compared panies and institutions which to the previous year, we made a bigger effort participated in the event. UP to tie-up with non-corporate partners such as CAP and P&G, in cooperation education, GOCCs and NGOs to cater to the diverse interests of our students, particularly with Nestle, brought this year’s the Economics majors.” Examples of these Career Fair with the tagline, non-corporate partners include the British “Because your future is not Council, UKEAS, IDP, Campus France Manille, about just finding a job, it’s Canadian Embassy, London School of Comabout building a career!”, fea- merce, Hero Foundation, World Vision and turing a diverse variety of com- IDEA. (Continued on page 3)

2 armondelacruz

Econ Week, January 30 to February 3, 2012 by Fiel Batobato and Pam Corpuz It is a week to look forward to for the UP School of Economics as it celebrates yet again the Econ Week from January 30 to February 3, 2012, with the tagline, “It’s more fun in Econ!” Organized by the UPSE student council, various activities are lined up for the said week and giveaways await the students of the School.

dose of that familiar caffeine. On February 1, a career talk entitled “Suiting Up” will be held at 4pm at SE 111, whi le anothe r Kapekonomiya entitled “Coffee Breaks” is here to stimulate the School of Economics once again through lectures on February 2, at the same time and venue. (Photo by GJ Agregado)

To jump-start the week, Econ students are invited to participate in the painting of the front parking lines and murals along the SE Walkway. More than just a bonding event for the students of the School, this also helps hasten up and finish early the repainting of the Despite the very short span of this celebration, handing out freebies to the students anywhere SE front parking. the week still ends with fun and excitement as at Econ, from 8 am to 5 pm on February 3. the Student Council roams around the School On the 31st of January, the Econ week will be formally opened through a Grand Launch at 12 noon followed by an Ultimate Pakain. This will take place at the UPSE Back parking area. For the two succeeding days (February 1 to 2), SESC prepared a line-up of talks for students who are interested in taking a glimpse of their life after graduation or simply want another


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As though to balance this confidence however, there were still those among us who displayed cautious optimism. “Trying to win” was as much as could be summarized – victory would neither be easy nor assured. Competing teams, however, may well have been the smallest threat, comparatively. Originally meant to be held on an earlier date, BEAST was instead moved to a Saturday(Jan. 28). The day before BEAST itself, there was a much stronger sense of competitiveness among the colleges, and that it had heavily suffused the atmosphere of the University – while several Business Administration students wearing jerseys seemed to show unified college support, one could also feel a sense of tension emanating from some Economics students, one of whom I saw seemed to be stressed to the point of jumpiness, although it may have been for different reasons.

SESC holds the first National Economics Challenge this February Through time, the study of economics has evolved into a crucial understanding of how certain systems work in the country. Economics has paved way for us to have a better grasp of knowledge on how money works within these systems and how our resources are efficiently allocated to suffice our needs. Hitherto, we must be imbibed with the importance of economics for us to be able to comprehend on the existing economic problems the country is currently beset with, In line with this, the UP School of Economics wants to partake in augmenting our understanding of economics. Thus, the National Economics Challenge (NEC) is the first academic tri-event tournament of the UP School of Economics to be held on February 25 to 26, 2012 at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. This event opts to call forth academically competent students from all over the country, proving themselves worthy for the tile of supremacy, as they compete in the NEC Quiz Bee, NEC Essay Contest and NEC debate,

by Samantha Sundiam Spearheading this event, the UP School of Economics Student Council (UP SESC) aims to found a common ground on economicsrelated topics such as macro and microeconomics for students from different universities and organizations to contend and share their knowledge with. With the university’s values of Honor and Excellence, the SESC hopes to hone not only excellent economists who will contribute greatly in supplementing our knowledge of economics but more importantly, distinguished student leaders who will not only uphold academic excellence but also give honor to this country. To inquire for further information regarding the registration of the aforementioned tournament, interested students may contact the SESC Vice Chairperson Henryson Tan or any of the External Affairs Directors of the National Economic Challenge (Isabella Javier, Miko de Dios-Gloria, Ica Ducanes, Pamela Corpuz, and Samantha Sundiam) through e-mail at

istration team and

barely leading the teams of Architecture and Statistics. Having proved After all the results were in, our own Economics team was declared their strength before, the school has faith that our Econ team has done 1st runner-up in the competition, coming in after the Business Admin- a good job and will be pushed to constantly achieve in the future,

