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Premature ejaculation is a condition that affects many men. It occurs when you reach sexual climax before you wish to do so or before you have the chance to satisfy your partner. While this is a widespread condition, it has not yet been assigned a specific cause. There are a number of things that can contribute to the problem and finding the specific cause of PE for you will help you to choose the most effective treatment plant. Many of the underlying causes of premature ejaculation involve psychological issues. Stress, anxiety, depression and other issues can contribute to the inability control ejaculation. Psychological factors that are often linked to PE include guilt about having sex which is very common during the adolescent years. Fear of causing pregnancy or contracting a sexually transmitted disease can also lead to premature ejaculation as can concerns about your overall performance and difficulties between you and your partner. Many psychologists believe that early sexual experiences can lead to PE in older years. Fear of being caught while masturbating during adolescence has been linked to this condition. Certain medical conditions can also cause experiences with premature ejaculation. Studies have shown that prostate problems like prostatitis, neurological problems, certain medications and medical conditions such as thyroid issues can all lead to PE. When you visit your doctor for a diagnosis of PE, he or she will likely perform various medical tests to rule out any of these or other possible underlying medical conditions that could be contributing to the problem. There are a number of risk factors for developing premature ejaculation. Risk factors outline your specific chances that you could develop a certain condition or disease. The risk factors for PE include lack of sexual experience and lack of general knowledge of how males and females respond during sexual activity. Symptoms of the disorder may vary slightly from man to man but the primary symptom is persistent early ejaculation during sexual intercourse. There may be a number of secondary symptoms as well. Secondary symptoms include various feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt and guilt as well as additional or new interpersonal problems with your partner. If you visit your doctor for a diagnosis of premature ejaculation, he or she will ask you about your medical history as well as your specific symptoms. You will likely endure a complete physical examination and your doctor will check you for underlying medical conditions, particularly if you have not always suffered from PE. If this is a sudden problem then it is very likely that another issue is causing it. Treatment for premature ejaculation includes a number of options. Behavioral therapy can help to teach you to better train your body to prolong ejaculation during sex. It will help you to better recognize when you are going to ejaculate and teach you specific steps that will help you to delay

ejaculation. Psychological counseling may be required if your doctor feels that you are having interpersonal issues with your partner or that your premature ejaculation is the result of guilt or fear. There are also a number of medications that you can try including antidepressants that will help to lessen your stress and anxiety. Desensitizing creams and condoms can also be used to lessen the sensation that you feel during sexual activity and help you to prolong your climax. Medications that are specifically designed to treat premature ejaculation are few and far between. Dapoxetine has shown promise in many studies and is taken one to three hours before you plan to engage in intercourse. The use of Dapoxetine has not yet been approved by the FDA and some men have noticed severe side effects after using this medication. You can talk with your doctor about the possibility of taking Dapoxetine if you feel that your PE is severe. The best way to stop premature ejaculation is to prevent it in the first place. With more experience, better communication with your partner and behavioral therapy you can begin to enjoy a much healthier sex life.

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==== ==== Premature Ejaculation Treatment! Click Below ==== ====

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