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Campaign Media Release FEDERAL MEMBER FOR BRADDON MORE WIRELESS TOWERS COMING TO STREET CORNERS AND PARKS NEAR YOU Federal Labor MP for Braddon Sid Sidebottom today called on the Coalition‟s Garry Carpenter to come clean and explain how many more broadband towers would be built in the North-West under the Coalition‟s ad-hoc broadband policy. “The Coalition must list how many towers would be built and where they would be located in our community,” Mr Sidebottom said. Mr Sidebottom said the Coalition‟s broadband policy would result in thousands of fixed wireless broadband towers – potentially up to two stories tall - being constructed in suburbs and towns across Australia. The Coalition released a plan yesterday which would shut down Federal Labor‟s National Broadband Network and replace it with a grab bag of policies that would consign Australia to the digital dark ages. Tony Abbott was unable to explain the details of his broadband policy, when asked on national television last night. But we know that his plan relies overwhelmingly on wireless technology. “Make no mistake, the only way the Coalition can deliver its so-called network would be to build thousands of fixed wireless broadband towers across our suburbs and local areas,” Mr Sidebottom said. “These towers are eyesores in our communities and under the Coalition they could be built near street corners, next to playgrounds, bowling clubs or near playing fields.” Under the Federal Labor Government‟s NBN, 93 per cent of premises will be connected by fibre to the premises capable of speeds of 100 Mbps, 100 times faster than many people experience today.

“Importantly, under Federal Labor‟s plan, with a network made up of „93 per cent „fibre to the premises‟ not only do you get better technology that can be deployed underground, you also avoid the construction of thousands more fixed wireless broadband towers in densely populated areas,” he said.

11 AUGUST 2010 COMMUNICATIONS UNIT: Phone: (02) 9384 2220 | Fax: (02) 9264 2213 MR SIDEBOTTOM’S OFFICE: Luke Sayer (03) 6431 1333 AUTHORISED N.MARTIN for the ALP, 5/9 Sydney Ave. Barton ACT

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