3 Editorial Board 2011-2012 Editor-in-Chief Pamela Jean P. Corpuz Associate Editor Louisa Camille R. Poco Managing Editor Juliet Fe J. Laguda News Editor Rafaello R. Batobato Features Editor Giselle C. Jose Graphics Editor Anton Miguel P. Ragos Layout Editor Joana Rizza A. Bagano

Career Fair

Student who missed out on the first three days were in luck as Friday coincided with the ACLE in the afternoon She also shares that the event aimed “to provide an and gave them a last chance to attend the Career Fair. easier opportunity for CBA and SE students and companies/institutions to connect, discuss and plan ca- In the evening, the CAP mixer at La Piazza, The Events reers. It’s a wonderful opportunity for companies to get Village, rounded up the week where CAP registrants and the top students of CBA and SE got a chance to mingle the best of the best students of the Philippines and for with company representatives in this exclusive event. these students to begin their dream careers.”

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OBEM Talks Entrepreneurship

The UP Organization of Business Economics Majors (OBEM) joins the Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) with Entrepreneurship: Age Does An active member of Not Matter last January 20, 2012 at the Solidaridad: UP Systemwide Alliance of School of Economics. The event aimed to Student Publications and enlighten students that corporate work is Writers Organizations not their only option after college, but that they may enter in entrepreneurship at any stage of their lives as it does not require much money or a high degree but rather ideas, associates, and opportunities.

UP OBEM president, Allan by Frances Camille Quezon Claridad, gave the welcoming remarks, thus triggering the start of the program. The floor was then handed to Thysz Estrada, representing Moonleaf. Estrada spoke of the owner of Moonleaf who went to study at Taiwan and came upon milk tea. He, then, brought it back to the Philippines, where it gained a following among UP students. At the The invited guest speakers were Thysz Estrada (marketing manager of end of his talk, Estrada gave out (Photo courtesy of Marco Romero) Moonleaf), Hector Yuzon (owner of Second Wind Running Store), and free Moonleaf planners to those Jojo Hizon (owner of Sole Academy). The event included talks from the who participated in the open forum. Writers guest speakers, an open forum after each talk, food, games, and givea(Continued on page 4) Joshua Ahyong way items. Fiel Batobato Pam Corpuz Miko Gloria Giselle Jose Jose Marella Rafael Mirafuente Agbayani Pingol II by Pam Corpuz Issa Poco For over 25 years of providing relevant and up-to-date and excellence to Frances Quezon articles, UP SIDHI, the official student publication of the the students and the Meg Romarate UP School of Economics, celebrated the first ever SIDHI administration. Samantha Sundiam Week entitled ‘Brevity’, on January 24 to 27 in its home Layout Artist college, UPSE, with the tagline “It doesn’t have to take To kick off the week-long celebration, SIDHI launched Armon De La Cruz the occasion with the unveiling of the mini gallery dislong to feel the impact of something great.” This is to Graphic Artists played in front of SE 101, followed by a pakain at Ate mark another year of success in upholding truth, service, Carlos Chua Leony’s. (Continued on page 4) Ariane Tan Photographers GJ Agregado Camille Maala Contributors Marco Romero Dana Tan

UP SIDHI gives back through Brevity: SIDHI Week 2012


Visit SIDHI online: www.schoolofecon.weeb For questions or comments, contact SIDHI at: sidhi.upse For solicitations or sponsorships, contact the Managing Editor: Juliet Laguda 09097314577

4 SIDHI Week 2012

(from page 3)

(from page 3)

OBEM talks

The second speaker was Hector Yuzon of Second Wind Running Store. A man with more than one hundred pairs of shoes, Yuzon talked about his life experience, how the break-up with his girlfriend led to the opening of the specialty store using his wedding savings as capital.

