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Putting the SEO into Your Marketing PhraSEOlogy By Chris Sheehy | Sidewalk Branding Co.

Are you putting enough intent into the words you use to market your business online? Do they support the main keywords that drive interest to your business? Since search engines only see text on your website – it’s a smart choice to be purposeful in the optimization of your on-page (website) and off-page (anything not on your website) phraseology. Doing so can make a dramatic influence in your business showing up more on Search as well as increasing your visibility by more prospects. And isn’t prospect discoverability why you have a website in the first place? The job of optimizing text on a website page with the purpose of increasing search engine visibility (and ranking) is referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO increases your discoverability by search engines This word-crafting can also be referred to as “phraseology”, for which SEO is an integral component: phraseology. Quite literally… Understanding the unique set of search engine standards for ranking and indexation, and using phraseology when crafting website pages, business listings, backlinks, and social media profiles (and postings); are great ways to boost both your search engine ranking AND give your business a bump in local visibility. As you might expect - Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are the three biggies when it comes to search engines. What you might not know, is there are many other resources that feed data into the big three (smaller engines and directories), each

one offering an opportunity to use optimized phraseology in an effort to increase your total online visibility, discoverability, and ranking. Each of these digital marketing channels presents unique opportunities for being discovered and indexed on search engines. To maximize your search potential through these cross-market channels, it is vital to keep your phraseology precise & consistent and keyword-focused across these common elements:

Name Address Collectively referred to as NAPU Phone URL Business Description Bio (or about) TIP: Keep your NAPU painstakingly consistent and list your local phone number as primary (toll-free secondary) if regional marketing is important to you or the number is tied to a physical location.

So the next time you’re crafting words for your website, your social media profile, or business directory listing; consider putting some SEO into your phraseology – and be DISCOVERED.

About: Sidewalk Branding Company is a Rhode Island internet marketing & SEO/SEM firm. Award winning and internationally published, they focus on getting solopreneurs and small businesses (less than 25 employees or so) discovered online – locally. “be DISCOVERED”

Putting the SEO into Your Marketing PhraSEOlogy