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the room when you are among potential hirers.

Look at this as an opportunity. You have time on

Ideally, it involves growing your network over time

your hands, no commitments in terms of a current

and looking for ways to help others, not just ask for

job. Freedom’s just another word for that! Where

favours. But when you are suddenly out of work,

would you like to be in five or 10 years? Is there

networking could simply mean spreading the word

something you’ve wanted to do but never found the

to all who are in your network. Let them know you

time or motivation… until now? Reinvent yourself.

are available and interested. Use any vehicle that works: Facebook, LinkedIn, email, and even that oldfashioned tool, the telephone. • Time to retool? It’s never uncool to go back to school. Let’s say you’re 30 years outside of your last classroom experience and not far from retiring. Why go back to school and learn new skills? A better question: Why not? This could be a golden opportunity to truly start your “next


HOW TO MAKE ENDS MEET If you’re not working, regardless of any unemployment benefits or severance package you’ve received, eventually you’ll need to tighten your belt if you can’t replace that income. If you find yourself with an income deficit – earning less than you spend – you can cut costs, find new sources of income, or do both.

chapter.” Maybe you are ready to leave your

Review your expenses. Cost cutting begins by

old career and create a new one. That could be

reviewing your expenses. Reassess what you truly


need and what you merely want. This is a healthy


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