Even non-Econ majors lined up and

Sam Sundiam and Ben Bismark

enjoyed the free siomai from UP

hosting SIDHI-mphony, the finale of

SIDHI. (Photo by Camille Maala)

the SIDHI Week celebration (Photo

The final speaker was Jojo Hizon of Sole Academy. Hizon spoke of his years working at Nike and the hardships he endured. He related how he gave up an offer in America to instead start his business. He gave out free shoes to those who would be the first to answer his questions, as promotions for his store. The program ended with OBEM Director for Academic Affairs, Jan Nicole Adriano’s closing remarks.

by Camille Maala) On the 26th of January, the Editorial Board of the publication organized an internals event entitled ‘SIDHI-nthesize’ at SE 123, to foster unity and camaraderie among the writers, artists, and photographers behind the monthly newsletters released in the School. The program consisted of games and a lot more bonding activities for the members, while food was served, courtesy of Brothers Burger (Macapagal Branch). To cap off the entire SIDHI Week, the publication organized a cultural night entitled ‘SIDHI-mphony’ on the 27th of January at SE 111, hosted by their news writers Benedict Bismark and Samantha Sundiam. It featured budding poets from the UP Writers’ Club (UPWC) and from UP SIDHI itself. Aside from the poetry reading, there were special performances from artists like their very own Managing Editor, Juliet Laguda, and a rising band from the UP Music Circle, which closed the event through their song number. The event was attended by the School of Economics Student Council (SESC), other Economics majors, and students from different colleges Winners from the “SIDHirit: Say it your Way!” contest instituted by UP SIDHI, which ran from December 2011 to the first half of January 2012, were also announced in this culmination night. Reyber Ian Yturiaga from the College of Engineering ranked third in the essaywriting category; Avril Bries from the School of Economics (UPSE) ranked second; while, Raymond Rodis from the National College of Public Administra-

tion and Governance (NCPAG) bagged the first place award. The first, second, and third place winners will receive 2,500 pesos, 1,500 pesos, and gift packs respectively.

world today. Economies are volatile, jobs are scarce, and the risks are higher than ever. Simply put, things do not always go as planned. College degrees don’t guarantee jobs anymore. “Should I play safe, or go for it?” is a question that many of us will have to deal with in the near future. As the resumes pile and the race begins, which path are you going to take?

not, it pays well. New Grads who go for private companies, banks, and business institutions, often get pumped by the high salaries and the amazing perks that go with it. Keep in mind that if you choose this route, then you must learn to play by the rules. With the knowledge of how firms act and decide, economists will adjust to the corporate system easily. However, you must be prepared for a life that is not as exciting as starting your own business. Remember, you may be intelligent but you are still just an employee. Company car,

Don’t Employ. Start your own business. As II incoming graduates of the UP School of Economics, you (should) know the patterns of the economy. That is why starting your own business should not be that hard for you. No bosses, no promotions, starting from scratch- that’s the way of the entrepreneur. However, things don’t always go well for new businessmen. It’s a whole new battlefield out there but if you survive then in ten years time, you will be the one offering jobs.

Study More. If you feel like the four years of college wasn’t enough to shape you to the person you’ve always dreamt of becoming, then you should take this route into consideration. Whether it’s studying for your Masters degree or studying abroad to further hone your economics skills, being more prepared always gets you better results. Usually, companies hire the most experienced candidate; thus, having another degree up your sleeve is always a good idea.

Through the beginning of this annual tradition, UP SIDHI promises to continue its unwavering service to the School of Economics and hopes to inspire other college publications to fight for their freedom of speech and their responsibility to accurately inform and promote awareness to their people.

