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ZINE produced june 2011, by the sideprojects

This zine u about to read, has been made by many hands and many minds, we at SideProjects have started taking our Zine Factory concept to Festivals, In oreder to broaden the scope of this medium of expression. The following pages are direct responses from the festival goers of this years Northside Festival. UN-TAMED EXPRESSION , STATEMENTS ; DRAWINGS and critique all spun into one. A note on the use of this zine, in its core design u can open it anwhere and start to enjoy, we have sperated drawings from typewriter, purely to give scope to all kinds of readers. its dense, so be prepared for a ride. KEEP UR EYES PEELED until our next festival zine

Zine Factory How to take part

Bring along an A4 page with you to the ZINE FACTORY on the theme below. Or, on the day write, draw or decorate a sheet of paper in the Zine Factory with your contribution. You need to leave a 5mm margin on each edge of the page (the black box around here is 5mm from the edge!), and your image should be high-contrast black and white for it to print properly. You can submit a digital version of your page on the day if you’re more into computers than cut-n-paste! The theme for the zine is autonomy.(but feel free to ignore that if you have a better idea) We will only be including the first 82 pages so don’t hang about!Once you’re happy with your masterpiece you just need to give it to whoever is looking after the submissions box. Getting your zine • Make a donation (we’re suggesting 10kroner to cover print and postage costs*!) • Then write out an envelope with your name and address… • and wait a few days until your freshly baked zine arrives! Any extra money made from the zine factory will go towards covering the cost of putting on the Zine workshop a postscript The Zine factory will be providing glue, scissors, paper, old magazines (for imagery), pens etc. but we only have a limited number, so if you want to bring your own to use (and let others share) that would be awesome. Especially scissors and magazines! Sådan deltager du Medbring et A4 ark til ZINE FACTORY. Du kan tegne eller skrive på det i forvejen eller bare tage det med blankt og bruge redskaberne i Zine-fabrikken til at skabe noget. Husk at have en 5mm marginen ud til hver side af dit papir. Og hvis du sætter billeder på dit papir så husk at det skal være i høj sort-hvid kontrast så vi kan lave et ordenligt print. Du kan forresten også sende os en digital fil, hvis du mere til computer og cut’n’paste. Temaet for zinet er AUTONOM. Autonom betyder noget med at der ikke er så mange regler og man kan sige hvad man har lyst til. Hvis du hellere vil lave noget under et andet tema så må du også gerne det. Alle de bidrag vi får til dette arrangement bliver samlet i en udgivelse på 82 sider. Så vær vaks og giv os dit bidrag lige så snart du føler dig færdig. Sådan får du zinet - Giv os en mindre donation (f.eks. 20 kr. til dækning af print og afsendels) - Skriv dit navn og adresse på en konvolut - Vent et par dage og et friskbagt zine vil komme igennem din brevsprække. Andre ting Zinefabrikken vil have lim, sakse, papir, gamle magaziner til udklip og kuglepenne (Medbring gerne dine egne redskaber - jo mere jo bedre - specielt sakse og magaziner).

with our typewriter station set up, people took to the old technology a bit slow, and we know u gonna love this


these are some of the drawings made at the zine factory. fun strange, WTF ---

draw more




All things comes to an end,

and you can make

sure to catch our next

festival zine and zine factory ... check our webside for details

SideProjects zine Northside edition