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Issue 4 December 2009

CHRISTMAS EDITION Sid Sidebottom MP For a Fair Go in Braddon Sid Sidebottom MP - Federal Member for Braddon 1300 135 547 (Toll free) ; ; ( 1300 547 (Toll6424 free)8241 ~ 6431;1333 7 6431 5680 Senator Nick Sherry - Assistant Treasurer - Labor Senator for 135 Tasmania ;


Christmas bonus for apprentice takers

The Rudd Government has tripled the bonus for employers who put on an apprentice this summer. Under the Apprentice Kickstart program, employers who put on a new first year apprentice in a traditional trade will receive $4,850, consisting of a $2350 commencement bonus (up from $1500), plus another $2500 at nine months. Employers have to get in quick though, with only 21,000 places up for grabs nationwide. The bonus comes just in time for the end of the school year, enticing employers to consider hiring apprentices.

KICKSTART AT A GLANCE: AVAILABLE: to all employers who take on a traditional trade apprentice aged 15-19 years KICKSTART OPENS: from 1 December 2009 until 21,000 positions are taken up nationwide ELIGIBLE TRADES: include carpentry, bricklaying, welding, hairdressing, electricians, plumbers and bakers. A full list of trades eligible under the Kickstart program and more information on how to apply is available at:

$15m for renewable energy on KI $4.5m funding for training in CH A Hydro Tasmania commercial-scale renewable energy project has received $15m from the Rudd Government.

Two Circular Head training programs have received $4.5m under the Rudd Government’s Trades Training Centre program (Round Two).

The project will demonstrate the integration of wind, solar and storage with a biodiesel generator, which will provide baseload and peak power for King Island’s mini grid system and reduce the Island’s reliance on diesel generators. Announced in November, the funding comes from the Rudd Government’s Renewable Energy Demonstration Program.

The Circular Head Christian School will receive up to $1.5m for a trade training centre focussed on agriculture, aquaculture and horticulture, while the Tasmanian Polytechnic and Smithton High School will receive up to $3m for a new facility aimed at automotive, general construction, electrical and metal industries. Sid said the funding would be a major boost to skills and training in Circular Head and commended everyone who had been involved.

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This material has been printed at Australian Government expense by Sid Sidebottom MP.

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North West weathers the economic storm

By Assistant Treasurer Senator Nick Sherry

The world financial and economic crisis has hit most comparable countries such as the UK, US, Japan and Europe very hard. Many have had recessions, unemployment has soared, construction and retail spending has fallen and housing prices collapsed. On the North-West Coast, Tasmania and in Australia this has not happened. Australia’s unemployment has increased over the past year up from 540,000 to 670,000 as at October. It could have reached one million. In Tasmania, unemployment has reduced from 62,000 to 60,000. Australia is in a stronger position then most other countries – we have the strongest growth and lowest debt and deficit of all comparable countries. The Rudd Government’s economic and infrastructure stimulus has helped support jobs and small business around the country but particularly in Tasmania and on the North-West Coast. A total of $7 out of every $10 of the stimulus has been spent on school modernisation, roads, rail, ports, hospitals, broadband and major renewable enery projects. If the Rudd Government had not acted so quickly, there would have been a deeper downturn with considerably more job losses. The budget has moved into deficit not because of the stimulus but a fall

in revenue due to the world recession which has impacted on Australia. However, the Rudd Government has a plan to return the budget to surplus and currently the debt remains the lowest of any comparable country.

Nick launches new $1 and 20c coins The Royal Australian Mint is part of Nick’s portfolio responsibilities as Assistant Treasurer. He recently launched the first coins for 2010 which commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Burke and Wills Expedition.

camel and horse, departing on their epic journey. The $1 coin illustrates the end of the expedition with the weary remaining sole survivor resting under the iconic carved dig tree.

The coin designs appearing on the 20 cent and $1 coin highlight the beginning and the end of the expedition. The 20 cent coin design shows Burke and Wills astride

The coins are available from the Royal Australian Mint Coin Shop, the Call Centre on 1300 652 020 or online

This material has been printed at Australian Government expense by Senator Nick Sherry.

Sid Sidebottom MP For a Fair Go in Braddon


The Bottom Line

$1.3m reasons to get moving! New Coastal pathways for Burnie, Tullah, Strahan Cyclists and pedestrians will soon be able to enjoy more of the beautiful North West and West Coasts with almost $1.3m in Federal Government funding delivered towards the construction of bike paths in Burnie and on the West Coast. A $1.7 million pathway will be built along the Coastal strip from Emu River and Wivenhoe to Cooee in partnership with the State Government at the Burnie City Council The Rudd Government contribution for this path is $969,000. Pathways at Tullah and Strahan will also be constructed, in a joint project with the West Coast Council worth more than $926,000. The Rudd Government contribution for this path is $300,000. This funding will help to support jobs in the region during the Mt Lyell mine shut down. The funding comes as part of the Labor Government’s National Bike Paths Project Fund, a key element of the Economic Stimulus Plan.

Sid and Burnie Mayor Alvwyn Boyd hope cyclists like Keith Price and John Lake will stop in Burnie after taking advantage of the new coastal pathway which received $969,000 from the Rudd Government.

Altogether, 33 jobs and traineeships will be created out of the projects. As well as the economic benefits the new pathways will also help to

improve community health, wellbeing and fitness.

New Autism Centre for North West A new $4.8m Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centre was officially launched in Burnie in October. Federal Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Jenny Macklin, and Parliamentary Secretary for Disability Bill Shorten travelled to Burnie to attend the launch with Sid. The centre will be situated on-site at Alexander Beetle House, Burnie, with satellite services extended across the North West and West Coasts. Targeted to pre-school aged children under six years of age, the centre will support children and their families towards commencing school in an assisted yet integrated environment. Six specialist staff will work at the centre, including an early childhood education teacher, psychologists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists and five trained child care workers. Sid congratulated the Burnie City Council on its successful submission. This material has been printed at Australian Government expense by Sid Sidebottom MP.

(l-r) Jenny, Sid and Bill are treated to a slide display from children at Alexander Beetle House. The centre will be extended to incorporate a new $4.8m Autism Centre.


Julia Gillard inspires young NW women Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard inspired young North West women recently when she visited Penguin High School to speak at a leadership forum. Female student leaders from all primary, high and senior colleges in Braddon were invited to the forum, which was hosted by Sid and Penguin High School principal Trudy Pearce. Ms Gillard is Australia’s first female Deputy Prime Minister, and is very much a role model for many women. Ms Gillard was also given a new pair of decorated gumboots from Penguin Primary School grade 3 students during her visit. The Deputy Prime Minister took her new gumboots to Question Time to show them off to the country when Parliament sat. Grade 6 Penguin Primary pupils, on a school trip to Parliament, were present for the big event.

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North West campaign turns TELSTRA Sid has congratulated Telstra on actually listening to its customers. He has thanked everyone who took the time to sign his petition against Telstra’s new $2.20 billing charge. Telstra announced recently it would scrap the fee and reimburse those people who had already paid it since September 14, 2009. Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard inspired young NW Coast women at a leadership forum in Penguin recently.

As well as setting up the petition, Sid spoke in Parliament three times about his disapproval of the fee, and had extensive personal discussions with Telstra CEO David Thodey.

Merry Christmas!

Sid and his staff (Luke, Luned, Eliza and Kay), wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010! Sid and Nick’s offices will be closed over the Christmas period from December 24 and will reopen on Monday January 4.



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