What Happens After College? by Agbayani P. Pingol



It’s that time of the year again when hopeful candidates for graduation look forward to life after school- no more assignments, no more exams, no more projects, no more allowances, and less time to goof around. It’s time to put all those years of college to the test as the graduates turn to face the challenges of a very chaotic world. Now, it’s time to grow up. As Economics students, we often aim for what is optimal using the assumptions governed by economic Go Corporate. The corporate (Continued on page 5) theory. However, it is not always world is harsh, political, and wise to assume too much in the merciless but more often than

5 If All Economists Were Laid End to End by Jose Marella

lems. It is left to the discretion of the econo- Lastly,

mist to diagnose a certain malaise of the econ- It’s the economy. As with the weather, the “If all economists were laid end to end, they omy. cycles of an economy may be very erratic. wouldn’t reach a conclusion.” Which brings us to our next idiosyncrasy: Once a certain program or policy has been –George Bernard Shaw implemented, the economy may have shifted Imperfect judgments. Just like doctors, econoits orientation before the program takes effect. Often, economics has come under fire for be- mists may ‘misdiagnose’ their patients. Unlike In a very broad sense, economic decisioning too esoteric, to the point that a vast major- doctors, however, economists need no licenmaking can be a ‘hit or miss’. Especially now, ity of people can only understand until “supply sure exam and thus cannot be disqualified with a technologically advanced age, change and demand;” for messing up the economy, from their trade. Unfortunately, economic miscomes at a very fast rate and the world is barerather than fixing it up; for assuming too much, diagnoses, on the other hand, are met by proly keeping up with the turn of the tides. to the point of “distorting” rather than ab- tests, lobbying and political flak. stracting from reality; and the list goes on. All in all, I would say economics has proven Accountability. At least from my Public Ecoitself in its goal. No matter what criticism one Economics, just like any other discipline, has its nomics class, most of the topsy-turvy econommay give of economics, it still stands that it has own idiosyncrasies, its own nuances and limita- ic conditions characteristic of the Philippines is brought us much wealth, satisfaction and protions. Here are a few defenses in response to not the fault of economists. The legislature, as gress. No science is perfect and neither are its the incriminations posed against economics. the law-making body, does not always base its interpreters. But what would the world be witheconomic statutes on economic theory. At Economics is a tool. The discipline is not a out economists? Definitely worse off. times, the expertise of economists is even bystock of answers to our problems. Economics passed. never claimed to be the answer to our prob-

Embracing The Internet by Giselle Jose ECON STUDENTS spend so much time trying to understand concepts like optimization, game theory, and equilibrium. Or not. Well, ideally, this is how we should be spending our time, right? But we’re faced with the oh-sochallenging dilemma of living in the 21st century, also known as, the age of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and 9gag. The worst part is, deactivating Facebook isn’t even a good idea anymore, because we’ve integrated our groups with our Facebook account, making it impossible for us to stay updated with our orgs, our acads, and our teams without logging onto Facebook. After checking for updates and announcements, we squander the rest of our time waiting for notifications to come in, stalking our crushes and commenting on photos we aren’t even in. While self-control remains a pipe dream for most of us who can’t seem to escape the online world, there are many other ways to embrace the digital era, without feeling guilty. So many websites that many of us fail to explore can

actually help us optimize our lives, up our games and live happily ever after in a stable equilibrium, minus the mess of procrastination, distractions and non-productivity. Let me introduce my favorite websites geared towards making our lives as students so much easier: 1. – This is my favorite project management web app. You can make endless lists, mindmaps and plans, all on an interface that’s easy on the eyes and works just like Microsoft Word on steroids.

2. – I’m a big fan of simple interfaces, and if you check out, you’ll see why it’s so effective. It looks and works just like a regular planner, including the great sense of satisfaction you get when you cross out a to-do item.

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What Happens After College

Give Back (Work for the Government). One day, your conscience will come back to haunt you. Remember about the money you owe the government for the semesters they have subsidized for your education? Returning favors is always a good thing, but it doesn’t always pay well. Working for the government is fine and it does help the economy in a lot of good ways. For the government, it will be the cultivation of a valuable asset they have invested into. Being economic advisors for the country will save you from years of being tormented by the conscience inside your head and also help the country in its development. It won’t guarantee a prosperous development in your bank account, though.

