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Bathroom Ceramic Basin Singapore

Bacera basins products suit’s to every home d Êcor taste in Singapore

Ceramic Basins Touch

Our Ceramic basins gives your home dĂŠcor an elegant and stylish touch. Ceramic basins products are reputable for your home location.

Glamour of Bacera Bathroom Basin Bacera bathroom basins are available in variety of colors and its slimy style makes your bathroom alive. Your bathroom light when fall on basins it shows scintillation because they are made from good ceramics, natural stone, artificial stone and artificial glasses. This combined features of bathroom ceramic basin Singapore gives a glamour's outlook to your decor.

Bacera Ceramic Basins, Natural Stone Basins & Glass Basins Model Details. Ceramic Basins Products Details

Natural Stone Basins Products Details



American-standardF611-counter- Top Basin

Bali- Natural-Stone-Basin

American-StandardF608-Vessel-Wash-Basin American-StandardF607-Semi –RecessBasin American- StandardF646-Countertop-Basin

Antelope-Natural-SandstoneBasin Yolo-Marble- basin-White Mars-Round-Marble-BasinBeige Mars-Round-Marble-BasinBlack

Glass Basins Product Details

Y102-glass-basin SG1-glass—basindired-autumm-leaf Y158-glass-basin Y159-rectangularglass-basin SUN039-FrostedGlass-Basin HLG-S164-GlassBasin

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Bathroom Ceramic Basin Singapore Bathroom Basin Bathroom Basins Singapore Basin Singapore Wash Basin Singapore

Our Location

Bacera Pte Ltd Address: 714, Geyland Road, Lor 44, Singapore-389628 Phone: + 65 -68421101 Business Hours: Saturday 10.00AM to 8.00AM Sunday 2.00PM to 7.00PM WWW.BACERA.COM.SG/BATHROOM/BASINS

Bathroom Ceramic Basin Singapore  

You can purchase the branded and good quality of bathroom ceramic basin from here

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