The choice is yours. With a little benefit-cost analysis, you can choose your route easily. As economists from UP Diliman, you clearly have the advantage in landing jobs as well as pursuing the field of your choice. Skills in analysis that you have mastered and the UP seal will help you get the jobs you want but will not guarantee them. In the end, it is up to you to grab the opportunity. It is up to you to weigh the risks and to determine the optimal choice. The route you take will determine your future, and what that future holds will be determined on how you take that route. May it be success or failure, choose wisely.

6 The Nerdy Corner

Embracing The Internet

by Issa Poco After 3 months of being nerdy on my own, alas, the Nerdy Corner is back! The new year means new opportunities to let the inner nerd in you come out! So I guess it is timely that I fulfill my promise of an Economicsinspired playlist. I have nothing poignant to say about this playlist except for the fact that if you want to seem gripping to some people by expressing yourself through music in the language of Economics, then go ahead. I present nine generally modern and upbeat songs to liven up your wonderful Economics-centric day! Money by The Drums

I want to buy you something but I don’t have any money. This line is literally the story of our lives as budding spirits in college. Money is what makes the world go around. They’re pretty chirpy singing about being broke, but are clever enough in saying that they need to do something to get that money. Gold Digger by Kanye West Gold is precious. Central banks and nations keep gold bars for various reasons. Need I say more?

(from page 5) class, Technology drives growth. Maybe, if we sing this song, we can encourage a more technologically advanced environment in our country.

Also, if you’re feeling excruciatingly bored, I suggest you troll the internet and search the Keynes vs. Hayek rap on Youtube which is the most hilarious AcademicsBillionaire by Travie McCoy related video I have ever seen in the history of time featuring Bruno Mars Everyone in the English (next to I Will Derive!). speaking parts of the world It’s quite ironic (and annoyknows this song. Why? Being) that I start by saying cause we all want to be on money is important and the cover of the Forbes ending by preaching Jessie magazine. You just want to J’s lyrics that you can’t put a hate this song for being so price in life. It’s not entirely hopeful, but darn, it just my fault; the artists can’t captures everything you seem to make my mind up want but can’t seem to about Economics… Either have. way, I guess it’s all about The World We Live In by perspectives. I hope you find this article the least bit The Killers This is the world that we live useful in furthering your in. Economics is what quan- knowledge as an Econ matifies what we should do to jor. If not, just sit back, relax make it work. Yup, we play a and enjoy the good music. big role. Do You Want It All by Two Door Cinema Club

We’re low in our hearts, we’re all in our heads. All in good time. The existence of market failures creates slumps and surpluses here and there. Indeed, all in good time.

Don’t Fuss With My Money by the Penguin Prison In response to the Occupy Wall Street Movement, the song captures the essence Second Chance by Peter of what is happening. Great Bjorn and John rhythm + meaningful lyrics Choices are important when + Econ concepts applied in making an economic deci- real life = this is it! sion. We might not be able to count on a second Price Tag by Jessie J chance, especially when a The price system is what whole country depends on makes the competitive sysit. Analytic tools aid us (and tem work. But then again, the government) in making Jessie J sings that it ain’t always about the cha-ching the right decision. and the ba-bling. We can Technologic by Daft Punk really learn a thing or two As discussed in my 191 from her.


3. – Being in college makes it almost impossible to get 8 hours of sleep, but that’s okay! gives us a simple solution for waking up after pulling an all-nighter without feeling cranky or groggy. Just input the time you plan to wake up and the web app will list the times when you should try to fall asleep, calculated by sleep cycles. Waking up between sleep cycles decreases the risk that you’ll wake up in a bad mood, and this website helps you do the math!

4. – 3rd year students will know the stress and panic that comes with writing and sending out resumes for the first time. Rezscore helps you breathe easy by allowing you to upload your CV and using a brilliant algorithm, gives you a ‘grade’ (ranging from A+ to F), and tips that help you improve your CV before you send it out to companies. 5. Self Control – Selfcontrol isn’t a website; it’s actually an app that’s available for Mac users, and is used to block out websites for a specified period of time. In other words, use this app to block out Facebook for 2-3 hours a day, and you’ll marvel at how productive you can be, with or without a computer. For Windows users, try ‘Freedom’. Just Google “Self Control App” or “Freedom App”, and you’ll find them for sure.

7 Celebrating Valentine’s Day Single by Rafael Mirafuente

he’d get a make-out, while you try to get another friend a bouquet of roses. Since celebrating my first Valentine’s Day with Of course you could be mean and someone special, I’ve only ever celebrated it cock-block instead of guide-cock. again alone once. The strange thing is, of all the Valentine’s days I’ve ever had, that was 3. You could simply forget about the prank calls and just have a few drinks the only one I remember how I spent! Oddly enough, it was a night that I barely have any with friends! Of course you’re not recollection of (I passed out from all the fun I limited to just a few. Hell you’re not even limited to staying at your own was having). I’m not saying that celebrating Valentine’s day single is more fun than spend- place, just go out with friends. Go on ing it with a darling (it’s not called V-day for a road-trip. Strip down to your finest swimwear and have a dip in a pool no reason). All I’m saying is, being single is not the end of the world and there are a ton with your friends. Show the world of things you can do to wash away all your what it’s missing out on ;) bitterness and loneliness and grief and inse- 4. Be a bum. Or a cook. Or a gamer. curity and whatnot: Or a footballer. Do whatever it is that 1. Treat yourself. If you’re a guy, you would’ve spent the money anyway. If you’re a girl, you would’ve gotten a gift anyway. Splurge on a new wardrobe or hit the spa. Buy yourself chocolates; no one will judge you. Remember that gadget you’ve been eyeing and didn’t get on Christmas? Looks like we’re going to have a Christmas take two! 2. Prank calls. Because I was just watching them on Youtube and it looks like a ton of fun. Get all your single fellas and have a few drinks and call up the friends you know would be on dates. You can even set up goals for the night. Say for a certain friend, your goal is

makes you you on Valentine’s day. Use the day to celebrate yourself and what you love most about life. Give Artwork by Ariane Tan some time to your favorite hobby. You could run, or roller-blade, or read comic possibly have. In fact, you should spend every books and make model planes all day! You day having the most fun you could possibly can do your nails or watch the whole season have. If you think about it, there’s nothing of your favorite TV show. The best part is, you special with the day itself, it’s just another won’t have anybody nagging you to do what arbitrary point in time in the vastness of the universe. Before I get any more philosophical, he or she wants to do. if you’re reading this with the person you love, Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t call Valentine’s day can’t get any better. And if for any distress in life. The only person who you’re not, at least you can make-out with the cares that you’re single is yourself (and maybe hundred other single students who are readyour mom). You should spend the Fourteenth ing this and are feeling a little bit lonely as of February by having the most fun you could well.

Jumping Off A Plane in the New Year by Joshua Ahyong

Know Your Editors!

Question: If you were stuck in a desert island, who would you want to be with (preferably an Econ major)? Why? Editor-in-Chief

Associate Editor

Remember years ago when Senator Miriam Santiago



went mad and promised to the masses, then supporters

“I’d like to be

“If I were stuck

of former President Joseph Estrada, that she would jump



on an island, I

from the Saw

would want to



be with Yoda

secluded place

or Zachary Levi.


The former so

off an airplane if the ex-president was convicted? Turns out he was convicted and some official actually bought her the airplane ticket. When the media asked her whether she would fulfill her promise, she was famously known for replying, “I lied!” I know this is quite off but I just wanted to show you how not to make commitments. Offering to jump off a plane is one example. Many commitments are broken partly because of lack of discipline although sometimes, it is because the commitments were already impossible to achieve in the first place.

(Continued Next Page)


lifeless as a desert island would

that he may bring me wisdom and

need a little mind-blowing chal-

teach me the ways of the jedi, and

lenge to make the experience

the latter, so that we can pretend

worth it and the ending so much

to be like Chuck and Sarah (I can’t

more exciting and unpredictable

believe it’s over *cries*), and we can

than just finally getting rescued by

occasionally duet the song Terrified

some compassionate helicopter.”

while we die slowly. Either way, I’m satisfied.”

8 Jumping Off A Plane in the New Year It’s January already which means two things. Firstly, it’s the start of the rather have a company that grows slowly but steadily (from page 7) new year -- everything is fresh like that pair of clean underwear you each year? Resolutions are like businesses. They have picked up this morning from the clothesline, which God knows what to be manageable – small yet effective. endured the day before. Secondly, it’s the usual time to break those New Year’s resolutions. Yes. So soon, but so true. In fact, according to the New York Times, 3 out 5 of resolutions don’t even last beyond January and 4 out of 5 people who make resolutions eventually break them the next day. Well, if it’s so breakable, how do I not break them? To


If your resolutions seem do-able, your next problem is keeping it. We all have many resolutions that are breakable like promising to “not get my girlfriend pregnant”, “become active in my org” or “get higher than a 2.0 in Econ 131”. But, the discipline to maintain these goals is more difficult than you imagine (actually, I imagine you already know this

don’t considering how many resolutions you’ve broken already, assuming

make resolutions you are a normal person). That’s why it’s important to put in mechathat go beyond nisms or devices to help you keep those resolutions in place. One way your means. Like, to do it is to reward yourself. I’m not talking about awards like “most don’t go vegetar- number of hotdogs eaten in a minute” or Latin honors but rewards like ian and expect to getting the things you love for doing the things that you may hate or keep your resolu- get tired of doing. For example, if your resolution is to drink only 1 tion when Bon bottle of beer a month. Reward yourself every 1st day of the next Chon opens next month with something you like – like a glass of that Moon Leaf tea or to your house. a movie date with friends. Soy Garlic Chicken is what hap-

Artwork by Carlos Chua

pened. Set your expectations low

and to a manageable level - like don’t expect vegetarians to be nice to

I’m not one to butt in to the fact that is said that we mostly break our resolutions, but in fact I have to say that we have to at least try. We only have a few new beginnings every year and sometimes they’re not really new. But to not try would also be a lie – a lie to yourself that you

couldn’t do more when you could have. Bottom line is to make those you if you mess with them. Why? BECAUSE THEY’RE ALWAYS HUNGRY resolutions and try, try, try your best to keep them. If you fail, learn (Just kidding, I love them vegetarians!). Keeping it real is what you call from your mistakes. Who knows? It could make you do many great

it and that’s as real as it can get. It’s not about how high you can get things like become President of Tuvalu or become voluptuously thin. Is but more of whether you can make it consistent. In the world of busi- it a challenge? Yes. Is it hard? Maybe, but it’s all part of the plan to ness, would you rather have a company that posts a double digit become better and we all will… eventually. growth one year and then downsizes greatly the next? Or would you

Know Your Editors! Managing Editor

Features Editor JULIET LAGUDA: “Haha! Sorry, but I would want

GISELLE JOSE: “It would be his hotness, James

to be with Mike (my boyfriend). Sa arte kong ito,

Franco, whose many talents will help us survive,

di ako magtatagal sa desert island. Sa mga huling saglit ko, siya pa rin gusto kong kasama. Cheesy

‘cause let’s just admit, the only thing Mr. Franco

and corny, but hey, this is love. <3”

skills he obtained from 127 Hours, we could live

can’t do is bear children. With the mega-survival forever in that lush tropical paradise.” Graphics Editor

News Editor FIEL BATOBATO: “I’d probably want to be with someone who can keep up with my stories. I love

ANTON RAGOS: “I want to get stuck with Kelly Brooks. It’s self explanatory.”

to talk a lot but it doesn’t mean I want to be partnered with someone as noisy or someone who complements my personality--a quiet one, that is. I’d choose to live on an island with someone like Pam Corpuz or Ariane Tan (my close friends in Econ), or someone that I really like.”

Layout Editor JOANA BAGANO: “With Ralph Santiago, ETC’s heartthrob. No explanation needed.”

January 2012 newsletter  

The fifth newsletter of the official student publication of the UP School of Economics, AY 2011-2012.

January 2012 newsletter  

The fifth newsletter of the official student publication of the UP School of Economics, AY 2011-2012.